Khandaq Encounter: Black Marvel Admission

February 13, 2016:

Kenway seeks an audience with Teth-Adam.

Shiruta, Khandaq


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-=Interior - Royal Palace -Shiruta, Khandaq=-

Once per lunar month the royal palace of Shiruta is opened to all of the people within Khandaq. In a tradition that dates back to the wise rulers of ancient times the public is invited to seek justice or air grievances form the greatest authority within the state.

The ritual begins just after dawn, following the first Islamic call to prayer, and ends after the fifth call at sundown.

It is most often the lady of the court who spends the day listening to pleadings and ministering justice in Adam's stead. However, it is not altogether uncommon to have him present if some serious matter is expected to be considered - when first he reclaimed the throne this ritual was a bloody one. Thankfully, the lady has brought far more mercy to the realm.

The induction of Khandaq to the United Nations has brought Teth-Adam forward to attend the full session and hear the concerns of those who believe that the isolationist stance of the region should not be broken?


As the afternoon wanes on the line which once stretched into the streets of Shiruta reaches just beyond the antechamber. Clerks and court officials consult with each person before entry assuring that they are properly introduced to Might Adam.

Teth-Adam sits firmly upon the sandstone throne with hands resting upon the golden scroll work that adorn its arms. When each person enters his dark gold-flecked eyes watch them and he sneers until they kneel. Rather than asking for their plight his hard stare seems to demand that they just begin speaking and often he gives no reaction - as they explain themselves. Most, part-way through their own plight, wish only to apologize and escape his presence.

Rant was getting full use of the facilities at the Resolve just for the simple fact that she's probably bleeding Deathstroke's pockets dry with it's persistent use. EVENTUALLY, the roost will come calling and Peabody will no longer be forced to entertain Melody's random visits here nor there no matter how far away from home she was.

And she was so, so very far.

But she arrived in the wee hours of the night before the traditional tribute, slept and ate the meal of the people save for strange looks at how she arrived because.. well, chevrons that slam a person into the middle of the sand was a weird sight indeed. But, she tried her best to adhere to the local customs, tossing away her bookbag and jeans and Nine Inch Nails shirt. Allowing her hair to roam free yet remain wrapped as if she came from the fruits of Africa and done up with the typical green, gold, red, and black. The cotton that wraps her tiny little body pay homage to the way her thin little arms are ripped, though.. anyone could snap this little twig in half. And she waited…

..and waited..

Oh, the line moved!

..And waited some more..

..She was getting hangry. Snickers bar was pulled from her top as her bangles jingle while she eats.

..and she waited..

..waited some more, did she..

Until the sun was slowly beginning to set upon the horizon which brings out visions of purple, gold and a deep blood orange, Melody was there at the front of the line, fingers grasping the cloth to step forward ever so slightly, not having reading -too- much into it's customs and yet..

"HI!" Cue awkward wave. Best. Day. Ever.

The very existence of Mighty Adam would seem to defy the teachings of Muhammad. In Khandaq there is no 'state religion' save complete obedience of the throne. Tradition is not so easily unsettled and the primarily Sunni Muslim population see the ancient champion as a gift from their gods - rather than the embodiment of six others.

You would not find many women in line but the men seemed to watch you in a mix of wonder and hatred. However - none would dare injure another in line and risk some greater punishment for breaking the peace of this tradition.



Dark gold-flecked eyes narrow slowly and the lines of his stony features become evident as his sneer curls into a scowl. A hand touches his shoulder..

Clad in white silk is an Arabrian beauty whose attire is more reminiscent of the Elizabeth Taylor's role as Cleopatra than any tradition of these lands. Her demure hand squeezes his shoulder in an affectionate manner and, regarding Melody detached curiosity, she looks down at Adam.

The scowl upon Mighty Adam's face melts immediately at the touch and the callous gaze which has passed judgement upon hundreds this day becomes as placid as his features.

"You have traveled a long way to stand before me," Teth-Adam speaks in a measured baritone that barely conceals his arrogance, "Welcome to Shiruta, wanderer. For what reason have you made this pilgrimage to stand before me?"

It was very clear that Melody has never been in the presence of royalty. She's never met the president and only shook hands with a Senator once. She took a phone call from an Alderman which turned out well as she dictated for her father, but that was close as she had gotten. No matter how small the nation, she recognizes that she may have messed up on the greeting with the scowl that crosses his face. The men and women were looked at with a twist of her head, the smiles that she wore vary from 'I dare you' to 'Hey there hot stuff', but words were kept to herself. She does allow the smile to fade to take on a more serious tone, the lady of the throne gifted with a small smile and nothing more to further upset.

