Wine and Idris Elba

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February 20, 2016:

Jemma catches up with Felicity along with May and Jericho

New York


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Not too long ago, Felicity and Jemma had bought Oliver Queen up to speed on the … ahem… investigations the blonde had done for Jemma. Oliver had gone off to meet with ex-President George Bush, but Jemma's not heard back from that, yet.

Still it's time for the two women to check in with each other. Picking a small bar / bistro not too far The Triskelion, Jemma's waiting for Felicity … and maybe one other to join her.

It has been a little while since that time, Felicity has been unexpectedly competing for the VP Position that Oliver put her up for before his disappearance. She didn't expect to want it, but the possibility of shaping technology and research on such a large scale was just too much to pass up. And so, she's been doing her best to keep her nose down as well as show the board that she has what it takes.

That does't mean that she hasn't been looking into things. It's just happened on her own free time rather than what she might have been doing beforehand, which is use Queen Consolidated's network. She's glad for the break when she gets the call from Simmons, bustling into the bistro and dropping into a seat with a sigh. "Oh, thank God, this has been insane. How have you been? It's been literally forever, I think."

Jericho hasn't seen Felicity in a dogs age. He certainly remembers her quite well though the meeting he remembers most clearly was when the young woman interrupted he and a… robotic friend of his while he was uploading a software patch. That had almost gotten the poor woman blasted.

So its with no small amount of curiosity that he notices her arrival at a certain bistro. What? The crepes here are great. There's a moments hesitation before he slips over, now curious about the meeting as well as Felicity's presence. "Simmons. Miss Smoak." The glow eyed hacker greets them both.

"Felicity!" Jemma greets the blonde and immediately pours her a glass of white wine from the bottle on the table "Here, it looks like you need it." Holding her own glass up, ready to 'clink' with her friend, the biochem shakes her head "Uh… busy actually. But it looks like you have been too."

Jericho's approach has the brit peering up at him "My security detail, is just over there, Jericho." she teases a little. But she's right, Samuels and Michaels are seated at the next table along, looking for all the world what they are - SHIELD agents on duty. "Would you like to join us?"

As Jericho approaches the table, Felicity sits up straighter, eyeing the man who she vaguely recognizes. It's hard to forget someone who was part machine and getting an upload when she first meets him. However, she doesn't quite remember his name until Jemma provides it. She looks to the SHIELD agent for a moment before nodding her greetings.

Gratefully, she takes the glass of wine poured for her by Jemma and sighs. "I think we both could use a glass. It's been crazy. You'd think trying to become VP of R&D at Queen Consolidated was the next Presidential race. I've been through so many background checks, I'm expecting them to ask about my porn folder next." Blink. "Not that I have a porn folder. I don't. Just, that's what I expect them to ask me about because they're being ridiculously thorough."

And on some days, even the usual detail has … additional support. Jericho is likely already aware of May's presence, you know, with her carrying a cell and a slightly unusual SHIELD comm on her person. She waits out of sight, though, for the perfect moment to drop in. No, not literally. More like appear seemingly out of nowhere directly behind the oversharing blonde. "You just have a folder with photos of Idris Elba. The one with the brown cabled sweater seems to be your favorite."

Idris Elba? Is May… joking? Jericho looks from one woman to the next as he slowly pulls a seat out and slides into it. Almost as though he's suddenly unsuare about… well. If May wants to spy on potential corporate execs personal… um… passtimes, that's her agency's business he supposes. He's never personally found that kind of knowledge very useful.

"Hello May. And yes, I think I will join you. Food's decent here. Hope I'm not interrupting anythign important?" Or rather, what's going on here and is it something you need help with?

The blush at Felicity's comments only lasts a moment as what Felicity said sinks in "You're doing it? You're going to stand for VP? That's brilliant, Fliss." and there's May and a comment about Idris Elba - and the blush brightens. Yep, Jemma knows that image - very well. (ahem).

"Not interrupting, Jericho. I was just catching up with Felicity, about a few things she was looking into for me. You know, in relation to Directive 51." May had given permission to Jemma not too long ago to use outside resources, that the Senior Agent had personally vetted. Maybe why she knows about that photo.

