April 13, 2015:

Skye Johnson tracks down Gwen Stacy after figuring out her identity, a friendship and partnership of sorts is formed by the two young women!

New York

A random Starbucks.


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Gwen Stacy was presently wearing a t-shirt and a little skirt, sitting in a coffee shop as she typed away on her laptop working on one of her projects for school; she sighed in frustration as she deleted what had typed and re-entered it over and over.

Other things were on her mind and School seemed like a casual concern at the moment, even if it was really the most important thing to her usually.

Little did she know that since her encounter with the young hacker Skye that the other woman had managed to get a look at her face and given their proximity and her disappearance; Skye would have had to have been oblivious not to put it all together.

Unfortunately for Gwen, Skye was anything but oblivious and the other woman had been able to find her after using facial recognition software. Skye had learned Gwen Stacy had lived in New York City all her life, her father was a police captain and she had attended mid-town high in the same class as other known heroes like Bobby Drake (The Iceman) and Johnny Storm (The Human Torch).

At present Skye would have found out she's employed with STAR Labs as a researcher and working on her Masters in Biochemistry at NYU.

It had been a side job. Figure out who the hero was who webbed her hand to a wall. It had taken some sewrious research, facial recognition software, some backdoor analysis; but SKye had managed to put a name to that face, and that name was Gwen Stacy. Curiosity got the better of the young hacker and she continued to delve deeper into the life of the newly discovered. This hero who she had seen first hand was a normal girl by day, and a normal girl is who Skye was looking for. Starbucks. A frequent stop for the hacker, but today it was different.

Having hacked into Star Labs, Skye managed to gain access to her work email account. She did not go into it, but by using it she was able to tap into a wide spread search to see where the email was looging in from: STarbucks free internet. Let's just hope she was still there when SKye made her way through the door.

The young woman steps into the starbucks, looking about, trying to put eyes on the face she has been looking for. And there it is; sitting alone with a short skirt and a t-shirt. Skye is nothing less than bold and she walks right over, standing beside the table with a smile, "What's up?"

"Just working on this annoyingly stupid research paper. " Gwen is replying instinctively to the what's up when she looks up at who is speaking to her and in her mind she's saying to herself 'Hey wait a minute, that's not Becky!'.

Her spidey-sense wasn't going off despite the presence of Skye, that had to be a good thing because if Starbucks was full of SHIELD Agents trying to take her in it was going to be hard to explain her absence at school.

Maybe it was a co-incidence.

Gwen realizes after several seconds of sitting there silent how awkward she must look before smiling, "Oh, hey, it's you!" Gulp.

"Yeah hey, it's me. And from the looks of it, you were not expecting me..were ya?" She pulls the chair out from across Gwen and settles into the seat without asking. She leans back in the chair and tilts her head to the side. She wastes no time in gettin right to the point; blunt as ever, "So I um..got my hand back." She waves it about in front of the girl, a smile on her face, "Never been attached to drywall before. I guess I have you to thank for that experience. I can cross it off my bucket list now."

There is another smile given and she leans forward on her elbows, talking softer, "Don't worry. I aint gunna out ya. Not my thing. Besides, I got no reason too. This is a visit of a more personal nature to quell a curiosity as it were."

Gwen does her best to play it cool, minimizing all of the stupid Facebook games she had been playing at the same time as working on her project, "You're welcome! I like to try my best to help others live their dreams, reach their full potential and experience new things."

A sip of her coffee is taken and she asks, "What kind of curiosity?" She looks down to her backpack, even though it was closed the costume was obviously in there.

La la la, Gwen was very nervous.

Skye is not stupid, but she does not want to seem like she is attacking the poor girl. She shrugs and leans back once more, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, "What you were like when you were not swinging all about and pinning people's hands to the wall. I must admit. I was a bit surprised. A student. Employed at Starlabs." A server walks over and sets a cup of coffee down before her; she must come here a lot, "Thanks. Guatemlan Antigua?" She is given a nod and the server leaves, prompting Skye to continue, "So what do you do…get all tingly and then run into a bathroom and change before saving the day?"

