And We're Moved

February 19, 2016:

Finally, the move to the Gym is achieved and Babs discusses plans and more with Kane and May

Gymnasium - Gotham


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Fade In…

Moving is never easy and it's less easy when your are Overwatch for a certain 'family' and larger 'group'. Yet, the fitout of the Gymnasium is complete and the techs being moved in - a feat of organisation to say the least. Can't leave those she looks after without coverage right?

Turning on the last of the screens that have just been hooked up, OracleNet springs to life in front in of her. Looking at her companions, the redhead sighs "And we're live. Welcome to my new home." At least for the interim. "I'm going to configure the Clocktower to look I'm still there, it will give another level of obfuscation, let Cain and the other think that I've grown complaisant."

Looking around, May dusts off her hands. "Good. Is there any clean up to do?" Yes, of course May was here helping Oracle relocate. She wouldn't trust anyone else. "Also, how do the living accomodations look to you?"

Kane had come with tools. And, you know, muscles. He's fit, of course. Blacksmith and all. Which really helps when you're trying to move couches though that's hardly the point of the exercise. "So you'll leave the clocktower as a duck blind, as it were? Hope you got alarms rigged there." Beat. "Did, uh, you bring your occasional houseguest with you or is she still going to be there." Because he only saw Babs stuff. Or so he thinks anyway. Not like he'd know when it gets down to it>

"Alarms and surveillance, yes, Kane." Babs stretches her arms over her head as she looks around. "The audio/video feeds from the Tower will be fed through here and I'll be able to address 'visitors' as if I'm there."

"It just seems like the sensible thing to do. Use it is a honeypot trap - those that find it, are welcome to. It will make my life easier, in the long run. Tea? Misfit has left some of her boxes to here, but she … um … spends more time with her gentleman friend than me these days." Moving to the newly appointed kitchen facilities, water is soon put on to boil and the redhead smiles at May "No more cleanup than usual, May. If you can hlep, that would be wonderful. Jay is due to visit in the near future, although I'm going to have to renegotiate the deal."

"What news on The Bat, Kane? I've been tracking it's movements through Gotham … and seeing an interesting trend." Of course Babs would. "May, what do you know of 'The Bat'?"

"I do, yes." May moves to start cleaning up as she can. It's a new space so she mostly puts her efforts into breaking down any already empty boxes, sweeping, wiping down the counters and tables, and stuff like that. "It's a variable that needs to be removed. And soon."

"It's been sighted all over the city. Whatever it is, it's not being quiet." Kane shakes his head. "Funny thing is that it attacks criminals as much as anything else. I'm not sure why. I can't tell if it's acting wild or following some kind of plan."

The blacksmith blows out a sigh. "I can tell you that my friend and contacts have an increasing number of legend sightings on their hands. La Llorona. Slender Man. The Bat. Hook Hand Man. The Jersey Devil…" They are in Jersey after all. "Can't be a coincidence."

"That's what I'm seeing too." Babs starts to prepare tea for the group - nice tea, tea that May would approve of. "Today there were reports of Bloody Mary haunting the mirrors in the local college." Shaking her head, she agrees "Not a coincidence. I don't believe the things. There's just evidence we haven't uncovered yet."

Which means they just have to look harder.

"What is the one thing the sightings all have in common?" A good test for her new systems, the reports all display on her screen and she starts searching for the names of the 'victims'.

"Now that move is achieved, I'm going to take that surgery. Which means…" The redhead pales a little "… I'm going to need a little coverage whilst I'm recovering."

Melinda May says, "They're all urban legends, fictitous until they become real." May is liking the sound of this less and less. "How long do you anticipate the recovery to be?" She finishes sweeping, and can't help but think Babs might be the sort to actually appreciate a Roomba kind of thing. "I can't take too much time away from work, but I can be here some, and I can likely find others I'd trust as well." Like, say, Barton. Or Jesana… wait. "What about Jesana?""