She clears her throat slightly, her back straight, shoulders pulled back as she looks on towards them both, lips drawn into a thin line as it was clear as she was nervous and needed to speak precisely.

"I come in regards to Kwabena Odame." She states, her voice nearly small. It picks up in volume as she continues on, her eyes soon drawn to the ground as she recounts the memory.

"Shift, as you may have known him as." Her hand lifts to tug a little at her headdress, then suddenly minds herself to kneel upon the ground before further upset and outrage is had.

Forgetful Melody.

"I was there when you issued a monetary donation at his memorial. And how you spoke highly of him before your departure. I have been meaning to visit to pay my respects to you and yours.." Her eyes shift to the lady, then to Adam again, and to the ground.

"But there are a few things that I wish to speak to you in private, that I feel that you deserve to know."

"I knew very little of Kwabena Odame," Adams says, "but what I witnessed was more courage than many men might display in a hundred lifetimes."

Mighty Adam stands there his form moving from a seated position to a standing one in defiance of gravity as his arms fall to his sides without providing any counter-balance to the movement. The lady's hand falls from his shoulder as he moves from beneath her grip.
"His sacrifice was one that honored my people. He died protecting them from a threat which loomed at their doorstep. His memorial seemed to punctuate his life by demonstrating that he did not exist for glory but rather - for moral conviction."

One by one he begins to descend the steps which lead up to where the gold and sandstone throne rests. At its top the woman moves around the seat and sits as effortlessly as he stood. She looks beyond them, to the minister of state who orchestrates reception, a faint smile signaling that she is prepared for the next who would come before the court.

"Come with me," Adam says in polite demand and starts towards a pair of massive ornate doors that connect to a corridor behind the throne. Taking the ring with one hand he pulls it open and allows her to move ahead of him out of courtesy before retaking the lead.

Soon they are on a balcony overlooking a manicured courtyard, "What is it you wish for me to know?" He then asks her looking up towards the brilliant disc of Aton, the sun, as it crawls into the horizon.

If Kwabena could see her now; the poker face she holds was magnificent, especially under the pressure and weight of so many eyes. Surely it must have been strange to ask the peoples King to speak in private. But the Lady did not seemed bothered by this, and if she did, Melody perhaps would rescind the request and use it an open forum to.. who knows. She would have had to think quick on her feet.

She slowly begins to rise and follow along, hurrying ahead of him with a tiny little sprint, his great strides took at least three of her own, keeping up with the mans gait is surely a workout for the little woman. But once they were out in the open she finally allowed herself to breath, that little step forward taken to press her hands upon the rail of the balcony. Looking down first, and then up and out at the majestic kingdom in reflection.

She was at a crossroads.

To lie to Adam would surely incite death. To tell the truth may just as well. But she was banking on the heroic words of the man and hopes that it'd be felt in his heart.

"I was there. You know that. When you spoke those words to those people out doors. I.. picked up the pieces after he died and tried to put it all together with your help to do the right thing. To make sure that his death wouldn't be in vain." And she had come far, possibly fallen farther. She was working herself up to it.

"I tell you this because.. I don't know. I think it's something you -need- to know? Deserve to know? I can't even begin to explain how I feel about the man but.." She shakes her head, then gets to it.

"Kwabena is alive." Her jaw steeles in that moment, she didn't look at him. She just stared out towards the horizon. "I don't know how but he's alive. He's been alive for a while now."

'Kwabena is alive..'

The speed of mighty Heru accelerates his mind as possibility upon possibility is considered by Zehuti's unfathomable wisdom. Outwardly, Khandaq's dictator gives little in the way outward reaction though it might be clear from the gentle crease of his forehead that he is considering what she has told him.
His response is a simple question..

"The funds which the people of Khandaq provided to honor is sacrifice; How were they used?"

At least this one was easy.

"There's a clinic that's housed in a building that used to be old and worn down in Mutant Town. I used the money to fix it up and give it a start for salaries for nurses, therapists and doctors. I mean.. I really only intended for it to be used for former Smooth addicts and their families. But, it grew. Many people with many issues are coming there and it's turning out to be a really great thing."

She smiles a little at that, then turns to face him. "If there is a slight in all of this, it's because I didn't contact you first or sooner. That I used the money for this in his name instead of waiting. So if there is to be punishment or death, don't kill Kwabena. Please. That's why I'm here, I guess."

Her words move over him like gentle currents air across great stone pyramids.

"Does he know of my gift? Did he approve of the way you chose to honor him with it?"

"He does. It wasn't until recently, though." Melody admits. "I think he approves, but back then he really didn't have a choice. It was like, some sort of direct reaction from him trying to save everyone from it, even if we all got caught in the crossfire."

