What Are They Doing

February 13, 2016:

An attack on the Sculpture Garden in New York has X-Red responding along with Rescue and VIPs

New York


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Rescue this is NYPD Dispatch we have officers trapped in a class two meta situation. SWAT unable to respond. We are contacting X-Red for support but our people require immediate extraction at the Sculpture Garden. How copy?

Nicholas Gleason, former Xavier's student and CEO (and CMO) of Rescue, Inc. is in the air with three armored, flying ambulances moments after the call is recieved. Actually the other two ambulances are. Nick was already in the air with some… let's just call them VIP's.

"This is Rescue One, we are inbound with Rescue Two and Three. Tell your officers to standby. We're coming in hot." For all that Rescue is a life saving medical organization, their mission profile (extraction from violent metahuman incidents and other similar dangers) require them often to be armed and use those weapons. Fortunately the demise of the NYSRD opened up a lot of nonlethal sonic weaponry for… other use. Nick was happy to purchase it when some of their assets were liquidated by the state.

The Sculpture Garden isn't hard and anyone with him has quite a view. Half a dozen police officers are crouching amid the sculptures and walls taking fire from the north and west from a group of people in black armor and skull like masks. There must be, oh, a dozen or so of them? Maybe closer to 15? The scary part? They're employing some manner of laser rifle. It's eating away at the cover fast and those cops don't stand a chance if not helped quickly..

Jesana is dressed for a night out. Short black leather skirt and jacket, black velvet bralet, a thin silver chain belt and necklace and knee high leather boots with silver chains and buckles. Her hair trails down her back to her waist, kept out of her face with a black leather band and smoky quartz crystal necklace rests atop her chest. She's standing in her kitchen holding a bag of dried peyote and attempting to decide between said night out or a night at home with a different kind of diversion when she finds herself suddenly standing in the Sculpture Garden. The first thing she notices is of course the police presence and she quickly stuffs the mushrooms into a pocket of her jacket. This is not what she'd had in mind. Not even a little but she doesn't seem to find the situation disagreeable. The native american woman is grinning actually as she studies the masked men. "Oooh. I need more of those laser guns."

Seems Brin spoke too soon about Purifiers today. Perhaps she'll learn to keep her mouth shut. When the call came, she quickly changed into her uniform - a black jumpsuit with red sidepanel, heavy boots and belt criss crossed at the waist secured with 'x' made out recovered Sentinel pieces.

Gathering those in the office with her, she'd contact Magik, and stepping disks open in front of each of them. Stepping onto the disk, through Limbo, and then out again, the X-Red team is deposited a safe distance from the action … but close enough they can move into place.

Mana from X-Red reporting in. We're on the ground. What's the sitrep

Whether the control stressed woman should actually be in the field - well that's a question that can be answered later.

One of those VIPs riding along with Rescue One happens to be a particular Ms. Pepper Potts. She at least planned for this trip, wearing a pants suit that might be slightly less sharp than her usual pencil skirt but certainly easier to move about in. When they get the call about the sculpture garden, she frowns faintly. "Mr. Gleason, is there anything I can do to help?" She's already pulling her phone from her bag. "JARVIS, can you pick up any communications transmissions going on around the Sculpture Garden that aren't official channels?"

Israfel lifts his head as soon as the X-Red team arrive, listening to the voices, the gun blasts, the laser-bolts; his nostrils flare at the scent of ozone (that would be the lasers), and then crinkle in distaste. There's blood in the air too. Sightless, glowing eyes close, and his expression becomes distressed — creasing his brow. "Is being so much pain in the air…" he murmurs before walking toward the sound of police voices.

He hums a tune, and a glowing aura surrounds his body.

"Mana," he says to Brinley, and the glow fades around him, rendering him blind again. He uses her codename on purpose. "There is being many of these… gunmen — lasermen? I may reach one or two, but there will be risk. Stray lasers. Is good for to be having cover, yes?" His accent is Eastern European (Croatian).