Gwen smiles a little, "Yeah, I'm just normal boring old Gwen Stacy honestly and usually I just hope there's other people around to handle the problem if I'm not in uhm.." She smiles a bit more, "Costume. It's a bigger headache than you might think but I'm getting used to it.

Skye Johnson sips her coffee slowly, peering at her from over the rim, "I will not say anything. You have my word. I can only imagine how much of a headache that could be, feeling obligated and such to help all the time." She lowers the cup to the table and grips it in both her hands, "So how did it come about? I mean were you born with it?"

Gwen laughed, yep it was a definite headache, almost all the time since there was so many people in need of help and almost no time to help them all, "Well, it's a stupid story. I was doing a research paper on misssense mutations and I decided that I'd use some samples at Star Labs. One of the samples was a mutant spider and when I defrosted it, it was still alive and it bit me."

She sips her coffee and winks, "Not that glamorous, total accident. I bet if kids or people knew how many people got powers by accident people would be trying all kinds of stuff. Jumping in toxic waste, trying to be hit by lightning blah blah blah."

Skye raises her hand slowly, "When I was young, I jumped out of a tree assuming I would gain the power of flight before hitting the ground. I got a broken ankle and a scolding from my foster family." A bigger sip is taken and she studies the girl a moment before speaking, "So are you like freelance..do you work with anyone?"

Gwen raised her eyebrows at the jumping out of a tree to gain powers, she would /never/ try anything so silly or maybe she had to but she would never admit it, "That's a little special, shame it didn't work."

Gwen considers the question and smiles, "Mostly, I've been on my own but if I'm going to keep doing this, I could definitely use someone to help me out. Someone who is like, super clever, good with computer stuff and easy to get along with."

She beams in Skye's direction, "Kind of like you!"

She was midsip in her coffee when Gwen exclaimed her desire to have Skye be a superhero sidekick. It is all she can do to stop herself from spitting the coffee out all over the table as she tries hard to swallow it down before speaking, "Me? You need my help? What could I possibly do to assist you? I have a laptop."

Gwen took off the black-rimmed glasses she was wearing and set them down on the table, "I saw how awesome you were in the subways with those rogues guys. Also, you tracked me down and identified me, that isn't something everyone could do. I bet you can do all kinds of hacking stuff, find out where people might be in trouble, turn security cameras on and off. PLUS I saw you in action with the SHIELD types, so I know you can handle yourself."

She winked, "And you already know my secret identity, that seems like a good enough resume for me!"

The girl brings up very valid points. Skye does know a lot about hacking, she does know the secret identity of the girl, and she does work for SHIELD. Ah SHIELD. There is the tough thing, "Well, that's all true. I can handle myself in most situations. I am not all type this and watch things happen. However, my concern is if SHIELD found out what I was doing. I mean I am not sure I can chrage head long into a fight as it were."

Gwen laughs just a little thinking of Skye charging into danger against some kind of supervillain, "I didn't mean like charging into fights with me, more like being the awesome hacker angel girl over my shoulder watching my back through like a laptop." Leaning forward conspiratorially she grins, "SHIELD would never find out, come on, it could be fun. I'll use my spidey powers, you can use your master hackerness and we'll take down baddies."

There is a careful consideration to what she is saying. A very careful consideration. Is she allowed to do such a thing? I mean perhaps? Tho she does mention, "SHIELD knows everything. They keep a pretty tight leash on me. I mean that is what you get for hacking them in the first place." She takes another long sip and sighs softly, "I might be able to help you a bit." She extends a finger, "But no major promises…I am stilll trying to prove myself." She winks.

Gwen reached over to pat the other girl's hand, "They may keep a tight leash but you managed to sneak out for this, so we'll be fine. It's not like they own you or anything." Wait, did they? She leans closer, "Shield doesn't like own you do they? You're not a prisoner? If you are, I'll help break you out."

