We Wear The Mask

January 15, 2016:

Morien proposes an addition to The Watchtower. It's met with a counterproposal.

Umoja Towers

The main office of Umoja International in New York City, is a forty story
skyscraper with an outside square that is filled with Neo-Impressionist
sculptures. The outside square leads to the lobby area of the building. The
lobby gives off the immediate expressions of security and professionalism as
the security guards allow each person to past beyond the metal detectors,
verifying their badges, and wishes them a good at work. New visitors
received the same level of courtesy, even though they face more security
checks to be allowed into the building.

Majority of the floors are filled with floors of cubicles with workers
working on a variety issues and missions for the company. There is a floor
filled with information and electronic technicians and engineers that has a
more laid back atmosphere than the rest of the floors. There is an alarm
control center floor and a floor that holds several unsecured and secured

The fourth floor to the top is the main conference floor. The top three
floors are the living quarter, and personal business office for Morien
Washington. This area is only accessible by Morien.


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Fade In…

Umoja International is not trying to be a humbug to its' employees on Valentine's Day, but there are foreign markets that are going to be open on Monday, so somebody has to work. One of the groups of people that are working are those at the entrance's security desk. There is normally, a slightly lecherous guard who starts his shift during this time, but he has been put on suspension for six months due to complaints on how he greets female workers and guests.

His replacement is Gennifer Drake, who proudly points to her badge when she states that "She is a Jennifer with a G, because her mother wanted to make her feel special. Gennifer drones happily about her family in Lincoln, Nebraska, while she takes Diana picture to issue her badge after confirming that Diana belongs in the building. Gennifer hands her the badge, "The badge will only open the elevator for the floors that it is keyed for, so you shouldn't get lost. Just remember to return the badge upon exiting the building."

Gennifer whispers, "We get in trouble if we don't have we lose one." She points to the elevator.

Upon exiting the elevator, Morien is standing in front of table where a 3-d holographic image of scroll is being projected. Morien is moving the letters, pictures, and symbols around as he deciphers the scroll. When the elevator opens, Morien calls out to computer to pause program. He turns around and dips his head to Wonder Woman, "Thank you for coming."

Wonder Woman had been given prior hints in regards to Ozy, as well as an offer.

One that stood out upon the table beneath the tapping of fingertips and an expression of contemplation. So when she was called to the business office her official regalia is discarded for that of casual. But fitting.

Black trouser slacks keep to hips but bell out from there to hang around heel clad feet,, atop torso a white button up shirt is loosely (but delicately) tucked into low waistline. Open to show the contrast of red and silver (bustier) tanktop beneath. The holiday perhaps?

Long black hair is tucked and pulled into a bun atop her head, curls hanging loosely from the ends as ell as framing her face in the outgrowth process, a thing that darkens olive complexion and brightens cerulean gaze..

A gaze hat stares at Gennifer as she explains the origins of her namesake and then why she has to endure further security measures. Of all people, Diana Prince understands…

Arriving on the floor Diana is silent for a moment while Morien goes about his business, one she knows well enough in drawing up files and pulling out pieces that fit…elsewhere.

"Yes, well I was promised a harp. Hard to pass up." Diana states with a splay of arms and hands with a gallic shrug.

Morien closes the program and smiles, "A friend of mine fixed it before the holidays, and I must confess it has never sounded better. Ozymandias walks around the room where the harp is resting. As he approaches the harp, he says. "Window light setting to 4. The window next to the harp becomes translucent to allow the harp and small area around the harp to bathe in the moon and city light. Would like music or business, first?" Morien sits down on the stool in front of his harp. "Would you like something to drink too? I have variety of spirits, teas, and coffees."

The shrug from Diana was something that she thought would be taken as the jest it was - with follow up. But Morien -did- follow up, stepping away from his business to do so, and this alone causes Diana's gaze to follow him curiously, and brows to rise as he claimed space beside the harp.

Lips parted and a breath draws in.

"As much as I would love to hear you play, and as much as our prior offers still remain I do feel the coffee bean would not even keep my mind upon business."

A slight wave of hand and Di is still claiming a seat near the harp, folding back into the encumberance while crossing one leg over the other, watching Morien with a light smile at one corner of lips while the windows shift their final setting of light allowance through the space.

"You play the mask so well, Mister Washington. Tell me. Why the interest in masks and their business behind hidden walls?"