Part of the response team, Wolfsbane is in her usual outfit. It works well both as a costume and general clothing, and it is designed to work best with her particular set of abilities. The jump to and from Limbo is handled silently, leaving her to focus on the matter at hand.

Senses come in handy to give her an initial idea of who and what's where, but she's not yet sure just who they're dealing with. "If this is th' Purifiers again I canna promise any o' them will come away from this unhurt," she growls, glancing toward Mana and Israfel briefly, the latter a bit more. "Aye, cover if ye need it. I dinna plan tae stand still long enough for them tae get a good shot a' me."

The high pitched whine of Starktech repulsor engines signals that the airborne cavalry has arrived. As opposed to the X-Men… who have also arrived. It is indeed Purifiers. Those who have fought them before will recognize the distinctive black ceramic armor and the 'skull boy' helmet (as the media calls it). They're moving with military precision. It's really kind of alarming how good these guys have gotten. Fix and flank. The only reason these cops aren't dead yet is because one of them spotted the ambush before it occured. Sheer luck.

The glow of the stepping disk catches their attention. "Incoming. Shift fire." Half of them turn around and do their best to bring Wolfsbane, Israfel and Mana under fire. It's not the world's easiest job and some of them are moving now. Only a few are shooting at the officers while the rest move for a better shot on the 'mutie scum', crossing the street with heads low. Laser bolts smack into walls and cars near the X-Men's position. Good cover. They don't have anything to worry about yet. When those other purifiers get set up though…

Inside the ambulance Nick grabs a sonic rifle and unhitches his riot shield. "Yeah actually, Miss Potts. We need an extra set of hands. Looks like those cops are hurt, some of them. Take a sonic pistol and help my people get them back inside? They'll cover for you but you should probably be armed…" Armored too but he doesn't mention that just at the moment.

The ambulances descend sharply as the door gunners go to work with their 'wub wub guns', keeping the few purifiers still trying to kill police pinned. Nick himself doesn't wait that long. As soon as Rescue One is low enough to send down a rope he's moving, rapelling down to hit the ground with a grunt.

"Mutants! Kill em!"

Brin winces as the weapons fire is turned on them, bringing up her glowing green and gold shield between her team mates and it "Cover, please, Israfel. Go Rahne, but remember we are 'no kill'. That doesn't mean you can't them some."

As her team mates move away, Brin finds cover, dropping her shield and manifesting her bow and bodkin heads, taking careful aim - her construct flickers and she really has to concentrate for a moment to stabilise it - and letting a bodkin fly, aimed at creases in that damn armour.

She's got her own Starkphone - the one that's been enhanced by Pepper - with a direct interface to JARVIS - a step up on the other Starkphones around.

Jesana is ready to charge forward towards the bad guys, intent on those laser guns. She only has the one and if it breaks or runs out of energy she has no idea how to fix or repower it. Her ears catch the word purifier though and she stops and turns, catching sight of the X-Red members and the unfamiliar man beside them. There are few things she hates more than Purifiers. If that's what these masked men are, may the gods help them because she'll kill every single one of the bastards that she can.

"Brin?" She darts over towards her friend, ducking a laser blast and not at all looking like someone who should be here amidst a firefight. Jes is hardly what she appears to be.

"Brin? Are they really Purifiers?" She needs to be sure. Jes's voice sounds strained though her expression is calm. She's trying very hard to bottle up all the murderous intent radiating from her before it can affect the empath. This kind of thing sucks enough for Brin, Jes doesn't want to make it worse.

Pepper Potts does indeed take a sonic pistol and spends a bit of time figuring out how it differs from a regular pistol, then nods to Nick. "I'll do my best." She also takes a bluetooth earpiece to put in her ear before cramming her shoulder bag into whatever convenient cubby space there is, her phone going into an inside pocket on her jacket.

