Late To The Party

February 09, 2016:

Daemonite vs Psyborg … who will win? SHIELD is called to an incident, the media turn up and all hell breaks loose

West Side, Midtown Manhattan - New York


NPCs: Agent Jefferies, Agent Matthews



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Fade In…

An alert in The Triskelion from one of the signals SHIELD has been monitoring for, has TAC teams responding quickly. They've been called to West Side, Midtown Manhattan, not far from the Baxter Building actually.

It's a signal that the JL:A will recognise too….

When the teams arrive onsite, they're confronted with a familiar setting, people rioting in the street - spurred to anger and now letting off steam.

What they aren't /quite/ so used to, is the sight of a 10 Foot tall Lizardlike being duking it out with a Psyborg…

Not withstanding the rioting crowd, the two combatants are likely to do more damage to property and people than anything.

The response from SHIELD contact agent 'Aspect' is swift. It often is. He's called a lot for things like this. He was among the ones who first alerted SHIELD to their existance (well one of them, at any rate) so his expertise is fairly… broad.

The amber winged hacker lands near the fighting, shaking his heads at the awful mental pressure. Ugh. These things. Every time.

Just find something to smash.

Hard to argue with that one, Maxwell.

News crews know about the event too, of course. And — With some choice words of Mr. White loudly ringing in not only Clark's ears but the news group with him, they manuevered as quickly as they could into edge of the mess of a scene, and are now setting up their news equipment in a rush.

"Figures: your first day back, and it's a weird one," one of the helpers smirks to Clark, who gives an exhasperated sigh of response, and gestures at some equipment, "Help me lift this."

Soon enough they're at work amid the gang of reporter vehicles which, of course, presses it's luck with the TAC teams. It's a balance: Get close without drawing hate from the teams, while trying not to get enveloped by any of the rioters —- but must get the story!

Simmons, flanked by Matthews and Jefferies, is a little late to the scene. She'd been working on an experiment that she couldn't leave … which had delayed their departure.

"Doctor Simmons." Fredericks, the Agent in charge eyes the biochem "I hope you've bought some of those gadgets of yours. This is getting nasty."

And indeed it is. SHIELD TAC teams are deploying, trying to calm the crowd. But that's not going to be successful unless they can stop whatever is making the crowd wild.

There's three to smash from Jericho's perspective - the silver ashcan size device that is situated inside an alley mouth, a Daemonite (he knows what they are) and the Psyborg. Although the latter seem to be keeping each other distracted.

Clarks crew are stopped at the SHIELD cordon, they aren't being give permission to pass. The SHIELD cordon should stop anyone getting close enough to be affected by the psychic pressure that's bought to bear. But, you know, everyone has different tolerances. For those that do feel it, it's anger, pure unadulterated anger, they feel. It's no wonder the crowd is rioting.

The TAC teams are slowly removing people from the affected area, but they're stretched thin. Even when the pyschic is gone, it still takes a while for those affected to calm down.

With a roar, the Lizardlike creature turns towards the news crew and starts to move, so fast, towards them…

May, Simmons. Jericho's on the comms. How he's on the comms since he never seems to have a radio is a question best left unanswered at the moment. I've got eyes on our party crashers. Daemonite and a psyborg. Theyre in an alley fighting over what appears to be one of the psyborg emotional manipulators.

Bullets haven't really proven effective thus far but as the hacker's wings wink out he raises a rifle and adujsts the sights. Drawing a bead. Going for the big lizard first. Keep those rioters clear of me, mmm? Beat Some help would not go amiss. Another beat. Is that the press I see?

May has been here since the first call-out, mostly helping coordinate the TAC teams. She's at the cordon where the news crew types are trying to pass, letting one of the other agents deal with the pushy news types. The roar gets her attention, though, and she steps forward quickly to put herself between the news people and the now-charging Daemonite, pulling a pair of too-large-to-be-knives from under the back of her jacket. Definitely NOT standard SHIELD issue equipment. She doesn't reply to Jericho's message, but what he's said was heard and understood.

