So What Happened

February 17, 2016:

There's explaining to do about Brins' flight with Ryan …

Rescue Inc - New York


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After 'recovering' Brinley and Ryan last night Nick's people had bundled up Nick and whomever else wanted to come and headed back to the Rescue offices where there are medical supplies, beds and hot food. That had been yesterday. It is now very late the following night, or very early in the morning thereafter, depending on how one wants to look at it. Nick is… up and in his office, still weairng the same flight suit from the day before. He hadn't been able to sleep much at all really and he's going through various bits of paperwork and reviewing files with a hollow, almost dead look in his eyes.

Click, click, click. Fork to mouth. Chew. Swallow. He barely even notices that it's tofurkey left over from Lydia's last order. He just wants to focus on the work… so he doesn't have to focus on anything else.

Agent May has spent the entire intervening day getting caught up on meetings and paperwork. The life of a SHIELD division head, SO exciting. But, she'd promised to come back and check in on Brinley and Nick, and this is the first chance she's had to do so. Yes, it's stupid o'clock at night. And?

Brin hasn't slept much either. Between the now constant headache and unsettled sleep that's haunted by nightmares, she is, instead, curled in a chair in the corner of Nicks office, dark eyes watching the werewolf. Though she's not saying anything.

What could she possible say? She feels dreadful - from the persistent headache and … that she put them all to the trouble.

Does she really know what wrong?

Nick glances up at the knock and looks at the security cameras. It's not a great part of town and anti mutant types have been an issue. Seeing who it is though he hits the buzzer and unlocks the door. "Come on in, Agent May." God Nick sounds tired.

He's got a migraine level headache too that's been with him since they got back and he recovered. As May comes in he pookes his head out of the office door to wave to the agent. "Hey there. Help yourself to anything in the 'fridge. We're in the office."

There's not alcohol in the 'fidge but there's most other things. When May makes the office Nick is sitting back down. He's got a stick of paperwork on his left and his screen is displaying business reports and statistics. Click. Click. "What brings you by?"

Melinda May simply nods to Nick when he lets her in, takes a look at both him and Brinley for about two seconds, and leaves them be in the office while she 'helps herself' to the fridge and break area. It's several minutes, but she finally returns doing a rather passable waitress imitation — two plates balanced on one arm, the other hand holding two cups of a steaming beverage. The food and drinks are doled out accordingly. Brinley gets a slice of chocolate cake with a cup of warm milk, Nick's tofurkey is stolen and exchanged for still hot off the stove scrambled eggs with butter actively melting on them and a cup of hot tea. It was the variety in the cupboard, so she can't be faulted for any lack of quality.

Ryan has been up for quite sometime though he hasn't come out of the room he was staying in just yet. What do you say when you don't know exactly what just happened. It's like that awkward moment you have the morning after a drunken one night stand. So many decisions to make. Do you gather your clothes and walk out the door prior to anyone waking up? Maybe you make yourself useful and get some coffee going, because who doesn't like coffee in the morning. Of course it isn't just coffee is it? It's also a little creepy when it isn't your house either. Breakfast? That's awfully presumptuous to think they would want you to stay for breakfast. What kind of conversation do you have? 'Oh yeah sorry about that whole drunken' flopping all over you that I did last night. I swear sober I am so much better…You were good too' What an asshole thing to say. In this case it is more like 'Yeah sorry for breaking your mind and making you go all feral, it was to create a distraction to help get Brin to safety'. Either conversation is just as uncomfortable.

After a long hard think on it Ryan decides he can't stay in this room forever. Is that the sounds of May he hears? He can't be too sure because they haven't had a proper conversation yet. Well, I guess it's time for breakfast. He heads out the door.

Curling further into the chair, Brin gets even quieter, as she hears how tired Nick sounds. Looking at May as she enters, she has the good grace to look sheepish.

Glancing at Nicks screen, she opens her mouth to say about the report he's looking at, but snaps it closed again. She's fairly certain, that Nick doesn't want to hear from her and … she's not going to try and move from that chair.

As May enters again and hands her the plates, she takes them with a nearly inaudible "Thank you." Resting the plates on the arm of the chair she's in, she'll get to them in a minute, maybe.

It's been kind of awkward all around. Nick hasn't… snapped or glared at Brin. He has, however, been utterly unable to sleep for more than an hour. Brin probably heard when he woke up screaming. The entire station did. No one said anything about it when he came downstairs to work.

"I uh…" The werewolf forces a smile. Not because of May just because exhausted both physically and emotionally. "Thank you Agent May. Won't you sit down?"

