Party On - Dudes

February 08, 2016:

Playing a gig somewhere up the East Coast, Billy meets … the underwater dilemma

Coastal East Coast


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Fade In…

Even with Solomon Island, what was once a sleepy New England town, but is now a ‘ghost town’ being sectioned off by the military as they try and work out what happened, life along the coastline near New York goes on.

Of course there are rumours, whispers, about what happened there - but where there’s a party in the offering, who really cares? And that’s what is happening in another small town, village really, somewhere along that quiet shoreline. There’s a party, in the hall, with a band hired in from New York.

With the sound pumping out, the lights flashing and the general noise from the revelry, the approach of something or somethings from the sea, could well be missed.

The music was pounding through Billy’s head, their fingers working the guitar and voice joining in the chorus. The energy of the party flowed through them, revitalising them and adding to their power. The power was, in turn, flowing back out and increasing the atmosphere, people were singing along, screaming out to the tune, the mosh pit was churning.

It was their first song after the opening band had started the night, and it was only just beginning.

More people were piling into the building, bringing with them more booze and more life. A few fight had broken out, but were quickly quashed by their own participants. People were losing themselves to the party.

As the song started winding down Billy let the guitar swing to their hips and grabbed a bottle off of the stage by their feet. After a long pull they grabbed the instrument back up and let out a few chords. “Welcome to the Party of the dead. I hope y’all make it through to the end.”


You know, if there is one concept alien to a certain dragon-Blue, it's that. Oh sure, back in his home dimension soldiers took leave and blew off steam in one of any number of ways. But parties? When you're hip deep in a war for the destiny of several races parties don't really enter the equation. Not if you're a genetic freak like Rowan anyway, and a low class one at that.

Parties aren't really on his mind right now either. He is in the area keeping an eye on what's left of Solomon Island at the sensible request of Tigra. There might be more clues to be gleaned there. At the moment he is silently soaring above the landscape, passing over Ambergreis, the next town up the road.

“Noisy down there, isn't it?”

"Yes, it is" It's amazing how quickly Ulani has adapted to working with Rowan. She'd never have dreamed of riding dragonback over The Surface, but here she is, peering over his shoulder towards the sounds down below.

Parties certainly aren't her thing either, although this dimensions Blue definitely have them. How they differ to those on the Surface, she has no idea - it's been a little busy for the Blue Envoy.

It's the fog that rises from the sea, coating the village, that gives the two high fliers a hint that /all is not quite right/. For those in the hall, where the revelries are well under way, it's the doors being slammed open and two /huge/ bipedals with tentacles for faces, barging in and grabbing the nearest party goers.

Billy looked up as the booming from the doors quieted and chuckled to themself. That was a new one. They kept playing. Hallucinations weren't too uncommon during festivities like this. It was a few seconds after the rest of the band stopped playing that they realised everyone else could see the creatures too.

“Oh shit, are those real… “ Picking the bottle back up Billy finished it off and hurled it at on of the creatures. “OI! SQUID HEAD! PUT THEM DOWN AND GRAB A DRINK!”

Only a few of the party goers had noticed the creatures and most were yelling for the music to start again. Grabbing up the guitar Billy started playing again. “If they start trouble just kick them out.”

It’s the fog that gets the dragon’s attention first. So far, every surface attack by the Lord of the Deep that he’s aware of has been preceded by fog. Whether it’s something conjured up to give visual cover to their activities or some kind of side effect of their presence he’s not sure. He is sure that trouble’s brewing.

“Hang on. Going in.” The warrior is terse and even as a dragon he has a habit of speaking just loud enough to be heard. His wings tuck in as the fire aspected Blue dives, hitting the ground as a thirty foot lizard, but he doesn’t stay that way for long. The moment Ulani is off his shoulder he’s shifting, the extra mass flaking off him in sparkles that look kind of like white pixilated smoke. It’s an odd visual but hardly notable in the pea-soup fog.

“That way.” His spear is out in an instant, flames dancing along the tip as a shield appears on his arm made of aquamarine energy. He bolts toward the open doors and sounds of consternation.

That's been Ulani's experience as well - the fog preceding the attacks. To her, the Lord of The Deeps' minions has been using it as cover. Deadening sounds and making it hard to see.