Kane's met Jesana which might come out in the sigh he lets fall. "Does she even know how to work a computer?" If she can she might be okay… if she didn't advise all of Babs contacts to commit regular wanton murder. She's not a psychopath but that woman has some serious control issues.

"They are all, indeed legends. Someone is somehow tapping the power of belief in them to make them real. How and why though…" He sighs. "And they are rather horrifyingly real. People have already died. They're looking for something though. Searching for, among other things, Batfolk, I think."

"She doesn't know who I am. And I barely know her." Babs answers May on the subject of Jesana. Kanes answering sigh has the green eyes considering him "I certainly don't have time to train someone." Which rules out Barton - although, as legs in the field, he's certainly one she would call on.

"I'm thinking Misfit, actually. She can stay here a while. The experience will do her good." And if worse comes to worse, she can lean on Bruces systems.

"From what I'm led to believe, up to a week to recover from the surgery. The … way back to 'full mobility' will be somewhat longer. But much of that, I can do here." Which is why she insisted the Gym area remain and be refitted. She just needs to find a phsyio she can trust. And that's where Lesley comes in (the Batfamily Doctor).

"You think it's searching for the Bat Family, Kane?" Babs reviews the results that appear on her screen. There's the attacks on Kane and The Librarian. So that makes sense - but what about the others? Designed to draw the family out, perhaps?

Melinda May ohs faintly. Clearly she misunderstood what Babs had meant by 'coverage'. "There are a handful of people in SHIELD that would have the skills, but not my one hundred percent trust that they're not compromised." Well, there's Johnson, but she's on extended assignment right now. "I'd have to search around."

"The whole situation smacks of someone trying to 'clear the board'." The Fox murmurs as he listens to conversation about Babs recovery and what she'll need to make it and make sure all her obligations are met. There are some things magic can't do. At least Kane's magic can't make that any easier for Babs.

"I don't know if it's just Bats but I promise you, someone is trying to remove rivals. I just which I knew why."

"I'd accept that young man of yours, May, Fitz." Babs smiles. She's sure she'd have him blushing and stammering but … he's competent at least. "There's another possibility, a Ms Smoak. She works for Queen Consilidated. Competent, even if a little reckless." Which means Babs might appreciate her.

Kanes magic can't make things easier for her, but his continued support does and that's all she can ask from the rest of the 'family'.

Kanes words have her frowning a little more "Remember I told you I've been seeing things in the shadows? I still don't have anything concrete, but it feels to me that someone is moving in the 'normal' criminal underworld - there's just nothing tangible I can put my finger on. Just … unusual happenings."

"Compromised, May?" That has her eyebrows rising.

Melinda May steps over to lean a hip against the counter and cross her arms. "This goes no farther. I was told by a reliable source that SHIELD might be compromised — some group within SHIELD working at cross purposes. Important information and even collected items have gone missing. People are making the worst kinds of mistakes and seeing no repercussions. The list goes on. I'm being very cautious about who I trust anymore."

Kane gives May a very worried look.. It's really very bad news. There had been evidence of it before and the hacker had known for a fact that HYDRA had their sources of information within the UN Intel agency, not that the Fox would know that…

"Either way we should take steps to keep our affiliation here from becoming commonly known. It could be dangerous for the both of you."

Babs blanches at Mays information and rubs her temples. "Filter what you need through my network, May. At the very least, I can verify things but Kanes right, we need to ensure that our affiliation is kept on the downlow. What does Fury say about this?"

Glancing between her two companions, finally handing the tea over, Babs considers for a long moment "Perhaps I should delay that surgery … "

Melinda May shrugs slightly. "What he usually says." She accepts the tea and takes a sip. "He's aware of it and he's dealing with it. The problem is not letting the other party know we're aware of them now. But, with that in mind, I can start in on vetting Ms. Smoak if you'd like. I think bringing a SHIELD agent here — even Fitz — would be risky what consideration in mind."

