Manhunter's Mission

April 01, 2015:

Martian Manhunter calls some heroes to Zion to assist him. (emits by manhunter)


Zion National Park


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Fade In…

The Sky. The Stars. How humanity had begun to look towards the heavens as the realization they were not alone had been so suddenly thrust upon them. Out in the deserts and canyons of the western US the stars were so bright. The desert's emptiness allowed them to shine, and dance above the Earth without the pollution of city lights.

J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, looked now to that sky from the cold night of Zion Canyon, in Zion National Park Utah. He stood on one of the 'chimney' formations, his cape billowing in the wind as he focuses on a single mote in the sky. A wavering red something that sits so far away, and yet so close. Here, with the unaided eye, he could gaze upon his planet. So close, and yet its people forever Lost.

But there was something else, something beautiful about this new planet- something worth protecting. Earthlings are chaotic of mind, and spirit, but most possess good hearts. However, some, like the members of the Royal Flush Gang were overwhelmed with greed. King, Queen, Jack, Ace, and Ten- all were in Zion moving towards some long forgotten mine-shaft. Inside? A relic from a different age, long before most human beings had even conquered the sea, a subspecies of J'onn's people, the White Martians, had come to Earth and done things to its inhabitants. Fast forward thousands of years to the old west- where something was uncovered, and lost again but for the wild ramblings of a madman's journal. Technology like he had never seen. Something that had changed him, and returned to him the leg he'd lost in the civil war….


+MEET: Vorpal has arrived via +meet.

When trouble was detected by The Watchtower in Outer Space, two of the World's Finest heroes were dispatched by the Justice League: Avengers to investigate. Those two would be none other than Kara Zor-El, known as SUPERGIRL and Kate Bishop, the best HAWKEYE there was.

Kara had insisted on flying the pair of them, since she hated sitting in those jet things and she was currently holding on to Kate as she flew over Zion park admiring the natural beauty, "This place would be soo good for picnics. I love it."

She's scanning with her enhanced senses up ahead trying to find out who or what is already here, when she grins at Kate, "Soooo, I saw Robin last night!" Of course, she was already blushing.

Kara may have also texted Vorpal while flying with Kate, telling him they were at Zion National Park if he wanted to come join them!

"Uh huh." It's not that Kate hates flying. Not exactly. Flying is exhilarating, and exciting, and incredible. It's just that letting someone else fly you is sort of an exercise in trust, and Kate is not always the best at that. But she's trying. For the sake of justice. Or something. "How'd that go?" Maybe if she chats about dates, she'll forget that she's one distraction away from being liquid.

+MEET: Gar Logan has arrived via +meet.

"Miss Starr, Miss Starr!"

That was one of Karen's lab assistants, bursting into her office like she owned the place. Karen was doing the highly technical job of writing an email to an investor, thanking him for his time, and essentially, begging for money. Sometimes, being a CEO sucked. "Look, Anabelle, I'm kinda busy right now," she says, looking over her glasses (she thought they would make her look more CEOish) at the lab assistant.

"I um. I mean…!" "Uh huh." "…you know that seismic detector we had set up in Zion without all the permits because the permits required like three tons of paperwork and you said you could get it moved like right away if someone found it so we would play it sly and kinda illegal and…" A pause for breath, Karen's face looking a bit grimmer. "…someone found it, I think. At least, there's readings off of the charts!"

If Karen's face could be summarized in a word, it would be 'ohcrap'. Yes that is one word.

So it wasn't Karen Starr, but POWER GIRL rocketing to the rescue of the Zion National Park, her little cape fluttering with the speed of travel.

It was about that time she noticed the Justice Shrimps flying there as well, the woman rolling her eyes. Great! Maybe it was them that saw it and decided to kinda bring her in too!

They say Zion national park is positively luh-vely this time of year. Vorpal wouldn't know, he's never been there at all. While he has been recently successful with blind leaps into unknown spaces, his most recent attempt while mentally fatigued ended up with Gar and him materializing right above the Shamu pool at Sea World.

It is why a rest was unanymously decided on, leaving the logistics of transportation to Garfield.

"… it could have been worse…" the cheshire says, holding on to Gar, who is under him. "- it could have been the Gobi desert, right?" he says, shouting a good amount to compete against the wind.

Green Dragon, in the parlance of some, is a codename for tincture of cannabis. Gar Logan, totally not in any way associated with cannabis, even though at the moment he is, in fact, a green dragon. A fast one. He's got the scales, the wings, the head-ruff designed to shield his passenger from the screaming wind, because it is screaming — there's even a contrail behind them. Because Zion National Park is in Utah, and the Titans normally hang around on the East Coast. Normally.

But after the trip to Japan (see the Titans Special, which for publication schedule reasons is coming out a month late) the Titans have been a bit quiet. So now, it's time to see what Supergirl wants. The green dragon arrows in like a green … uhm, let's make it dragons in like a green arrow. Yeah. Slowing will be interesting.

"Hold on tight, Keef!" AIR BRAKES!!

