Viking Feast and Training

April 13, 2015:

Fenris hosts a JL:A type training session with vikings open to anyone.

New York

Central Park


NPCs: Saskia


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It's time for some practice. But not 'hit the gym till you make the walls sweat' practice. Not all practice sessions are about building skill. Well, okay, yes they are but camraderie is just as important in some situations as fighting prowess and for those who have both, such forces are rarely stopped by anything of their enemy's devising. So it's to Central Park where a wide space has been cleared, set with refreshments and appropriate targets and sparring rings. A regular old viking fight and eat and drink fest. Well. The one who organized it and set out the invites to the JLA is a viking after all.

As for guests? Well, there's a reason this is public. The JLA might work with others outside their ranks, and it does them good to see and be seen. Besides, it gives one Barbara Gorden a chance to see them up close.

Kate is always down for a party of some sort. Maybe she has Viking ancestors somewhere down the line. Or maybe it's just part of her charm. At the moment, though, she's sitting on the edge of a table, passing out bottles of beer as people come by. The unobservant might think she's half drunk, but anyone who's been paying attention is probably aware that she's nursing the same bottle she started with hours ago. Responsible drinking!

Rain is pretty much the exact opposite of a Viking. Even if she can turn into a bear and give a Viking a good fight (or at least give them what for). Captain has come along, and stays near Rain, though he sniffs at people and accepts pettings periodically. Rain is going to be more of an audience, though she carefully accepts some food and a bit of mead. That's how Rain do.

Central Park huh? Well it didn't matter, most places now a days are very easy to get to and the speedster known as Nitro has made his way to the park. Not knowing there was something going on for the JLA, he weas coming out to get some parkour training going. Heck yes, start in the park and make yoru way into the busier areas of the city. Nothing like the cops trying to chase you and not being able to move fast enough due to welll…..they aren't the most fit people int he world. Tre runs normally, and begins jumping over benches and flipping over trash cans. He rolls on the ground and jumps up as he comes towards the JLA blocked off area, he grins as he jumps on a bench and flips over one of teh tables as he keeps running.

Babs is sitting at the end of one of the tables, dressed in blue jeans, collared T-Shirt and a baseball cap. Accepting Fenris' invitation was a good idea, she gets to meet the people she speaks to, in person. Not that they know who she is.

Watching the archeress carefully, the redhead smiles a bit "So you're Hawkeye, as well, is that right?"

Kara is not far away from Kate, floating in the air in a costume that resembles a winged Valkyrie. Whether or not it's real armor or just cosplay is anyone's guess but it looks fairly impressive and with her blonde hair poking down out from beneath the helmet, she looks quite the part. You wouldn't know it was Supergirl except for the Big Red S or House of El Symbol superimposed on the shield.

Spotting Tre she does a double-take at the speedster before flying over to him, hovering in the air and pointing a sword (Maybe real, maybe fake at him), "Halt and identify yourself Mortal."

Kara had mistaken training for Larping.

Kara might want to be careful or her Larping might get her a fencing lesson. On the one hand, Kate could probably tell Kara that Fenris is a pretty decent teacher. Or at least, he thinks he is. On the other, he's over two thousand years old. He's had a lot of time to get good at sword play. The wolf himself is actually currently sparring with a couple of unexpected guests. A man and a woman, both with spring flowers in their hair, and both quite good at swordplay themselves. Central Park itself of course. Fenris knows the dryads that live here and a couple of them came for the food. And booze.

Approaching Babs, Kate and Kara is another unusual arrival. A woman with long, sleek black horns protruding from her hairline and an aristocractic cast to her face. "Oooh! A feast. Wonderful." She says, making as if to take a beer before Nitro rushes through, getting everyone's attention. "Uh… woah."

That stops the sparring and Fenris comes over to see what's going on. "Hey Kate, Kara. I see you've met Barbara and Saskia and… who was that just now?"

Kate hops off the table at Barbara's question, smile flashing as she moves closer. "That's me, yes," she greets. "Though you can call me Kate if you like. Can I get you something to drink?" she offers, though she's distracted by Kara's LARPing, a wry smile curving. "Kara, we invited people to come, remember?" she calls over to her friend before turning back to Fenris and the woman with the horns. "Hey there, welcome," she smiles amiably to the woman.

Tre was about to flip when there is a flying woman with wings and a sword pointed at him. Tre looks up at Kara, "Umm…I really hope that is fake." he says as he looks at Kara. He hears Kate's voice and looks over to her and than back to Kara. "Kara, yeah." he says and backflips away from her sword. "Now if you can catch me, that would be a different story." he says to her. Tre looks around seeing Kate, and Barbara and Fenris, "How did you guys get my info anyways?" he asks.

