Psybernetic Loving Daemonite

February 07, 2016:

In the aftermath of the attack on the Aquarium, SHIELD start cleaning up and are attacked…

Westchester - New York


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The Facility is well in hand when May arrives having gotten word that Simmons had headed off to supervise a raid on a possible 084 situation.

It's not. Well it kind of is. Some mad scientist - literally - has apparently gotten ahold of and partly reverse engineered Psybertech. And used it… on Coelacanths. Whose DNA he also infused into himself.

Presently that scientist is sitting on the ground, trussed up near Jericho who is leaning on the wall and watching Nyx. The young woman clearly came here to feed and he's not really going to get in her way. SHIELD agents are still in the process of rounding up the various lackies, security personnel and other scientists so it's just him, Masters (the mad scientist), Jemma and her bodygoard in the control room with Nyx.

Speaking of Nyx, she can tell, or the part of her that's attuned to Limbo can, that something's changed. There's a lot more… authority about him. And he feels considerably more demonic.

Nyx half pays attention to the warden over there looking all authoratative. She also manages to leave a few fish alive and in their cute little psyberfeet and harnesses. Mostly because she figured out where the R&D bench of the lab was.

Melinda May does indeed arrive after all the fun's over, the additional tac team she brought along fanning out to lend assistance where they can. When she locates Jericho watching Nyx and the… little walking prehistoric-looking fish? Okay, yeah. It takes her a moment to respond. "How bad is the breach?"

Jemma's fascinated … and is currently examining the Doctors Masters, reviewing his phsyiology and what remains of the pysbernetic fish … it's rather astounding. "Jericho, if we could have /some/ of the tech on the R&D bench left, it will make my life much easier." she casts a look to Nyx, who is clearly feeding … she's not going to get in the young womans way.

"Hello Agent May, this tech, as far as I can tell has been made from the remains of Psyborgs… " She frowns a little at Jericho as she speaks "… but we detected a Daemonite signal … I'm sure of it…"

Nyx doesn't need more psyborg technology at this rate. It is surprising she hasn't gained the ability to mindcontrol or blast anyone in the face yet with mind bullets. So she isn't pillaging the R&D bench, no she is dipping her finger through some rare elements and metals in the supply side of it. Valuable due to rarity and sheer dollars but not the research. If one can make their own alloys it could be very interesting. "I'm not taking the little fish harnesses Agent Simmons… they look ridiculous anyhow…."

"Maybe he was mixing and matching. We should look through his files. Which actually, I'm already in the process of doing."

The hacker sighs a little bit as May comes in. "Depends on how you mean. Physically the breach is what you passed. Nyx bored a hole in the place to get in here. Blasted it up pretty good. Security wise? Not sure. He got his hands on a psyborg corpse somehow. Nyx is…"

He glances over. "Er, I think she just finished cannibalizing it. Along with what looked like a lot of radium, irridium, palladium and a lot of other -ums."

One of the Fish looks at May. It's harness has been disabled so far as weapons are concerned but… WE WILL TAKE OVER YOUR SURFACE WORLD! YOU WILL BOW BEFORE THE NEW ORDER! Yeah it can talk. Wonder where it learned to talk like that.

"How you feeling over there Nyx?"

Melinda May nods to Jericho, then looks over at the grumpy talking fish. "Get in line." And then she's looking at Jericho again, more closely. That right there is the Vulcan version of a frown. "I know you're already reviewing the facility's databanks. Let me know if you find any information that might give us a clue to how they got a hold of this tech."

"From what I've been able to glean from the Daemonites, Jericho, they're … low tech." Jemma murmurs as she starts to inspect the fish harnesses "Their power seems to be their shapeshifting and physchic ability." She looks up as he talks about accessing the doctors files. "So mixing and matching, doesn't make sense. We know the Psyborgs are phsychic … and … " she turns to look at the Doctor, wondering.

Is that really the Doctor? What had Katar said about Nth Metal? It reacts in the presence of a Daemonite … Reaching into her bag, Jemma withdraws a small jar with the precious sphere in inside, holding it out as she watches it.