GAME: Kara has set the pose order to Manhunter Kara Kate PowerGrrrl Vorpal Karf

The Martian Manhunter's glowing, Martian eyes see the approaching Kara and Kate as they scan the canyon- his own form fading into nothingness. In the Canyon, on flying playing cards, the Royal Flush gang move slowly through the winding ravines and twisting canyons- King in front with a map, as one might expect.

"Hey, are we getting close?" Jack says, from his matching suit playing card- a Jack of Spades. He has one good eye, the other replaced with some sort of cybernetic implant. It glows an angry red.

"This map is old, and the journal we stole doesn't give much in the way of directions. Its all gibberish and riddles. But if its true, whatever technology lies hidden in that mineshaft will give us the edge we need. Imagine being able to regenerate whole limbs! Who knows what else is there for someone, like myself, who knows the true value of technology."

Queen and Ten roll their eyes, with Ace- an Android- showing no reaction whatsoever. They had no idea of the number of superheroes that were converging on their location- or the subtle threads the Martian Manhunter pulled as he followed not far behind, invisible to them. He, of course, was not fully aware of what they were looking for. White Martians didn't exactly let their Green cousins know what secret experiments and horrors they had committed.

"It should be just around this bend.. I think.." King states back to the others, as they take their flying playing cards lower into the canyon- much more difficult to see from the air.

<I sense those who would assist me in protecting this land.> Comes a voice into each of the Heroes' minds- a deep, but gentle voice. Knowledge seems to blossom in the minds of Gar, Vorpal, Kara, Karen and Kate- a layout of Zion Canyon. The locations of the Royal Flush Gang. They see the gang through J'onn's eyes, as they begin to pry open wooden slats hammered into place over a century ago. <I am uncertain what they wish to find here, but I do not believe they should have it. Please, be careful as you approach. We should do all we can to protect Zion's natural beauty.> And then, the voice was gone- that gentle, nuanced touch on their minds disappearing as if it was never there.

"It was amazing. We totally- - - " Kara doesn't finish her sentence as the strange voice invades her mind, despite the gentle and friendly tone it still freaks her out a bit; she didn't have a whole lot of experience with psychics.

Setting down on a large outcropping of rocks overlooking the gang so Kate can do her archer stuff she asks the other girl, "You heard that to right?"

Then she notices Power Girl and a Green Dragon, waving to them discreetly in the hopes of not attracting the Royal Flush Gang. How discreet a blue and red costumed girl waving to a flying white woman and a green dragon could be was definitely up for debate.

"It would be amazing if telepaths could set up some sort of universal ringtone before they started making announcements, just so it wasn't so weird," Kate answers Kara's question, shaking her head as though to clear it of the images inserted there. On the other hand, it got her set down, which is a plus. Oddly enough, she seems entirely comfortable with the height when she has something under her feet. "But yeah, I got that. Did you get the part about not wrecking the place?" she asks, arching a brow at her friend. "This place is a national park."

POWER GIRL was grumbling to herself at the moment. "I'm /so/ going to review that project proposal and see what the whole purpose of monitoring the shifts in these tectonic plates is…" she murmurs to herself. That was about when that telepathic voice invaded her mind, and…

<What is going on here?!> Peej thinks rather dramatically. Right then, the visions dance across her eyes, Peej's blue eyes widening. <Oh that huh, OK! If you Justice twe… … league persons want to hang back, I think I can handle these guys,> says Peej, with all the confidence a Kryptonian can muster.

So it was zipping to the place that the flush gang was at - and Peej hovers there, throwing all subtlety away as she crosses her arms in what she hoped was an imposing manner. "Looking for something, guys?"

The problem with telepathic communications and Vorpal is that it usually takes him a second or so to distinguish an outside voice from one of the voices in his head belonging to any of the three parts that make up his multifaceted soul. When it dawns on Vorpal what is going on, he stiffens and opens his eyes- but relaxes when no hostile intention comes forth. A telepath assaulting the cheshire's mind would have found an intriguing set of obstacles- the kind of obstacle coming from a mind that is laid out like the bastard child of a Dali painting and an M. C. Escher blueprint.

"Hon, did you hear that?" he asks Gar, and then notices that someone is waving (thank goodness for night vision!) "I think… hey, do you see them over there?" He does not point. He's riding GarDragon, it's not likely that Gar can look back at him and still remain in an aerodynamic shape.

"Yeah, I heard," Gar says, having covered up his flinch with the air-braking. As he slows, the aerodynamics become less explicit as his back-spines and steering vanes pop out. He grins back at Vorpal, with his teeth retracted. Being a bright green Night Fury styled dragon is bad enough, but he's the correct size for an adult, which means he could swallow his passenger.

"You want to stop and chat with Kara or follow the one in the white … ooh, she's having fun, Kara, follow us!"

He banks and Vorpal needs to hold on again. They're going to come in from the other side.

Ace makes short work of the slats on the abandoned Mineshaft, looking over his shoulder as Karen appears from the sky for the cause of JUSTICE! King looks back at Power Girl and frowns, "Jack you come with me. Ace, Queen, Ten- you take care of the interloper." With that command given, Jack and King dart into the dark mineshaft.