Someone else coming downstairs has his ears perking. Is it one of the crew or… ah Ryan. Nick looks at him for a long moment and then clicks on the next screen. So… emotionally… dead…

So yes. This is awkward.

Melinda May nods to Nick, keeping her voice quiet enough to not rattle any headachey people. "I will in a bit." She didn't miss the ears indicating another arrival, and steps back out of the office to look at Ryan. She gestures at him indicating that he go to the break area, and the look on her face as she heads that way also makes it clear he had better meet her there.

Ryan is not a dunce. He can very easily tell what May is gesturing and has a good idea on what the topic at hand will be. How that unfolds well that all depends on May. Surely, she has her agenda and list of things to discuss. He smiles at Nick and Brin's direction before heading to the breakroom

Brin hasn't spoken a word to Nick. She'd heard when he woke and had followed him around the Station, finally settling in that chair, near to him.

Sensing … nothing from the werewolf, she shudders a little and nods to Ryan when he smiles. Uncurling from the chair, approaching Nick quietly - he'll hear her of course, she's quiet but unnaturally so. "Nick. I'm … sorry." she says as she puts a hand on his shoulder.

Yeah … totally awkward.

Nick flinches at the touch. And immediately feels bad for it. It hadn't been Brinley, per se, his own mother (were she alive) could have touched him and he would have flinched. Brin (and likely Ryan) get a moment of shock and sheer terror from the werewolf before the emotionally dead haze sets back in. The brown furred pysicians assistant looks up. "It… um…"

He'd like to say it's not her fault. It may well not be. Truth is Nick doesn't know if it's anyone's fault. Though it isn't normal for his mind to just break like that, even fragile as he is. "I'll be okay." He says quietly.

That may or may not be a lie. And if it's not a lie it's an open quesiton when he'll be okay. "You've been… so quiet." The wolf's ears swivel as May and Ryan pass out of sight. Don't throw or break things, please. Or each other.

Melinda May starts fixing coffee. She won't touch the stuff herself, but she knows most people won't function without it. "Did Brinley ask you to get her away, or did you offer?" Since she has no idea yet that the man's another empath, she can only go by what she saw and heard. She's got a very good rein on her emotions, but there's still a detectable undercurrent of anger and worry.

Ryan picks up on the anger. He could figure that even without being an empath there was a lot that happened. And a lot that needs to be explained. He will patiently wait for May to walk in and start from what ever beginning he needs to start from.

Recoiling from Nicks fear, Brin nearly sends out a wave of her own - except the sharp pain that lances through her temples stops that. Unlike Nick, she's not emotionally dead … she's experiencing everything, in clear relief.

"So have you." Been so quiet she means. She's not removed her hand from his shoulder either, despite recoiling as she did. "You will be ok, Nick." she murmurs. He has to be, and she'll burn herself out if need be to make it so. "I was just so damn scared … "

"Sorry." Nick means it even if he's not feeling himself. "Just… tired. And… nightmares. I was back at our exercise…" That should be all he needs to say.

Brin, sadly, doesn't have the skills to make Nick whole. He had to be put back together by powerful Telepaths the last time. It's not just emotional control. He is actually, mentally, broken and stitched back together. And now the stiches have torn and he's bleeding.

"What could be so frightening that…" That she'd run. He's still listening to the conversation outside.

Melinda May fixes the coffee and hands it to Ryan, then goes back to Nick's office. As she moves back in there, her emotions are even more tightly controlled. She seems aware that Brinley is overly sensitive to emotions currently. She gently prods Nick and indicates the eggs. THey're getting cold.

There has been a lot of back and forth and nothing really has been accomplished. Brin and Nick are talking, Ryan and May will be here shortly. At least that is the assumption. The coffee is a kind gesture and he smiles. "Thanks" he says and takes a sip.

Ryan picks up the severe lack of anything coming from Nick in the other room. Feeling reasonably responsible for that he sends a targeted wave of what could be described as a settling emotion. Like a warm blanket from your bed being wrapped around you. Things may not be good but they will most certainly get better. It is specifically aimed at Nick but May or Brin may catch a hint of it if they are paying attention (or in emotion overload)

"That." Brin speaks quietly. That exercise is never far from her mind. Closer now that photo has surfaced. "We were working …" Brins eyes fall on Ryan, offering the man a small shrug, then May "… on trying to fix my broadcasting of emotions." That might be news to Nick. Brin rarely broadcasts and then only under situations of extreme emotional duress and not widely. They'd actually thought that ability wouldn't develop because of The Incident.

"I don't know what happened from there. All I know is that I really felt, still do, that I was leading them to us." Ryan might have to explain that.

