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January 08, 2016:

Caitlin and Cindy Moon hang out finally! It's a bit awkward.


The JLA Lakehouse, behind the League headquarters


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Cindy Moon sighed, her eyes flicking down at the small scarp paper before she glanced upwards once more. Yep, it *was* the right place, you know, since she had only cross checked the address at least five times. She couldn't help but let the anxiety settle in her chest as she bit her lip and brushed a free strand of hair back behind an ear, she wasn't sure WHY she was a nervous wreck, she kicked butt as a (not always) night-job! But well, here she is standing in front of the address as a total bashful mess, frozen on the spot before the door as she monlogues endlessly to herself. Really, it isn't HER fault, not with that giant looming imposing building behind it. Really, this place was way too swank, and she hasn't even gotten to what monsters may well live behind those walls. If her extraordinarily tall redhead new-friend was any indication.

She would take one more breath, brushing her hair once more in a nervous fashion as she stepped up. Its fine, just ring the door bell. It'll be fine! Yeah. Yep. Yep- And she finally presses it, her stomach sinking as she hears the chimes oh so slightly. Cindy, for her part, is dressed quite like a civilian- well, she's dressed exactly as she normally would in her non-super-hero-ing escapades. She's wearing a striking crimson peacoat which contrasts her black mid length pleated skirt, which itself gives way to a warm set of black winter leggings. Its only just now in this moment that Cindy realizes that no, Cait has *never* seen her without the skin-tight catsuit…


The speaker buzzes once. <Hang on!> comes a woman's voice, crackling slightly. <I'm in the back, I'll be right there.>

It only takes a few minutes and then the door swings wide, revealing Caitlin in comfy sweatpants rolled up to her knees, a cotton tank top, and a green paisley bandana holding her hair back. "Oh! Hi, Cindy!" she says, flashing a megawatt grin at the superheroine. "I'm sorry, I totally wasn't expecting you— come on in!" she says, opening the door all the way and inviting Cindy inside with a wave of her hand. "Welcome to the Lakehouse. It's not mine, they just let me use one of the guest rooms here 'cause my apartment in Gotham was just, liked, terribad."

Once Cindy's inside, Caitlin removes her bandana and absently flicks her fingers through her hair. For once, it looks like she took a comb and some conditioner to it, and the results are a huge improvement over the old 'screw it, it's out of my eyes' look she used to sport. "Are you thirsty, or something? We've got soda and stuff. Probably some booze, too, though I hear there was a party here a few nights back and this purple-haired chick killed, like, a fifth of vodka."

Cindy Moon opened her mouth to respond, her smile only about half as wide as Caitlin's, but the redhead beats her to it- filling the air with words before the raven haired woman can get a word out herself. Honestly, people like Cait tended to exasperate her, but well, she can take it in this case. And then she's inside, slipping her hands into her coat's pockets and just acting COOL as she lets Caitlin talk. Yep, so cool. Casual. Can't touch this. "Sorry about dropping by unexpected, but- I was in the neighborhood." Manhatten. "So, I figured I might as well poke my nose in." She lives in Manhatten. "You know, anything I can to get away from the Fact Channel." She adds, oh so ready to drop the little hint that she had moved up to full time.

"Gotham, huh?" She would ask, whistling a bit as she took in the rest of the room, really anything to avoid staring *up* at Cait, only for her to screw her nose up at the mention of the party. Something about a super-powered rager sounded like a terrible, terrible, horrible, awful idea. "Yeah, sure." She replies with a quick nod. Cindy herself seems like she's put a lot into her apperance, though she's still certainly more demure than Cait. Even when Cait is sweatpants clad.

Caitlin shakes her head quickly. "No, it's totally okay! I mean, I'm glad I was here," she admits. "I'm kinda long on free time until I start up with the Baxter Industries, but I haven't seen Sue yet, and that's just… uggh, I'm stressed but trying not to think about it too hard."

For a superheroine, Caitlin's almost painfully obtuse. Cindy's carefully measured appearance seems lost on her. "What's the Fact Channel?" she asks Cindy, curiously. They got into a small kitchen area and Caitlin opens the fridge, leaning over to fish around for some soda stored in the back. "I've got, um, Coke, some Dr. Pepper, and root bear. Also, I've got diet coke, but I don't like offering friends basically poison," she says, voice slightly muffled by the fridge's interior.