That's not how it's supposed to be set up." "Yes it /is/ I do this all the time." "Do it badly, you mean." "Your face."

"Do I look okay for the shot?" "You look like a tramp." "WHAT?!"

….There's a lot of activity in the press area, as various parts of the anger leak into them. And it's not making them particularly aware of the Lizard on the way. "Ladies, you're both perfect- pleasecomeoverthisway-" Clark says, helpfully pulling a cameraman back, which might make some others take notice. It does… but not in a good way. "Don't you touch my cameraman, Daily /Toilet/," the other station says angrily, angry enough to not have a particularly inspired insult. Yes, this is exactly what was needed: more rioters. But there are a few, led by Clark, that are working to get the innocent people moved aside; better it eat their vans and gear than the people!

Acknowledged, Aspect. Jemma is distributing two silver pylons about 1.5 feet in length to Agents. "You know what to do with these." She'll keep the third for herself. "Matthews, Jefferies. Get me to that device." the biochem plunges into the crowd, relying on the two agents to keep her somewhat safe. Enabling the psychic dampners. In approximately 3 minutes. May and Jericho get that transmission.

The Lizardlike creature bears down on May, talons trying to rake the Agent and then backhand her …

The Psyborg, now not hampered by the Daemonite finally speaks You are in breach of the Overlords law. Stand down or face Level 1 Supression a plasma blade ignites in its hand and it brings it to bear on the TAC agents that engage it. They aren't standing down.

Jericho fires. The weapon is suppressed so it doesn't make more than a pak. He immediately draws back the bolt for a second shot and fires again. No center of mass for these things. They're armored. They regenerate. So he's aimimg for the back of the neck. Shot's on target. Switching. Hopefully that gives May an opening. He retargets on the Psyborg, zeroing in. Give me a moment to get a clean shot.

Melinda May lets the huge lizard-like thing barrel straight toward her and at seemingly the last possible moment she ducks out of the way, the silvery blades in her hands swiping up to block the talons. It's like a particularly dangerous version of bullfighting. Without the red cape. Acknowledged, Simmons. Hopefully she now has the thing's attention enough to keep it from charging straight at those moronic news people. C'mon, you scaly brute. Over here.

Most of the reporters are either now in arguments or are getting out of the way now, and many are filming their own compatriots, a few with vulture expressions. Clark's group has pulled back, using the time given by May and the unseen Jericho. In the mix of the chaos Clark has gone missing, with a 'cowardly' worried adjustment of his tie: but there's so much going on, hard to say for sure if he isn't there somewhere.
Not long after, a red beam of heat vision from above and to one side, (where the lowest population appears to be) comes slamming down onto the aggressive Psyborg's back, intending to draw its attention. The source of the beam is high in the air, and perhaps most are too busy to look at the source directly with any kind of magnification, so it may just be an anonymous assistant. But Jericho may get his shot, if the thing takes time to try to orient.

Jericho's shot flies true, slamming the Daemonite in the back of the neck causing it to stumble and then Mays blades block its talons. Ichor oozing down its neck, the Daemonite keeps moving … grabbing for one of the news crew, digging its talons in deep … it … starts to fade 'into' the man …

As the red beam hits the Psyborg, it turns and projects it psychic attack at the newcomer… Submit to the Pyschic Overlords Giving Jericho the shot he's been waiting for.

Two pylons are down and activated but Simmons is still making her way through the crowd. Knocked backwards by a careless backhand, Jefferies hauls the biochem to her feet "Keep moving Doctor Simmons."

Jericho fires again. One shot only because he has to switch targets again. Normal sniping isn't like this. One shot, one kill, relocate. Move on. But it's hard to find a rifle with enough power to penetrate these things armor. Sniper rifles is almost the only option.

At any rate he chambers again, last shot, and lets fly. Hopefully he can prevent the daemonite from getting away but… no gaurentee this'll work.

Melinda May neatly avoided the Daemonite's first attack. And then it starts to try to make use of one of the news crew, and that is just unacceptable. Taking a running start, May tries to 'run' up the thing's back and use both swords in a scissor-like motion to decapitate it before it can finish what it's doing.

