Pirate's Booty

April 03, 2015:

A strange deal involving pirates.

International Waters

The ocean near Gotham.


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Outside Gotham City Harbour (Technically International Waters)

At present a pair of well-appointed yachts were meeting beyond Gotham City out on the ocean. The waters were relatively calm thanks to magical influences in the area and to those who weren't aware of the meeting; they would see nothing!

One yacht contained a variety of magical goods and artifacts, many of them EXTREMELY dangerous that had been procured by a Magical Black Market dealer who was on the other yacht entertaining potential buyers and bidders for the items.

It was likely if you were magically inclined you were probably one of the potential buyers/bidders whether for your own purposes or even more altruistic ones; like insuring none of these items fell into the wrong hands.

Robin had been investigating leads on some 'pirates', actual legitimate pirates that had been on-shore in Gotham; frequenting some of the seedier dives. After encountering a particularly drunk pirate who got left behind, he was able to find out some information that would hopefully; lead him to the meet!

Rain isn't sure about Gotham sometimes. She really isn't. But Spearhead works there, and there's plenty of magic mayhem going on that she can justify going there and keep busy. The idea of magical goods and/or artifacts does indeed perk her interest. She'd rather something not end up in bad hands. Really. It tends to end all kinds of badly. To that end, she'll bring Captain and Spearhead with her. Whether Spearhead prefers to drive or take her flying broom, she'll end up at the auction.

"I'll enchant you. You'll see and feel sort of what I do since I got magic. Granted, it's muted but I've also gotten used to it." In other words, Rain isn't going to drop the full thing on Spearhead. He can see and feel enough to get in.

"I'm a talking cat. Wooja wooja lobster lobster." He is a smart ass. Basically, a cat.

Drunk pirates are helpful sorts. Robin leaves the man for the police to drag off to a drunk tank somewhere in Gotham and makes a bee-line for the Batcave, where he borrows one of Batman's seacraft. The Batski. Quieter than the usual Jetski and small and black, unlikely to be noticed speeding along the water's surface. He makes for the coordinates the pirate gave him, but is careful to alert somebody to his location. "Supergirl. Robin." He doesn't even try to contact her by phone or whatnot — just recognizes that she'll hear him wherever she is. "I'm heading for a contraband deal in international waters off Gotham Harbor. If you're not busy…"

Spearhead Will take the Broomstick ride, seeing as to how he doesn't have any means of transportation yet when he's not on the job for the GCPD…. Yet…. Spearhead gives an amused snort to Captain, and replies to Rain, "Ok, So, I'll see the lesser magic? or just things that are obvious?" He tries to not show the disscomfort of the broom stick, but it's impossible, how did that Potter kid do it?

The yacht that Rain and Spearhead are on is well-appointed, the kind a billionaire might own and defended by all kinds of magical protections, wards and spells that would make any wizard proud.

An assortment of different magical types are present on the yacht viewing magical apparitions of the different artifacts and items to be up for bid. The black marketer known as Fladnag was currently showing off a piece, "Why yes, this is a quite a powerful item."

He holds up a girdle that looks like something a true warrior would wear, it's got axes and swords engraved on it and a mighty wolf's head. He spots Spearhead, a mundane and says, "My dear boy, would you mind trying this on to demonstrate the powers of this particular item. I assure you, there will be no adverse effects." He smiles at Spearhead and strokes his long grey beard, he certainly seemed friendly.

In the distance, the Black marketer's assistant known as Nomuras was staring jealously at his boss while speaking into what appeared to be a conch shell.

Robin's GPS or sonar or radar (whatever Batski's had) soon catch wind of a large boat approaching and he soon spots it; it's a pirate's galleon, like the kind they would have used a few hundred years ago. It has a large black flag with a white skull and crossbones flown at the mast.

Pirates are singing 'Yo h oho and a bottle of rum on the deck' and they're not too far from the coordinates of the black market deal going down.

Rain nods at Spearhead. "Just not - super loudly." In other words, he'll feel, see and sense magic if it's there but not as acutely as Rain. Rain pauses. "Probably the more obvious ones, but we

Kara is in Metropolis hanging out with Kate when she hears Robin's unique voice tone call out to her, one of the benefits of superhearing was being able to listen for certain people no matter where they might be. Superman had Jimmy Olsen, apparently Supergirl had Robin; it seemed like Kara had gotten the way better end of the deal on people she was listening to call out for her.