"Miss Potts," JARVIS says over the earpiece, "There are the police channels, multiple X-Red communication signals, the Rescue personnel's comms, an unidentified communications channel, and a Starkphone that is currently powered off. Shall I activate the phone?"

"Yes, please, JARVIS, and quickly. Also, if that unidentified channel sounds like the people causing problems here, if you would be so kind as to give them all headaches?"

"Processing, Miss Potts."


Israfel said the word, but is not quite aware of it. In fact, the man stands there — staring ahead — barely registering anything Mana has to say. "No here. Not this soon." Laser fire strikes the ground mere inches from him and he reacts with all the speed and grace of a slug on cannabis. "Not again…"

Without realising, the singer lifts his voice. The glow of his astral self forms around him like drapes of blue-white being drawn closed. "A - aa - veh, Ma - rii - iaa…" the notes rise from his lips, soft and sonorous and project forth in the direction of the fanatics that so hate his kind. At first, the astral image around Israfel looks almost angelic. Any telepaths or empaths in the area would sense the pain and sympathy in his soul… but it shifts. Narrowing his attention upon one of the Purifiers, Israfel begins to look more… deathly. His face takes on the pallor and features of an animated skull, as he arrests the mind of one fanatic…

And bids him turn his gun upon his fellow Purifiers.

There is nothing but pain coming from Israfel now.

As the you-know-what starts to hit the you-know-what and the X-Red people get behind cover to start with, Wolfsbane can't help but level a frown Mana's way, an expression that even seems hurt for a second or two. "I dinna kill. Ye all should know tha' already." Yes, she sounds wounded that she'd even need to be told that.

With or without a response, she utilizes a tactic of hers that's done her well in the past, her shape flowing from furred human to all wolf, the costume disappearing except for a small band of fabric that's mostly hidden.

From there, the wolf races on ahead, successfully drawing some fire as she zigs and zags, making it harder for them to get a lock on her long enough to take a clean shot. Once she's close enough, she's upon one. Claws and teeth tear at the hands holding the gun, her weight used to knock into him at the same time.

Jarvis processes fast. Within seconds of Pepper's request a loud high pitched whine emits from the comms speakers of every purifier helmet. Hypersonic. Headache inducing. It might blow their eardrums. Those not wearing helmets with sudden migrane speakers may still hear it though. Not as loudly but maybe loud enough to make them wince.

Three of the purifiers outright collapse. Another locks up suddenly and turns his weapon on his fellows, shooting two before he's tackeld to the ground. That still leaves six of them up though as Rahne disappears.

The medics around Pepper are moving, grabbing cops and dragging them back to the armored ambulances while the door gunners lay down a steady stream of sound for cover. Still, one of the purifiers takes unsteady aim at Pepper and opens fire. Two rush Nick. One gets blasted to the ground but the other grabs his shield and tries to haul him down. That may turn out to have been a mistake.

The remaining three are moving on Brin, Jesana and Israfel, having ripped off their helmets. They're moving tactically and laying down a steady stream of fire. They'll be 'flanked' in a moment. Someone should, you know, do something about that.

Oh Crap. Beseiged… by her own team mates and acquaintances, Mana's bow flickers out and the brunette holds her head in hands … pain, disappointment and hurt and … the edge of Jes' murderous intent … slams into her.

It takes many long, long moments for her to recover from that and she looks up just in time to see the flanking movement "Israfel, have them shoot to maim. We want them alive." says the mutant who would rather change hearts and minds. "Purifiers, yes, Jes. Go. Do something about them."

What she wouldn't do for one of Nicks' wub-wub pistols right about now. Instead, she concentrates … and creates a pyschic replacement of one … it's not great, she's not practiced it and it won't take much for her to loose the construct.

Taking aim at the nearest Purifier, she fires and energy rolls out at the aggressor.