Cindy Moon arches an eyebrow, letting her hands rest on her hips as she mentions Baxter industries, and then even further with mentioning Sue. The possible pun flies RIGHT over her head as she gently works at the cobwebs in her noggin. What could Cait possibly have to do with something that sounded so… Un-cai- Oh! Oh… /Oh/. She finally catches up, her eyes widening a bit before she puts a hand to her chin and gently rubs it. "Well, good luck?" She asks, righting herself, not really sure how to support someone going into something like that outside of some awkward passing congratulations! And well, it gives her another lead to follow, but you know- not TOO obviously now. Alienating sources this early? Eyech.

"The fact channel?" She asks, honestly caught a little off guard before she puffs her chest out a bit. "Fact News Channel, only New York's number one source for hard hitting journalism, breaking news and unbiased reporting." She sounds off, her voice rather lifeless as if she were reading off a pamhplet. "Nothing but the facts, right on time, every time." She adds, rolling her eyes with a groan. "I'm a peon in their great media machine." She adds with a queer grin. "Diet cok-" She starts, only to bite her tongue. "… Coke?" She asks meekly.

Caitlin pops up with a soda in hand and offers to Cindy. "Oh, local TV? I don't watch that. I get my news off the interwebs. I don't think I've watched a live news broadcast in… uh… I don't know. Years?"

"C'mon, let's go hang out in my room," Caitlin says, inviting Cindy to follow her with a short wave. It turns out the Lakehouse is more like a dormitory— there are two floors, a living room, rec room, laundry area, and hallways leading off to individual areas. Caitlin has a small suite all to herself, and though it's a studio, it's quite nicely appointed and has even a half-kitchenette, which is mostly covered in electronics components at the moment.

"Sorry for the mess," Caitlin says, moving to the oversized sofa and sitting carefully on it. She folds her ankles up under her knees and sits sideways, facing the other half of the sofa. "I met this really neat old guy in the Czech district who basically hired me to fix his work computer. He told some of his friends, and then one of his neighbours asked me to build him a few terminals. So yay, tempwork, but mess."

She finally looks over Cindy's clothing. "Wow, I really like your outfit," she admires. "That's so put-together looking. The coat's brillaint. Where'd you get it?" she says, reaching up and absently pulling her hair back into a ponytail and fighting her scrunchie.

Cindy Moon continued to gawk as she followed after Cait, tracing their path as she clicked her tongue. She felt certainly out of place here, and maybe more than just a tiny bit jealous. Her own apartment was absolutely tiny, and yet still cost her an arm and leg monthly. But then, there was something liberating about paying rent, a little taste of freedom that hurt her wallet so very very much. But, well, she had a window this time! Even the suite is great, and well, smells *much* less like Manhatten than her own. "Hey, no its fine." She replies, still window shopping.

"Honestly, didn't take you for the tinkering type." She finally remarks, rubbing the back of her head as she peers at Caitlin. Two friends just hanging out, but she still felt super awkward. "I take it fighting crime and being a renowned super hero isn't enough to pay the bills?" She asks, taking a nice steadying breath herself as she sits on the couch in a graceful movement. Where Cindy may be a bundle of nerves (shutup), she had more than enough grace stemming from that obnoxious spider bite.

"Oh! Ah, well, first paycheck." She remarks, flashing a smile as she puts out an arm to admire it herself. Well, she can't say no to a compliment as she sits a little further on the edge of the couch, one leg crossed over the other and her body half turned towards Cait. "So, about why I was here…"

Caitlin laughs awkwardly, letting out a little snort. "Oh god, pay? I mean, I guess some of the senior JL:A members get… um, like a stipend or something, but there's all these hoops for that," she tells Cindy, smiling. "I'm just a lowly… I think I'm like, an associate member? So I get some of the legal perks and I can use this sweet pad but I don't get money, or nothin'. I mean, the only reason I get to stay here is 'cause I got a pity party being the only JL:A member who rents in Gotham. There's no way I could afford to rent this on my own, even with the offer from Dr. Richards, no way," she says, emphatically. "My place in Gotham was about the size of a shoebox, and it was in a friggin' demilitarized zone. And the rent was still more than half my monthly take-home. And I've got a degree in electrical engineering, and computers are pretty easy, so it's a fun way to make some extra cash. I'm kind of a homebody," she admits.

She finishes tying off her hair into an awkward, asymmetric ponytail, arms dropping. "So what's up? Not that you need a reason to stop by— I mean, you're totally welcome to stop by," Caitlin hastens to assure Cindy. "I love having friends over. …I don't have a /lot/ of friends," she forces herself to admit, "but they're welcome!"

