February 15, 2016:

Two Blues visit Altantis bearing news for Queen Mera

Atlantis - Atlantic Ocean


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"How do you think she'll take it?" Rowan murmurs. He and Ulani are headed toward the royal palace in Atlantis, being among the few Blue who can actually go there with no diplomatic reprocussions in wartime. Atlantis is the 'King' so to speak of the Atlantic ocean and generally one of the more powerful states among the undersea nations. The Blue, however, have decided that Alantean policies haven't really worked out so well for them so far and therefore they're not going to try them. This trip is to appraise Mera of their present… diplomatic moves.

"I'm not sure, Rowan" Ulani swims beside the Blue Warrior, nodding to Atlanteans that she is familiar with. "Queen Mera strikes me as pragmatic and I hope she'll understand why we're doing it."

Drawing near to the palace, the Blue Envoy salutes one of the royal guards. "Ulani and Rowan, of The Blue, to see Queen Mera. She is expecting us."

The guard salutes in return and after a few seconds indicates that they follow him. He leads them to a fairly plain planning room not far from a set of orate doors that very likley lead to a throne room or some such. Mera is already there, studying maps of the areas most severely hit by the incursions from the Lord of the Deep's forces.

"It must be getting worse." Is the first thing Rowan says, looking at the incursions. Worryingly, if he's reading the map right, they're entering the Atlantic from both the north and south. And, if again if he's reading the map right, in numbers.

"Queen Mera." The dragon Blue bows. "I'd say I hope you are well but I see things are getting a bit… tense."

"Just like the Lemurians." Ulani murmurs, observing the map carefully. It worries her, terribly … the strain this war is putting on all of the waterpeople. "Queen Mera, thank you for seeing us." the Blue Envoy bows herself.

The Blue might not be beholden to Atlantis, but they certainly recognise the throne and show great respect to it.

"We bring news from our people, Your Majesty."

Mera looks up as they enter, and nods a greeting to them. "What news, Ulani?" She sounds exhausted, to the point that she's even failing to bother with formalities.

"Diplomatic news actually… and news from the war. I'll handle the latter. The Lord of the Deep is making moves into the Indian Ocean. Attumen's people are either fleeing or gathering in moots. The wild tribes are starting to make moves and there's a possibility he may move on Lemuria. He's also been raiding coastal settlements around the world and emptying them. Still striking to enlarge his forces, I suspect."

Mera's greeting has Ulani inwardly wincing. It's bad enough for her and Rowan, and they're just soldiers, what it must be like for the monarchs, she really doesn't know and they've this news to deliver.

Waiting till Rowan delivers his news, Ulani assumes an 'at ease' position. How quickly the habits of a soldier are recalled. "We have permission to attend one of the moots, Your Majesty." that had been a welcome surprise. Glancing to Rowan and then to the Sea Queen "And we've approached two groups Surfacers asking for their assistance." she'll let that sit for a moment before continuing with the how and whys.

Mera will know how big that decision was for The Blue - given how secluded they had kept themselves.

Mera grimaces faintly at Rowan's news about the wild tribes and Attumen's people, clearly already relaying the news to Arthur. But then Ulani's information is a very WELCOME surprise and it shows on her face. Well, until she carefully schools her expression again. "If you have the ability, Rowan, please extend Atlantis' offer of sanctuary to Attumen's people and the wild tribes." Not that she thinks either will really accept, but at least the offer it out there. And then she looks at Ulani again, clearly waiting to hear more.

"We can. We will." Rowan murmurs. "But they may or may not accept. The wild tribes value their freedom above all else, at least if they're the same as I recall. It's Lemuria that's a greater risk. Their kingdom is static and they lack the power of Atlantis or the Blue to defend themselves. The Black have… gone oddly silent on the topic. We don't know what they're doing."

He glances over to Ulani. "Do you want to tell her about our surface allies?"

Mera's response takes Ulani by surprise. She hadn't expected the news to be WELCOME. A guarded acceptance maybe, but not quite this.