Ace jumps onto his flying playing card, Queen and Ten follow not far behind- they take position in the air to surround Power Girl. Queen raises her scepter and suddenly the world seems to shiver around Power Girl as portals open throughout the Canyon. Masked men on flying playing cards exit the portals, each wearing a Spade mark on their chests. "Lets stack the deck in our favor, shall we?" she says, with a wicked grin- noticing as other heroes appear in short order. Ace remains flat, as one might expect a super-strong android- Ten grins as well, "You got it, Queenie." she jests, as in each of her hands playing cards flash in the moon-light.

<They can not hear you.> J'onn's voice echoes again in Karen's head. <But they come to your aide. I fear what is inside that mineshaft. This place was once home to a great evil, long forgotten and buried.> J'onn's form fades into existence- right next to Power Girl. "You will not face these foes alone."

Kara looked over at Kate and nodded, "Got it, don't damage the park just the bad guys." It's not like tossing people into rocks would hurt the rocks, right? She leaps off the outcropping of rocks to leave Kate behind as Green Dragon Gar calls out to her.

She flies with her fist outstretched towards one of the goons threatening Power Girl attempting to punch him soundly unconscious, "Hey Power Girl! Don't worry I'm here to save you!"

As people start to pop out of portals, Kate takes her bow from over her shoulder. Skeet shoot time! On the one hand, they seem to be flying, and falling could be bad for them. On the other hand…she's not entirely certain they're not constructs of some sort. Only one way to find out. She draws back, sighting toward one of the spades with a taser arrow before loosing.

Peej didn't seem to be too overly bothered. POWER GIRL had this really awesome way of smiling - it was confident just a little past the point of being cocky. It was amazing, and awesome, particularly enhanced by the way a lock of her short blonde hair fell into her eyes, and she didn't even CARE. Didn't even take her focus off of King. "I don't think you left enough people behind," says Peej, slowly unfolding her arms. Bringing up a hand, she starts to roll up her sleeve, her smirk turning into a wicked smile. "And…"

Okay she was going to say something really amazing and witty and otherwise. She pauses a moment though as J'onn appears beside her (which actually kinda frightened her but she tried not to react with anything more than a quick catching of her breath), but what totally threw her off her game?

Kara rocketing in like… "Oh /come on/, cupcake!" she says. "They were about to all give up, huh!"

"Normally, I like the strong silent type…" she says with a certain uncertainty towards Ace. "And… and…" her concentration was ruined now, her blue eyes flickering towards Kara. Murmuring something rather descriptive in Kryptonian, Peej instead rears a hand back, and throws herself forward, trying to deliver a punch straight towards the nose of the silent android (which she didn't know was an android, so she was using 'not kill human punch' levels of strength).

Gettting a better look of Power Girl as the dragon banks (after a few seconds of the cheshire clutching and holding on so as not to be thrown off), Vorpal says, "Hey- that's Power Girl… remember when she visited us at the tower?"

Vorpal remembers. And the rather embarrassing pang of jealousy he had felt when Gar described the visitor at the door as a 'statuesque blonde.' That was before a lot of embarrassment and talking had happened, of course, and some things had been straightened out.

For a certain value of straight, anyways. "-let me give us the benefit of surprise…"

The green dragon shimmers for a second, and then vanishes into nothingness as the Cheshire's chaos magic does its thing and invisibility happens while an illusory version of the Green Dragon and his rider take a different route throug the air. Hopefully some of the fire will be concentraed on the illusory dragon and miss the invisible chargers altogether.

What's the point of being a dragon if you don't breathe fire? What's the point of being a Night Fury, the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself, if you don't breathe plasma bolts that can explode like a bomb? Gar says, "flashbang!" and fires one of those bolts, a small one, that explodes in the air just over the Queen of Spades. BAWHUMPFLASH!

"They weren't about to give up." J'onn states plainly to Power Girl.

Kate's arrows strike the men coming out of the portals, and they seem to react as one might expect- shaking and going into seizure as they fly towards one of the canyon walls, out of control. He explodes, boom! And, oddly, there seems to be no actual damage to the canyon itself. Queen steps back, "Come to aide me, my minions!" she shouts, her voice loud and dramatic as she waves her scepter in the air again and the flying mooks split up to begin harassing the heroes. One small group chase after Vorpal's illusionary dragon, another group going towards Kara- even as she knocks on of those goons right off their card and into the wall of the canyon. There's sound. There's light- but the goon seems to fade into nothingness as it falls to the ground.

Ace's head knocks back at an inhuman angle, even as Power Girl strikes it relatively softly. There's a cracking sound as he shifts his own weight and clenches both fists together to strike at Karen's stomach in what could be considered a truly devastating blow, at least, if his opponent wasn't friggin' Power Girl.

J'onn dives suddenly, Ten following close behind him as his mind opens again to connect all the heroes together. Ten flings her cards at J'onn- who dodges, the cards exploding around his form as he dives to escape. <Focus on Ace, Ten and Queen. The others are illusions. They have no mind. They come from Queen's scepter… I have linked our minds to allow communication at the speed of thought. Simply thing, and the others will hear it. I apologize for this, and my earlier intrusion- but it is necessary. We must take these three out as quickly as possible, King and Jack are close to their prize.>

Queen shrieks as Gar's 'flashbang' explodes above her, blinding her and breaking her concentration a moment. The illusionary forces flicker- pausing a moment before they continue to harry the heroes.