Nick nods. There's no use saying she can't be, not any more than she is just by being in X-Red. It's not as if the HQ isn't a publically known place. "Why wouldn't you let us help you?" She has team mates. Friends. People who will stand with her. But instead…

The werewolf glances toward his door and stands up, motioning to Brin to delay answering his question as he moves to the doorway and peers out.

Melinda May had moved to stand by the door where she'd be as much out of the way as possible, but when Nick stands and peers out, she watches him to see what's going on. "Do you hear something?" She's fully prepared to go beat the snot out of anyone trying to mess with them here and now.

"Did I miss something?" Ryan asks. It's the first real thing he has said the entire time. He too stands and starts to make his way towards Nick and Brin mentally sorting out how best to explain what happened during the session that was the jumping point for this whole ordeal in the first place. He is sure that by the time he gets to them he will have it mostly figured out. The first bad idea of the day? Hopefully not.

About to respond to Nick, Brin falls silent, trying to let her mind quest out. Does she feel anything beyond that sharp pain in her temples? She's not sure.

Assuming the answer is negative, she shakes her head. "Honestly, Nick. It's just so jumbled at the moment. Getting out of there, and leading them away, seemed like the right thing to do." Looking to Ryan, she shrugs a little "All I remember is our exercise … focussing on The Incident and then… I just don't know."

Ah. A mental exercise focusing on the most traumatic incident in their lives. That makes a bit more sense now.

Nick shakes his head to May. "Just you two. The conversation sounded like one I wanted to hear." Since, he suspects, he's going to suffer quite a bit for what happened, he'd at least like to know how and why. He remembers Ryan coming by the place to meet him and Clancy stopping by. That was kind of it though.

"I would like to hear this too, but I can't stay." May looks from Nick to Ryan to Brinley. "We need to get together again to talk about this. I'll cook." And with that she moves to take her leave.

"We can talk later." Ryan says to May and then respectfully waits for her to leave before continuing with the matter at hand.

"We were working on her emotional capability. She has been projecting her emotions empathetically without being aware of it. More so than that though, she has been spread far to thin. In order for any amount of growth to be had we needed to get her to be able to control herself a little better." He pauses for a moment and looks at Nick.

"Think of it as how you would treat PTSD. It is based on the same principles. A lot of the same methods actually, just slightly tweaked to deal with a power that most people don't have. It started out really well. We were working on more recent issues. Getting her settled into the rhythm and me accustomed to her emotional spectrum. Progress was far better than I had expected it to be." He smiles at Brin. "Then we started to tackle some of the more deeply rooted issues. We got to the…." Ryan trails off "Well you know what we got to. I suffered a backlash from the experience and well set everything into motion. The rest you know because well, you were there."

"It wasn't your fault Brin." This is not a lie. "Honestly, no one could have anticipated what would have happened. I should have taken better precautions to help safeguard that kind of thing from happening." He can feel how fragile she is, "Don't beat yourself up over this. You didn't start any of it and you weren't in control of yourself while we were on the run. We both weren't ourselves the past few days."

Nick listens quietly. He's… vaguely familair with the methods. Same methods the institute would have used with him except for the fact that he was beyond such help and more direct intervention was required. Risky as that was. "I see. So trying to get better." And it'd made things worse.

He can't really say anything to that. Both empaths aren't feeling much from him. Not much at all. He just looks…

Well tired. And kind of dead. "That's, I guess, a better explanation than it might be."

Perhaps not strangely, Ryans words don't seem to help Brin relax. Things like 'not in control' for the small, quiet, brunette doesn't bode well. Fragile or not, for the last 5 or 6 years, she's been on top of this, mostly.

Of course, she's had more encounters with Purifiers and Reavers in the last eight months than she has in a very long time. "I don't know, Ryan. I let the situation get ahead of me…." be thankful for the headache, it's making anything difficult for her.

Moving over to Nick, looking like she might want to hug the brown wolf, Brin shakes her head again "I'm sorry, Nick. I'm better than this…"

"Better is a relative term, and one that I don't think applies here. This was a set back. A major set back but we know what we are dealing with now. That is something, and we can employ a better safety net." Better being any kind of net. There wasn't really one set up last time. "This is all based on when you are in a place for it. This whole thing is paced by you. There isn't a right or wrong time honestly."

Nick nods again, slowly. "Well… right. I'm sure you'll do better next time. Or well… better as… er…" So many betters. He's not up to this kind of thinking right now, really. The flight wolf turns and offers Brin a hug and then lets out a long sigh. He wants to sleep. But he can't. "I'm… going to go get something to eat. You guys can come with, if you'd like." He might be quiet.

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