Turning to Kate she sets down the popcorn she was snacking on and grins, "Want to go to an awesome party I heard about in Gotham? It's got a very strict dress code, the kind you will need your bow and arrow for."

Rain nods at Spearhead. "Just not - super loudly." In other words, he'll feel, see and sense magic if it's there but not as acutely as Rain. Rain pauses. "Probably the more obvious ones, but we will see." Though, she seems uncertain as Spearhead is asked to try on a girdle. Rain peers intently at it, perhaps trying to examine it in her own way. Though, she's unaware of pirates and what have you.

"Gee, Kara, you make it sound like so much fun," Kate chuckles, dragging herself up off the couch. She's been pushing herself hard with the training lately, but today was more of a recovery day, so at least she's not too stiff to move. "Be right back," she says, jogging upstairs to get changed. It doesn't take long, and in short order she's back with her quiver, dressed for action.

Spearhead quirks a brow and looks at the object, then at the man. He shrugs, surely he wasn't picked out of this crow /already/… right? "Ok, sure… Why not?" He turns and allows the thing to be put on him.

Pirates. Actual pirates. Somebody call the eighteenth century — clearly they're missing something.

Robin slides the Batski (which has both GPS and radar, as well as a sonar-drop) into place behind the pirate ship, and fixes it against the rear of the ship with a spike and a short length of rope. From here he climbs aboard and up into the rigging to watch. And wait.

Onboard the Pirate's Ship Robin can see that most of the men appear to be dressed in typical pirate garb that would match the ship; it becomes clear that this is no ordinary ship as he scales the rigging.

Down below he can see clockwork contraptions driving the ship forward and most of the pirates have strange steampunk style weapons and devices.

A parrot above Robin squawks, "Squawk. You don't belong. Squawk! You don't belong. Do you have a cracker?"

The pirate Captain a man with a clockwork leg and a strange looking monocle that has steam coming out of it calls out, "Argh me maties! We're almost upon them! Remember the plan, grab Blackbeard's treasure and we're out!"

Meanwhile on the Yacht the group of magicians, sorcerers, wizards and collectors is gathered around Spearhead while Fladnag is clasping the girdle around his waist.

When the girdle is affixed to Spearhead, Flagnag calls out, "Tada! I present to you, the girdle of Gender Changing!" At present, the once mighty looking girdle had become something far more feminine with roses and glittering gems along with Spearhead….

To be fair, pirates still exist. They just tend to be around less wealthy countries. Rain blinks, staring at Flagnag. Her mouth opens. Then closes. Of course. She's played D&D before. Dammit. But then again, Lady Spearhead is probably adorable, too, right? "… oh dear. That IS reversible, right?"

Kara doesn't take long at all to change and when Kate is ready she is waiting already in costume, not that it was much of a costume, "It's always so much fun. This time instead of flying, we'll try teleporting and then flying." She gestures for Kate to get close to her and she holds the Sapphire Crystal around her neck so she could use the leylines to travel as close as possible to the gotham shoreline.

Turns out, there was also a magical disturbance of sorts going on with the crazy pirates and magical artifacts so she would be almost able to teleport them right to the source with one catch.

When Kate and Kara arrive, they both fall down into the ocean unceremoniously.

Kate has no problems with traveling magically. She has opinions on several different variations of the practice. But landing in the water in early spring is maybe not her favorite thing. Luckily, the bow and arrows are made to function in any sort of weather, so they aren't ruined by the dip. The uniform is probably not going to be happy. Wet leather. Not great. She splutters a bit as she surfaces, giving Kara a very long look.

When the thing is strapped to him, he feels…… different…… He looks down… Why were there lumps on his chest? Then the name of what the thing is. He looks at Flagnag, "Wha!…." his voice! His voice has changed!!!!!! "What the hell? Ha ha, funny pal…" His helmet feels looser, his head musthave slimmed down, and his shoulders not as wide, and his stature slightly shorter, "For his sake, I hope it is reversible!" he… er….. she? says as he grabs the scruff of Flagnag's shirt and lifts him up…. or, atleast tries to…. it seems a slight bit harder to achieve than usuall…. But he/she manages……

Steam coming from one's monocle — that's gotta be painful. But the first problem, from Robin's point of view, is the parrot. He regards the beast for a moment, extracts a cracker from a pouch on his belt, and extends it toward the creature. "Fly off, Polly," he says, turning his attention downward toward the steampunk pirates. Stupid parrot. How is one supposed to avoid notice from a bird?