Kara takes a few hits from the Royal Flush Gang members that are rushing her but she immediately retaliates with her own aerial combat techniques, sending a pair of the spades flying into each other.

She pauses a moment to greet the others, "Hey Martian Manhunter! I guess you were the creepy telepathic guy talking to us. Nice to see you again." The dragon and its rider are waved to again, "HIIII! So who is going to head inside after them?"

A floating playing card is grabbed from beneath the feet of one man so he can be sent tumbling to the ground and she smiles at Peej, "Would you like to go inside together Power Girl? I'll keep you safe!" She coughs and adds in Kryptonian, "<because you totally suck at it. I mean I just saved you from like five guys.>"

Kate's reaction to the mental link is…unusual. At best, it's like someone sitting in a dentist chair during a root canal. But even then, beneath the surface there's a violent refusal of the contact, verging on panic. It takes effort not to fight it. Luckily, there are plenty of other things to fight here. When the spades are revealed as illusions, she shifts her attack toward the entrance to the cave, shooting a pair of goop arrows at the ground in front of it. Everyone else with her can get around it, maybe the people inside will have issues getting out. Then it's Ten's turn, with a net arrow inbound.

Log Note: Kara actually spoke in English, since nobody else understands Krypotronian

Regardless of the level of strength in Ace's blow, POWER GIRL was caught off guard for one. For two - it was quite a hefty blow, and Peej got the rare and unique pleasure of having all of the air driven out of her lungs, the woman stumbling back a step or two. It was about that time that Kara shouted her little taunt at her, and Peej's eyes flash.

"So that's how it is with you, huh?" she tells Ace. "You're one of those big tough guys, huh?" she says, still kinda gasping for breath. Features screwing up in a brief look of anger, she rockets a cross punch along Ace's jaw, kinda stepping up the strength to 'kill all humans' territory. "Why don't you sit yourself down!"

Of course, Peej /has/ to take the time to shout. "<The grownups are busy here> CUPCAKE!" shouts Peej in wonderful Kryptonian/English hybrid. <Why don't you come back when you get a little bigger, huh? I think I and my new buddies got this!> Vorpal and Gar were recognized of course, given a brisk nod. Peej looked kinda mad. But she did get punched just now too. So she might be a little terse.

<I'll go after the guys in the shaft, see if I can buy you some time-> Vorpal says, speaking on the Party Line (but it is Martian Manhunter who is the operator, he's the one who's getting this party started), and then says out loud, "I

<I'll go after the guys in the shaft, see if I can buy you some time-> Vorpal says, speaking on the Party Line (but it is Martian Manhunter who is the operator, he's the one who's getting this party started), and then says out loud, "I'm going in, Broccoli," as the illusion falls off the dragon to make him fully visible. "Go ahead and give them hell!"

He lets go of Garfield, but he does not smash himself against the ground- a Rabbit Hole is there to receive him, and opens at ground level near the mine entrance, shooting him upwards. The gravitational change is something that he's quite used to, and it is only a few seconds of using the Rabbit Hole power to nullify his momentum and then let him jump through the shaft entrance before Kate goops it all up.

Shhh. He's hunting wabb- er, kwiminals. Vanishing into inviibility like the cat he is, he begins to move quickly through the tunnel to try to catch up to the other two mentioned by the Martian.

<Go after them, Vorpalmonster, bring the wraith of cod(1) down on them!> Gar thinks, fiercely. Gar is … curious, yes, that's what it is, curious, about the teasing tones used by Kara on the (statuesque, blond) woman who looks and smells and sounds a LOT like her. Sisters from another mother? Don't worry about that right now. Instead, do something about this terrible hand of cards. A bolt of plasma, zwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeePAM! hits the underside of Ten's flying-card.

(1) Wraith of Cod: the bane invoked by Perry Whitefish on his underlings when they would outrage him. Generally summoned with the call, "Great Seafood's Ghost!" For further information, locate universe 143165, aka Fishiverse 1.

Inside the mineshaft, King and Jack find what they were looking for- although what they find is truly horrific- the mineshaft give way to a long hallway composed of some alien metal. Tubes, each large enough to hold a human, line that hallway- some shattered and broken from age, others with skeletons floating inside as machinery continues whatever ghastly work it had begun when they still lived- saws cutting at no-longer-there flesh, through bone, to reattach limbs and inject long-ago tainted chemicals into cloudy tubes that have become torture-chambers for long-dead test subjects. At the end of the hall a large computer flickers to life, Martian characters starting to flicker as whatever technology rules this place boots to life. A voice calls out in a language wholly alien to King or Jack- it is the Martian language: "~Sleep Mode Deactivated. Cold Fusion Core running at 5 percent. ~" The console below the screen begins to light up, coming back to life from hundreds of years of sleep- A number of buttons remaining dark, others lighting up- each with a Martian Pictograph on it. One resembles a gun, another resembles a humanoid figure, and a third resembles nothing either Jack nor King have ever seen before. Vorpal, as he enters the chamber, would see the same- King and Jack standing near the terminal, "Which one do we press, King?" Jack wonders, "I figure you'd want the gun one, right?" King frowns, "I'm not sure, I don't recognize that language. It doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before."