Babs nods to Kate "Kate then it is. A beer would be nice." Babs has been known to drink a beer, just not often. The horned woman gets a small smile "Saskia, was it? Babs Gordon." Seems the redhead is learning to relax in company.

Tre's teasing Kara definitely has her smiling, "Be careful who you taunt around here." she offers.

Kara had no idea who Nitro was, shrugging her shoulders and pointing out, "You came rushing in here looking lost. So I'm sort of wondering who you are, it was like a general invite to come have a Viking battle or train.." She seemed to be a little off on the whole thing but she was having fun with the sword, which was intended for training, "So who are you?"

"Or eat and drink. Hello Saskia." The Old Wolf greets the horned woman.

"Hello there Miss… Kate, was it? And hello to you too Fenris. My, quite the gathering. So these are the champions of Justice are they?" The woman peers over at Kara. "Oh! I see you have a pendulum as well. Well, if you see that charming rogue Gambit, do tell him I send my greetings?"

Fenris chuckles and stands not far from Babs. "Kate is our resident morale and archery expert." He grins to the wheelchair bound woman. "Though she might be competing with Kara for that, mmm? As for you, sir, I'm afraid I don't actually… know you? You're welcome, though. Feel free to spar or help yourself to the food."

Kate goes to pull a beer out of a cooler, bringing it back to Babs with a swift grin. "Nice to meet you, Babs," she says cheerfully before reclaiming her perch on the table. At Tre's question, her smile slips crooked. "If you're from the tri-city area, there's probably about an eighty percent chance that you're connected to someone I know," she admits with a laugh. "I kind of get around. But welcome. Have a seat, have some food. Get into a foot race with Kara, that'll be awesome," she grins.

Tre was really here for some training, and he didn't know about all of this. So it is better to play dumb, he yawns as he looks at Kara. He smiles at her, "My name is Tre." he laughs as he looks at her. "And you are Kara, from what they are calling you." he says to her. "Nice to meet ya." he grins. Tre than looks over to Kate and Fenris, than the horned woman, "Whoa." he says. "Well I'm sure there are plenty of Tre's but than again I did kinda stumble upon you guys." he laughs.

Babs smiles vaguely at Saskia's reference to the champions "I'm a guest of Fenris, he thought I needed to get out, I guess." Accepting the beer, Babs nods to Kate "Nice to meet you too and I know that young lady is Kara" she nods to the blonde cos-player "And I now know this is Tre."

The redhead frowns a little, looking around "Now, I'm sure I saw Rain and her cat… Where has she gone?" She'd seen Rain at the Stark Christmas party and more recently when riding dragon back over Metropolis. It's time to get to the know the woman better.

Rain and her cat are apparently launching a quiet Viking raid on a non-upended table. While her ancestors probably did bother vikings at some point, she is pretty much their exact opposite. Despite her height, she seems much smaller than it suggests. But she's coming out of her shell a little. Servant mentalities don't develop overnight, nor do they go away overnight. She walks the shadows, after all.

Though, she looks curious on seeing Tre and the others. Is that Babs…? Captain stands on his hind legs to receive a sardine from a well endowed Valkyrie. "Aw yiss, thank you, ma'am." STARE. More pettings.

Kara holds up her pendulum for the woman, "Uh sure, I'll tell him you said hi, nice to meet you." She nods her head in greeting to the others before slipping off to hide behind a tree embarrassed, "Nice to meet the rest of you to! Oh look, a bird!" She points off in the sky before slipping off behind that tree.

Fenris might notice she was practicing with the sword and she was pretty good, even Kryptonians had swords!

In deference to the cat that Fenris has used as a furry missile of doom in the past, there is a few very large swordfish that have been roasted and cut into steaks on the table. Along with, you know, ale, pork, beef… lots of meat, really. And bread. Good, dark bread. Kate had told him of place that did really old school catering. Clearly, he remembered the name. And address. He didn't cook this himself that's for sure.

"Kara I might want a fencing match with you later if - where is she going?" If Nitro doesn't want a foot race that is. He thought that the younger blonde made a rather nice Valkyrie all things considered. Ah well.

Learning that Tre is not a friend of Kate's is actually something of a surprise since Kate knows all the people. She was not lying when she said she gets around. "Well, with moves like that I'm going to assume you're in the heroing scene then?" Kind of hard to miss.