Cindy Moon lets Caitlin run her mouth, resting her hands on her knees as she leans back somewhat, still several inches away from the back of the couch as she flashes her friend (YES!) a sympathetic grin. "Sounds like Gotham." She hums oh so very sweetly, her sardonic tone just barely breaking through as she shifts some with a yawn. "Suprising, really." She adds, her brow knitting as she clicks her tongue once more. "You would expect that capes would… Well, that you would be paid at least as much as a garbage man." There's a pun about cleaning the streets there, but you know, too easy. "Honestly, its surprising more of you all don't turn to being bad eggs." She ho hums, conveniently setting herself apart from 'you all'. And then there's blinking about the electrical engineering, she doesn't know why she's surprised, and quite honestly feels like a horrid jerk for making assumptions… But, her bad?

"And I should say, /I/ don't watch the news either, the world is… A little too big for my liking?" She asks the air, waving a hand casually. "Anyways, getting in the thick of things tends to help out with reporting /those things/." She adds wryly. And then there's a pfft from the woman. "Hey, its fine." She tries to assure Caitlin right back. "Deep breath, its fine." Wow, look who's talking here Cindy. "I was just, wondering about the whole hero thing." She adds, playing with her tongue along the inside of her cheek. "Which… Sounds really dumb now that I think about it."

Caitlin shrugs, the motion a bit stilted and awkward. "It's… well, you know, I do it because I can help," she says, as if that should be self-evident. "I'm not a mercenary or nothin'. If you saw someone's grandma trying to cross the street, you'd help her, right?" Caitlin clearly lacks the 'typical' New York shortness of vision.

Caitlin wiggles her knees absently atop her ankles, listening to Cindy, and smiles confusedly.

"Isn't it fun?" she tells Cindy, obliviously. "I really do love heroing. I'm not good at it," she admits, "but y'know, when you're bulletproof it sort of downs the danger factor a bit. Wait, why do you think it's dumb?" she blinks, Cindy's words catching her short as she processes them.

Cindy Moon places a hand on her chin again, her lips parting some. "That's admirable." She remarks pointedly, maybe she didn't have such stringent reasons herself, but she wasn't about to voice them, or tear down Caitlin's ideals. "Well, even if it *is* New York, helping grandma isn't exactly a life or death situation." She points out, patting herself on the stomach. "At least, I haven't been shot at by radical skate boarding punks while helping nan acroess the street." She hums with a small grin.

And then on to super heroing, and Caitlin gets her confused smile mirrored right back to her. "Its… Different, far better than being locked away in my home for eight years, and trust me- I've met a ton of interesting people." WINNING SMILE. "But, well, it still feels- Odd? Like… I don't know, it seems so unreal." She continues awkwardly, her nose scrunched as she tries to build together what precisely it is she wants to say. "Its hard to say." She finally admits, playing along her knee with her hands. "D-Dumb?" She starts, only to purse her lips. "Ah, I mean. Like- It sounds silly when I /say/ something like /that/. You know?" She asks, tilting. "You know, I'm new to all this? So talking to people about it is even newer?" Confusion.

Caitlin brings her knees up and loops her arms absently around, fingers looping in front of her. "I… o-oh." Caitlin looks surprised, leaning forward impulsively and touching Cindy's wrist. It's more of a gesture that she's seen others do, rather than attempt herself, but bless— it's the thought that counts. "I'm so sorry. I… gosh. You just, y'know, when we met you were like, 'pow!'" Caitlin mimes a punch in the air overhead. "You're so confident an' stuff. And you rock the hero suit, so I was, like, y'know, you must have been doing this for a while, and—"

"—wait, eight years? What?"

Cindy Moon STARES at Cait, not even shying away from the touch one bit! Nope, she's frozen in abject shock right here. "Me? /Me/? Confident? Rocking?" She asks, looking so very surprised before she turns her face, hand clasping her chin as she thinks on this development hard. Yep, she totally just shut poor Cait out for a moment. It was a boost to her confidence to say the least, and one that she was quite happy to hear about! But, well, it was hard to belive? And are her ears burning right no- Cait! "Ah-Crap. Sorry." She suddenly chimes, snapping back to it. "Erhh… Heh… Long story?" She asks, flashing an awkward smile. Damnit Cindy, you just had to blab it. "Uuhm… Have you seen that one Disney movie with the singing ice queen?" She mumbles sheepishly.

Cindy Moon brushes a bang from her eyes. "There's ah, a talking snow man too." Cindy adds, barely audibly.

Cindy Moon didn't like that snow man.

"You mean Frozen? 'Do you wanna build a snow-man?~" Caitlin sings immediately, and badly. "Or ride our bikes around the HAAAALLLLL~".