Kara goes after the illusionary figures, apparently choosing to ignore the information given by the Manhunter in their shared mental link.

Ten is attacked from two sides- first Kate's arrow flies in and captures her without much difficult, Hawkeye(s) being known for their amazing aim and ability in Archery. As she struggles with the net, her card is blasted with plasma which causes a cascade failure. Luckily, the woman is a former test pilot and manages with all that going on to crash land into the canyon below without great injury- but all wrapped up still in Kate's net.

Ace raises his arms to try and block Power Girl's strike, this one powerful enough to crack his outer housing. It might kill a human, but an Android designed to tank against super powerful foes- if only to give the rest of the gang time to escape- it simply slowed. Sparks flicker and fly from the torn flesh of the Ace-Android as it finds its tracking software damaged by the mighty strike. Still, it continues to fly on its card- swinging wildly at Karen.

The Martian Manhunter zips up as Ten is taken out, his body seeming to grow faded, but not invisible. He appears behind Queen and simply reaches out- his hand and arm growing into a long snake-like form that surrounds her arm from the scepter down and squeezing. There is a crack, an ark of electricity, and then the other Spade-Wearing, Card-Flying illusionary mooks flicker before fading out. A slight beam of light from J'onn's eyes, his Martian Vision at the 'weakest' setting is like a knock out punch to Queen's head- it rocks before she goes limp, passed out. J'onn then carefully sets the human down near the mine-shaft, before his glowing red eyes turn back towards the others. "We must hurry!"

Kara had NOT been ignoring the information, she was just practicing out some of her new moves she had come up with on some targets she could not hurt. That was what she doing, she would deny anything else if it came up.

"Power Girl. I know calling me a cupcake is your way of saying I love you. Don't WORRY I love you to, ok?" Kara somehow finds time to give the other Kryptonian a re-assuring pat on the shoulder even in the midst of the fight.

She searches for downed targets and uses her freezing breath to keep them on ice until they can be better dealt with.

Better safe than sorry, Kate adds another taser arrow to Ten's bad day just to be sure he's down. "I'll keep an eye out from here," she says over the link, turning a slow circle to make sure there aren't any other members of the gang hanging around waiting to jump them from behind.


Obviously, the other Kryptonian got the easy ones. As the punch causes the android's head to crack and shimmer, one might find that he was doing his job rather famously. Peej was very distracted right now. He might find a little less success with his wild punches against POWER GIRL than he had before. Up come Peej's arms - blocking blow after blow - and even taking one against her chin, the woman bracing herself against the blow. "Alright, that's it!" she says, kinda dipping her head forward - before using her sizable… size and otherwise to kinda dodge forward and tackle the robot, hoping to slam him against the side of the mineshaft entrance. If she can get him that far, he would be due for an uppercut right under the chin.

Peej could be thinking straighter right now, yes.

<Um… Manhunter?> Vorpal tests the mental link- does it extend this far into the mine? He did recognize Manhunter for the brief time they had met. Funny enough, though, they hadn't really exchanged words- emergencies seldom tend to be social events. <There's… a machine down here coming down to life, and these two bozos are talking about pressing buttons. I can't read the language… so I'm going to stall. In the meantime- instructions on what this might be? There's these… tubes. With… it looks like a horror show. This is something Hannibal Lecter would have dreamed up if he were a mad scientist…>

And he shivers, because of what he imagined would have filled those tubes. And what those implements were doing to bone… that at some point was covered in flesh.

<In any case… a distraction, coming up…>

He frowns and takes a quiet breath, focusing… focusing… and the illusion weaves itself from the images in his mind.

The world around the two men begins to blur, as if they were losing consciousness- but it only lasts for one second. Then, everything is back to normal-

Of course, it depends on how closely they were watching everything before the blur-out, but they might not notice that the buttons have shifted to the right a little, the illusion covering the panel shifting the images to the right several inches, so that the buttons themselves are hidden and false representations of them shifted to the side.

And that's when the Cheshire cat becomes visible, having placed the trap and moving onto distraction part deux.

"Hello, boys," he grins, hands on hips. "The tour is over."

Ten and Queen are down. Ace is (snif snif) yep, that's burning circuitry. So some sort of cyborg, amplified suit, or android. Yeah. The Kryptonian Bookends can doubtless make Ace faw-down-go-boom. So, Gar spins in the air, almost at a right-angle, and zips ahead into the darkness of the mine … a plasma-charged "RAWR!" flashes like purple fire through the cave at the speed of roar, its echoes revealing the exact shape, structure, and contents of the cave. Night Fury Dragons have echolocation, yes, just a small part of their coolness. Gar might be considering giving up being human and just staying this particular kind of dragon. Or it could just be a random flicker of thought. He seems to do that quite a bit, not the same way that Vorpal does with multiple minds; rather, part of him is always investigating the potentials of whatever shape he's adopted. And this shape has such amazing potential, being a dragon that isn't completely improbable and magic, is tremendously cool. Of course, that would have its downside. Eating that much fish alla time, being terrified of eels, squishing Keef…

All right, fine, when the fun is over, he'll go back to being just Garfield Logan, human-mostly. But for now? That roar echoes through the cave just after the end of the tour is announced.