"It's not going to get any less inconvenient." Kane shakes his head. "Have the surgery. If you recover, great. We need you. If you don't, then at least we know and we can get on with things." Things like this don't tend to… wait for good times to happen. There's always something, in this life, that's getting in the way.

"Still I think you're right May. And actually I have something for the network to start looking at. I need any recent references to Sodom and Gommorah made by anyone who had a platform. Probably get a lot of false positives in a place like Gotham but… it's come up. And I'm concerned."

"If I don't, it doesn't get much worse than it already is." Babs green eyes fall on Kane as she smiles faintly. Life is so very rarely, convenient, she knows that - it's just nice to hear it from your peers.

"Sodom and Gommorah?" Babs breathes out a long slow breath "/Lots/ of false positives, I can tell you now. That's a popular story and nearly every fanatic prophet will be quoting it. What has you concerned?"

May admission gets an even wryer look from the redhead "If you can vet Ms Smoak without raising suspicions, that would be appreciated." beat "I've worked with her before, you know. Of course, she only knows of me as Oracle."

Melinda May nods to Babs. "I'll make sure it stays that way. Give me whatever contact information you have for Ms. Smoak, and I'll go have a chat with her." She looks at Kane, also waiting to hear an explanation about that Sodom and Gommorah mention. Because, yeah.

"I went digging for information on our legend summoners last night, since he seems to be connected to this Medusa-symbol group we've been tracking through the shadows for some time." Kane sighs, remembering. "My seer contact had a hell of a vision, ranting about judgment coming upon Sodom and Gommorah. Could just be… symbolism but that's not a chance I'd care to take. I may be a druid but I certainly remember those stories.

"Alright, Kane." Babs is already programming the searches "I'll use the classically biblically references and augment them with the more … outrageous claims." May gets a tired look. It's always one thing, isn't it?

"I'll also put hits out on the TriCity area, see if there's any other groups referencing it." This could be bad, so very bad … at a time the Bat Family could least afford it.

Melinda May looks between the two, then moves to start fixing something dinner-like. She suspects Babs at least won't think about it. Not now. "Tell me more about this Medusa-symbol group."

"I can show you. Here." Kane flips May a disk that's about the size of a quarter. On one side there's a coiled up stone serpent. On the other the profile of a woman with snakes for hair and the names in greek of the three Gorgons. The name 'Medusa' is at the top of the trangle formed by those names. "Those were kill markers. I've found them a few times. Someone sending a message to the various spooky types here in Gotham. Pretty simple message too. Fall in line or die."

The druid looks back at Babs. "Keep an eye out on fringe and occult bulletin boards too. A lot of the real practitioners don't use them but you don't have to be a magus to see things."

"This is the group you think has targetted me?" Babs watches the coin get flipped to May. Shaking her head, the redhead sighs and takes a long draw on her tea.

"Already done, Kane. I've also set up 'listeners'. Anything that hits our search criteria, will give a result." she sighs. So much involved in filtering those results, but it's better than nothing at the moment.

Seeing May heading to the kitchen, the redhead starts to clear the table. "Invite your young lady to join us, Kane. Dinner in, tonight. Courtesy of May, it seems."

Melinda May catches the coin and looks it over. She's tempted to take it to SHIELD to run a few queries there, but anymore… maybe Rain will know something. The young witch is surprisingly knowledgeable, probably because she listens and is frequently overlooked. But then, because she can, she quirks an eyebrow at Kane. "Your young lady, hm? Anyone I might have heard of?"

Kane gives may a look and checks his phone. Mmmm. Perhaps. May's cooking is good… on the other hand, there are things afoot and he knows that. It may well just be the three of them tonight. At any rate he's not going to turn down a home cooked meal. Even if it is a bit odd to have SHIELD's top paranormal agent doing the cooking. "Chinese, then?" At least he won't be hungry in an hour.

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