Just even thinking of the smooth makes her hand shake, her fingers soon curling into a fist to draw it to a stop. There was no helping it or hiding it there. "But there are going to be implications if everyone, even the government finds out why he's alive. It's why I'm here as well. I.. know I don't have some great power like you do. I don't have that.." She gestuers around. "..presence or whatever. But.. I think it's best for all intents and purposes that he stays dead for both our sakes. Legally. Not really dead."

As the great disc of Aton disappears into the horizon the call-to-worship can he heard echoing beyond the palace walls. Teth-Adam blinks once and then steps backwards his form turning so that the woman is pinned beneath his gaze again, "I am not concerned with the politics of this," he states with derision, "Kwebana was honored for his sacrifice but," a pregnant pause, "he is not the first mortal who the gods have permitted to walk beyond their time.

"You have sought me upon this day for judgement and so I shall yield it:" At those words Adam's arms fold over the golden lightning which slashes across his ebon chest, "Kwebana has one solar month to approach me regarding Khandaq's tribute and his new life. If he should fail in this, then he shall understand that I will assure justice is served."

Dark eyes glare at her as if prompting for a response.

Melody takes a step back as he moves, one hand still upon the balcony's railing, gripping hard as if it were to break apart and fall in that very moment. The sun sets, leaving it's last life upon the horizon, the stars beginning their twinkle which, being a city girl was something that she had never seen before. And so clear.

Her head lowers, that shaky hand lifting to rub slightly upon her face, the judgement was set and clear, she had a lot to say and.. well? She refrained. For once in her life she refrained. She didn't want to scream at him, to yell at him. Teth-Adam was being fair. Even though her heart broke just a little.

The african headdress was soon tugged by it's lip, the fabric falling apart to rest along bare shoulders, both hands now tugging the cloth tight as she finally takes a breath.

"He will seek you out. This I promise. But if certain situations allow for him not to, then the punishment should be on me. I'm here. You can easily find me. I'm available. Getting into a tussel with Kwabena in open public with such a high profile authority such as yourself would alert the world to the scandal of your return and put the nation of Khandaq at risk." She smiles a little sadly.

"Me? Small potatoes. Sure my mom and dad will be upset but what can you do? I'm just a blip on the radar. Collateral damage. But it'll pack one hell of a punch to Kwabena for showing you disrespect. And Khandaq remains unscathed."

When she speaks he listens but as she finishes the immortal corners of the immortal champion's mouth curl a faint taunting smile.

"A fight?" He inquires his shoulders barely moving to indicate his humor at what she has proposed, "His rebirth would be exposed when Khandaq seeks extradition," Black Adam says in his even baritone, "We have no treaty with the United States on such matters but in a matter of hours the entire political force of the country would know that he is no longer dead."

"For the rest of his days he would be caged in the United States as I spent the remaining days seeking an opportunity to acquire him. Whether or not there would be a," pause, "'tussle' is irrelevant. If at some point he steps into a portion of the world over which I have influence, then he will be mine."

"You have done him a great service." Adam declares, "He has sacrificed himself for the world already and so I wish him no ill will. I merely seek the opportunity for us to acknowledge each other - and should a rift arise between us then I reject your offer to stand in his place. Every being should be prepared to stand for the consequence of their actions. Your guilt is not my concern."


Shoulders seem to perk up just a little bit then. As long as Kwabena was still alive it would be something. She wasn't too sure on the legal system and she was a borderline criminal. But there was a certain wish that she had the smarts of Kathman to back her up in this situation.

Even still, the judgement and punishment against Kwabena felt so grand that.. him being alive was just a small part of sunshine on her behalf. But she was thinking, her mind was turning, and soon she was as well to lean on the railing with a slight hitch that made her feet lift from the ground and swing.

"I'm not guilty." She states. "I don't feel guilty. I mean, at the end of the day, we're still helping people even if we're not driving the helping-hand car or what have you. The victims are getting all they need and the doctors to boot. I can't be guilty about that. I'm happy."

She smiles a little. "I'm also happy he's alive. Even though it's troublesome. Its great to hear that weird ass accent or watch him try to cook." She looks towards Teth-Adam now, thoughtful. "In some weird way. I care. About him. About you and your people." She then looks out towards the city proper. "I guess my service is small compared to what he'll do in the future and what you'll continue to do but.." She leans back, allowing her feet to settle upon the ground.

"But I got it. Loud and clear. Kwabena Odame will be where ever you need him and if I have to, I'll drag his black ass out here myself come hell or high water. And you'll see that he's thankful." She smiles then, taking those few steps closer. "So.." Her foot drags against the ground a little, it was clear that she was hesitating. "I mean, I know you're a King and all, but can I have a hug? I usually don't ask but .. I think now it's worth asking."