Saskia chuckles and finds herself a seat Rain as Kara slips off. "I know you… ah! Rain isn't it? Can I, um, have your autograph." The request gets a chuckle and Fenris gives Babs a subtle nudge. "If you feel up to it, by the way, Babs, perhaps you should demonstrate why no one should underestimate a woman in a wheelchair. Kate might be up for that at some point, mmm?" A glance over to Kate to confirm. "Ah! There's Rain, I believe."

"Once you've met more than one god, underestimating people starts to seem pretty foolish," Kate chuckles to Fenris, looking after Kara as she flees. "Nice to meet you, Tre. I'm Kate, also known as Hawkeye. Of the Justice League Avengers. Oh, Rain's here?" She turns when Babs points her out, waving to the witch. "Anyhow. It's not all about what you can do physically. A lot of it comes down to doing what's smart."

"How are Rain? It's good to see you again." When Captains finished have pats from buxom wenches, he's more than welcome to curl in Babs lap. Kate gets a rather broad grin "Oh, don't I know that, Kate… " the subtle nudge from Fenris gets a look "But still, I think Fenris might be right. How are you at escrima fighting, Kate?" Babs might (ahem) have some sticks laying around.

"Where is Kara off to?" the young blonde does seem rather flighty (excuse the pun) to the fairly serious redhead.

Rain blink at Saskia. She smiles. "Hello! Miss…? I er, s-sure… no one's ever asked…" And Captain is pretty okay with fishy and meaty bits coming his way. Guess even Valkyrie have soft spots for fuzzies (and hey, maybe one of Captain's great ancestors pulled Freya's chariots…?). Rain seems quietly surprised and amused by Tre.

She waves to people. "Um - what would you like me to sign…?" The witch is at a bit of a loss as to what and who to sign this to. Captain, on the other hand, beams in his catty way at Babs, and will gently hop into Babs' lap. He's a gentlecat, after all. "Hello!" Rain beams at Babs. "I am well. We're glad to see you, too." She pauses. Where IS Kara going? She's trying to mind Saskia and conversation. And apparently there's about to be stick fightin'.

Tre blinks a few times and he looks over to where Kara was as she moves behind a tree, "Now come back." he says as he looks to her with a smile. He turns around and looks at Kate. He stretche a bit and rolls his shoulders a bit. Tre does look around a bit more and notices Rain but it doesn't show on his face. Sasika gets a look as well, he seems to be taking in everyone around him. "Me super hero." he laughs. "Not really, don't you guys have to have powers and skills??" he asks. Yup surely they will not believe he doesn't have powers, but than again he just gave his name. Still Tre doesn't seem to mind much, he looks to Barbara and Fenris, "I will hang out if you want me to." he smiles. "BEsides it's not like I have a lot to do."

Kara calls out to Fenris, "Don't worry, we'll have a sword fight soon my lord!"

"I was making my way to the starting line oh speedy Tre. Do not fear." Starting line? Clearly Kara intended to race.

Except she didn't give Tre a chance to get in position, "ThreetwooneGO!" Kara suddenly yells out as she's super-speeding away from the location trying to get a head-start on Tre and giggling the whole way.

"Lesson the first, nobody is going to play fairly!" Wheee she's flying off as fast as she can, with the lead it might even be difficult for the young speedster to catch up to her!

Fenris chuckles as the wide area is suddenly a blur in racing figures. He sits back to sip a beer and watch Kate and Babs talk. Babs is, he knows from walking about in her dreams, a good fighter her disability notwithstanding. And he has… quietly inquired about ways that might be… reversed. If she wanted it. Kate however is no slouch, so if they two decide to compete, it'll be interesting to watch. Hell even if they make an date for it'll be worth coming to see.

Saskia grins. "Oh, I'm Saskia. Just a local… nature spirit." Her horns vanish and she smiles. "And um, maybe this?" She pulls out a small notebook. "Don't worry. It's not magical. You can scry it."

Kate's brows rise at Babs' question. "It's not my specialty, but I know my way around it," she answers, grin spreading. "If you're up to it, I'd be glad to give things a- oh, hell. Excuse me, sorry, be right back," she says quickly, hopping off the table as a pair of teenagers at the edge of the gathering start to get into each others faces. Apparently someone has some old grudges, and that's just not going to work for Kate.

Tre blinks when Saskia tells them that she is a spirit, he looks to Fenris and teh others, "Now that is awesome> he grins but when he sees Kara walking to the starting line to race. He can't resist the temptation, he tries to not look back at her, but damn shes cute and well they only think that he's normal, but shit, it's a race. Tre walks over to the starting line as well, "ALright, don't get mad if I beat ya." he says to Kara as he hops from side to side. "Anyone else joining in?" he ask as he allows a breath to escape him as he looks at Kara, than sees Kate leaving. "Ah come on now, don't tell me people are leaving."