"Ah yes, entirely reversible. I would be very happy to remove the girdle?" Fladnag is smiling the entire time, he was clearly having a good time messing with a muggle! Suddenly he was standing outside of Lady Spearhead's grip.

Meanwhile his assistant seems to have disappeared, the sneaky person that he was. It was likely he would come back later, he was last seen heading to the deck of the Yacht.

The parrot accepts the cracker and flies up to a higher point in the rigging when Robin shoos him away, nibbling on his cracker quietly. Robin soon notices, it's not even a real parrot! It's a clockwork parrot, but it did look very life-like!

On the deck below, the pirates approach the edge of the ship and begin to fire grappling hooks towards the Yachts as the pirate ship slams into the yacht with Lady Spearhead, Captain and Rain.

Kara and Kate are not far from the Yachts and witness the pirate ship crashing into the yacht.

The pirates waste no time, singing all the while as they swing onto the yachts in search of Blackbeard's treasure. Fladnag ran up to the deck and yelled to the pirates, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

Many of the ship's guests quickly began to teleport away and leave before the trouble could get any worse, they wanted to buy stuff; not deal with an attack.

Kara grins over at Kate and flies up over the water a little, offering her a hand, "Pick a ship and I'll take us there UNLESS you'd rather swim." It was totally possible Kate might want to swim after Kara's bad teleporting.

Poor Spearhead. Rain looks more than a little worried as Spearhead reaches over. Then again, a lot of men are protective of well, their manhood. Literally, in this case. "Um. I -" Pause. "Well, we can try to get that off you but we have a pirate problem." And not like RIAA does. Captain remarks, "Well, blow me down!" Rain peers. "You'd be the worst sailor." "Or the best. Never in the water."

Cats. Nevertheless, Rain is going to turn one of the pirates into a newt. She has to stay to help make sure Spearhead doesn't stay Lady Spearhed, unless he wanted to.

"I can skip the swimming," Kate snorts, reaching up to take Kara's hand and tipping her chin toward the ship being boarded. "Let's go get in on some boarding action. Man, I'm going to smell so bad when we get back to the house," she mutters, bracing herself for the lift.

"Remove it." Spearhead says blandly to Flagnag, "Or I will remove it…." He…. She says he/she starts to pry the thing off, as he searches for the way te thing's fastened to …….it? Is he he, or is he she? One way or another, it's coming off. Rain helps, "Thank you." he says. It comes off, undoubtedly, with her help, and when it does, the ship is struck. "… The hell?!?" he says, his voice back to normal, or, atleast, if the effects stop as soon as the thing is removed. Spearhead reaches for his concealed handgun and follows Flagnag to the deck, and levels the sights on the chest of one of the pirates on the deck, shooting him with three quick rounds, he then decides to rush the body, and attempt to pick up the sword, should be nice for this, usefull, keeping with the apperant theme, and hell, a nice piece for the collection!

Spearhead might use the device if he were not with someone, on a lonely day… might learn a new trick or two….. but hey, not on his mind at the moment , he had something better, and Pirates were boarding…..

Pirates. And Gandalf. If Tim had a free hand he'd be slapping his forehead hard and repeatedly. However, whatever's going on on the other ship — he rather suspects it is illegal itself — he has an obligation to save lives. And property. And that sort of thing. With the sharp edge of a throwing R he cuts one of the ropes to which he's clinging and swings down off the rigging, aiming his feet toward the lead pirate in an attempt to kick him over the side.

@emit Fladnag and the pirates are engaged in an impressive display of battle with each other. Fladnag is waving a staff around and casting spells, yelling out like a salesman, "..And here we have the fabled Staff of Mordecai, capable of shooting blasts of fire!"

A hapless pirate is turned into a newt by Rain, one of his comrades laughing at him hysterically; demonstrating that they didn't appear to be the most serious of pirates.

He then shoots a white orb of light with his ring that sends another pair of pirates overboard, "Ladies and gentleman, the amazing Ring of Elester! Look at those white orbs of light, you know you love them!"