The Manhunter turns, looking to the others as they 'mop up' the mooks. Ten's day has been bad all-around, just as she thinks she's getting somewhere with the netting she's hit by another arrow that causes her to convulse and fall over with a groan. When Ace is grabbed and slammed into the ground by Peej, it seems to be enough to damage the android so that it begins to shut down. A few twitching movements before it crumbles and grows still.

<That is a good plan, Hawkeye.> J'onn replies to Kate's thought-communication, frowning as he listens then to what Vorpal reports. <I will be there shortly. Do not let them touch anything, and do not touch anything yourself. Be careful of Jack- his eye is a weapon. I will do what I can to protect you from King's mind control.>

If Vorpal's statement didn't get King and Jack's attention, Gar's roar sure does. They both turn, King frowning, "Jack. Take care of the tights." he orders, as he turns to look again at the console, clearly about to hit any button- just to see what happens.

Kara immobilizes Ace's remains with her freezing breath before taunting Power Girl, "Seriously. Learn to use your powers better, POWER girl. You can do stuff other than punch you know."

She wasn't about to let ANYONE hit any buttons. The best way to stop these kind of things was to break them or so she thought.

"Peej, look."

Her eyes flash red and she shoots out laser beams into the console to blow it up. Let's see the bad guy press anything now!

Kate picks out a spot where she can oversee the full field of battle, keeping an arrow loosely nocked and at the ready. Everyone has their own specialty, and Hawkeyes are excellent at keeping watch. And not blowing up potentially nuclear equipment. No, wait. That's just Kate, Clint would totally do it, just by accident instead of on purpose.

With one last kick to the fallen robot's 'ribs',POWER GIRL gives one last snort to the fallen robot, rolling her neck - and then bringing her hand up to kinda rub at the side of it. "You know…" she says. "I wonder if we can use this back at the…"

'Peej, look'.

With a flash of motion, Peej arrives just when Kara's lazer eyes were starting to flash, and all Peej can do is lower her face, and cover it with her hand in shame. "…<Dumb El-House…razzlefrazz>" Okay she was murmuring that last word in Kryptonian too.

Kate Bishop returns to OOC Land.

"Hey, no dissin' the tights. They look great on me." Vorpal smirks. A purple glow manifests in the cheshire's hand as the Vorpal blade comes into existence. He plans on throwing it at the King to keep him from pressing the button, when-

Is that Kara's laser eyes? Oh god…

<… oh $#@!>

He doesn't know how big the explosion's going to be, but he dismisses the sword to create a construct to provide shielding from the incoming blast…

The bad guys' attention is doubtless focused on the two women, as one of them is death-glaring the wonderful mystery-equipment into what promises to be a fiery end. If she hits it, and isn't fooled by the illusion, then it may well provide an earth-shattering kaboom. GarFury doesn't care. He's spotted his victim: the King, who doesn't realize that the thing that roared earlier is CLINGING TO THE CEILING and dropping onto him to LICK HIS FACE … the smell is bad enough. The saliva of the Night Fury doesn't come out … Like a disturbingly permanent rubber cement, the lick-of-doom pulls his crown down over his eyes and makes it STICK there, and it will have to wear off, because no solvent can remove it that won't also remove the man's skin and hair. Although he may be willing. Jack, who was next to King, gets a draconic punch to the side of the head. Not super-strength, but not in any way gentle. Probably not lethal.

J'onn's eyes widen as Kara shoots lasers from her eyes into the mineshaft. Her strike is straight and true, the heat beams hitting the console- just after King hits the gun-button. That Martian voice speaks again, although its tone is modulated and screwy as the computer's systems- running for thousands of years- finally begin to give out. "~Poower Cooore. Crit. Crita..Critical. Weapons Test…ACti..Activaaa…~" Turrets manage to burst from the ground before they sputter and spark, failing before firing any shot at all. "You impetuous fool!" J'onn shouts at Kara, even as King and Jack look at eachother and run straight for the Exit as things start to go south.

J'onn rockets towards the danger now, the density of his body falling to next to nothing as he passes through both King and Jack as they run- "Holy Shit! What was that?!" Jack says, as he keeps running. King shouts, "Just run, you Idiot!" The pair then finding themselves suddenly flattened by DraGonAr, some sort of Green Pokemon.

The Manhunter enters the facility and a certain dark awareness falls over his face. He suddenly seems to know exactly where he's going, and what he's doing- although, only Vorpal can see it. The low-density form of the Manhunter hurtles into the console, and behind it- before he crashes out some glowing white orb of massive size in his arms. He shouts, in Martian. "~Escape Protocol, Jettison Fusion Core!~" in the same language Vorpal heard not moments ago. The Mountain above them begins to rumble and shake as a previously hidden door in the rock above begins to open. J'onn, who has no time to wait for it to open fully rockets towards it, the land itself ejecting and erupting upwards as he drives himself through the tiny opening and further widens the gap. Like a green blur, J'onn carries the fusion engine with him up, and up, and up towards space. The Kryptonians can feel radiation from within- as if a tiny star had somehow been contained in that ancient vessel.