"I'm not. You can stick around." Babs watches as Kate goes to sort out the boys. "I see what you mean, Fenris. Morale officer, she is rather good at it too." Babs keeps an eye on her own little tribe of teen crime fighters.

"Much nicer meeting this way, Rain than doing aeronautical maneouvres… " As Captain jumps into Babs lap, she scritches him and then sets to petting him as he settles.

When Kara notices Tre starting to catch up she calls out, "Finish line!"

She stops near a tree and winks at Tre, "Better luck next time." She totally would have lost if she didn't make up an imaginary finish line.

Returning back to the others she asks, "Where did Hawkeye go? Her and I were supposed to practice archery."

Rain's people get on pretty well with most spirits. "Pleased to meet you, Miss Saskia. It's an honor." Really. "Should I leave anything out at the doorstep?" She seems genuinely interested in cultivating a relationship with the local fae and spirits, it seems. She accepts the little notebook and will carefully sign it. "Sure. And no worries." Rain seems to trust the young spirit. Rain waves as Kate goes.

At Babs' question, Rain looks thoughtful. She nods at Babs. "It's true, though - I haven't met a lot of people who ride dragons," She admits. "Captain's glad to see you, too," Even as he half closes his eyes and purrs. Aw yeah, lap pettins'.

That imaginary line comes to him faster as he seems to blur past Kara, he gives her a wink. "Yeah, better luck next time Kara." he laughs as he turns around and looks to her and follows her back towars the otehrs. "Actually I need to get going, but I will be around some other time." he says as he begins to walk away. Did he do something? Probably and Kara if she is able to pick up super speed, she would have noticed silver and blue lightning as he ran past her. He waves and starts to head off.

Fenris chuckles and takes a long pull at the ale he's got. "Maybe he wants best two out of three." He calls out to the blonde and the speedster. "Do you want another drink Babs?" He'll get it, of course, and some food if she likes. Some things are hard in a wheelchair.

Saskia grins at Rain. "Not Miss Saskia, just Saskia. I left behind the 'miss' some time ago, when Gambit free me. Well Gambit and Cyclops. Do you know them?"

"Yes please, Fenris. Food and drink." Babs smiles at the God-Wolf. Yes it's hard with the wheelchair, but also… catlap. Waving good bye to Tre, the redhead looks to Kara "Good tactics. Kate has gone to sort out a disagreement over there." Babs points to where Kate appears to be speaking, somewhat sternly, to the young boys.

"Do tell me how Cyclops and Gambit freed you, although I'm not familiar with them." That's true. Babs hasn't met the two X-Men, but Oracle may know a fair bit. "Rain, what did you mean by leaving something out on the doorstep?"

Rain waves to Tre as he goes. She looks to Fenris and smiles faintly. Aw. Thoughtful! Then she looks to Saskia. "I see. I've heard of them, I don't know them directly," She does give the notebook back.

At Babs' question, she replies: "My family used to leave offerings outside at the window sill or doorstep. I figured it was polite to ask to see if the local spirit or spirits were interested." She takes a sip of her mead. Captain is full of fish and has a warm lap. He might as well be a furry doorstop at this rate. Besides, he'll keep her lap /safe/, right? Right. "I hope Captain's not being a bother," Rain looks quietly amused.

Kara waves to the young speedster heading off and joins the others, "Well, he seemed nice if a bit quick to run off sort of like the Flash but definitely not as stylish or mysterious as Robin when it comes to disappearances." A soft sigh escapes her lips before she starts eating some of the food, well given her Kryptonian constitution; a lot of the food.

Fenris grins to Kara. "He did, a bit, didn't he. Interesting sort. Have to keep an ear out for him." The God-Wolf returns to Babs with a drink and a plate of food and sets it down in her lap. "Saskia was bound by a… criminal mastermind."

The nature spirit nods. "I was being kept as a trophy wife, of all ridiculous things. Cyclops and Gambit unraveled the spell that was keeping me there. And saved their own lives in the bargain. And beat up a rather foul tempered minotaur too. You know, they could use some magic support. You might consider that, Rain.' As Kara returns the woman grins. "My, you're quick. I've seen you as well before. Supergirl, yes?"

"Thank you, Fenris." Babs balances the plate on the arm of her chair… Captain is on her lap and they are both quite comfortable. "That's an interesting story, Saskia" Babs smiles faintly, trophy wife! she hopes the person involved learned a lesson.