"All beings must serve in their own way," Adam declares to her assessment of how great or small such service might be, "You have come to me of your own will and spoken the truth. This is the greatest thing any man might ask of another.."

When she asks him for a hug..

"You have come to me upon a day when any man might ask of me anything they desire," Teth-Adam replies his arms still folded across his chest, "And what you desire is so simple a thing which can mean so much.."

His brawny arms fall from his chest and he steps forward reaching outward with a single limb.

That's right. Melody was now full beaming, and slightly embarrased from the compliment to the point that her skin begins to light like a disco-ball. Tiny millions of nanites react to that surge of emotion which was hard to turn off. She was happy, proud of herself, glad someone finally noticed and.. relieved. Teth-Adam, despite the harsh looks that would wither roses and cause babies to cry because they disappointed him, complimented her. A King! Holy cow. This is the stuff that buddy cop movies ar.. this is just the stuff.

With a grin so wide, she hops forward, african cut cloth dropping to the ground behind her as she snakes her arms around his waist. His six-foot three stature to her five-foot two was looming, but she made it work with a sway back and forth and a good bear-hug that only the best of friends could share.

"I don't care what anyone says about you, you are -the- coolest King -anyone- could ever meet! And your lady is so pretty! I mean some of your people are mean as heck but I think it's a cultural thing but that's okay! They're awesome, you're awesome, and I'd probably lay down my life for you all because.. aweeesooome.."

Okay, this is going too far…

When she embraces him he merely brings his arm inward and rests the flat of his hand upon her back..

It's much akin to hugging a statute. His body radiates no heat making him the same cool temperature as the desert lands which surround them. His physical form is as hard and unyielding as stone. To her enhanced senses he may as well be a void for the divine power that fills him is an utter contrast to any idea of modern technology.

Several seconds pass as she speaks and if she were to see his eyes she would see them fall so that his gold-fleck gaze regards her with a certain detached curiosity.

His silence is a counterpoint to her verbal torrent as she declares him awesome he replies…


In the near distance there are heavy footfalls and a sweeping sound as scaled flesh moves back and forth in biological counter balance..

A great shadow spills over the balcony as a creature, physically drawfing Adam, seems to stand meekly within the balcony's frame its hands fidgeting nervously. The great toothed maw it bears seems suitable for tearing armored vehicles into pieces and yet its bulbous eyes refuse to look any higher than the sandstone before it, "Y-Y-Yes Mighty Adam?" It stammers in a faint-hearted manner.

"See our guest to her room for the evening and assure that her needs are met. Minister Ahab shall attend to the details of this arrangement."

"Y-Y-Yes Mighty Adam," the anthropomorphic crocodile states, "P-Please come with me.." The creature steps backward and allows one mighty hand to fall to his side and then reach outward so that she can take a talon, "You will enjoy the guest suite." It assures.

Hugs, hugs, lovely hugs. Even though she felt nothing from the man there was still a modicum of comfort that comes from it all. She sighs just a little bit, then finally releases him when the name was called and the appearance of the great shadow is seen. Uh.. did she insult him?

She takes a step back, a turn upon her foot allows her to set her sights upon Sobek, the.. man-creature drawing a wide-eyed gaze that lets those lights move faster along with the color of her eyes nearly bleeding black from shock. Holy shit. She would say. What the hell. She would ask. But she couldn't even form words because..

..he was so sweet! Awww!

There was that clear moment where it would seem as if Melody would pounce and attack Sobek with hugs, but his faint-hearted manner causes her to refrain, for the details were laid out for the servant and a smile crosses her face. "Sure."

She takes that step forward, and reaches out to grasp Sobek's hand. The other joins to pat it, keeping both hands upon his grasp as she leans in to bump her shoulder to his arm as if she were walking with an old friend.

"Do you think you could join me for dinner? I need someone to talk to and I don't know if King Adam and his wife would hang. Are there more of you? This is so cool…"

She was going to talk the poor Sobek's ear off if it was aloud, and the only thing that was left of her was the sound of her voice yammering in the backdrop and the slight roll of her scarf left upon the balcony.

"I-I-I would be delighted to j-join you for dinner," Sobek replies as he leads her from the balcony.

The great creature's steps come in timid lumbering footfalls and never once does it dare look back, "More?" It responds still-scanning the ground, "N-No. Yes." It rapidly corrects itself before admitting, "I've not seen others. M-Mighty Adam rescued me from a l-l-aboratory. M-Much as he rescued the ch-children." The beasts stammer comes with a deep hissing inflection.

"I am /so h-hungry/.' Sobek seems to complain, "Pl-Please let me fetch your dinner before we talk more?"

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