"Mutants! Kill them!" Is really all the confirmation Jesana needs. Her desire to protect Brin from, well, herself, and the startling change of appearance from the unfamiliar mutant as well as the aboslute agony Jes can scent coming from him stops the demigod in her tracks for long enough that the enemy starts flanking them and she gets further control of her emotions. The painful noise coming from the enemies bothers her but not enough to stop her. She desperately wants to go, to tear those men apart but won't abandon her friends or someone needing her protection like this man seems to. He's not even dodging the laserfire!

Jes ducks and rolls and comes up infront of the Purifier closest to her and punches him in the throat with one hand while grabbing his gun with the other. She can lift five hundred pounds without even trying, he really doesn't have a chance. Seeing Pepper being shot at Jes screams. "Lady Pepper!" Tearing the gun free she turns it on the man shooting at at Pepper.

Pepper Potts has been trying to keep up with the medics, but they've trained for this kind of thing, and … Jimmy Choos were not meant for this sort of running back and forth. Thus when one of the Purifiers NOT taken down by JARVIS's sonic burst over their comms takes aim at her, she's pretty much just standing out in the open, and all she can do is try to fire back at the evildoer. Please, oh please, let all the times she watched Tombstone stand her in good stead now. Of everyone here, she is likely almost strangely in control of her emotions — over a decade of working with and around Tony Stark taught her how to compartmentalize her reactions like a MASTER.

At the laserfire all around him, Israfel dives to the side, ending the song that had affected the first Purifier he targeted. Who is now in custody. Coming up on one knee, the Croatian man listens for the nearest of the attacking fanatics…

And runs at the man.

Mere seconds before the zealot can shoot him, Israfel focuses a concentrated burst of sound (a very high C-sharp), and an image to go along with it: every mutant, cop and Rescue-worker in FRONT of the charging Purifier… is also a Purifier. Israfel's astral self soars on that same note toward the other to charging fanatics, one at a time… just as the first runs straight into him.

Wolfsbane must be showing off a little for the Purifiers who aren't yet incapacitated. How?

Exhibit A: whether or not she's got to deal with any of the side effects of the sonics from others, she bounds away from the first one she attacked, leaving him trying to cope with hands and wrists that are going to need some tending to. In doing so, she leaps for another from behind, one whose focus is on taking shots at the other mutants.

While in midair she shifts back to her previous form, going into a forward roll such that her hands latch on to both shoulders. With her momentum and strength put to good use, the Purifier is hurled toward another trying to flank. Cannonball! "Stay doon, ye rotten..people," she snarls, and it sounds like she means it even if her insults need some work.

The sudden confusion has the purifiers ceasing fire. Pepper is saved from anything particularly gruesome by Jesana's quick thinking and between Nick and Rahne the remaining few go down hard. The Medics from Rescue Two and Three, with Pepper's help, load the police onto the ambulances and take off for the nearest hospital. In the distance sirens can be heard approaching. The cops, they're going to want these attempted cop killers in custody, you can bet that. And they're going to be angry.

Which leaves Nick, a couple of medics, Jesana, Pepper and X-Red just standing there in the wreck of the Sculpture Gardens. "Anyone hurt?" Other than the obvious.

Nope. Despite what Jes might try to convince the others, Brin is not hurt. Just a throbbing headache and twitch behind her eye. No blood nose, thankfully. Oh… a the sparking of glowing green and gold motes around her occassionally.

"I'm fine, Nick." she says as she makes her way to his side.

Jesana walks aside a bit and stands alone in an attempt to calm herself. There isn't a single part of her that is okay with letting the cops take the remaining Purifiers alive but she isn't so lost in her rage to fight them over it. They aren't the bad guys. She needs to get a handle on this befor eshe makes Brin or that guy more messed up. It's really not easy though. It helps knowing she got two of them and the police are likely to make sure the remaining Purifiers end up in the worst parts of prison possible. Actually, that idea helps a lot. That kind of slow horrible suffering is what those dirty evil sonsofbitches deserve. She grins. It's a bloodthirsty grin and the cop approaching her with an idea of confiscating her appropriated laser rifle decides to turn around and go the other way.

