Meeting The Headmistress

February 14, 2016:

Looking for Scott, Peter finds Jean instead.

Xavier Institute - Jean Grey's Office

Jean Grey's office has a comfortable feel, lived in, the office of
a person who actually does work and doesn't merely sit at a desk for show.
Nonetheless, it is lushly appointed, by any measure, as a sign of her status
and her taste for fine things.
The shelf-lined walls brim with books of every type, spine after
leather-bound spine. Despite the definite diversity, psychology, education
and medicine seem to be the strongest subjects. Her rosewood desk almost
spans the width of the room, separating her from anyone in the
check-upholstered guest chairs. She sits on supple, dark red leather, the
chair a bit overlarge to allow her the pleasure of lounging. She usually
keeps the blinds open, in sunlight or storm, and will open the window when
weather permits. A large, antique lamp sits on one corner of the desk, a
Tiffany's piece with colored glass, art deco vintage and a gift from Jean's
A large blotter, trimmed in green, takes up much of her desk. She
has the required calendar, pen-marked in black and red, appointments,
revisions and notations scrawled everywhere in her looping, ornate script.
Multiple teacups, one almost always full, along with a portable,
self-brewing pot, to save her a trip down to the kitchen, and an array of
teas to her taste stacked alongside. She has the usual cup of pens, rulers,
paperclips and the like, and the in/out trays every academic can't do
without. There's almost always a stack of homework, waiting to be graded,
not to mention other administrative matters.
Jean's office reflects her responsibility, her dedication and her
importance to Xavier's academy. If Jean is, as some say, the school's heart,
then this office is one of its chambers from which her lifeblood flows out
to the people to whom she has dedicated so much of her life.




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Jean was an early riser in regards to her not sleeping at all most nights. But that, in a way, wasn't her own fault. There was just so much to do in so little time to do it that the hours in the day didn't amount to much in that regard. At least that was her excuse. It was the nightmares. Nightmares that keep you asleep for only an hour at a night and keep you up there after. But it's whatever. She still looked well rested.

A cup of coffee was soon palmed as she pours over the paperwork. A few new students were popping up out of the woodwork and a few alumni were showing their faces around and files needed to be pulled up just in case her memory was off. And it was rarely off.

The lights were dimmed and the curtains were pulled closed to blot out the lights, the laptop sits at an odd angle upon the desk as she leans back and begins to rock. Glasses sitting high upon her nose as she reads the screen, her tk doing it's minor business by clicking the mouse so that she could read the scrolling words. Her desk was massive as well, nothing like the Professors, but it did the trick and was decorated with a stacking file system, papers, pens in cups and folders strewn about. Two chairs sit upon the opposite side of her, empty, though her suit jacket drapes along one of the arms.

Another chair sits in the corner, large, stuffed and ornate, with a foot stool to go along with it. One would wonder why she'd settle for her desk chair and not take up the other. The bookcase was neat, but at the very high top was a cabinet, blotted out to hide the stash of liquor which was pushed far into the back. Her office was spartan really. But, it keeps the attention focused and her thoughts from straying to other things.

It's the day after he talked to Captain America and the meeting with the Avengers. For certain definitions of 'meeting'. Peter appears in the doorway to the office and looks around, spotting Jean at her desk. Only Jean. "Oh, hi." He's seen the Headmistress from a distance and he's certainly heard about her but they'd never got around to meeting. "I was looking for Scott." he says, preparing to leave. "Sorry."

Jean glances up from reading, her coffee mug halfway lifted as she leans forward to press it down upon the table. "No no. Come in." Both hands raise, fingers motioning him forward as if she were an old lady wanting a hug from one of her children. "He's going to be out for a while. Is there anything I can do for you in his stead?" She knows about the young man from what Scott had told her.. which wasn't much. Just a.. 'You have to meet him' sort of deal. Which was said about a lot of people lately. "Peter is it?"

Peter pauses but then walks into the office, nodding at the question. "Yeah, that's right. Out? Umm." He runs his fingers through his hair as he thinks. "I guess if you talk to him, you could tell him that I decided to try both. Staying here and helping out Captain America with stuff. He calls them the Avengers."

Jean frowns a little, her head tilting towards the side. She doesn't know much, but that was for certain. But it looked to be a very, very troubled decision for the young man. Either that or she was projecting.

The chair slowly slides away from the desk, then tilts, her hand gesturing towards it so that he could have a seat without her speaking the words. "Tell me about the Avengers and Captain America." It wasn't a demand, it was her showing interest.

Peter looks over at the chair when it moves then goes to sit down. "I don't know a lot, really. But they didn't have a telepath and needed one. I ran into a bunch of them by accident down in Mexico." Jean might get flashes of scenes of the battle since he's completely unshielded. "They needed to find out some things from the guy they captured so I did. And he asked me to join him." He shrugs. "I wasn't sure I could do that and stay here too but Scott said I could so I figured I'd give it a shot and see how it works out." So not troubled, no. Just torn.