When one of the pirates is shot in the chest with a triple-tap by Spearhead and then LOOTED like it was a video game, one of the pirates calls out to Spearhead, "Oh my god! You killed Kenny! You B*st*rd!"

Before the pirate can rush at Spearhead he is kicked over the side heroically by Robin, flailing down in the water crying, "I can't swim!" The irony, a pirate who could not swim.

Kara scoops up Kate and drops her down on the deck of the ship being boarded at one of the higher points and looks over Kate before teasing her playfully, "Nice hair!" Of course Kara's hair was no better; they were like a pair of soaked kittens.

Spotting Robin swinging into action she suddenly has a bright smile on her face and is waving, "Hey Robin!" She tried not to be distracted too much as she raced into action to start beating down some pirates.

Kate Bishop, dropped in the river so Kara can come flirt with Robin. This is the definition of best friend, people. In case anyone was wondering. She situates herself at the high point, pulling out a blunt-tipped arrow and firing down into the fray of the pirates, aiming for odd gears and levers. Because those things have purposes, right? Probably?

Oh dear. Rain is unaware of Spearhead's thought processes. For now then, she's going to keep newting the odd pirate. Don't worry, they'll get better. "You never let me EAT the newts," Captain complains. Because cats love lizards and geckos as snax. Oh dear.

Of course he can't swim.

"Captain, you need a new line of work," Robin informs the pirate as he fishes him out of the water with a Bat-line. Look, he doesn't make these names up, okay? He leaves the man hanging from the railing by the line and his garb, and then turns to face the rest of the pirates. "Gentlemen, I strongly suggest that this is the time to lay down your weapons and surrender."

Spearhead snorts, "He may not be dead!" he calls over the side of the ship, He /MAY/ not be dead…. but, he may also /be/ dead…….. toss of the coin. But for sure, the man wont be getting up for some time…. A pair of Pirates grapple spearhead from his starboard and port, having snuck behind him as he shouted over the edge, and now they try to push him over board. At first it appears as if they succede, but Spearhead's hand is visible grasping the railing after a short moment and he shoots oneof them, then quickly has himself over the railing and draws the sword on the other. The sword, Most likely a rapier, is more disigned for stabbing wounds, so this is what Spearhead goes for!

Some of the pirates near Robin laugh only to be turned into news by the magical girl that was Rain. They are not as amused this time, one of them calling out, "Arghh someone stop her!"

Spearhead is about to stab some pirates and potentially cause some more casualties when Kate fires her blunt arrows into the fray and causes some clockwork contraptions to explode flinging the men and Spearhead backwards.

Fladnag removes a pouch from his belt and blows some dust from it at a bunch of the pirates, transforming them into rabbits, "Magic Pixie Dust, straight from the elves of Gemworld! Guaranteed to work every ti—-"

Fladnag looks angry and calls out, "OK STOP!!" He's looking around confused, "We've got the heroes, we've got the villains and we have my amazing merchandise. /Where/ did all my customers go?"

Nomuras appears riding a dragon above the yachts just as Fladnag is telling everyone to stop. He sighs loudly, "I told you this wouldn't work Bob."

Fladnag aka Bob sighed, "Shutup Steve. It was a really good idea."

The pirates were all kind of standing around now staring at each other before the Captain with his steam monocle and clockwork leg started laughing, "Ye daft idjits! Well, ye already paid me. Time to partay like pirates!"

Bob and Steve, formerly known as Fladnag and Nomuras both went below-decks and started arguing.

The Pirate Robin had referred to as Captain looks kind of concerned, "Doesn't anyone care that Kenny is dead?"

Log Note: Turned into newts not news

With the pirates and the mages all seeming to come to a pause, Kate lowers her bow as well, peering out over the chaos. "Why do I feel like I should be looking for Vorpal right now?" she asks of no one in particular, leaning against her perch as she tries to figure out where she might have accidentally taken some drugs. Probably in the water.

"Poor Kenny." Rain is somewhat sympathetic. On the other hand, siccing pirates, even pirates who are just playing, is kind of foolhardy. Rain'll try to put the newts somewhere they won't get stepped on. She blinks, looking at Spearhead. She tries not to giggle at Steve and Bob. "I really have no idea…" She admits, looking to Kate. She rubs the back of her head. Even for someone who deals with the surreal on a routine basis, this is a bit odd.