At hypersonic speeds, J'onn breaks the Earth's gravity, a huge *BOOOOOM* heard when he gets through the atmosphere and turns himself three times to throw the fusion core out into space. Inside, the once self-sustaining fusion engine begins to lose cohesiveness the radiation growing until the night sky above the heroes is suddenly lit with an explosion that happens well past the moon.

Kara wipes one hand against the other as if she's done something utterly amazing, even as Martian Manhunter is flying off into space. She superspeeds over to Power Girl and whips out her phone, wrapping her arm around the other girl and yelling out, "SAY KRYPTON!" A photo is quickly snapped of the pair.

Since Kate was out on watch she sent a quick message to check in on her before smiling at Vorpal and Gar, "Hey you two. I was just teaching Power Girl how to use her powers and stuff."

Okay, so the superselfie was great. So while Kara wraps her arms around POWER GIRL, she gets her hand up in time, blocking a good shot of her face. Breathing heavy from her savaging of the poor robot, Peej kinda wets her lips with her tongue, tempted to lazer eye the phone. Kara was /so lucky/ she decided not to, though.

So while Kara goes to brag, Peej floats over too. She would NEVER lower herself to the immature, little tiny Kryptonian's level. "So hey, Kara Zor-Smell. Been to the moon lately?" she asks.

She'll never do it after this one. She promises.

When things glow and alarms go off, it is a sure bet that you're going to die. Every science fiction movie ever made has made this painfully clear. In fact, the only purpose of advanced technology (according to JJ Abrams and Michael Bay) was purely pyrotechnic, and starships were not meant to fly- they were meant to KILL YOU ALL.

This is why Vorpal was in the process of trying to conjure a Rabbit Hole to evacuate everybody when the Manhunter saved the day. Were he a Serious Superhero, he would probably be mad at Kara's impulsiveness that had nearly caused a catastrophe-

But let's be frank. He's friends with Misfit, he has gone on a cross-country trip with Kate Bishop and ended up in the middle of a mob hit, he's boyfriends with a green man who turns into the craziest animals in the world.

And he is purple. Covered in fur. And in tights. Serious does not get along with him at all. In fact, every time Vorpal tries to act serious, and angel loses its wings to a cosmic magnifying glass and a supernova.

So he smirks at Kara, "Right. Smooooth, very smoo-"

But there is a moment for appropriate seriousness once he's sure that everybody- Gar, Kara, Peej- is ok. "Where is the Manhunter? Is he oka- why am I asking out loud?"

<Manhunter, Manhunter, are you there? Are you alright?>
Because that had been one big-ass explosion.

Gar trots up, King and Jack suspended by their collars in his dragon-jaws (teeth extended in case they decided they might want to thrash a bit) and spits them out in front of the other three heroes. They make a sticky, squelchy, dragon-drooled splortch when they land. (Seriously, they'll have to burn those costumes. It will never come out.)

At the question about the Manhunter, Gar realizes what that 'urgent speed' was that he sensed, and looks up as well, trying to catch any sense of where a telepathic Martian Manhunter might be drifting back to earth.

If he senses a falling hero, he'll take to the sky like lightning to try to find him and keep him from becoming yet another meteor. Probably to be joined by the others.

Luckily for Zion, and most of the west coast, that enormous explosion has no effect other than a pretty light show. J'onn is blown back by the blast- he had gotten it far enough away from the earth, but the shockwave was large enough to send him flying in the opposite direction. There was pain there that shoots across that connection, the 'central switchboard' of J'onn's mind transferring some small amount of that to the heroes below- even from the great distance he had gone. It felt not unlike the worst sunburn imaginable- all one's skin on fire for a split second before its cut off, along with J'onn's link to the others. J'onn's body is, indeed, rocketing back towards Earth- hitting atmosphere and beginning to burn on re-entry. If J'onn wasn't already knocked senseless from the blast in space this would be a truly terrifying experience for the fire-fearing alien. Small miracles, as they say.

The explosion, and the way the /other/ Kryptonian nearly doomed them all has Peej kinda glaring at Kara. "So… about all that back there? /Why/ did you heat vision the console again?" she asks. There was a moment, a long moment, her eyes flickering towards Vorpal and Gar.

Peej's face grows more serious as she catches on to what was happening.

"Where's… the floaty green guy? Is he…? Ohgod."

POWER GIRL was off like a rocket, hoping to catch the falling Martian, cradling him in her arms as she draws Earthward again. Assuming everything goes according to her plan.

Vorpal winces at the pain and then gathers enough of his bearings to say, "Gargon, fetch!" to Gar.

Just in case Peej has trouble spotting Manhunter in the vastness of space, she can have a trained dragon on the lookout as well. That sensation that came from his mental link was going to give him a headache for a while, he felt…

Kara hmphs and replies to Power Girl, "DUH! The guy was about to press the button, so I blew up the button. Then he can't press it. LOGIC Power Girl." When Manhunter is asked about, she looked up at the sky to see Power Girl rocketing off. She smiled and let the other woman go ahead and do it, "Well, looks like Manhunter is ok. How about you two?" She seemed awfully cheerful despite the insanity of it all.