Jean nods, leaning forward to show that she was paying attention, until those images hit. Her head nearly jerks back as her eyes close, fingers harshly rubbing against her forehead as she shows a slight hint of will to block it all out. She even has to sniff a little, her head shaking as she finally lets out a breath. "Good." About what?

"Steve Rogers is a good man. So you'll be in good hands. Even better that you're still with us to continue to learn and grow so that you could be a productive member of both teams. Scott is right in that regard. Though I am worried. Do you not know how to shield yourself from other people?"

That was Peter's impression of Captain America too. In fact, it was everyone's impression which made him actually consider the offer. "Yeah, I can shield. It takes effort though and doesn't stay up long so I usually don't bother unless I have to." Which probably explains the pills, if Scott had mentioned them. "You learn to just tune out everyone's thoughts." Except when he can't.

"Something as so natural as our telepathy shouldn't be an effort." Jean tilts her head a little. "Though at times it is." She smiles a little, then leans forward with a press of her fingers. It was a gentle nudging at first, not prodding or prying into his personal life. But allowing a little bit of her own to slowly trickle through. Like a drop of water seeping through the cracks of a dam. Thankfully, Scott didn't mention the pills.

"You're open to assault. If you are going to protect the Avengers, you have to start with yourself."

Given the topic, Peter assumes the nudging is a test and as soon as he feels it, forms a shield around his mind. Very strong and seamless, it would need to be battered down. But it's something he needs to concentrate on doing and will fade once he stops thinking about it. "I can protect myself."

"For how long?" Jean doesn't stop, his shield was perfection really but that doesn't mean that even one of the strongest could break it down. There was almost a mind to have the Professor to arrive to see if he could stand the real test of power. She doesn't unleash the full range, it was still poking and prodding, almost as if she were searching for a way to create a crack.

"Good. Though. Very good." She smiles a little. "I think I'd like to assign a personal trainer to you, to reinforce your protective barrier. I can assist myself as well, if you'll allow it." She leans back to pull open her drawer, retrieving a thin piece of paper and a pen, scribbling something down and stopping cold to look up towards the door.

"Till I stop thinking about it." Peter says and shrugs again. It's always been that way. He's never been able to lock it into place. "Yeah, sure. That's one reason I'm here. Harada was teaching me before he tried to kill me so I know there's stuff I need to learn. I also want to get my degree since I never went to high school." Seeing Jean's look, he turns to look over his shoulder.

"Then don't stop." It wasn't that simple, she was sure. But there was a point to it. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she never stops thinking about it. Hardly ever. But it took years to get to that point. It wasn't something that was turned on in an instant, and she had help.

"Hara.. who?" She shakes her head. But her attention was off of the door for now, the paper soon slid forth.

"Professor Xavier. He often still gives lectures around the school. He's agreed to talk with you at your leisure and he'll expect your presence. After he's evaluated you I suppose he will try to assist you." She pauses, then offers up a little smile. "He won't try to kill you."

Another pause is given. Then a draw opens again, this one lower, Jean shuffling through the file folders with a quick tab of her fingers. "We do have a GED program, or if you'd like, an HSGED." The papers were soon withdrawn and pushed forward for him to take. "Just fill those out for me and we can get you started. The next semester starts in two months, but I'm sure we can find you some wiggle room to get you in sooner."

Peter starts to explain then decides it's a lot easier to just show her. He sends her a picture of Toyo Harada, the multimillionaire corporate executive in his suit and superimposes it over an image of the LA headquarters of Harada Global Conglomerates, a multinational charitable corporation. They zoom into the building where there's dozens of people in different uniforms walking about, eating in the cafeteria, and most importantly, training to use their psychic powers whether it's energy control, empathy, or the negation of others' powers. All under the command of Harada. And then a brief scene of Peter and Harada fighting each other, destroying the upper floors of the skyscraper before Peter is thrown out of the building. That's Harada. "What's an HSGED?" he asks

The benefits of a psychic. They can tug, pull, show information that would take too long for words to explain. She sees all of this, measures the output, forms it frame by frame so that the face of Harada was locked away within her memory. Research made for after their talk. It was an impressive set up, really. Though the fight is what really nauseates her, to the point that she cuts it right off when Peter was thrown from the window.


"High School General Education Diploma. It's just a step up from the GED. You just have to take an extra subject. Health."

"Yeah, sure. Whatever. It'll take years no matter what so what's one more class." Peter's philosophical about it. He's heard of the Professor, of course. The man was prominent in Scott's thoughts and the author of the 'dream' he was so ardent about. He's been curious to meet him. "I'll stick around here till he contacts me then."

Jean grins, then rises from the chair and gestures towards the door. "Years? You got it all wrong. Months at best. But, fill out the paper work and get it back to me and we can get you started. And no need to hang around here. If the Avengers need you, go to them. The Professor has a weird way of knowing when you'll come to him. So there will be no rush." She smiles then settles back down into her chair. "It's good to meet you Peter. Call me if you need any help." Fingers lift to tap against her temple.

Now.. onto this Harada business..

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