Umbra In The Markets

February 12, 2016:

A trip to the Everywhere Markets to speak to The Finder

The Everywhere Markets


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The Market is large this time. Whatever fae confluences and events draw it to this mortal plane - or at least close enough to it to be reached - seem to have yielded a bounty of slightly sinister capitalism. The stalls seem even more densely packed than any time either Zee or Pepper has been here before and the lanes more packed with people, to use the term loosely, perusing the goods. Through this crowd Fenris strides, seemly at ease though he keeps a close eye on the two women with him. How, agan, had Pepper wound up in his company this evening?

It's a good thing Tony's not here in any case. Flirting with a shopkeep can be taken as a binding offer to buy… or sell…

Pepper would NEVER let Tony anywhere near here if she could help it. She can just imagine the disaster that would be. At least this time the Market caught her on her way home, and not in the middle of her work day. But, she's still in full workday regalia, so she probably looks at least a little out of place.

Zee smiles to Pepper as they walk through the crowd, letting Fenris' aura ease their way. "So Miss Potts, in order to suppress whatever is targetting what the Codex is manifesting, we need to speak to The Finder."

Looking up at her mentor and then back at Pepper "We think it's from The Aegean and maybe dates from around 1200 BC. But … we don't know what. Just … she'll bargain hard for what she has, becareful of the words you use around her."

"She's usually by the front gates so I'm a bit puzzled at the moment." Fenris doesn't think anything happened to her. She's too useful. But what on earth could she be up to? She never misses a market.

Not too far off Zee and Pepper's left a goblinoid looking creature that looks sort of like Dobby got old and fat winks to the redhead. "'Ello Luv. Care to sample some fine fortunes and blessings? Got 'em from clear across Arcadia, I did. Make your love life improve or your enemies rue the day they will."

Pepper Potts says, "I'll think about it. Thank you for the offer, though," Pepper says to the goblinoid politely enough, hoping that that's a neutral enough reply to not get her caught in any sort of fae semantics. She keeps pace with Fenris and Zee and holds her shoulder bag close. It's like being in downtown Paris with all the potential for thievery, but with a far more diverse language barrier."

"I'll think about it. Thank you for the offer, though," Pepper says to the goblinoid politely enough, hoping that that's a neutral enough reply to not get her caught in any sort of fae semantics. She keeps pace with Fenris and Zee and holds her shoulder bag close. It's like being in downtown Paris with all the potential for thievery, but with a far more diverse language barrier.

Zee looks at Goblin, blue eyes narrowing just a little. Pepper seems to have that handled though and Zee's attention returns to scanning the market. "I've seen her in other locations, Fenris. But not often… " Gesturing in a direction "One time, I saw her over there…."

"Well I suppose it can't hurt to look over there, why don't we-"

A form looms over them. It's a great crow, or rather like one, but the right side of its head, down to its beak seems to be shiveled and decayed. The rest of it is cloaked in shadowy black. It's easily ten or twelve feet tall, which makes it big though by far not the biggest thing they've seen today.

"God-Wolf…" It says with a voice like wind through a dusty grave. "It's been a while."

"Umbra." Fenris glances up, clearly not exactly pleased to see the… thing.

"And I see you've brought your mortal pets… or is it pack. The little Zatara mageling and… the Lady of Iron. I've been looking for you both."

The others have likely seen it before, but Pepper's near-reflexive response to someone trying to LOOM over her is to promptly straighten even more than usual. She lifts her chin and looks at the decomposing crow-thing. "Odd. I honestly cannot say the same of you. We have matters to attend to, so do excuse us." She looks fully prepared to walk right past Umbra.

It takes all of Zee's self control not to startle as the form looms and she plants her feet and folds her arms across her chest. She … might be modelling someone…

Not surprised she's recognised, she stands firm before answering "Well you've found him." What could it want … if it's looking here.

The shadowy raven flows around Pepper to get in her way and almost leers at her and Zee. "Now now, don't be so hasty. I hear you've tamed the soul of Iron. Do you have any idea what such a thing would… purchase in a place like this?"

What on earth can he mean. Fenris at least seems to have an idea the way he crosses his arms and shakes his head.

"Do not be so quick to dismiss the idea. Iron, tamed and made magic with the help of the scion of Zatara. What would you care what a bunch of fae did with it. I know your reputation, Lady of Stark Tower. You could do much good with what you would be owed for such a thing."

"And you as well Zatara. For your aid would be necessary."