As Dragon-Rowan hits the ground, she's already sliding from his shoulders, activating the coral pendant that sits at her throat. Almost instantly, her body is covered by sleek, form fitting armour that appears to be made of coral. "Two of them…" she calls to the Blue Warrior, she meets him step for step, making the doors abreast of him.

The scene that presents itself isn't pretty. The tentacle faced beings, bodies covered with what looks like scales, with webbed, clawed hands and feet, each grab people and make their way back towards the door. Billy might wonder why these two aren't affected by his god-given aura - everyone else …

Seeing the two Blue heading towards them, the squidmens tentacles reach out towards the pair whilst still moving.

Growling in annoyance, Billy watches as the squid heads grab some more people. "Keep playing." they instruct the band. Putting the guitar down and grabbing up a cane instead. Off the stage they go and start towards the creatures. Billy pauses, two new forms enter the hall, armed for battle and wearing armour. Apparently the party was coming to a head and it wasn't even 8 yet.

They check their gear. It was all bike leather and lined with kevlar. This wouldn't be the first time a part had gotten rough and they didn't want too many more injuries. Not that this would stop that spear, or those claws…

Billy frowns and focuses on the aura their projecting. So far they just wanted to put people in a good mood, /but if these guys want to get rowdy/ billy thinks to themself /we'll show them how rowdy we can get/

"Do you lot want to stop fucking up a perfectly good party?"

Rowan… blinks.

He had been focused. Ready to kick some sea-monster ass. Or whatever these things had that passed for one. Well, two legs so, yeah…

Anyway, it’s his usual mode. Focused. Business. Oscar Mike (On Mission) as the local military says. But the moment he enters the hall and the field of that aura… he’s actually looking forward to it. To be sure he still plans to put those things down. They need putting down. But it seems like a hell of a lot more fun than it did a minute ago. “Be out of your way in a second.” He shoots to Billy just in case that ‘perfectly good party’ thing was at him and Ulani. They did just kind of… gate crash.


Not really thinking too hard about it the man who looks like he hasn’t put down the props from The Little Mermaid meets 300 shifts his spear to an overhand grip as he takes a terrific leap at the nearest Squid Faced Monstrosity. Fire limes the point of that leaf bladed spear in his hand and he shoves it over the rim of his shield, right at the beasty as he comes down.


Ooops. Did he say that out loud?

Ulani's generally always focussed, unless you give her alcohol to drink - then all bets are off in that regard. At least until the Blue metabolism processes it. As /she/ enters that aura, she laughs brightly and the generally serious demeanour lessens to something that makes her looks a lot younger.

Or at least it would, if wasn't for that body encasing coral armour.

"We'd actually thought we'd liven the party up!" she calls back to Billy and shoots Rowan a look that sort of says are you kidding? we're gonna party tonight!

As the tentacles reach for her, she dances (yes dances) back quickly and shakes her head at the squidman "You should buy a girl a dinner, first." That's punctuated by beams of energy from her the rings on her fingers that are attached to braclets.

Rowans spear hits home, cracking the chintinous shell of his squidman and digging deep, making it at least drop its victims. Ulani's beams have a similar effect… but these things are still coming at them. Now with deadly intent. Why aren't they affected by Billy's aura?

Billy considered. These tentacle beasts should be a little more worrying than they seemed to be but what was most concerning was that these two fighters appeared to have off about them. Maybe its a trick of the light, or the booze, but they definitely seem to be not quite human.
“Liven up. You just stabbed something with a spear.” /Focus/. Billy turns just in time to dodge out of the way of one reaching tentacle and bat aside a second. “What are these things.”

It was frustrating, this was supposed to be a simple gig. Not a fight with some alien abominations.

Under the upper hand. Go wild for a couple grams. She don’t want to go outside tonight. And in a pipe she flies to the motherland, or sells love to another man. It’s too cold outside for angels to fly.

Rowan has to leave his spear buried in the thing. He’ll want that back later. Using his momentum he vaults over the sea-beast’s head. His body changes as he moves and where there was a human looking young man at the start of the leap, what lands is something else.

The dragon-Blue lands in a clearing recently made vacant by party goers. His descent is slowed by a pair of draconic wings that have sprouted from his shoulders, his shirt somehow morphing to not tear as they do. His hands have scaled over, red-black scales that look like spent coals, and grown sharp claws. His eyes are crimson and vertically slitted. His mouth fanged. His tongue forked. The energy shield he was using is gone. In its place, flame licks at his hands and arms and along his neck and over his back like a cobra’s hood. At Billy’s question he half turns and peers over his shoulder. “They were once men.”