"Not hurt, no." Jes moves to the strange mutant and offers him a hand up then blinks as she notes his eyes. "Uh. Can you.. are you..okay?" The tone of Brin's voice causes Jes to wince. She'd offer the woman some of her mushrooms but really doubts that would help her. It'd actually probably make things much worse. For all of them.

As the last of the Purifiers are taken away, Lucijan slowly climbs to his feet, his voice silent. Considering he has just had laser-rifles fired at him, he appears none the worse for wear — but his face is drawn and unshed tears stand in his luminescent eyes.

He lifts his chin, listening.

"Mana? Mana… how is everyone being?" he does not dare sing at this point, so he stays exactly where he is, relying on sound and smell to get the gist of the situation around him. His chest heaves with every breath.

Pepper Potts is more than glad to see things finally under control, though due to Jesana's undoubtedly perfectly timed save, she still doesn't know if she's mastered the quickdraw. Oh well. She offers Nick a smile, and chooses to not mention that she thinks one of her shoes will need to be repaired. That's completely unimportant at the moment. Instead, she puts a calming hand on Jesana's arm and steps over toward Brin, though the unfamiliar young man does garner a slightly curious glance.

Upon landing, Wolfsbane's head snaps side to side in search of another Purifier to go after, but just like that, they all appear to be down. This actually leaves her looking surprised and not quite sure what to do in the moment of now given the fact her adrenaline is still on high.

"M'fine," is the extent of what she says for the time being, though she takes to pacing as her fingers flex and curl a few times. She's got to come down from the high of the fight, but the relatively calm aftermath will help as she sees any injured cops tended to, the Purifiers rounded up to be taken away. Nick gets a quick look, a hand raised and lowered about as fast. "Hullo, Nicholas," she nearly whispers. This is about the time she takes note of the others who have found their way here.

Nick glances over to Pepper to make sure she's okay. It's worth noting that the chargepack says she fired and the damage around the area where her target was doesn't say she missed. He also notes her shoe. Well… he's going to have to owe her on that one. "Glad you're not hurt Pepper. Remind me to give you armor next time." It's only a flack vest but… you know.

Jesana gets a… curious look as she goes to calm herself but Nick doesn't bother her. She's doing what she thinks is necessary he's sure. The others get a smile and a wave. "Glad you were here. That might have been rough otherwise." He looks around.

"This is the most purifiers I've seen in one place in a while. I wonder what's got them back in the city."

Pepper always has a calming influence on Jes, so that helps too and she nods and manages a smile. She's also realized at this point that the mutant is blind and upset and any remaining anger fades completely to be replaced with concern. "Hey, everyone is okay. You did good." She doesn't suffer from this problem herself, if anything she has the opposite problem, but Jesana knows other people often don't like to kill. It's something she can only understand when she thinks about harming the innocent. That bothers her very much. Killing a foe or someone she thinks needs to die, not a thing that will ever bother the demigod and is something she often even takes great pleasure in. "You didn't kill any of them." She's pretty sure he didn't but even if he had, she'd lie. What he doesn't know can't hurt him.

Jes looks at Nick and smiles again. Good, he's not hurt either. Then she turns and surveys the area. "Where the hell is this anyway? It doesn't seem like a good target for them. It's just a bunch of.." The woman falters. "weird art thingies?" These assholes are usually after innocent people, people getting in the way of them killing innocent people or things that let them cause even more death and destruction on their own. This doesn't even seem like a place mutants and others would congregate in. "Or are we in Mtown?" She's clearly never been here before.