As May enters, Felicity straightens even more, if it were possible. She's remembered the few times that she's run into the Superior Officer of Fitz. Most of the time it involves the other agent reprimanding her for not having the proper pass or being in the wrong place within SHIELD premises. Her face flushes all the brighter at the Idris Elba quote. "That's! Those are! Research!" Research for what, well, that's not what she's going to say at the moment.

As Jericho seats himself at the table, she sighs and takes a large swig of the wine Jemma poured for her earlier. "Yes, I'm going for it. I couldn't pass it up. It's more than the money and the power and, you know, all those awesome perks. I could really do something to help push technology forward." However, as Jemma mentions Directive 51, she keeps quiet and nods.

Melinda May glances at Jericho, then takes the remaining fourth chair at the table. "Ms. Smoak. Your name has come up an increasing amount lately." And not just from Jemma. She doesn't reach for the wine, but she seems to not notice that both young women have chosen to imbibe.

The look on Jericho's face quite plainly says 'oh. Those guys.' "I heard they gave you some trouble recently." He doesn't know the half of it. Nor does he know that Jemma had recently set Oliver himself on doing something about them, between their recent murder of a Chinese financier and a visit to a certain former President.

"What do you have, Simmons?" This should be interesting, not the least of which because whomever is behind 'The Section' of Directive 51 is also at least partly pulling the strings behind SIGMA. You know. Those people who are using the same tech as he. Whom Felicity had, a while back, been getting rather stalkery e-mails about. The ones that had a grainy photo of Jericho in them and were tagged 'they walk among us.'

Jemma is, officially, 'off the clock' and after her experience with a certain Chimera earlier today, in need of a drink. Still, the waiter comes over to take more orders for drinks.

"A bit, but not enough, Jericho. It's a puzzle that I'm slowly piecing together. Remember when you picked Oliver and I up from New Mexico? The troops that supported the traced out people had patches with '51' on them. I've reason to believe they're part of The Section."

Looking sideways at May, the biochem had lodged the report about the next bit … she just hasn't had chance to speak directly about it. "I got a hit on someone investigating the directive … turned out to be a SHIELD consultant. They took me, they were undercover, to an army base just outside of Metropolis. Seems that whatever's going on, people think they're doing the right thing."

"My name?" Felicity blinks a few times at the thought of her name coming up around May's circles. She takes another drink. This was going to be a catchup between Jemma and Felicity until very recently and she's not about to let that slip to the side. She eyes Jericho a bit as the 51 talk continues. She remembers those pictures. With a sigh and a shrug of her shoulders, she says, "Everyone always thinks they're doing the right thing." Twirling the wine stem in her hands she says, "I thought I was doing the right thing…" quickly, she glances up and grins, fakely. "When I was posting thing anonymously on the internet that were not true."

Melinda May simply nods at Felicity's confusion and says nothing more for now. They're talking about Department 51 stuff, and that's the topic for the moment. Maybe later she'll explain more completely. When the waiter arrives, she asks for a pot of tea.

"And some of the worst things ever done are done in the name of 'the right thing'." Jericho agrees with Felicity. "What's the part of that you wanted to tell your friend, here, though?" Yes Jericho is pushing but you know. These things get convoluted. Sometimes one has to just cut to the point.

"The hit on the New Mexico Facility was bad. Whomever it was had high level DoD access and a hell of a hacking team. They bypassed, spoofed and outright tricked the SHIELD defenses so they could infiltrate the facility and recover… something. Well, someone." He's seen them do it before.

"There's a lot of conspiracy theory around this. It makes it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff as it were, which may be intentional. I've heard rumors that after they were formed they operated out of FEMA secured facilities and used the FEMA budget to mask their own activities before they went totally black and buried so deep you'd need a team of spelunkers to find them. Never had a chance to follow it up though. Some of those systems are… oddly secure."

Jemma had shared some of the issues with New Mexico the last time she'd spoken to Felicity and Oliver. "That we seemed to be attacked from within, was my biggest concern." and now with what she and May know, she's not really surprised.

"FEMA? Well that's a place we can start. Felicity, do you think you could dig some there?" It's a risk involving the blonde further, but Jemma doesn't know who she can trust on 'the inside'.

As Felicity's phone rings and the blonde excuses herself from the table, Jemma watches her go. She's not expecting her friend back anytime soon - being VP comes with its' own set of challenges.

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