"Oh, I get it," she says, Cindy's deer-in-the-headlight reaction totally lost on her. "I was homeschooled. I mean, I wasn't locked up, I could, y'know, go places, but it was either school, or home," she admits. "I don't have a lot of memories of it, just me and my daddy until he… died," she swallows, "then my last few months of high school, then college." She shrugs again, one bare shoulder bobbing awkwardly. "I'm sorry. I know it's hard to talk about. Can I give you a hug? I don't wanna make it weird," she hastens to tell Cindy, "y'know, if you are like a 'no touchie' kinda person, but you know, you seem like you could use a hug."

Cindy Moon cringes as Caitlin breaks into song, even if she's secretly relieved the whole point got across! She's also a huge fan of the movie, but Cindy would be nothing if she didn't act at least somewhat disspasionate. Can't be too effusive over the little girl's move now. "So… Yeah!" She chirps oh so very akwardly, dryly swallowing. "Normally the excuse is that I was off at college, but, well… You know." She mumbles dismissively, her smile fading as Cait mentions her father. She… Well, it brought a pit of Cindy's own swirling emotions regarding her own father. It seems being a super hero and having daddy issues came hand in hand. "A-Ah, hug?" She asks, putting her hands up deffensively at once. "You know that when you say something like not wanting to make it weird you make it weird right?" She mumbles bashedly, gently lowering her hands as the shock subsides. "I ah… Mean, if you would like?" And weird half cocked grin. She didn't mean to go off so suddenly! The prospect was just, well, something new.

Caitlin beams at Cindy and gives her a hug before Silk can change her mind. She's a strong and enthusiastic hugger, but she's good at it. Good thing Cindy's fairly durable.

"I'm sorry if it was weird, you just… I don't know. Hugs make everything better, y'know?" she says, sitting back and giving Cindy's wrists a squeeze. "I'm not much better at this sorta thing, honestly, I mean, y'know— I'm friends with Kara, and I'm kinda friends with Kate… but you know, Carol's a friend but she's like, y'know, my mentor an' stuff. So don't take me as like, gospel and stuff. I…" She shrugs, high flecks of color appearing in her cheeks. "I'm kinda winging it."

Cindy Moon makes a noise rather reminescent of a squeak toy, her cheeks ballooning out as she wriggled somewhat in the hug. Note to self, super hero, super hugs. And where Cindy may be durable, and really does appreciate the warmth of this squeeze! Its still a little bit overwhelming as silk awkwardly pat pats Cait's back. She'll keep this in mind.

Inhale! "I-Heh, definetly worst hugs!" She replies, her hair a little raggled as Cindy finally catches her breath. Fingers go back to fix more loose bangs as she tilts her head a bit to the right. "Well, you seem comfortable with it?" She asks, her shoulders slumping somewhat as she seems to have found some modicrum of calmth. "Hey, if it means anything? You seem to be doing a pretty great job to me." She remarks pointedly, only to tilt her head. "So, who were all those people?" She calls back to the list of names, is Cait a member of some girl's crime fighting club full of Cs and Ks?

Caitlin rests her elbows on her knees, chin propped on her fists and keeping wide green eyes attentively on Cindy. "Well, Carol is Captain Marvel. That's no secret. And Kara is Supergirl. So, Captain Marvel and Supergirl. Kate's one of the other heroes here. So, y'know, all my friends are vigilantes," she admits. "I had some friends in college but, like, they were all meganerds an' stuff. We did roleplay night, and had LAN parties and we had fun. Then… y'know, all this happened one day. YouTube, the local news, everywhere, all of it at once. Suddenly none of my girlfriends wanted to hang out and I had to clock my best guy friend 'cause he wouldn't stop pestering me for some attention." Her eyes harden momentarily. "So, that was kinda it. It's been weird having friends again… real friends."

Cindy Moon grins so very, very awkwardly. Is this where she's supposed to say that her whole family is missing and she lost all of her friends in those eight years she was living in isolation? Or or or, how her first boyfriend is now engaged to a prettier girl?! She really sympathized on this point! But, well, she wasn't about ready to gush on and on about such an extraneous little fact. "I… Feel you." She finally offers, trying to be somewhat supportive. "I have coworkers? Though, I'm sorry to say that while I may be a friend- I'm still a vigilante." Awkwaaaaaard. "But, weird is a good way to put it."

"It's okay. Look— I don't want you to feel bad," Caitlin assures Cindy. "Vigilante isn't a bad word. It's just where you're at right now. But you're really good at what you do," she assures Cindy. "And you know— I mean, you're cute and all in the suit, 'cause damn," she giggles, grinning wide, "but I like you in the human clothes, too. So… either way, if you wanna come hang out you totes can. Or if you wanna go kick some bad guy butt, we can do that too. Okay?"

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