Nodding to Rowan, Ulani continues "At first, Rowan and I were approached by the mutants. Humans who have extra abilities. Their envoys proposed that we work together and on discussion, The Blue have agreed. The Blue will fight with, and for, the mutants if and when they come under attack. In return, they will assist us with contacts and meeting with more Surface organisations - government and otherwise."

This means that the mutants are now under the protection of The Blue.

It's true that Mera doesn't really understand the Surfacers, and that lack of understanding breeds mistrust, but knowing that they're at least willing to help is one less weight on her mind. It doesn't mean they'll be ABLE to help, just that they're willing.

"We have also been approached by members of the organization known as the 'Justice League'. Well, a Member. The champion known as 'Supergirl'. They seem eager to help." Rowan frowns. "I am not sure they will be able to but Supergirl herself seems to be able to operate under the waves. She is but one person, but employed with care she might turn a battle. If they Justice League can furnish more…"

The dragon blue shakes his head. "It's a start. And it will expose our people to the surfacers in what I hope will be a positive light. We cannot authorize their operation in your territory. That's up to you."

"Indeed." Ulani agrees with Rowan, watching Mera "You saw some of the heroes fight, on the beach that day. Supergirl held her own under the water and assisted in turning that Reacher back." Of course there'd been others too.

"Even if …" the Blue Envoy casts a look to the Blue Warrior "they can liaise with the Surface military, keep our waters clear of those troubles … it will mean we can focus on the larger one.

Finally a look to Mera, "It has been made very clear, Your Majesty, that they are not to enter Atlantean waters without seeking Atlantis' permission." Raising one shoulder in a slight shrug "We are hopeful that these two alliances will lead to better exposure for The Blue …"

Mera nods. "Arthur and I will need to discuss it and present it to the Council. I'm … hoping they'll finally see reason." She nods as she thinks she remembers the Surfacer named Supergirl. "If the Council does grant them access to our waters, I will be sure to let you know immediately." She's … not hopeful.

"I know this may be difficult for you, your majesty. We made no promises on your behalf." Rowan sighs. "There is one other thing. The Blue are deploying the 8th Fleet to the Indian Ocean to combat the Lord's moves there. I will be attending them. If Atlantis would send a force it would go a long way toward checking his moves. And reassuring the other sea peoples that Atlantis does not intend to… what's the surface term… turtle." The thing is, Rowan doesn't know if Mera can afford to do that. If Atlantis can afford to do that.

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Ulani murmurs. They'd been sure to be clear that Atlantis was not part of the treaties.

Rowans extra news has her nodding again "I will be attending with my Elite Six, as well." A glance to Rowan "Our recon in that area shows he is moving quickly and the southern waterfolk are already stretched thin." They've already lost ground in the Pacific, they're reticent to do so in the Indian Ocean.

Mera takes a deep breath. "I don't know that we have any forces to spare. But regardless, let me know and I will meet you there." She, herself. Alone if need be.

"That would also be welcome. You appear to have something of a fearsome reputation among our troops." Rowan notes with a wry smile. "I'm sure seeing you in action against our enemies would bolster morale, in addition to the usual effects." Which is to say, dead enemies.

"Is… there anything we can do for you here, your majesty?"

"Yes, it would." Ulani can only agree. "I will send word when it happens." or you know, think really loud. "The prowess of the Sea Queen is well known through the tribes. Even your presence will be go well."

As Rowan asks that last question, she falls silent, unsure there is much they can truly do except defend their borders to the best of their abilities.

Mera considers Rowan's offer for a moment, then shakes her head no. "I cannot think of anything, and even if I could, there are still those here that would refuse your assistance on principle." Then finally, she tries to offer a small smile. "I do appreciate your presence. And the news you bring."

"Our pleasure. I'm sorry the news was not better." Rowan murmurs. At least it wasn't all bad this time. "We'll contact you if there's anything else of note. And… I look forward to seeing you soon." The Blue bows and glances to Ulani. They're done?

"Should you have need of us, Queen Mera." Ulani offers. It's not really within her purview, but she'll offer anyway. "Until next time." She nods to the Blue Warrior. They're done.

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