"Hello Pepper." Brin murmurs, glad to have the woman by her side. Reaching a hand out to touch Lucijans sleeve and draw him into the group "I'm here, Lucijan and we are all well. Nick, Pepper, Jes, this is Lucijan, codename Israfel, recently returned to New York and has joined the team." Nick may recognise him as a contemporary of theirs from the Institute.

Nicks comments have Brin shaking her head "They're moving on Operation Extinction, I'll almost guarantee it." letting out a long slow breath "They've a plan to move against major heroeing groups. I heard just the other day, they've been seen massing on the outskirts of Hamburg."

This attack is either intended as a distraction, keep the mutants focussed on the god old U.S of A … or… they've a plan to hit here as well. Brins head hurts way too much to think about it.

Lucijan gives Brinley a grateful nod of his head, and then says: "It is a pleasure meeting you, Ms. Jes," to Jesana. He frowns, his worry showing through all too easily as Brin describes the cult's intentions. His complexion turns a much paler shade.

"It is not for the U.S. alone," he remarks bitterly. "Pockets of zealots emerge in East Europe for to bring about this… Extinction. This I have seen." The man takes a step forward and leans to the side, listening for something. "Wolfsbane?" he calls out. "I was seeing you in the song — well fought today." He tries to smile, pale eyes blinking while he listens.

As she often does, Wolfsbane leaves the deeper conversation to those better equipped to have it based on their knowledge. In some ways, it's simpler if she doesn't think about some of those things.

It's what Israfel mentions to her that causes Rahne to consider him with a tilt of her head, thoughtful consideration in her body language to those who notice. "Och, thank ye, Lucijan. I just followed muh instincts an' training an' trusted I'd be faster than they were." She was, this time. "Ye..also did well, I think?" She didn't have much of a chance to see, and she's not yet accustomed to how his abilities work.

The wolfen woman grows quiet again, just taking in their surroundings. Might be she's looking for anything that may look out of place around them.

The sounds of the sirens are quite close now but since pretty much everyone here is here in an official capacity they don't really need to run. Brin can feel the high emotions and adrenaline surge of the incoming police as they move in to begin taking the purifiers into custody and grab kit that really shouldn't be left out in the street.

Nick shakes his head in response to Jesana. "This? This is just an outdoor art gallery, basically. The purifiers were only here because of the police. One of them, I think, was from the M-Town Precinct. They're going after people who went after them, I'd bet anything. And… as Brinley said, possibly a distraction though I've not heard anything of this 'Operation Extinction'." Or has he? Did Brin mention that to him? Maybe. He needs to think.

"Oh Israfel. I've heard that name. He went to the same school some of us did, Pepper. And he's working with X-Red now it seems." Nick had opted not to go that route himself. "Israfel, Pepper Potts, of Stark Industries. She's the one who agreed to provide us with the tech for the armored flying ambulances based on the designs of one of my employees." In other words, she's done right by a lot of people.

"Everything okay over there Rahne?" Nothing looks… too out of place. Though it might be a good thing to go through the cell phones and so on of the purifiers. Oh… is that a cell phone lying on the ground?

Pepper Potts puts a reassuring hand on Brin's shoulder this time before turning to smile at Israfel. "It's a pleasure to meet you. So you're new in town, I take it? And Mr. Gleason likes to make things sound more grand than they really are. I simply had the manufacturing resources to make the concepts that he and Ms. Donovan brought me a reality."

Yes, Brin had mentioned Operation Extinction to Nick. A number of months ago. It had gone so quiet after the Sentinels, she'd hoped … vainly that it had been forgotten.

Touching Pepper on the shoulder, the brunette X-Red is quite happy to let her team mates search.

"Nick can you give her something?" Jes eyes Brin with worry. She wants to hug her but even when calm Jes is… full of a rather predatory aura. It won't help at the moment. "It's a pleasure to meet a friend of Brin and Nick's, LuciJan." Honest pleasure sounds in her voice. Aware now that he can't see she makes sure he can hear it. "What.. what's Operation Extinction?" It sounds like the Purifiers but Jes winces. It also sounds.. like something she really doesn't want to think about at the moment and so doesn't, remaining focused on her companions instead.