"The plasma cannon they used on us that one day wasn't low tech. And they do keep trying to open portals." Jericho murmurs back. He suspects its just a different kind of tech.

Oh now… that might be interesting. Nth metal. If Nyx's rider has ever encountered it before it's almost always been in Thanagarian hands. That… is just sitting there. In Jemma's hand. Well in a jar in Jemma's hand.

"No indication that he had any contact with Daemonite technology though… hang on. There's a note in here that he thinks one of his researchers may have been trying to sell him out to-"

SCREEEEEEEE. Weapons fire from SHIELD agents sounds in the corrider. Daemonite on the loose.

Nyx picks up a small heavy looking disk from the workbench and clenches her hand on it absorbing it. Some of the lab techs giegercounters BEEEP then go silent. "huh.. plutonium…" she mutters then goes very still. The young woman turns and stares at Jemma and the object in her hand. "Thanagarian Nth metal.. here on earth. How?" the tone is measured, even. The amusement from a moment ago in the young woman's voice gone. The weapons fire ignored. Well Jemma has the Rider's attention, definitely active scans going on.

Melinda May looks toward the hallway, then at Nyx and Simmons wordlessly for a second before turning to rush outside. "Trent, get to the control room, I don't care how. We have to contain this." She's on her way to help the agents try to stop that daemonite. Today just keeps getting worse.

The Nth Metal reacts to the Daemonites presence … straining at the edges of the jar and emitting a piercing psychic signal to all around. It may hurt pyscically, but it's more like the high pitched cry of a child in need - something is wrong.

Jemma stares at the metal, shakes her head and then back to Nyx as Jefferies and Matthews put her behind them."Someone loaned it to me to examine so that I can create a Daemonite detector." Emphasis on the word … loaned.

"Doctor Simmons, you're to stay here in the control room, is that clear?" Jefferies isn't taking 'no' for answer.

"Jefferies, I need to see how this works…"

"Doctor Simmons…"

"Oh alright." Jemma huffs.

As May rushes out, she's confronted by a 12 Foot tall Lizard Man with talons for fingers and feet.

The TAC team opens fire on it, but the bullets bounce off it's hide. They need something more than just ballistics here … these things are tough.

And then, there's the psychic push "Let Me Through"

Nyx's eyes narrow at Jemma "Who and is there more?" very clear there what she is focused on, starting to take a step towards Jemma.. .. .. Then there is that psychic push and the girl's head tilts to the side. "Not now!" anger is an emotion that bubbles up and she turns from Jemma and starts to follow May out. More leisurely though not in any hurry despite the pissy tone a moment ago. She probably intends to rip something scalies arm off at this point for being interrupting.

Melinda May stops short when the Daemonite ends up being RIGHT in front of her, and she immediately pulls her butterfly swords — the ones that Ryden made for her that seem … more, somehow. "NO." She all but snarls the word, rejecting both the psychic push and the intent behind it.

Matthews puts himself between Nyx and Jemma, subtely. He's not letting anyone near the biochem, clearly.

The TAC team falters momentarily under the psychic assault, letting the Daemonite through the door. As it moves past May, it backhands her trying to knock with an arm out of its way - it looks like it's after something in the control room and it's not stopping … turning towards the trussed doctor and psyberfish harnesses.

With the TAC team not firing, now would be a good time for May and Nyx to do something.

Nyx was moving leisurely though when it actually gets into the room she steps a bit faster surging forward. In the same motion one of the two energy wings flares to life. She grabs the arm not backhanding towards May and twists hard.

As Nyx twists the wing snaps out and up in a sweeping motion to sheer the arm clean off and she sends it flying towards Agent get in the way Matthews. Not to kill him but to scare him most likely. Maybe ding him lightly.

Melinda May throws one sword-bearing hand up to block that backhand while simultaneously swiping at the thing as it passes by in an attempt to hamstring it. Also, to find out: Does Mithril (or whatever Ryden made these swords from) have the chutzpah to slice through psionic-lizard skin? And is it enough to keep her from getting slammed against the far wall of the hallway? Of course, with Nyx stepping in like that and going after the thing's other arm, all bets are probably off.

