Coffee and Hearts

February 15, 2016:

Eager to discuss an idea, Jesana drops in on Fenris and Astryd having coffee.

Manhatten Coffee Shop


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Fenris is taking time out to get… coffee. Of all the various arcane wonders, none are perhaps more wonderous than the potion made from the magic beans that once grew into stalks that reached the land of giants and now grant vitality to mortals around the world.
Actually really, they're just a drink that arab monks used to brew, but he's used that joke more than once.
The God-Wolf is out in the company of one of the few fellows he can stand. Sipping a latte. What. It's chilly out.

Sitting beside Fenris, is a strawberry blonde … a rather stern looking one at that. Those in the cafe around them, give the pair a wide berth - there's something about their combined aura's that have people wanting to avoid them.
She's quiet, enjoying the coffee, no need for small talk between two dieties. Watching the mortals edge past them, is more than enough amusement.

Jesana wants to see her God-Wolf. It's been a long and rough week for her and a few times she'd barely been hanging on. So far she hasn't resorted to any truly self destructive acts in an attempt to distract herself but it's probably coming sooner rather than later. The young demigod has clearly been trying though, to keep her vow and to not make too many questionable decisions of late.

When she arrives at the coffee shop she's dressed in a purple sweater dress and black leggings. Her pendulum necklace lies atop the sweater and a black leather jacket covers the dress. She's also carrying a small lunchmate cooler in one hand. She blinks and looks around, ignoring any startled looks at her sudden appearance and after spotting Fenris and Astryd, she orders two of the largest chocolatiest drinks they have and several different kinds of pastries before moving to their table. Jes's aura isn't as strong as Fenris's and possibly not Astryd either but her magical arrival has people keeping clear of her too. "Hi Astryd." Jes ducks her head and kisses Fenris's cheek before handing him the cooler and sitting down. "This is for you."

Fenris chuckles and leans forward to give Jes a hug. "Thank you Jesana. Won't you join us?
Astryd and I were just watching the people." Watching the people avoid Fenris is really how that goes. If it amuses her it really amuses him. People can be such sheep sometimes.

"Jesana" Astryd has a quiet sense of amusement about her. A rare day when the goddess can relax a little and in such welcome company. As Fenris hugs Jes, she leans back a little, letting the two catch up.
As the cooler is past over, an eyebrow is raised … "For Fenris, Jesana? Is it a sheeps heart?" Yeah, Astryds in a 'mood'.

It amuses Jes too though it also at times annoys and even angers her. People don'tsee Fenris as she does and that can be maddening at times. Today Jes doesn't seem to aware of the mundane humans around them. She's got other things on her mind. "Um. No, not a sheep." Jes answers Astryd and then does glance aside at the people for a second. Fenris, sheep are stupid. "They taste okay but they aren't very fun to kill and I've had a lot of.. need to hunt the past few days." Need to hunt sounds better than "murderous rage" even if Fenris knows otherwise. "It's an stag's heart and liver and kidneys."

"You remember that guy we met? Doctor Beck? I've been meeting with him since then. The first time I was kinda just.." Her lips quirk. "Okay I was totally stalking him. I wanted to see if I could catch him doing something wrong. That didn't quite end up how I thought. He's really amazing actually. I had this idea I was talking to him about and I wanted to see what you thought."

Fenris ahs quietly. "Doctor Beck is the necromancer that you encountered earlier when the codex page was stolen. That's… been troubling me." He shakes his head. "So you had a chat with our little necromancer, mmm? Go on. I'm curious." He's sure they both are.

"Necromancer." Astryd's disdain might be nearly palpable. "They prey on my domain and I do not like it." she murmurs, eyeing the cooler as Jes speaks. "I could really do with a Lamb roast, seasoned with rosemary." the thought of food has her momentarily distracted but her grey eyes fall on the coyote.
"As long as he leaves the dead alone…" the thought of the Codex and the missing page, worries her.

Jesana smiles and sips at her chocolate drink for a moment. "I've had a few actually. When I followed him he was at a church that someone had desecrated. It was old and abandoned and the spirits had grown restless and angry. There was a Reaper and we fought it together and put them to rest." Her smiles turns fierce. "I took its scythe!" It had been a good fight. "I invented him home and showed him the Den too. He wants to go with me to Giizhigong and back home to the Res. I've been needing to return."

The smile turns into a slight frown. "I have to sell the farm back to the tribe but I haven't wanted to go. I'd think it was really weird you know, finding that I really like and even have so much in common with a necromancer. I'dve never imagined I'd meet one I didn't want to kill." Not after Darque. Jesana looks up at Astryd as she says that. She understands the disdain but Walker is different. "But I'm me and I never do the normal thing." There's a heavy air of disatisfaction about her for a moment but she manages to get it under control.