When Nick mentions cellphones Jes pulls hers out to turn it on and find some pictures of her children. That will help her not get angry all over again while talking about the Purifiers. Only, it's already on. She frowns. It could be that she forgot to turn it off last time.. only she makes it a point to keep it turned off. Jarvis is extremely helpful but also extremely creepy. Jesana hasn't quite managed to come to terms with an artificial intelligence yet. He has to be some form of alive right, but he isn't actually alive, also he seems to frown upon a lot of.. okay almost all of her activities. Maybe she bumped the button… that must be it right? Jes probably sounds pretty distracted when she adds after Pepper speaks. "Lady Pepper is awesome." She might not have meant to say that out loud.

"Nessun dorma…"

Lucijan is barely humming, and certainly not trying to hypnotise anyone… although he does glance toward Brinley (now that he can see), for a moment. No, messing with with an empath's mind is never wise. Instead he turns his face toward Pepper and attempts another smile through all the worry.

"Dobro dan, Ms. Potts," he tells her in greeting. "Or is it better for to be 'Lady Pepper'?" The smile fades soon afterward as he turns his attention back to Brinley and Nick, lips drawn into a thin line and brow furrowed.

"I am happy for to be speaking with the prisoners," he says — despite not looking happy at all. "If they are knowing something, as friend they will tell me." The frown deepens. "But hypnotising a Purifier is… much difficult. Death is possibility."

Maybe it's a general discomfort from Wolfsbane with the police presence around, not knowing for sure how any one of them might act in spite of the aid that was given. Whatever the reason, she is still uncomfortable about something. Is that such a surprise?

"Hold on.." she tells Nicholas with a shake of the head, holding up a hand. A thin smile passes over her expression as she walks over to fetch the phone she's spotted, doing it before the cops notice and take an interest of their own in it. "Best we find oot who they're using their minutes on th' most." Mana's the one she's offering it to first, and after it's handed over to her or another she fades into the background to assist further as needed.

Nick looks at the phone and doesn't say anything. Okay so going through their phones quite on the straight and narrow but it's still a good idea. "Brin that's all yours." Nick doesn't have the resources for that.

"Speaking to the prisoners is good. I'm sure Brin or Pepper can get us in to do that." Brin has contacts and Pepper has lawyers so there you go. "Are you alright Jesana? Also, does anyone need a lift out of here. Happy to give one."

Taking the phone from Rahne, Brin looks to Pepper. "Be in touch… " that she's shorthanding is probably indication that she needs rest. Linking her arm through Nicks she smiles up at smile "Lift, please. I don't think I can handle a trip via Magik at the moment." beat "Lucijan, we have a lift. I'll be fine, just need some rest."

Jes gets a reassuring smile "No drugs. They don't help. Just need sleep."

As to the those the police rounded up? Yeah, Brin will following them up.

Jes squints at her phone suspiciously for another moment before powering it off and putting it in her pocket. She's not quite ready to ask Pepper about Jarvis yet. For one, her suspicions that he spies on her sound crazy even to herself. "Yeah. I'm fine. Wait." She looks up at Israfel. "Your death or theirs? Cause if its risky for you then don't do it. I can question one of them. Actually I think I'll question more than one of them." She says in a very grim voice. "Not these ones though. I'll find some more of them." Brin can question the captured ones well enough and Jes's method of questioning isn't one they'd approve of anyway. "Good then, Brin. Please make sure you get some."

Israfel turns his face in the direction of Jes' voice and replies:

"Theirs. Only and always theirs." Dramatic, dark, but honest at the very least. He nods his head a few times and walks after Brinley and Nick. "Home, yes. I would much like to enjoy a shower now… A very long shower, yes? Yes."

He shakes his head.

"I think the worst is not yet behind us."

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