Business it was, and yet her eyes rove from Morien to the harp and then around the office space with a slow curiosity. Though, when he starts to speak he will find her eyes back upon hi and focused.
"We wear the mask that grins and lies, It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes, this debt we pay to human guile." Ozymandias recites a few lines from the Paul Laurence Dunbar. Morien peers over at the harp, then back at Wonder Woman. "I have one many masks over the centuries, but why this particular one.
Morien makes sure his eyes are also focused on Wonder Woman giving her respect that she deserves. "First, I think people would rather do business with a young business man than an immortal. I help a lot of people across the globe. I told Congress during the Committee hearing that we could not be everywhere, which is true, except with this business I can reach out, and help people day and night.

Morien tilts his head towards his left shoulder, "I mean I didn't plan on someone trying to hold the United States economy hostage, and that increased the size of my company more than I planned to do this decade.
Morien raises his arms in a shrug, "Second, I realized that there are a lot of corporations that have power across nations. It is like corporations are the true empires of this world, and I feel that to helped defend people against a rogue corporation, a person needs his or her own corporation.
Morien continues speaking, "I really only started wearing the mask around eleven years ago. I spent most of my life being anonymous, I can wear any costume to fight in, but only Morien can help the people around the world that are dependent on our services for the well-being and welfare.

"Why should the world be over-wise, in counting all our tears and sighs. Nay, let them only see us, while we wear the mask."Diana responds to Morien's words with her own, though in that moment her eyes divert in a reverence only those like them or the other 'heroes' would understand.

… But what he speaks of after has her head tilting ever so slightly. "Coffee, and spirits please." It was going to be a long night.

"Youth says nothing for battle, Ozymandias. As that is how I really know you. The immortal, the one who stands behind the suits. Perhaps I do not yet understand fully as I am who I am. just under a decade new to Patriarch's World, but none the less born forever."


"Morien, Ozy. What is it that you truly want with the group of friends that you have become family among with me?" No, she will not let his secret out, but as those eyes seek his and offer him the same reverence she also asks a question that pierces beyond their veils.

Not only here for her, but for them

"What do I want with the Justice League or why do I seek to have my company help you with staffing needs?" Ozymandias stands up from his stool and prepares to walks across the room. He stops and pivots back on his foot with military precision to face Wonder Woman "Please join me, where we can both sit and talk. Please call me, Ozymandias.

Ozymandias walks over to the wall and presses several buttons before walking over to behind the bar, "I just recently got several Malbec bottles. He opens up two bottles and grabs a couple of glasses. He walks back over to the wall and presses another button. The wall opens up and there is a simmering carafe and two mugs.
Ozymandias sits the tray down on a small coffee table, and takes a seat on the couch. There is a sofa across from Wonder Woman if she wishes to sit there, but there is also room on the couch for her too.
"Someone needs to stand up for the weak, and it seems that the weak have become more numerous as times has pass. The second is that it will eventually allow me to help more people. Second, if anything happens to me I can have some of my holdings willed to the other members of the league that have a long lifespan allowing for my works to continue for ages to comes."
Ozymandias pours her some coffee, "I cannot tell you if you know yourself, but for someone who has been in what you call the Patriarch's World for only ten years, you have great wisdom.

"Athena granted me much. My wisdom and skill to learn comes with my desire to do so." Diana speaks, thought evident in the way she rises from one seat claimed to partake in one shared with Ozymandias, rocking forward to pour her a glass of Malbec as well as accept the mug of coffee from Ozy.

A small sip of wine and lips are tasted by tongue and she smiles, resting back with the mug of steaming coffee in her grip and upon her lap. "Dionysus would approve."

But aside from the wine that coats the lining of glass in a deep violet hue there are other words that have passed, and her resistance to answer his first inquiry is finally answered.

"One in the same, Ozymandias. They are not just teammates. Not even the people employed by beneficiaries and paid to keep our business moot. Robert is a distant cousin, his wife and children the same. Hawkeye, Hawkgirl, Kara…" Diana pauses and a single finger trails the rim of the mug, her gaze veiled by noir lashes lifts from the gesture back to Ozy.

"You. They are family, your people will become the same. It is no longer business versus pleasure in those walls. We seek the same, we share the visions you do as Morien, Ozy. I will covet your secret, but know when within our walls…Gennifer needs to embrace her place with far more stoicism."

A small smile there thugh hard to play upon lips. Diana has become a bit more closed since Apokolips, harder, honed. "Gennifer needs to know she will officially stand for what we do, as a family. As people who want Justice." But tries ever so hard to reel it back.