Captain considers it. "Humans are strange sometimes. All this fuss to stir up desire over material goods." Rain peers at Captain.

The strangeness of this all didn't bother Spearhead. No, not any more, in what has happend in the past few months, he was sure it was going to get hader and harder to surprise him…. though a gender change probably would get him pretty good second time around… but the rest of today? Probably not. His method? Just go with the flow, bro-man! "Whaaaa!" he is flying! AND SCORTCHING!!!! "OWowowowowow!" ~Splash!~ *bub blub……………..* a mass of air bubbles float up in one spot…

Robin stares around at the pirates. Even the dread pirate Kenny. Dead or not. And then he covers his hand with his face. "Okay," he says. "I'm done. These guys deserve each other." He stalks toward the back of the pirate ship, climbs up on the rail, turns back at the last moment before he leaps over to return to the Batski and announces, "Screw you guys. I'm goin' home!"

The pirates turned into news Rain is gathering turn back to their normal-selves and even the 'dead' Kenny gets up and brushes off his chest; this was truly a strange group of pirates.

Casks of Rum and Ale are brought up from below decks along with food and a monkey starts playing a clockwork accordion. They were not kidding about having a party.

The Captain of the ship calls out loudly, "All of ye are welcome to stay and PARTAY!" He starts laughing, "Blackbeard's treasure, oh boy that was a good one."

Down below the deck of the yacht, Steve and Bob could be heard arguing over how stupid the plan was. It was likely the two would need a better plan the next time they tried to sell their mostly random assortment of magical junk.

Kara set down one of the pirates, looking utterly confused at the situation; but then again it was actually LESS strange than being randomly teleported into Rain's basement with a random assortment of people, "Hey Rain and Spearhead!" She seemed happy to see the couple, it seemed like they were /always/ together. So cute.

Too bad she never got a chance to see Lady Spearhead, that would have made her day, maybe her entire week.

She figures Kate can handle herself and flies over to where Robin is, trying to prevent him from making an escape.

Kara waves like she's just now seeing Robin even if she had earlier, "Oh! Hi Robin!" Resting her hands on her hips she smiles, "You weren't about to like, leave without even saying hi… were you?"

Well. Then. Rain just - blinks. Rain smiles, waving to Kara. "Hi there!" And she goes with it, taking her flying broomstick and hovering over the side to fetch Spearhead. She'll dive in if she has to, although Captain is going to sit that one out. She does seem pretty happy to spend time around Spearhead, though the two do have seperate time sometimes. If Spearhead doesn't need fetching, she'll at least help him on deck to help the others.

Robin chuckles, even as he steps over the side of the ship and lands nimbly on the Batski. "Of course I wasn't going to leave without saying 'hi'," he says. "But those pirates don't deserve any more of my attention." He glances over toward the black marketer's ship. "We should probably drag all of them in," he observes. "But right now it just seems like far more trouble than it's worth."

Spearhead reamerges on the other side of the ship, surfacing just in time to hear the PArty invitation…. were these guys serious? what the hell was going on here? Spearhead hasn't heard of Pirates that board a ship just to party on it…. "Hi Kara." he calls back to her on deck, then begins to grab what he can of the side of the ship, sinking a knife into the side of it where he has to to pull himslef back on board, he looks for Rain, as he talks to no one in particular, "So…. Party, huh?"

The pirates start having their party, most of them already drunk. Robin was right though, they didn't deserve anymore attention.

Kara floated/flew down to where Robin was landing nimbly on the batski, "They're not worth the time or really a threat to anyone by the looks of it. I'll never understand magic."

She bites her lower lip nervously before quickly, like, super-speed quick giving Robin a little kiss on the cheek. Her cheeks turn bright red and she tries to explain it, "..Cause of the other night.."

Hopefully Robin understood what she meant, because she may have gotten a little distracted staring into his eyes for a moment.

Robin might blush a little at that. Hard to tell in the dark. Unless, you know, you've got Kryptonian super vision. But he does smile. Genuinely smile. "I'd ask you to keep me company on the way back to Gotham," he says. "But I think you need to give Hawkeye a ride home."

