A Magical Metal

February 10, 2016:

Jemma starts analysing the Nth Metal Katar gave her

The Triskelion - New York


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Activity with the Daemonites is speeding up … there's been more contacts, more damage, more data collected. But still, just how close is Jemma to creating a way to detect them?

Certainly, thanks to a visit from Prince Katar Hol, a lot closer than she had been a few days ago. But still, there's a lot of work to be done.

After the events at the underground aquarium with the mutated coelacanths and the fishpeople in harnesses, Jemma's been expecting a visit from May … she had been a little tardy in lodging her report on Katars' visit.

Melinda May arrives at Jemma's lab with Rain in tow — not literally, she just asked the witch to accompany her — and steps inside after knocking. Before starting the interrogation, though, she goes to get tea for herself and Rain, as well as a small dish of cool water for Captain. The fact that she thinks they might all need fortifying beverages like does not bode well.

Rain is in tow. She works, after all. Captain follows along, his tail in a ? shape as he walks along. An easy mood. Rain has been working on her magic sensing GPS, the toaster and whatever other projects SHIELD may have for her. Poor coelacanths. Rain seems to like a fish that seems to have survived the aeons by being grumpy, hard armored and bad tasting. Survival by HARRUMPH.

Rain quirks a brow. Tea, huh? Must be something heavy. Though, cats always need cool water so that's not so odd.

No Coelacanth's in Jemmas lab today, just chopped up bits of Daemonite in containers. Most of those bits are securely in one of the 'fridges' in the lab, except one container on the examination table where Jemma is working, with a sphere of some form of material in a container next to it.

The unknown material strains at the edge of the container nearest the Daemonite bit … as Jemma watches.

Mays, Rains and Captains arrival is greeted with a distracted hello until the biochem makes a few notes on her tablet. Watching the agent make tea, has Jemma wincing a little "Hello Agent May, Rain, Captain."

Melinda May waits until everyone has beverages, then looks at Jemma and that odd little substance in the jar. "So. Have something you'd like to share, Simmons?" She's already heard snippets, but she'd like the whole report now. Please.

Mmm, tea. Rain sips it. "Hello, and thank you," She smiles politely. She seems to be coming out of her shell a little. There's curious looks here and there, appraising. "And um, I am listening.

"Hey," Captain greets, moving to hop up to a chair or counter so it's not hard to talk to him.

Simmons winces again as she takes the tea. She had lodged the report, eventually. "Um. Yes?" That wasn't really a question, it just sounded like it. "After the incident at the warehouse about a week ago, I received a visit from a man… a Thanagarian, named Prince Katar Hol. He knew about the Daemonites, a lot in fact."

The substance in the container is golden hued

"He called Nth metal and said it reacted to the presence of Daemonites. I was given this, to see what I could with it."

Melinda May nods slowly. "Have you been able to break that sample into smaller pieces? See how small a piece will still register the presence of Daemonites?"

Rain listens, for her part. She inclines her head. Captain is listening, too, though he had to lick his leg. TOEBEANS ACTIVATE! Stretched toes. Funny how a stretched catleg sometimes resembles a turkey leg. But don't let him hear that.

Rain peers, reaching out with her magic senses, quietly.

"That's what I've been working, Agent May." Jemma glances at the container. "I've been working on trying to define it's properties. It's … rather amazing." Removing the daemonite bit, putting it back in the fridge, the biochem then opens the container and places the sample in a petrie dish.

Moving a beaker near the dish, the beaker and petrie dish start to levitate … "That's what it does normally… " she explains. "I've tried dividing the sample, although Prince Hol has asked for the sample back eventually and it just tries to recombine, clumping together." beat "Agent May, Prince Hol said the Daemonites invaded the Thanagarian homeworld and their leader is evil even by standards." beat "I've reason to believe they may be trying to get here."

Rains magic encounters … resistance. A rebuff to her power. The metal seems to be having nothing to do with magic.

Otherwordly mercury that rebuffs magic. Wonderful. May stares at the stuff for a moment. "Did Prince Hol explain why he approached you privately instead of consulting with SHIELD directly?"