Kara's appetite gets a wry grin "Yes, Kara, Tre did seem nice." Saskia's offer to Rain has her listening.

"You can just call me Kara! It's way easier that way and that's awful to hear. Cyclops and Gambit are both pretty nice. Cyclops and I make a pretty good team, especially when my heat vision combines with this. That creepy tar pit guy totally did not expect it, sorry I wasn't there to help you though Sakia. Next time I'll do my best to be there with /PRIMAL FORCE/." She smiles and gets back to eating before nodding to Babs, "Nice to meet you to, sorry I wasn't here earlier when introductions were happening but I can hear stuff really far away."

Streaky wanders in from above, his little red cape fluttering behind him and he sits down beside Captain raising a paw in the air to do a kitty high five.

Rain listens. She smiles at Babs. She looks sympathetic to Saskia. "Really? Hmm, well, I'm glad you're free." Nod. "And I'll have to talk to them," She promises Saskia. She looks to Fenris. "That's rough." She is quiet for a moment. "That was really fast." Captain stays curled up, his tail slowly flicking. "I just have to be a bit careful with teaming up with too many people or I lose my ability to help them out." Then a pause. Captain looks up, blinks slowly. Careful hi-5 of the feline variety. "Oh boy."

"Kara then." Saskia smiles and picks at some of the food. "Thank you Rain. I think you should. Lots of magic and there and lots of it is dangerous. It's good for people who know what they're doing with it to know those who might need help with it. Then again, it sounds like those two have gotten themselves into a bit of a group." Her eyes cut back to Kara.

"Side project of mine." Fenris murmurs to Babs by way of explanation. "Misfit's involved."

"Mmmm, Fenris. " Babs has worked out there's something going on there, Mays involved as well "You'll have to drop by for tea and tell me about it sometime, soon." Kara's words have her looking to the blonde "Oh that's right, Tarpit was in New York the other day…" Of course, Babs wasn't interested. Oracle was though.

The Kitteh Hi-5 gets a faint smile and Babs looks at Rain "That's a good policy, Rain. I know when I'm looking at a clients computer, there's only so much I can do in the time… and I have to determine where my time is best spent. Maybe this is a time to consider that?"

"You're welcome. And I'll do my best," She nods. She looks back to the others. Rain also is Loki's apprentice, which might make some groups go all kinds of 'whoa no' at her. "Tarpit?" Rain doesn't seem to know who that is.

Rain sips at her mead and smiles weakly. "Yeah. I don't know. I look after Spearhead, I try to help keep an eye on the smaller supernal things since there's often a group tending to the leylines and major ones." She shrugs. "We'll see. I guess I am at kind of a crossroads."

Captain resumes attempting his best sphere impersonation. perfect cat circle.

Streaky moves to sit beside Kara and begins nibbling at her scraps before he suddenly yanks the big turkey leg she was eating out of her hands and flies away. He flicks his tail in Captain's direction before heading off, '<catch you later cool cat>'. It was likely, he was going to share with his good pal HawkPuppy.

Kara sighed as her food was stolen and looked to the others, "So anyone have any neat stories?"

"Not 'neat' per se. Disturbing ones but we can talk about those later Kara." Fenris shakes his head sadly. "I imagine the lot of you might though? Babs? Rain? Any thing exciting and not overly dark?"

Babs finishes her drink and beer, leaning over the perfect cat circle on her lap to put the plate and bottle on the table. "Nothing specifically, Fenris." An alarm sounds on her mobile phone and checking it, she sighs "I need to be back in Gotham for appointment, I nearly forgot." Smiling at Saskia, Kara and Rain "It really was nice meeting all of you. And lovely of Fenris to invite me along."

The Wolf-God gets a slightly a sheepish smile "If I could impose on your unique method of travelling?"

Rain thinks. "Well, Spearhead lives with me now and I help him out. I've been looking after Gotham a little." Rain is apparently the quiet sort. She moves to pick Captain up. Limp kitteh. "Oh. Well, it was awesome to see you," The witch nods. Rain looks to Fenris. "And I suppose i've been trying to learn about the local spirits and fae. Seems like good manners. Mom and company were big on it, so I shied away from it for a long time."

"Be well." Rain waves to Kara. "We won't keep you. We might make sure the underwear gnomes are staying out of the sorority houses." SIGH. Rain never gets the dark or scary problems (aside from stashing artifacts for Loki or the Darkness, but that's a story for another day).

Kara waves to Rain, "Take care! Sorry you're going to miss all the awesome stories." When she realizes that everyone is departing she tries to stay cheerful, "Well, hope to see you all again!" She rushes off to go play with a group of kids who had been watching.

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