Rain will pop back up onto deck, waving to Spearhead. "Seems so. Are you big on parties?" She'll stay if Spearhead likes. Captain eyes the monkey. "Hey. Hey, my people ate your ancestors pal." They totally did. Apex predatorin' ain't e-z. Rain just rubs the back of her head. "We can stay or go if you like."

Spearhead chuckles, "Sure, lets stay, if they have music, me and you can dance." A glance at Captian has him laughing, "Be carefull Captian, or he'll call his cousin, the Gorrilla to help him." He turns back to Rain, "Sure, whats the harm? And look! I told you guys Kenny would be ok! No hard feelings, right Kenny?"

Kara looks between Robin and Hawkeye and as tempting as it was, super tempting; Kate was like her best friend and there is no way she could leave her behind out in the middle of the ocean.

She was tempted though.

"Awwwww, I guess you're right." The Girl of Steel sounds super disappointed, "You can always call me or put up a Robin signal or something. Whatever works for you Boy Wonder."

Kate Bishop sends a text to Kara: « I'll call Fenris. Go flirt, dork. »

Kara coughs as she looks at her buzzing phone, "Oh look, apparently Kate has a ride." If she could have blushed anymore, she might have solar flared.

Robin glances at the phone in turn. While he certainly can't read it from here, he can guess at the content of the message. Good show, Kate. "In that case, ever had a ride on a Jetski?" He jerks his head toward the back of the vehicle in invitation as he unhooks it from the ship.

Awww. Rain might not be near enough to see it all, but awwww. Rain looks to Spearhead. "Okay, if you like," Nod. Rain isn't much of a party person but if Spear's here, then it might be alright. She laughs softly at Captain. "Oh dear."

Kenny looks over, "Aye matie, bu I'd watch my beer and not fall asleep, if aye where 'ya"

Spearhead turns and looks at the Pirate, looking intensly at him.

"I'm jus' kiddin'! Relax! Jus' 'ere fer the perty!" Kenny slaps Spearhead on the back and downs some rum.

Spearhead smiles and chuckles, tirning back to Rain, "Well, when in Rome…" He grabs two flagons of rum and, giving Rain one raises his and asks, "What shall we drink to?"

Kara looks over the little watercraft, momentarily thinking of how primitive it was compared to the ones she used to use back on Krypton, "Nope! Not even back on Krypton, it looks fun." She hops on the back of the batski when Robin gets on and wraps her arms around him from behind, because she totally did NOT want to fall off, "Soo, how did you know I might hear you when you called for me to come?"

"You've got super hearing," Robin replies as she wraps her arms about his waist. No complaints from him. "And I figured you might hear me if I said your name. Plus, you know, it's not like I have another way to get in touch with you precisely." He twists the throttle and the Batski slides away from the pirate ship, cutting quietly through the water as Robin swings it back toward the distant lights of Gotham. Just under fourteen miles away. "Batman told me once that Superman had to teach himself how to filter out all the voices he could hear… and I sort of thought you might be listening for mine anyway."

Kara knew exactly what Batman had told Robin, not because she was there; but from her own experiences. The first few days on Earth had been the worst and she still had a tendency to eavesdrop and listen for problems, especially when it concerned her friends.

"Robin, if you kept that polaroid.." As the jetski crashes over a wave she tightens her grip on Robin, "..it totally has my number on the back."

Robin is quiet for a moment. "I still have it," he replies, because of course he does — he could tell back then that it was important to Kara to have those pictures around. And yes, he even noted that she'd given him her number at the time. And then got distracted by any of the thousands of things that he has to deal with in Gotham. "I'll put your number in my phone when I get home. Sorry — I totally spaced on that."

Rain will hang out with Spearhead awhile on the pirate ship. She'll wave to the others, if and when she sees them. Otherwise, they will head on home after a bit of piratical socialization. Happily, Rain's of drinking age (and feeling kind of old here).

Kara is enjoying the ride not because jetskis are awesome but because of the company, "It's ok because the whole Robin symbol thing was much cooler than a text to hang out." She was thankful Robin couldn't see her blushing the entire ride, she was thankful nobody could; she was so going to get Kate back, "You don't have like, an, um…" She trails off, not finishing the question.

Robin cocks his head back, glancing at Kara over his shoulder. "Don't have a what?" he asks, a brow raising. It is difficult to tell that this is happening, since Robin's mask covers his eyebrows, but even were Kara not able to see through his mask she could, possibly, see the wrinkling of his forehead over one eye.

