Iridescent Purple Goo

February 17, 2016:

Clint Barton has a purple goo that needs analysis - which scientist does he know that could do that?

The Triskelion - New York


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'A favor. For an old friend'. That was how Clint had phrased it. Of course he and Simmons aren't exactly friends. Co-Workers, or former co-workers maybe but they didn't really run in the same circles. Plus, you know, he doesn't really know her all that well but for their interactions since he returned from captivity. Sometimes, though, you just need someone to analyze some slime for you. And for that, there's no one better than Jemma Simmons.

Eyeing the slime in the container she's holding, Jemma cuts a look to Clint. He's not long arrived in her lab and handed the jar and his request to her.

"Where did you say you go this?" She's already asked once, but she wants to make sure she heard correctly. That he can ask and she will investigate may indicate they know each other relatively well, or, May has likely given instruction to help the old archer out when he comes calling.

The slime in the jar is an irridescent purple - not green, as most people are likely to assume. As Jemma turns the jar, it seems to cling to the sides resisting gravity, it seems.

Placing the container on the examination table, she prepares a few things. But first things first, a scan … of container and slime - she doesn't want to release anything harmful into the air.

"A more important question is 'from whom' did I get that. And the answer is from a laboratory in Chicago operating under a government contract." The purple goo is oddly viscous. Like syrup. Really thick syrup. It smells foul though when the jar is opened which is likely why it's lidded.

"Ordinarily slime wouldn't be worth stealing but the government contract was… let's say 'wonky' and leave it at that. They were going to a lot of trouble to keep that purple go a secret." Clint stretches and leans on the table, watching Jemma.

The initial scans show nothing specific, which means Jemma can move to the next step. Opening the jar she gags at the smell, eyes watering a little "Well… that's pungent."

"Well… lets see about this." she eyes Clint. She knows his background, it doesn't surprise her he's involved in this type of thing. Trying to tip a little into a petrie dish so she can prod at it. It's … oddly resistant.

Eventually she manages to do it, using a metal stirrer to separate it. "Well, it seems to like to be whole." she remarks. "Let me do some more detailed scans on it … " starting with the easy ones, the tests get progressively more complex. Chromatography, mineral and chemical breakdowns start appearing on the screen as they watch.

"This … seems to be a living entity… " Jemma sounds a little perplexed.

It is, actually, specifically a biological solution containing a number of nucleotide sequences. Many of them are human but a significant number of them are something else. Something entirely outside of Jemma's database (meaning they aren't daemonite either). What… what is this stuff?

"Is it alive?" Clint asks. That's a good question actually.

"Good question, Mr Barton." Jemma answers a little distractedly, reviewing the results. Comparing the scans against the SHIELD database she frowns… there's nothing recorded officially.

Yet, there's a ping on her systems and her eyes widen slightly. "I would really like to know where you got this." Pointing to the results she shakes her head "Some of this reports as human, but a large part doesn't." a second set of results display "This is someone we have in custody and part of their equipment seem to be a direct match for the components of this material."

"Like I said, a lab in Chicago. Well, from the University of Illinois in Chicago, specifically." Stealing from University labs? That must have been a fun kind of mission. How does a guy like Clint blend in on a university campus anyway?

"Hrm. I'm no biologist but that looks like a pretty close match. Disturbingly so, actually. So your captive and this share genetic components. Genetic engineering or something more… sinister?"

"Sinister how?" Jemma looks at Clint "I don't know. There are parts of the DNA sequence that match. I'd say … our guest was descendant or distantly related in some way." she shrugs and shakes her head "But with such a limited sample, it's difficult to tell."

As to stealing from a University lab? Jemma has a clear picture of 'hipster Clint' in her mind. Student or Professor, it wouldn't matter … he'd fit the scene nicely.

"Something that didn't start life as a human being." Clint says rather darkly. He knows things. Things he's hinted at to Jemma and May in the past. Whatever this lab was working on it was working on at the behest of someone in the US Government, which mean people know things. And they've been knowing things and keeping to the shadows for far too long now.

"That's …" Jemma shakes her head again "… not necessarily sinister. I mean, it can be but … " she blows out a deep breath "… sometimes we, the human race, is just too paranoic." Or perhaps, in Jemma's case, too trusting.

"It would be much easier you know, if you just said things." she nearly huffs. There's a lot of 'threads' she's managing right now, between secret wars, Government Agents who are dead and Psychic cyborgs, the biochem has her hands full. Not to mention disappearing down a portal and starting to remember what happened.

"So this subject we have in custody, we captured fighting a Daemonite. Uh, one of those Lizardlike creatures you found on ice." Working it through in her brain, Jemma looks at Clint "We believe the Daemonites are involved in a secret war. My latest information leads me to believe that the war is with a group that believes the Daemonites are set on domination." she shrugs again "I believe our subject is part of the … counter-insurgency… which leads me back to … where did the university get this sample."

The sample itself is rathering amazing. It certainly seems self-aware. The small portion she's managed to segment stretching to rejoin the larger bit.

Clint watches the bit of purple goop for a moment and shakes his head. "Government blacksite kind of program. Carried out in the open as they kind of all too often are. Couldnt tell you exactly where it came from. Though… counter insurgency only applies if they're from around here. From what you're saying it sounds like they may well not be."

"The Daemonites aren't terrestial." Jemma continues to observe the purple goop, assessing the results again. "This other group? I can't say. It now thinks that I am a recruit into it's efforts, which leads me to believe that the second group is terrestial. But whether it was started by 'earthlings'" the quotes are palpable "I … couldn't say. So what is it then, when the battle is not between natives of this rock?"

"Mmmmmm." Clint clearly doesn't like that answer, important as it is. "Well in that case keep the goop. Sounds like you may need it more than I. Do me a favor and see if you can figure out what was being done with it. I'm interested in the group that was doing the testing. I'll bring you more if I find it."

"Not what you expected to hear when you bought this to me, was it Mr Barton?" Jemma's still 'prodding' at the goo and comparing results. What's she's seeing will need more analysis. "Of course. I'll do my best to work that out." Jemma's smile is a little 'absent minded'..

"I'll need a few days more to run the next set of tests." That it's US Government doing this, means she's going to have to be extra sneaky sneaky.

"Tea, Mr Baton?" She really does have a stash of Mays special blend.

"I'm not sure what I expected but not that." Barton snorts. "Uh, if you've got some of May's sure." He may have snuck it… once or twice.

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