Unwelcome At Home

February 08, 2016:

Hank comes home with some choice words for Scott after his time with the Morlocks.

Jean Grey's Office - Xavier's


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Sitting at Jean's desk, Scott's working on some papers while he has the computer turned on to the national news feed as he is absently listening to it while grading. At the news of a new nation joining the league, he gets a frown, but continues his work, keeping his opinion on the matter to himself as he marks on another essay.

There is a light knock at the door before Hank peers in, "Do you have a moment, Scott?" He's been back at teaching his classes almost immediately after his ordeal, seeming pretty much not the worse for wear.

"Sure, Hank." Scott rises from the desk properly before he returns to his seat. "Just working on these history essays. Such a pain sometimes. Are you okay? Everything settling with your return?" he asks with concern as he studies the doctor, a slight frown playing his features.

"A pain how? If they're not grasping the concepts, then we need to adjust our teaching so that they do. If they're being lazy, well…" there's a shrug then. He doesn't take a seat, but chooses to remain standing. The questions aren't answered, but are instead, met with one of his own, "Why did you permit a stranger to enter my lab? My living quarters?"

"She wasn't a stranger, Hank." Scott says, reaching up to rub his temples. "She is.. was.. a New York detective with a proper search warrant. Would you have perfered me to go to jail to protect your privacy while we were trying to figure out where we were and who took you?"

"Did you honestly think that whomever took me had anything to do with my personal life or my work here at the Institute?" Hank grasps the back of one of the chairs and doesn't yet dig in his claws. "Seriously? My social life is -here-…you all know what I'm working on. She was a stranger to me and you let her into my private life, Scott. The NYPD now knows who I am and where I live! What makes you think that won't come and bite us in the ass?"

"Again, Hank, she had a search warrant. You know, law. Legal document. Would you rather come back with a warrant to search the whole school?" Scott asks in mild agitation. "She was following any lead she had. And.. she was also a mutant. Precognition. I doubt she is going to share your secret, Hank."

"SHIELD has and they're supposed to be a group dedicated to keeping secrets. Scott, if you went to the police, this case is now accessible. People can look it up. They can hack in. Hell, -I- could hack in and get that information if I really wanted it." He shakes his head and shoves the chair away, leaving a few clawmarks in it. "Are you purposefully trying to force me away from here? From the X-Men and the Institute? Because I'm having a hard time seeing it from any other angle."

Beast adds, "How did she know to get a search warrant for this place? It's not on any record that I -work here!-"

Scott feels the headache blossoming as he moves to open a drawer to take out a bottle of pills that Jean usually takes to open it and pop one. "If she's a mutant and a precognitive, she probably put it together when she first met me and shook my hand, Hank. You make it sound like I'm trying to force you out, that's not the case. But she has handled the case, and the files will be locked under confidentiallity, that much I did make sure of. Many kidnappings have some close involvement, and that may have been what she was working on. It's basic police work. If anything, it sounds as if you are wanting to make me the scapegoat so that you can leave and that it holds you without fault. Is that the case?" he asks plainly as he sets aside his grading for now.

Golden eyes widen, "Are you serious? I don't want to leave, but what has been going on here…all of this, hasn't made me feel very welcome anymore." Hank gives another shake of his head, "I heard you betting Betsy to take charge of the school while you went on vacation. I've been here longer than here. I've worked with these students longer than her. Nothing was ever mentioned to me about even helping to run things in your's and Jean's absense. I spent time with Laura down in the tunnels and you give her to another to help her transition to the school. I'm persona non grata and I'd like to know why if it's not because you want me out?"

"Jean trusts Betty to handle the school. If you have a problem with that, you need to speak to her and stop hiding in your lab." It's said with a surprising calmness that belies the fury that Scott may feel. He's always had a hell of a poker face, though. "I asked someone the same age as Laura to help her. If you want to be part of her acclimation, I will not stop you, Hank. But the last time Jean and I spoke to you, you were considering becoming an advocate. If that has changed, fine, but I was giving you the space I assumed you needed to consider your options."

"If my time with the Morlocks showed me anything, it's that people aren't ready for any sort of advocate that looks like I do. And if I'm hiding, I'm no use to the cause." There's a sigh that has an undertone of a growl, "You know why the Morlocks were so upset?" Hank's eyes narrow some as he looks to Scott, "Because you and Jean ignored them in a rescue attempt a decade ago. Because they weren't 'pretty enough' to be saved. I'm beginning to think that you…that this place really -is- elitist."

There's a resetting of his shoulders, "I have no place to go, Scott. I can't be any sort of advocate and I can't go out and about without hiding and then I'm just a damned hypocrite. Thank you so much for making me feel unwelcome in the only place that's felt like a home to me in a ver long time."

With that, he turns to head back out of the office.

Scott lets out a sigh, but makes no move to stop Hank, or leave the office. Instead, he sinks into his seat and presses his hand to his forehead. He has a lot of things to weigh and option and consider.

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