That there is some mental component here was dreadfully obvious, and Superman had no intention of being anywhere expected by the time the thing turned around, merely leaving a red blur. May doesn't have a red cape (although it isn't like she needed one to effecitely deal with the monster it appears), but he certainly does. He pesters the Psyborg thing again from range, intending to keep it firing up in the air at him, while fishing through all of the chaos with his senses to determine what SHIELD is attempting to do. It does everyone no good if he accidentally trips up a perfectly good plan.

With Superman keeping the Psyborgs focus, Jericho's shot rings true again and pierces the Psyborg expertly, finding the gap in the creatures armour and severing the spinal connection … the thing goes down in a heap.

His second shot isn't quite so accurate, hitting the Daemonites shoulder. Which might be a good thing, given May's next move … her swords bite deep but not all the way through … still the Daemonite is distracted and whirls, raising a powerful arm to try and knock the agent flying, letting the news crewman go as it does.

Mays going to have to make a decision a decision, this thing is going to run … and run fast.

With Jefferies holding the collar of her shirt, Simmons makes her location, slams the pillar to the ground and operates it. The psychic pressure immediately abates. It's just work of moment for the biochem to disable the ashcan sized device …

With the emotional manipulation field dampened, SHIELD TAC teams are more easily able to clear the rioters. Many rioters just start to wander away themselves … wondering what on earth had come over them.

It's … time for clean up.

Jericho saw that blur. Something else is at play but it seems to be friendly. The hacker though probably shouldn't be seen with a military sniper rifle. It's not like he's in any kind of uniform. Black armor, yes. But not a uniform.

May, Simmons. Targets are down and you seem to have something else on the field. I'm pulling out. Luck.

The drop down to street level is easy. Moments later there's a glow from behind the alley and he's gone.

With only a split second to decide, May opts to get clear and let the Daemonite run. She instead moves to check on the injured news crewman, one hand tapping the comm in her ear. Civilian down, send a medic team to my location. She doesn't bother to reply to Jericho, figuring he's gone from the area already. Simmons. Sitrep.

"I fear I'm very late to this party," Superman observes as he just about appears out of thin air, due to super speed, landing suddenly near the object that Simmons has just made inert. His question is directed at her, or perhaps also the comm in her ear. "Is there anything more I can do to assist?" asks the man in heroic blue and red— quite a different style of uniform compared to all of the others around. He isn't making a spectacle at all (there's plenty of chaos to drown his arrival out), simply dropping down to find out if they have it covered. But he's also been … MIA for over a /year/.

Acknowledged, Aspect. Thanks for the assist. Simmons messages the hacker back. She'll have to catch up with him soon, but right now, she's got her hands full.

"The device is disabled and we have downed a Psyborg, Agent May. I need a containme—" Jumping as Superman appears, Jemma soon disappears behind her agents backs as they step between her and the superhero "Uh, Superman is here, Agent May"

Shaking her head at the cloaked man, Simmons tires to peer round the wall Jefferies and Matthews form "I think we're good here. But you should speak with Agent May. I'm sure she'll want to speak with you."

"Doctor Simmons?" one of the SHIELD scientists calls out "We need you're assistance here."

Casting Superman a rueful look, the biochem shrugs "Perhaps after we get this street cleaned up…" There's always more work for Simmons to do.

Melinda May leaves the news person to the SHIELD medics and heads over toward Simmons' location briskly, and then at a fast walk when she says that Superman is there. Thus, she approaches from one side, her blades still in her hands. "You're late," is how she greets the Kryptonian man. And, strangely enough, she looks ready to help Jemma's two bodyguards with defending the biochemist if it comes to that.

Superman manages to mask nearly all of the tired expression that slid into his eyes for a moment. Awareness of just how late he has been. He isn't aggressive nor defensive, hands loosely at hips. "Yes," Superman says, simply. He is. No denying it or excuses. He gives the bodyguards a curt, brief nod: they're doing their job, and it's perfectly fine. "I won't distract you from your work. However, if I can be of service, I will do what I can."

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