Skye Johnson laughs lightly and shakes her head, "They don't /own/ me. They just kind of…it was join them and assist or face possible jail time is all. I chose the assistance part. I mean, it actually has turned out quite well. I like who I work with and I finally feel like I have a home after all this time." She takes another long sip of the coffee and then continues, "I do have a life outside of SHIELD tho. I have an apartment, I can go places and such. I am not like a prisoner." She smiles across the table.

"Well, there we go! As long as you're not doing shield thingies, we should be able to kick some butt on your free time together." Gwen pauses, "I'm betting you already have my number and stuff but can I get yours? Also, the band I'm in is going to be playing at a club in Hell's Kitchen next week so you should come hang out and stuff."

Skye truly is unsure exactly what she is able to do outside of SHIELD. I mean she suspects she has some freedom. It is something she wil certainly look into. She smiles and nods, "I have /a/ number. I assume it is the one you use. It was listed in your personnel file your employer." She reaches into heer laptop bag and pulls out a pen, "Here. This is my personal number. The SHIELD one we use I cannot give out. It's closed comd'd. You're in a band? Cool. What do you play?"

Gwen nodded, "Sounds good." She adds the number to her phone and replies, "I play the drums, not my first choice but the spider-stuff makes it a lot easier. I could play like anything else, but whatever." There was /clearly/ some behind the scenes drama going on there, "So what did you do to make shield give you the work for us or go to jail option?"

Skye is blunt and it is not a real secret, " I hacked them. They had some information I wanted, so I went and looked for it. Funny thing about SHIELD, they do not like their system hacked by some girl living in a van in a NYC alley." She shrugs and takes another sip of the coffee, "I fixed it. They had a small little flaw in their firewall security. I mean I figured if they were nice enough to not toss me in jail and give me a chance to prove my loyalty..I could patch what I took advantage of."

Gwen gave the other girl a once-over, definitely impressed with what she was hearing, "That's pretty awesome, you're kind of like James Bond with a computer then. Even /better/ than I thought you were." Shutting down her laptop she mentions, "IF you ever need a hand with anything, you can poke me. Like, if your life is in grave danger in New York and some terrorists are about to blow up your shield team I can do my best to come help you out. What are friends for, right?"

Skye Johnson smiles and looks the young girl over, "Alright. Deal. I will be sure to keep that in mind when I am hanging from the side of a building or need rescuing." She reaches for her coffee and takes a longer sip, "I meant what I said. You secret is safe with me, I am not looking to out you in any way. Just be careful alright. I have seen some prett nasty stuff going on out there. Just use some common sense is all." She winks and then adds, "I also like just hanging out with ice cream and movies on my couch if you ever need some down time."

"Definitely, I'm /always/ careful, because I plan on having a very long life ahead of me." Gwen was definitely not planning on dying anytime soon, at least she had dodged the whole Peter Parker snapping her neck thing!

"Ice cream and movies sound good, text me sometime and we'll just hang out. Well, I might hang, you can sit on the couch." A grin and she starts putting her laptop away in her bag, she would definitely need to finish her paper before tomorrow somehow.

"Deal. I will let you know the next time I have some free time to do just that. I do get free time sometimes. Just not sure when it is. And then, free time is sometimes interupted by a text or a message to report to work right away." She smiles and slowly stands, extending her hand to the young woman, "I am glad I came by. I think we could be pretty good firends."

Gwen stands as well and shakes Skye's hand before giving her a hug! "I'm sure we'll be great friends, I can tell. As for me, I need to go get this stupidly, annoyingly, frustratingly, long paper done before someone screams at me tomorrow morning." Before she heads out she winks, "I hate Mondays, don't you?" It would be Monday soon.

Skye smiles and shakes her head slowly; then reurns the embrace., "Monday, Tuesday. No real difference to me. Always on call as it were I suspect." She finishes the coffee and moves to toss it in the trash, "Don't work too hard. Just relax, it will come to you."

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