Pepper Potts refuses to let the truly creepy crow-thing intimidate her. She's faced down Japanese CEOs, he will NOT get the best of her. "I do not take stock in speculation. Try speaking with a Wall Street day trader if that's what you want to do." She's honestly a bit confused about what he's referring to, but she'll be damned if she lets Umbra find that out.

The soul of Iron? Zee glances to Fenris at that. Fairly certain it doesn't mean Tony, she looks back to the Umbra. Iron is the antithesis to Fae … and making it magic? That would be rather difficult.

Of course, she's heard there are meteors that could be enspelled … she and Pepper have never really discussed the materials Stark uses.

"That would seem rather self serving, I fear." she murmurs to the Raven. Letting the Fae get hold of such a thing? That could be bad news.

"Are not we all self serving?" The raven smirks.

"Umbra, we're busy. Bother Pepper some other time." Fenris' voice is almost a growl.

"Very well God-Wolf. Until we meet again, Zatara. 'Pepper'." The shadow flows away and Fenris shakes his head.

"That one worries me sometimes." Which is saying something for him. Out of the corner of his eye a flash of red flickers. "Ah. There she is. Come on."

It doesn't take too much longer before they're standing in front of the Finder's stall. "Rawk. Well hello m'dears. Nice to see you both again. Come to sample the auras have we? Such a nice market day."

Pepper Potts only allows herself a small headshake after Umbra finally stops pestering them, and then they're at the Finder's stall. She has to resist the urge to ask the Finder help her locate five minutes of peace and quiet, and instead offers the being a smile and a small bow in the Thai style of greeting.

Zee knows better than to ask questions her, but she casts Fenris a questioning look. That will be a discussion he can expect to have - Umbra and the Soul of Iron.

"Hello Finder." Zee offers a smile and casts her eyes over the stall "Not aura's no. We're looking for who might have bought have some components. And when seeking things, who best but to ask, but The Finder?"

Handing over a list, she looks to the woman "What would your fee be?"

"Information. Mmmmmmmm." The Finder smiles placidly. The smile of someone figuring out her fee. She looks over at Pepper speculatively. "Maybe quid pro quo. I know the Umbra approached you on the way here. My ravens were watching. Perhaps we could come to an arrangement for the information your friend desires?"

Pepper Potts hesitates. "I really don't feel comfortable dealing with that Umbra person, if that's what you're going to ask me to do." She's not even really sure what he meant by the Soul of Iron. Tony, maybe? Maybe not. It's creepy either way.

Soul of Iron - arc reactors - power stations in Metropolis and New York and magic. What is it Zee should remember about that … surely that's pertinent.

"Not our friend, Finder." Zee speaks quietly, looking between the woman and Fenris. That he's made no move or sound means he wants her to think. "You want to know what she was asking about?"

"Deal with Umbra? Surely not. But there's a thing needs fixing and I hear, because people tell me so very many things, that the Lady knows someone who is good with his hands, mmm?" She produces an odd arrangment of gears packed into a globe and operated by a crankshaft that do… nothing particularly obvious. "It's broken, I'm afraid, but if you were to fix it, or promise to, I might be able to find something for you, mmm?" That's to both Zee and Pepper. Fenris continues to be silent. This is just business.

Pepper Potts blinks at the Finder's offer, and can almost HEAR Tony clamoring to play with the gear-laden device. "Oh. Yes, I'm fairly certain I know someone that would consider it their pleasure to get to repair something of this caliber." After all, there was that time that one of her admittedly tiny wrist watches was not working so well, and Tony demanded to take a look at it instead of letting her return it to the watchmaker. When she finally got it back, it was functional again, but … well, let's just say the warranty was clearly voided.

Zee glances to Pepper and then The Finder. That seems innocuous enough. Though, she'll check in on Tony as he works on the deice … who knows what it does and what uses he'll for it.

"If Miss Potts agrees, then so do I." Zee glances to Fenris. Deals are rarely this easy … but she'll take it. "Have we a deal then, Finder?"

"We have an accord. And do be careful with that, dearie. It's… delicate. I'll send my ravans to Shadowcrest once we find something."

Fenris nods and gestures to the other two. "Come on." The less they're here the better. Besides they need to get Pepper and her new present for Tony home.

"Thank you, Finder" Zee watches Pepper put the device away and then strolls next to Fenris. "Lunch at your place, Fenris?" Zee … has questions. More questions than when they started out. Go figure.

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