"Gennifer? Oh, Gennifer from Lincoln, Nebraska?" Ozymandias laughs and clasps his hands together, "My apologizes for my laughter, but I would never have Gennifer on a list to help staff the Justice League. The people on the list have been vetted to make sure they can actually work around the Justice League, and perform their tasks with highest degree of professionalism and precision. Ozymandias says, "I have list of people from our various offices around the world that I believe that will be able to assist in security, telecommunications, maintenance, etc. Gennifer did do a tour in Iraq, She was a combat medic ,but she still getting treatment for PTSD. She was more stoic before her tour. When she came back, she pleaded for her old job in security. There are less stressful situations during the night shift, so she stays on there until she feels like she wants to handle another shift.
Ozymandias sips on his glass and peers down at his glass. "Thank you for keeping my secret, I really do not wish those I have not told about it to know my identity. I know you see the others as family, but for me, most people are only allies. It seems that my perception of time has changed a bit, and by the time I have gotten to know a person to call them a friend, I am just moments from standing over their grave.

Ozy's laughter and words only bring out cant in Diana's head, the coffee having been set aside for the sweet, yet crisp flavor of the Malbec. But while she cherishes the flavor it does not cloud her mind and judgment.

"But Gennifer, despite her flaws and faults made me feel human - as if I did not know. She would suit the Halls if she could embrace…" Reeling it back just as Ozy speaks of standing over graves of comrades, even the wine gets set aside, the base beneath the stem pressed upon by fingertips to slide it away.

"Another of Life's Tragedies, Ozymandias. Please," Diana asks and gestures as she stands, facing back towards the harp with one hand in gesture and the other upon temple.

"Let your people know they will be trained along side that of Wayne Tech and STARR Labs. They will integrate and be watched until their times have come to truly know what it would be like to be an ally among our family and bear a grave with them."

Diana has a moment, her jaw setting, firmly, proudly, but even that is awarded to Morien when she turns to about-face him and hold her hand out to him to shake in accord, that vambrace flashing from beneath half-rolled white sleeve of button up shirt.

"Even Gennifer has a place with us." The trust and Truth awarded Ozy at that moment come with a smile of tranquilities accord.

Morien rises and extends his hand to shake Diana's hand, "For the outside world, this must have the appearance of mutual business agreement. I think that would keep the truly clever people from the Justice League and my company from discovering my identity. I know Tony Stark is able to run his company in full view of the world, but I do not think people will look kindly on an immortal being running a company. I really don't want to be spending making the Sunday morning news circuit to defend against attacks that I am sort of Anti-Messiah or something absurd like that.

Ozymandias dips his head to Wonder Woman and slowly utters the words, "I..I..hope that when this rock we stand goes is all but gone that I will still have opportunities to grasps your hands in agreements.

Diana's hands do not falter in the grips of Morien's, nor do her eyes leave his as they walk towards the initial seating by the harp. Music to soothe the soul and the foreshadowing of future's yet to come.

"I know. Trust me, Ozymandias. I know. Your secret is well kept and I will not betray your trust," A hand comes to press at plexus when she releases his grip with one hand that had laid outward.

"Within brick and mortar or after it is long gone." A moment of sorrow passes behind Diana's eyes but is only a flicker of the emotion. The squaring of shoulders comes as she re-claims her seat beside Morien and his harp if there is space.

"Let's not count our joys from what kept us from the perfect thing…" A flicker of returning smile and it seems what Di had shouldered passed.

"But let me inquire. How high do you seek to reach within the Justice League?" An inquiry backed with an offer…

"I must confess I would at least like to be in the position to have some input in how my people are being treated, and I do not think that is too much to ask." Ozymandias furrows his brow a bit as he begins to speak, "I have no problem following orders, but I do think my experience would benefit the Council. I have picked up a few things in my travel, and I do know how to lead people. I am an immortal, so I shouldn't be going anywhere. If the Council has room for a new member, I would love to be considered."

"Immortal does not mean infallible." In saying as much Diana looks back at Morien, a weight of many there but a pride of one and only taking the forefront. A strength borne to be only upon Diana, Wonder Woman.

"I know your place and desires. They will not go unheard. You are considered by me." An exhale and Diana relaxes back, gathering the tray and resettling it beside them. "You do not ask what any else given your position desires. And it is appreciated." Not only by her but likely by 'his people'.

"I know that I am not infallible. I have made many mistakes. At the moment, I am trying to clean up one of my biggest mistakes." Morien looks back to the table that holographic scroll was located. "Thank you for hearing me out, and holding my secret. It is greatly appreciate, and regardless of the outcome, I will always be ready to stand by you."

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