Father's Daughter

February 16, 2016:

Some truths are harder to accept than others and the slow realisation and stubborn refusal to accept can leave devastation in it's wake.


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Fade In…

Jesana's life doesn't follow any kind of set path. She is the daughter of a not just a trickster god but a very old, primeval god. One than many believe had a hand in creating the earth and may have been there at the dawn of the universe itself. Old Man Coyote is a force chaos and change and his daughter is a force all her own. She pays no mind to law and order and for good or ill, Jesana does as she wills.

She usually loves the excitement, the dangers, and surprise of her life. Things are always new, always changing. She's trawn to trouble and it to her like a moth to flame, and the months since her Awakening have brought nothing but change. Amidst all these events small and life altering and in between, there have been times when she's sought out stability. Tried to form a routine, to find and stake a claim of normaclacy for herself and her children because she's still reeling, still floundering, trying not to drown in the torrid sea of transformation that has been her life for the past year and some odd months.

At her core she'd known it wouldn't, couldn't last. There is no single man, nor woman for that matter who will ever hold her heart for long. That doesn't mean that she won't love, for she will, she does, she has. She loves truly and easily and with all the wild animal passion and instinct of Coyote and a young human woman barely out of her teens and with all the power of the child of a god of old. Only her love isn't a river, deep and steady, slow and strong once set on it's course.

No, it's a downpour, flashflood, a sudden explosion of streams in every direction, moving, changing, veering off course from the intended direction. She loves, but she loves so much, so many and she cannot change who and what she is in her heart of hearts. It is this knowledge, something that had slowly been building in the back of her mind for weeks now only to be shoved aside and ignored with all the stubborn willpower she possess that Jesana finally, finally comes to terms with as she listens to the Badger god's refusal to allow her to bear Dusty's children.

It isn't that refusal that causes her to accept the god's words. She will never bow down to the words of any god, not even the once she has chosen. No, it is the understanding of self that the refusal drives her to. For while she believes everything he says to be complete and utter bullshit.. you do not hold the children responsible for the sins and failings of the father, one thing is true. She is, and ever will be, her Father's Daughter.

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