Rain will hang about with Spearhead, although after a rum or two, she's not going to drink any more. Captain was enjoying some of the pettings and she'll look to Spearhead. "I wonder what the others are up to," She considers.

Kara smiles nervously when Robin looks back at her, it really should have occurred to her that he could do that while driving, "Um…." She's super nervous to ask and she bites her lower lip for a moment before finishing the question, "A girlfriend?" Oh look, there was fish swimming in the ocean. Kara looks down at the water, Hi Fish!

"Not currently," Robin says, facing forward again. "I had one… but we broke up a couple of months ago… after getting back together for about a week after breaking up for several months before that. So. No. No girlfriend. Currently." Yes, sometimes Robin is not at all smooth.

"But I've kind of been seeing a lot of somebody I like a great deal," he adds, taking one hand off the steering column so he can squeeze one of Kara's hands briefly.

Spearhead stays close to Rain, 'cause these are pirates, and well. things happen, and there three sheets to the moon pirates now, and though it may be a party, He'll still punch out someone if Rain needs him to. He is well of drinking age, too, and he makes sure the two of them arn't without drink, atleast, when they want them. "Are there still people here? I havn't heard anyone but me, you, Captian and the rest of these pirates since the othe couple left…"

Kara was almost ready to pout as she was so casually looking at the fish when she feels that squeeze on her hand, "That's good. I mean, it's not good you broke up with her" She was a bit open mouthed, she was probably as smooth as Robin when it came to dating, "I mean it's good cause I really like you Robin." She squeezes his hand back, "Like, a lot."

Robin is, at least, a bit more experienced in such things than Kara. His hand returns to the steering column quickly enough, but he smiles at her words. "I like you too, Kara," he says. "So… if you wanna do something sometime… like, you know, other than fighting pirates in international waters…"

"Yes! I'd love to!" Kara may have responded to that a little too enthusiastically, "Just text me or call me and I'll meet you anywhere." She leaned her head forward on his shoulder a little, hoping she might one day have a name other than Robin to put with the face behind the mask, "Just let me know if you'll be coming as Robin or someone else so I can dress properly."

Rain stays close to Spearhead, then. Because pirates and Spearhead is her sweetheart, but he does get kind of fighty sometimes. "Thank you. And yeah, I wonder if we should head back home, then? I doubt there'll be any artifact buying needing to be done for now," The witch remarks. "But I'll take some fish," Captain offers helpfully.

Spearhead nods, there is most likely a grin on his face behind that helmet, "Don't mention it, just the nice thing to do for a lady, a lovely one at that. And sure, Though, I might have plans for getting that seller back, got any magic tricks for binding clothes to skin?" He says jokingly. "I can catch you some fish soon, Captain, if you want, and any kind you want, too."

"If I'm taking you out," says Robin, "we're going to go in civvies." A major part of the problem with his relationship with Spoiler was the simple fact that they were only ever together in costume. And possibly that he never told her his name. But that was Spoiler. The daughter of the Cluemaster. Another Gotham vigilante and somebody Batman never trusted very much. This is Supergirl. This is different.

"My name's Tim," he adds in a very low voice, as if here, six miles from shore and as distant from the pirates and allies they left behind, there were anybody but Kara to hear him say it.

Kara felt like she had just been told the most treasured secret in the entire world and it was something that she would keep close to her heart; giving TIM a little squeeze, "Thank you.." She whispers it softly so nobody else could hear, like rampaging monkey ogre power girls, "..Tim."

She was going to have to talk to Kate about dating and get Kate to take her shopping; that was going to be a better adventure than fighting Orm when Atlantis invaded.

"The stars are beautiful out here. Not like in the city." She lets go of Tim with one hand and points up to a distant star, it seems to stand out in the night sky, shining a little brighter than the rest or maybe it was just a trick of the imagination, "That's where Krypton used to be."

Tim glances up in the direction Kara is pointing. "Somebody should tell Neil deGrasse Tyson," he muses. "He said Krypton's star was only visible from the southern hemisphere." But Kara, obviously, should know far better than Dr. Tyson.

"It's a nice night for a Batski ride," he notes after a few moments, even as the stars start to fade from the light pollution of Gotham City. "Glad you came back with me."

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