J'onn is found, and caught by Power Girl without much trouble. He seems to be missing pieces of his body- singed arms and legs, holes here or there. It would have killed a human.. or perhaps even a Kryptonian to be missing such large sections of their body. An arm is half gone, a leg mangled and his eyes are dim. However, he speaks. "Put…me…down..on…the..ground…" he requests, as he turns to look at Karen. Sure, he looks good. Well, he will in a minute anyways.


Gar feels the flash of pain, and begins to launch for the sky, but he's been a dragon for rather too long, and as he starts to leap he becomes a human again, stumbling to land against Vorpal.

"Aww, crud," he says. "That was no fun. I hope she catches him …"

And POWER GIRL gently draws the Manhunter down - down upon the ground, gently back on Terra Firma. A breath leaves her, and she draws a hand up, wincing a bit as she brushes a glove across his face. "Do I need to get you a… green people doctor?" she asks, her voice softened. Looking up at the others, concern in her eyes.

Romantic music begins to play as if out of nowhere.

And right there, to catch him, is Vorpal. Putting his arms around Gar, he says "Alright, that's enough dragoning for one night, Mister Logan…"

Vorpal can't offer a doctor for J'onn- Gar has a doctor, but Gar is human. Ish. Mostly. He's not sure Martian and doctors can be together in the same room without the word 'vivisection' coming up, and that would just be terribly awful.

Holding his boyfriend up, the cheshire frowns, paying attention to the Manhunter's condition. "I think… I'm not sure. Raven is in Azarath and out of reach, but if you go to Moontree Manor, you can find Rain… she's a white witch. She can heal."

"Just feed him. He's a green shapeshifter. We grow back," Gar says. Some sort of a Gumbyism, no doubt.

"No." J'onn replies, as he closes his eyes and takes a slow breath. The rock and sand from under the Martian's body seems to shimmer and the holes begin to fill. His limbs straighten and grow anew as he reconstitutes himself and absorbs material from the ground below. He returns to his feet, before bowing his head to Power Girl. "A doctor will not be required," he offers then to Vorpal. "One of the benefits of having total molecular control of your body is the ability to absorb matter and reconstitute it into your own biological form. The landing, however, would have been uncomfortable. Again, I thank you, Power Girl." He nods his head once more respectfully.

Kara had left to check up on Kate, apparently her iphone had dropped on the way though and had begun playing music when Karen and Martian Manhunter landed. She quickly returns and turns it off and slips it into her pocket, "Sorry about that." She looks at the massive manhunter and back to Karen, "Good work Power Girl!" She rushes over to give the giant Kryptonian a tight hug, "You're like the best sidekick ever."

A nod of her head, and Peej kinda purses her lips. It was… a bit odd seeing someone put themselves back together again from nothing. Well, not /nothing/, but… Peej tilts her head as the Martian Manhunter returns, glancing from him to Gar to… "Are you two brothers?" she asks, kinda pointing between both of them. "But hey - it's all in a day's work!" she says, giving J'onn the widest, happiest grin in the universe.

A power grin if you would.

But of course Kara had to ruin everything. Rolling her eyes as El Brat comes over and squeezes her, Karen gives a longsuffering sigh. "You're lucky I promised myself that I wouldn't be as immature as you anymore," she says, ruffling the smaller one's hair. "See you around, brat," she says, giving a wink to her. A salute to Vee and Gar, and she was up - up and away~

Power Girl. Sidekick. The muscles on the Cheshire's face do a quick fandango as he cycles through disbelief, hilarity, shock, does a U-turn to revisit hilarity for a second, spend half a picosecond in Majorca having an affair with flabbergastitude and then settle comfortably into a COMPELTELY BLANK EXPRESSION that is meant to mask the fail-conga of prior micro-expressions.

"Er. Right. Um. Come by the office any time, guys. But I have to totally take Gar home now 'cause he's sort of exhausted himself and…" quick, make something up that makes their exit believable "… if I don't get him to his bed so he can lie down he will be puking all over the place. Like. Exorcist bad. And then everybody will be sick and puking in turn and then… okay. So yes. Call on us any time!"

He is making a supreme effort not to laugh. And he is mostly succeeding. He also manages to summon the rabbit hole leading to the castle.

He still hasn't thought about what Gar's reaction to his made up excuse will be, once they're on the other side of the rabbit hole. He did sort of paint his boyfriend as a sort of vomit tsunami waiting to happen just because he was exhausted.

Nobody said he was good at thinking up excuses on the fly, right?

J'onn looks to others before turning towards the mineshaft. He had work to do. An ancient crime against humanity to dismantle fully, and remove from this earth. Some people never stop working, it seems. "I m sure I will see you all again."

"Hork," Gar agrees. "See, I'm green already."

He nods to Kara as Power Girl has already gone, and salutes the Martian Manhunter before vanishing into the rabbit hole.

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