"Anyway, he and I both want to go back to where that evil tree was and make sure there aren't any lost souls left. I was trying to think of a way to help the land there heal faster and make sure it doesn't get all messed up again. I thought perhaps planting a new tree, but a special one. There are trees in Giizhigong of which I've never seen anywhere else. Huge, ancient and so filled with power. I thought maybe I could attempt to bring a sapling from there. Or a priest could bless one from here, or maybe there is a kind of tree from Faerie or somewhere. Something sacred and special. I know you can't just introduce a foreign species randomly to an environment but there has to be something, right?"

"Nature magic is a good way to do that. And it's a good idea to make sure that the Haunt hasn't come back." Fenris notes. He glances over at Astryd. "Leftovers from the Necromancer we dealt with earlier in the year." He murmurs to her.
"Mmmm. An oak or a walnut should do. Or a pine. Talk to someone from that area. Or someone from a nursery. I don't do trees, largely."

"I am aware, God-Wolf." Astryd murmurs, grey eyes resting on him "I and another of your friends… escorted some spirits from that area not long after I came here."
Jesana's suggestion gets a considering look from the Valkyrie "Fenris is correct. Someone local could give you better advice. Your plan though, is not without merit."

Jesana nods. "I'll do that." Then she frowns. "Aren't trees part of earth magic? Somehow? I'm studying the books you gave me! Really. I just don't have a lot of time at once. It's going to be awhile and the Sanskrit.." That she's really struggling with. "But Walker has offered to help me with that so hopefully it will go easier." She loves to learn new things but it is harder when it's something that doesn't interest her or that she doesn't see an imediate benefit for. It's only the thought of uncovering long lost secrets, picking up trails to follow that not many other people can, that has her keeping with learning the dead language. Patience is not usually one of her strengths. Unless it involves children or mothering or the hunt.

Jes nods at Astryd. "Good. I want to make it better there. It sickens me to see the land so ill and in danger of being twisted again. I realy just wanted to know if you thought it would work, or be a good idea. I'm fine with taking risks myself but I don't want to like, totally screw the land up more or something because I don't know what I am doing. What if I got the wrong tree, or picked a monster one that was even worse or something. Though I guess there is a way to magically tell if a plant will work in an area or.. what it will do or something. I'm going to learn about it. Maybe learn if I can do it." Something else Walker spoke of.

Fernis nods. "It will work if you put the work into it. Healing the land from that manner of a blight will be a slow process. In other times I would have called upon shaman or druids to do the work but…" He shurgs. "Few are left."
The god wolf looks back to Astryd. "Have you encountered any more trapped souls from that event?"

"There are many there still, God-Wolf" Astryd murmurs in response to his question. "How can there not be? Darque and his minions did they're work well. Should he return, I will stand against him." Those souls … are her responsibility.
"I knew a few druids, when I was first … resident here. But they have died out, the old ways aren't revered as they once were." The blonde shakes her head "Do not just rely on magic, Jesana." Reaching over and tapping the young womans forehead "Your best resort is your mind - learn what you can, for you never know, when your power will desert you."

Pulling another one of her pastries from the bag Jes glowers as she realizes its a left over heartshaped cookie from the day before that she definitely didn't ask for. After eyeing it for a moment she carefully places it on a napkin, sets it on the floor and crushes it with the heel of her boot before leaning over and picking up the mess to deposit it in the trash. Jes then sits back down and sips her drink, listening as if none of that just happened.

A shaman? Jes seems thoughtful. It's been in the back of her mind for awhile. She could have gone down that path maybe. Her predatory nature and decision to choose Fenris over her own people's gods has left her doubtful of the possibility. She'll never be any kind of traditional spiritual person. That doesn't mean she can't learn some of it. If healing the land is a slow process, Jes can still do that. It's important and something she's sure that she can do. She'll never shy from hard work she believes worth doing. She smiles and nods at Astryd. "I'm going to learn everything I can. I do rely on my power, but it's not magic exactly. It's what I am. I do make sure to learn how to do things without it though because you're right and no matter what kind of magics I learn I won't depend on them for everything."

"Then it sounds like your path is set. I would keep an eye on Doctor Beck for a time. He is a necromancer after all and such power is often learned at the cost of blood." Not always but often. Fenris stretches. "Was there anything else Jesana?"

Jesana seems to think very seriously for a moment. Even with her enemies she doesn't tell stories that hers to tell if she can help it. This isn't the case and it's important but.. "Mmnh." Jes grunts. "He is. But he didn't choose that path. He has made the best of what was done to him and in doing so prevented a great evil from being let into the world. His story isn't mine to tell though. I only say this much because I do not want harm to come to him from you are Astryd. He has shed blood on my behalf and I have healed him by sharing my lifeforce. I trust this man. If he does something wrong I do not think it will be on purpose or of his own will." She hopes that is not saying too much. "Other than that, no." Not that she's ready to speak of at any rate.

Astryd eyes Jes as she makes that last statement "Should the Doctor interfere with my sacred duty, he and I shall words." It's said calmly and without rancour. A goddess staking her own territory.
"I am done here, Fenris. Shall we continue with our work?" Seems the Valkyrie considers the conversation finished. "There is much I would achieve today, if we could."

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