To Catch a Dragon

February 14, 2016:

Captain Britain and Witchblade arrive at the same dock in order to retrieve magical objects from thieves. Shadowcat happens to come along.

NY Harbor

This is the mouth of the hudson river, where it empties into New York Bay
and tha Atlantic ocean. It is one of the largest natural harbors in the
world, home to the oldest American dry dock, several major rail terminals
and, of course, the Port of New York and New Jerey which is the third
busiest port by tonnage in the Eastern US.


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Fade In…

Late night at the docks. It's not the smartest time for anyone to be walking around this part of town. Even the dock workers who get paid to do it keep their eyes open, not trusting the occasional night security guard hired at barely above minimum wage to watch the small areas by the gates that are actually illuminated by the streetlights.

Agent Sara Pezzini isn't overly worried about the occasional gang member or rough longshoreman. For the last few hours, she's been watching the activity in one of the yards from an unmarked car, waiting for a hint from something a little more occult than a police scanner.

For months, she's been tracking a ring smuggling artifacts to people with the money and interest to try to take them. She's got a name - David Worthy - and a few clues, but not much more. And tonight, apparently, a Celtic blade is scheduled to be shipped to its buyer. Given that said blade is rumored to have the power to turn anyone stabbed by it into a creature trapped forever between life and death, it really shouldn't be in just anyone's hands.

Captain Britian usually doesn't get involved in grunt work when comes to the investigations of missing artifacts - after all, he's one of the heav hitters. However, two weeks ago, something went missing from his homeland that requires further investigation. After being summoned by Roma and discussing the particular, it is not just the reanimation sword that has drawn attention to this particular location.

A large crate, marked 'FRAGILE' is being off-loaded currently, and as the crate is set down, two of the men come over, opening it with crowbars. Pulling aside the hay that it's boxed in, a large jewel encrusted oval-shaped item is shown. The Egg of Youth, as it is called in the land of man.

But in Otherworld, from which is was taken, it is the unborn child of the dragon Kharad Dur, stolen from it's nest and the large dragon has been giving the homeland a particulary bad time. The magics from the egg are easily detectable, as the dragon is near the time to hatch - and it may be a sure bet that the sword Sara is tracking may be used to give someone an undead dragon to control forever.

Dressed in his costume, Britian is on one of the nearby rooftops, not having made his move yet - as he wanted to verify that the egg was here. However, along with the magics that he feels from the sword and egg, he finds himself feeling something anctient and unfamiliar and finds himself looking around. The curiosity pulls on his face, not quite able to feel out where Sara is, but her presence is oddly felt.

+MEET: Kitty Pryde has arrived via +meet.

The Witchblade murmurs in the back of Sara's mind, a faint whisper that tugs her toward where the crates are being moved. Crumpling up the burger wrapper in her hands, she tosses it into the bag it came from before getting out of the car. The jeans and leather jacket she wears don't draw much attention, but she walks like someone who belongs here. Not anyone who needs to be questioned, at least.

Avoiding the guard booth, she walks to a darker area of the yard, checking to make sure no one can see her before the bracelet at her wrist weaves into a sharp-nailed gauntlet. Perfect for clipping through the chain link fence enough to let her duck inside.

Kitty Pryde isn't in the habit of finding herself in dark harbors on Valentine's Day. However, she is in the habit of offering to help when people need it. Despite expecting a romantic date with Brian, she's not really that upset when the call comes to go help recover a priceless artifact. Duty calls and she knows that all to well as a member of her own team. It's a bit more secret, but it still requires the juggling of private life and saving people and things.

Lockheed swoops behind the pair as Shadowcat in her X-Men uniform stands nearby Captain Britain. Her eyes follow those on the dock, drawn to the sparkly egg pulled from its crate. The little purple dragon lands on her shoulder and perks, clearly wanting the egg for his horde that usually contains cookies and safety pins. "That's it, I take it?" She has no magic detection, so she has no clue that Sara is nearby.

While Sara is being subtle in her advance, it's hard to be quite as subtle when you wear a costume that doubles as the flag on the top of Elizabeth's Tower. As the young woman is cutting through the fence line, the British hero rises to his full height. He's about to go pounce upon the smugglers, but that other magical sense tugs hard at him as Sara deploys the Witchblade proper. He doesn't want to get full-fledged into a fight just to have a wild card that might not be on his side show up.

And now with the artifact being used, Brian can actually get a beter reading on it's location, and it's somehow familiar feeling. Glancing to Kitty, Brian again offers an apologetic smile. "Aye, Shadowcat." comes the response. "The young soon to be hatchling. And.. I fear he or she will not be as small as your Lockheed." he says, before he gestures. "However, there is something else nearby. We should probably start there." He gestures towards where Sara is cutting through the fence and he makes a motion downwards.

Instead of going on the attack, Britian rises from the building, dropping into the shadows to float down and come to ground somewhat behind Sara. Close enough to be in normal conversation earshot, far enough away so she can't go stabby stabby on him if he surprises her.

"I do hope that we are working towards the same end of recovering unrightfully taken property, miss?" he asks with surprising politeness, as he awaits for the X-Man to join with him.

It might be short of stabbing range, but when Sara turns toward the voice, it's with a gun in hand. "Ian, I swear to-"

Oh hey. Not Nottingham.

Sara remains still for a long moment, eyeing the costume, before she lowers her gun, holstering it again. It's not exactly fast enough to hide the glimmer of the Witchblade, though, even as it fades back to a bracelet. "Agent Pezzini, SHIELD. WAND division," she replies simply. "So yeah. I don't remember calling in for costumes, though."

