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February 19, 2016:

After Beasts help with the Sentinels, he gets a more permanent offer.

Hall of Justice


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Time has lapsed, but that does not mean that people or incidents have been forgotten. In a conference room off the Hall's main entry, Wonder Woman waited, seated in the confines of a couch with a mobile bistro of tea and coffee as well as a variance of small snacks for her and Hank.

An expected guest, not hastened to arrival or return after his …incident but once she reached out to him they set time to meet and in that casual time between cll and arrival Wonder Woman had more then refreshments laid out.

Beast was actually surprised that he received a request to return to the Hall of Justice. After the last incident, he was fairly certain that he was summarily dismissed. They had their own tech contact, it seemed, and he was needed as bait. However, despite his surprise, he agreed to meet with Wonder Woman on a day and time that worked for them both.

Dressed in 'business casual' attire, he steps into the conference room that he's led to and pauses when he gets to where the Princess is seated. "I'm sorry if I kept you waiting."

Diana stands when Beast enters an walks to him. There is no askance of permission, or offer. Instead she takes his hand in both of hers and clasps it in the manner one would in honorific. Once one hand unclasps it rests on his shoulder and the smile that appears upon lips is one that flashes ivories and insets the cerulean offset of eyes. Lightening it.

"You apologize too much already. I am sorry you had to go through an ordeal and I do hope you are well."

Though as she slowly released the man she turned and moved to the two large chairs, seating herself in one while another is gestured for him, a manila folder gathered and set upon her lap.
Bushy brows rise at the hand clasp and golden eyes widen at the words. "I…" he starts but then changes what he was going to say. "Thank you and…I suppose it depends on who you ask." There's almost a smile then.

He'll follow her to the chairs and sit down after she does. "I have to say," he tries not to apologize, "I was surprised to get your call. I haven't been able to find out too much from the parts that I got. The sensor seems to still be operable, so I've been looking into that." He has no clue where her own researchers are on this.

Diana pours herself some coffee, and in a gesture offers the tray freely to Beast a well, both brows rising to accent the offering as one free-for-him. Once her sip is taken to ensure cream and sugar mixture is to her tastes (more cream and sugar every time), she hands him the manila folder and perks a single brow his way.

"Perception is left to the individuals. Mine is my own. I will not try to sway you, Hank, but your surprise I am sure is about to grow." Despite the tenor of words her features remain stoic as she hands him the folder…

Inside: His file that the Watchtower could garner, as well as his foundings, his deeds, recent acquisitions, photos of his actions at the Sentinel Base. As well as a new badge; one that grants him further access in JL:A holdings and Watchtower.

"Tell me, Hank McCoy. Would you like a position as a liaison and member of our team?"

Beast takes a moment but chooses some tea. If it's a black tea, he'll put a little milk in it before taking a sip. "Thank you," is offered for the tea before he falls quiet. He does tilt his head at her words and then glances to the folder handed to him. It's opened and briefly thumbed through — he's never hidden his exploits or his research, aside from what was done inside the Institute. He never hid who he was…except for the fact that Dr. Hank McCoy now looked like some cross between a Smurf and a Disney creature. That, he's tried to keep out of public knowledge.

Her words cause him to look back up, "What? Seriously?" He isn't sure that this isn't some sort of trick. "You want -me-?"

Hank's words cause Diana to pause, the mug is set down on the tray and she clears her throat, grabbing the file back from Hank and flipping through it in a fan-like manner, nodding through entirety until the final page with his file, image, and I.D. Card.

"I don't see anyone else bearing the resemblance…" The tablet that was beside her, wedged in cushions, is withdrawn, and the imagery on it projected. Random of him down to fan-graphs for the internet.

"So yes, you. You, Hank. We need you in this discipline. Your science. We need you also in a manner that relays not only to Meta's, but to mutants," Beat.

"We're in this together. No matter what."

Beast takes a look at the ID card before he looks at the image from the tablet and back to Wonder Woman. "What about my identity? How do you…I mean, on the mission it was really good, but…if I'm still teaching, it could put them in harm's way. Or…are you saying that this is a full-time thing?"

It's not like he hasn't considered leaving before, but he never knew where he should go.

"No." Diana waves, vambraces flashing with a headshake that casts onyx waves around olive visage.

"You never give up on your children. You remain as Beast, but you are -also- Jl:A. This gives you a place as a," A pause. "Mutant, Metahuman."

"But will not interfere with what you do for your people." An endearing look, passed to Beast then, one that knows and yet envys the fact of his dedication.

"So this is not all perfection, but we are for the people… For the children you help now. And I do not want to see you or -them- diminish."

"Nothing is ever perfection, Princess," is offered with a wry sort of smile. It fades some though as they start talking about his other work. "I won't give up on them as long as I'm allowed to keep going. I'm…" he then shakes his head, "That's nothing you need to be bothered with." There's a pause as he looks at the ID for another moment.

Diana leans forward in the chair and looks squarely at Beast and the smile is there, one veiled by waves of onyx and her own desire to be business and then "leisure".

"You have doubts?" A knock bak of her coffee and she is laughing, setting the mug aside to point on the file he held and look upon him. "Then you have no idea what you have done; let alone what you -will- do."

The outcome seems to be optimistic, but Diana will not lie, not even in the manner of:

"How would your children like a visit? It'd be as much an honor to have you in our ranks?"

"It's…nothing, really. It's my own thing to work through," says the classic introvert. "Maybe some psychological trauma, but I'm not really the best one to be self-diagnosing." Beast holds the ID in his palm as if he's not sure what he should do with it. Stick it in his wallet? Wear it somewhere?

Golden eyes follow as she points to the file, "I know what I've done…but there's so much that still needs doing." Hopefully this will do something along those roads.

When the children are mentioned, he looks pensive, "They might? I'd have to check if something like that would work. We're all very protective of them and not that I think anything will happen to them here, it's an anonymity thing too, you know?"

And he looks back to the badge. "Thank you," is finally offered. "I feel very honored." And it's been a while since he felt appreciated.

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