Night Eternal

February 12, 2016:

(CUTSCENE) Ra's al Ghul meets with those still loyal to him and plots against the Bat-Family and David Cain.




NPCs: Ra's al Ghul, Dusan al Ghul, Seven Men of Death

Mentions: Batman, Damian Wayne, Bat-Family, David Cain, Talia al Ghul, Nyssa al Ghul

Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

A place ancient, dark and hidden.

"The Detective is still alive?"
"Yes. It has been confirmed he was only injured in the attack."
"So, Cain failed me. His reports stated otherwise. That is unfortunate but not entirely unexpected." The first voice rasps, an unhealthy sounding noise reminiscent of rattles and hisses. The owner of the voice's looks much like a serpent trapped between transition from one skin to the next, too weak to fully strip it's old armor for a new.
The Master of the Assassins last visitation in to the Lazarus Pit was a failure. Perhaps he has used it one too many times or someone had sabotaged his efforts. Poisoned the sacred pool. Either way he has become a flaking, hunched, decrepit looking ghost of his former self. His immortality is failing him, something only the most trusted of the League of Shadows has born witness to.
Such weakness.
Even prostrate and reverent before him the Head of the Demon could feel the disgust, see the gnawing hunger in their eyes - It was deserved and if it were not present they would not be his best, they would not be the Seven Men of Death or even his bastard son the White Ghost. The ever eager albino that wishes only prove himself yet always incapable of doing it properly. This is why Dusan remains a disappointment and failure were he one of his sisters he would have destroyed Ra's already.
A sigh that sounds like oil over gravel and Ra's lifts his head high, gazing downwards upon the Seven from his cedar throne. He could almost laugh at his state if he was a man of humor but he is not. He is a man of purpose, a man of drive, power and ambition.
A man of vengeance.
A devil.
"Those of you gathered will finish what Cain started."
"And the betrayer Cain? The others? My sister?"
"Cain is to die. Talia? If she gets in our way kill her. Her purpose is served, she gave me an heir."
"Master, you still consider him an heir?"
"I do. His father failed him just as he will fail the rest of his misguided brood. Once the boy gets this 'phase' out of his system he will claim his rightful place as my successor. Youth must run it's course."
The albino's lips draw tight around the edges at that comment. All of the discipline Dusan can muster is used towards maintaining a straight unreadable expression.
"Can we not still use Talia and Leviathan?"
"To what end? She has likewise proven too weak. My dear daughter either believes I am dead or lacks the conviction to finish what she might have started. Those who follow her share her fate." Ra's al Ghul hosts some belief his daughter might have tainted the Lazarus Pit. He would rather believe that than it being his own failing. Perhaps she did. Perhaps she did not. One can never fully trust even family when it comes to the League of Shadows even with all of their honor and ritual.
"Very well, father."
A shuffling sound from one of the killers behind the White Ghost indicates their restlessness. Normally the show of disrespect would be dealt with but Ra's has need of them right now and he needs them distracted while he tries to buy himself more time.
A bow and Dusan turns on his heel to depart.
"Gotham awaits."
One by one the assembled Seven Men of Death vanish in to the darkness beyond.

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