Drink in the irony.

A snap of motion, the tentacle monster lashing out at Billy, draws Rowan’s attention back to his opponent. Both his hands sweep in and out in a vaguely martial arts like move as flames dart forth in a swirling, helical stream. “How about a little fire, Scarecrow?!”

He has the internet. Sue him.

The party is ramping up under Billy's aura. Where there should have been widespread panic, there's … partying… and the revellers draw closer to the moshpit and the stage.

The two Blue have certainly drawn the squidmens' attention, but the tentatcle that Billy batted out of the way, reaches again for Dionysus' Chosen trying to wrap around them and draw them nearer. Perhaps they sense the god given aura?

Rowans attack though … sends the tentacle and creature up in flames, forcing the attack on Billy to abate for the moment at least, as it focuses on Rowan. It's going to fight till the last - swiping and slashing with viciously sharp and strong claws and the now, Dragon-Man. It's nearly done for.

Ulani's monster sees easier prey in the Blue Female, striking out and catching her across the midriff … claws screeching against the smooth covering of coral armour as it gouges deeply but doesn’t get through to the soft flesh beneath. Laughing brightly, stepping lightly in a twirling movement, she maintains that barrage of energy fire as she reaches for her innate power … and starts desiccating her opponent.

"Rowan, you /know/ I don't like my seafood cooked." she chides her fighting partner.

//I was a teenage anarchist, looking for a revolution. I had the style, I had the ambition. I read all the authors, I knew the right slogans. There was no war but the class war. I was ready to set the world on fire. //

The sudden glow of the fire harshens the lighting and Billy stumbles back from the sudden heat.
“The hell was that… “. It had only just occurred to them that they had been watching the fighters throw about energy and change shape. Recovering from the shock of it the look at the two. “So if these thing used to be human what are you guys?” A drink appears in each of their hands and Billy takes a long swig.

As Billy starts to calm down their power starts to wane. Leaving just enough there to keep people from panicking Billy lets their aura fade. For the first time some of the partiers start to notice the odd creatures, and the three fighters standing over them.

“What happened here”
“Whos That”
“Someone should call the police”
“We’re all ready here… We’re all off the clock”

This is how it ends. I feel the chemicals burning in my bloodstream. Fading out again. I feel the chemicals burning in my bloodstream. So tell me when it kicks in.

Rowan is humming as he finishes off the squid faced monster. “It’s a surface custom, Ulani. You’ll have to get used to it.” He can feel the euphoric ‘high’ wearing off though and now he has to wonder: What the hell was he thinking?

Well there’ll be time to ask that later. This one is down now and the other one looks more or less done for. He’s just lowering his still flaming hands when Billy approaches… and then… huh. Alcohol? Or something else. He takes a sip.

“Not human. Not by a long shot. Don’t suppose you’ve heard of the people under the sea?”

Ulani finishes desiccating her Squidman, it falls to the ground in dried up heap. Still laughing brightly and dancing around it "A custom I would prefer not to …" until Billy's aura lessens and she stops, blushing brightly.

Picking up the carcasses, she lifts both with ease, the Blue female takes them outside… dropping them on the ground - taking them out of the crowds view - returning just in time for the cup to appear in her hand.

Operating that pendant again, the armour disappears, leaving her dressed as a Blue, she stops by Rowan and sniffs the liquid inside "Uh…" there's the blush again "no, thank you." It would be a disaster!

"Sorry for interrupting your party."

“People under the sea… can’t say it rings a bell.” Billy takes the cup from the blue warrior. “Not to worry, disasters are fun.” They turn around and pass the cup to someone else. “Give me a second, I just need to speak with the band, sort something out.”

Without the sustaining aura the party has started dying down. People are leaving, making more room on the floor, security is escorting out those who are too intoxicated and the band starts softening up, choosing songs more appropriate for the small town and its rural population.

Billy returned a few moments later. “Those beasties, where’d they come from? You said they were human…”

“Human or Blue or Atlantean, yes.” Rowan shakes his head. “We should probably get out of here before the authorities turn up. But… yes. They’ve been emptying villages like this one on coasts. They hit Solomon’s Island a couple weeks back. And they might be back. Be careful.

He turns to leave. They really do need to go.

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