Rain blinks. That's a new one on her. "Huh, it's resisting even examination with magic." Peeeeeer. "That's - definitely new to me. But I guess if it's so antimagic, it might well be effective at this Daemonite business…?" If they are magic and it rebuffs magic… She considers it. Who knows? Maybe it just doesn't add up? Captain is quiet, too. "Or I guess like same-aligned magnets."

Jemma blinks at May "He came into SHIELD HQ and asked to see me, Agent May. You were out, so I took the meeting directly. Jericho was helping me with some work and he came with."

Blowing out a deep breath, Jemma looks at May "It was before we spoke to Ronin, though." Which means that if anyone was watching, they'll know the Thanagarians have approached SHIELD… well one has. "He approached me, because I was at the Warehouse robbery about a week ago."

Rain gets a quizzicle look from the biochem "It's rejecting magic? Is that what you're saying?"

Melinda May nods slowly. "I knew that it seemed to oppose magic." Even now, she's standing several feet back from table where the sample sits. She doesn't explain how she knows it, though. "It's… yes, Rain, it does feel like trying to push same-polarity magnets at each other." She'd divest herself of everything magical to move closer but that'd take a moment or three.

"Kind of, yeah. It's resisting even an examination with my magic senses. Rebuffing it is how I'd put it. Or like the magnet thing," Rain remarks. "It doesn't like, BUG me because I've lived almost all my life without magic, but it feels really weird," Her nose wrinkles. "So it does seem to push away magic. I'd keep that in mind when you have it around people," She muses. "Or it may prove useful because of that. It may also be telling a property about daemonites themselves," She remarks.

Captain merps, and will watch over totally spare danglies (yes). He doesn't get too close, though, since who knows how it would affect the talking cat? What would he do without his ability to sass?

"Maybe Rain." Jemma watches May divest herself of her magical items "But have you detected any magic around the creatures when we've been out?" Glancing at the cold storage area, Jemma cocks her head "There are Daemonite bits in the fridge if you want to do some testing. They need to stay in here though."

"So, for now, what I know is that the metal tries coalesce. It appears to have anti gravity properties that makes things levitate" gesturing to the beaker near the dish. "and now, that it appears to be resistant to magic."

"I'm going to seek outside assistance, with this Agent May." Read into that, people she can trust. "I've also been looking at the tech that we found in the bunker the other day."

Melinda May finally feels it's safe to approach the table and, yeah. She left behind her leyline pendulum, the butterfly swords Ryden made for her, a few other random sundries, and now she's reaching to see if that beaker is truly levitating there unassisted. That's just… freaky.

"Let me know who you're going to consult with before you go." Yes, she's in the habit of vetting everyone they work with. Originally that was non-SHIELD personnel, but now she's going to be rechecking all the SHEILD people too.

Rain nods. "Or similar properties. I never sensed much around the daemonites themselves. There was fading dimensional magic around the sites I guess, but-" Another nosewrinkle. "How strange. I wonder if it's a coincidental property or deliberate. Perhaps a type of magic I simply could not sense." It's all possible. "Past that, I am uncertain without knowing its properties, like molecular weight, melting point and stuff." Beat. "If it even melts…" Peer.

"Bet it would make such an AWESOME chromatograph, though."

The beaker is most certainly levitating on it's own. "I've tested it a number of times Agent May. Something close to the sample, just levitates." At Mays last instruction, the biochem nods slowly "Doctor Susan Storm of the Fantastic Four. That's the only person I …" she had been going to say trust but .. "… know that could help me with this research. If I involve anyone else, I'll run them past you first, Agent May."

"I can get you that information, Rain" Jemma smiles to the witch and the cat "Give me another day or so, and you'll have it." She's used to doing this, for sure.

"I would recommend you speak with Prince Hol, Agent May or even Shayera Hol of the JL:A. Jericho has offered an introduction, should I need it. But for now, this research is going to keep me busy."

Nodding, May moves to clean up the teacups and water bowl. "Doctor Storm is a good choice." Even if what little exposure she's had to Richards has given her the impression that despite being a genius the man's brain suffered something unfortunate. "I will track down one of them." She's fairly confident that Trent can help there. "Is there anyth…"

May's comm chirps and she pauses to listen, then moves quickly to reclaim (and stash) the items she set aside. "Keep me posted, Simmons." And then she's out the door.

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