Lockheed gives Britain a haughty look. Just because he's small, he thinks he can take the dragon. He's a bit like those tiny dogs that try to take on pit bulls. "Well, let's get it back before it hatches and makes a world of trouble for everyone. I've got a feeling the last thing Manhattan needs is a big dragon trying to take the Chrysler Building for it's lair."

Kitty isn't a flier. Instead of joining Britain in that leap off the roof, she instead, makes her way down a bit more roundabout way. While she could technically float down in a way that is more like an invisible elevator, she decides it's a quicker and more direct route to simple phase her way down. As Britain hovers and moves downward, Lockheed knows the drill and clutches onto Kitty's shoulder.

Down she phases, dropping quickly between floors until she's on the ground floor in a matter of seconds. Then, she phases through the wall to be standing nearby Britain. This isn't her mission, so she'll let Brian handle the introductions.

This paticular Sheriff is not from Nottingham, no. "I'm sorry, I believe you have me confused for someone else." Britain offers. When she mentions WAND and SHIELD, he mutters under his breath, "Blood hell. They called in the Torchwood fans." he says with a slight sigh as he settles his arms over his chest. SHIELD and Britian don't really get along well back home. "And you didn't. There's an item that was taken from home that I need to recover before it causes more trouble here than it's worth." he responds, before Kitty joins him. "I'm Captain Britian of the JL:A and this is Shadowcat. Since you're the trained agent, what do you think the play should be?"

"Yeah, I know. That's why I'm here." Sara glances toward the crates, eyes narrowing as the Witchblade picks up on something different from what she was expecting. A few tendrils of the blade start to curl around her fingers, warning. "Dammit," she mutters under her breath, taking a few quiet steps closer to where the crates are being moved.

"Better question. I'm looking for a Celtic zombie blade, to give you the cliffs notes version. What're you looking for?" Because there are definitely two things that are drawing the blade's attention.

"I've worked with SHIELD before, they've always been professional. If a bit nosy." Shadowcat looks at Sara, tilting her head just a bit as she notices. Lockheed flutters upward to get a better look both at the agent as well as their surroundings. "We're looking for an egg. Big, shiny, going to hatch a many-teethed fire breathing thing that will not be happy to find itself on a winter harbor." Her arms cross in front of her, clearly not going for the sword on her back. She'll take the others' lead for the moment. It seems this is their rodeo.

"George RR Martin's wet dream." Britian adds not so diplomatically as a sound from the docks catches the British hero's ears and his pale skin pales further. "..oh, blimey, we're too late." he says in a worried whisper as the man rises fully to his full height to get a better look.

The smugglers are pulling out large cables and fastners as the egg shows the first signs of cracking. The man that was leading all this up takes out the demon blade that Sara mentioned, starting to read from a small incantation that he had written down on a sheet of paper. Apparently zombie dragon seems to be the plan.

"Well, this is dandy and all, but we can have introductions over stouts later. What do you know about these smugglers, Miss Pezzini?"

"Ties to a David Worthy out of London, but the rest's been through so many shell holdings we can't pin it down yet," Sara summarizes for Brian, the Witchblade forming a gauntlet and climbing up her arm as a full suit of armor grows around her. "And they know way more about these sorts of things than they ought to. Also, that blade turns whatever it stabs into an undead slave. So don't get stabbed."

By the time the summary has been delivered, she's fully armored, a wickedly curved sword extending from her forearm into each hand. "I'll let you take the dragon." Totally because they already appear to have a dragon, and not at all because the last 'dragon' she took on was a would-be god from a hell dimension that almost killed her.

As they talk, Kitty moves forward as Lockheed comes swooping down with the warning that it seems they already have seen. The egg is cracking. He seems mostly upset about the fact that he won't have a jeweled egg for his hoard more than having to take on a larger sibling.

"Yeah, uh, guys, this looks like we're about to have Dance of the Dragons moment." Pulling the katana from the sheath at her back, she holds it - point down - and gestures with her head toward the docks. "I'd say we can figure out who breaks it and bought it after we stop it from trying to kill us all. And let's try not to get hit by fire. I've got a feeling none of us are Targaryens."

"Not a fan of dragons, Miss Pezzini?" Britian asks with a slight smirk, but it turns serious as he hears the sudden cry of ten foot long baby dragon being captured and held in check by steel cabling. "Well, normal fire.. and dragon fire.." Nevermind, it gets complicated. In the meantime, the British hero rises into the air, and rockets forward, slamming into one of the cranes that the cabling is secured to in order to try to break it free from it's mounts and give the dragon a bit of breathing room.

"I'm sorry, but I do not think that making dragons into undead servants is exactly going to really help you find a Valentine's match, sir." he offers. "Though I do have a new friend with a wicked blade that would indeed love to have a chat with you?" he asks as he glances towards Sara. At least she's clothed. And Kitty. Look, two girls with blades. OPTIONS!

"Been there, survived that," Sara notes on the topic of dragon fire, striding toward the man with the blade. "Believe me when I say, mine is bigger than yours," she informs him, leveling one of the blades in her hand toward him without coming to a stop. "So I'm going to recommend you put down the blade, put your hands on your head, and get on the ground."

She may be walking into an episode of Game of Thrones here - attired in magical armor, no less - but she's still an official. "Agent Pezzini, SHIELD. You're all under arrest. Hands on your heads and get on the ground." At least this way she can say she tried.

Kitty's not a part of any government organization. She's an X-Man and so she doesn't need to announce herself. Luckily, the others seem to be doing all the announcing for her. Smiling, she phases, prepared for either fire or attack. Lockheed, in the meantime, swoops upward and upward. She won't attack until either Britain and Sara do or the people on the dock go on the offensive.

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