Matthews is hit by flying Lizard arm but he doesn't move. He knows they're there to protect Jemma and that's what he's going to do.

Mays gambit is successful, although she may be stunned at the strength it takes to block the backhand - Nyx's effort pulling the Daemonite off balance enough to give the Senior Agent an edge. The butterfly sword cuts deep into the hamstring. Yep, it's got the chutzpah.

The creature is still moving though - what will does it take to stop it and reaches out with its good hand to grab one of those psyberfish in harness.

Jefferies and Matthews open fire on it … at nearly point blank range - these bullets actually hit and the ichor starts oozing from bullet wounds.

Jemma, finally realising how intent Nyx had been on that metal, stows it in her bag, out of sight.

Well Nyx wasn't trying to really hurt Matthews just well Samantha is a sarcastic young adult who leaks sometimes. Anyhow back to the giant alien dimensional lizard psychic monster beast. The young woman turns and leaps up onto the things back and wraps one arm around it's neck while it is staggered and off balanced and the other to the back of it's head for leverage. Such a tiny pink little hand on the lizard's flesh as she starts to both squeeze and twist. We are about to find out if Nyx is strong enough in this current iteration or not. On the bright side she may give May an opening.

Jericho finally reacts. His blade comes out and his traces power up, bright blue the way he does when he's augmenting his strength. He lunges, blade overhead, slicing into the lizard flesh as he throws his weight into it. Which… isn't much compared to it but thanks to those traces he packs a lot into that frame.

Melinda May turns and as the thing is reaching for Mr. GrumpyWalkingFish and Nyx is climbing its back and … trying to choke it out? May puts both of her swords together and swings them with every last bit of strength she can, aiming to sever the Daemonite's spine below Nyx's feet.

That works. Nyx's distraction allows Jericho and May to put the thing down… the Daemonite crumbles to the ground, seemingly lifeless. As Jericho cleaves through a shoulder and May severs its spine.

Seemingly. May might remember the /other/ dead Daemonite from the Triskelion.

The hacker steps back, eyes gleaming. Blazing. He shakes blood off his blade and eyes the 'downed' Daemonite. "Last one wasn't so dead. Want me to cut this one up?"

"What… what the hell was that?!" That's Doctor Masters. He's apparently a bit shaken by the whole things, especially with his powers still somewhat dampened thanks to Jemma. And he still looks like a slimy fish.

Melinda May nods to Jericho. "And send its head away." Like, let the Limbo demons use it as a soccer ball. She could SO say something snarky to Dr. Masters right now, but she won't. Instead she moves to help Jericho make a complete and utter mess of the floor by chopping the downed (note, not dead, just downed) Deamonite into several smaller chunks.

Samantha slowly gets off the things back and dusts herself off .. flakes of .. ichor falling like they are dried out with any useful properties such as minerals drained already. "These things are so gross…" she looks over to the Doctor. "It was here to harvest you.. esh…" she looks back to Jemma thoughtfully at the harvest business. "Is there a Thanagarian ship on this planet?"

Chopping the Daemonite up and sending its head elsewhere might do the trick but Jemma's not going to take any precautions. "This is Simmons. I need a full Science detail in here now. Special containment procedures." At least she might be able to work with the 'samples' that are left.

Looking at the Doctor and then the others "Him, or the tech he's developed?" Guess the Doctor is going to be a guest of SHIELDs for while.

Nyx's question? Jemma can answer honestly and not stutter "Not that I'm aware of. And I can't tell you where I got that sample from. Why are you so interested in it?"

Jericho shakes himself, trying to pull back the rage he's feeling. That's… new. Okay. Yeah. He's okay. Maybe one of the fish is egging him on.

It's a sad commentary on his world that this is a rational thought for him.

The hacker goes to work, literally dismembering the daemonite corpse. K'nert shows up, briefly, to take the head. Maybe it will become a demon chew toy.

"How do you know about Thanagarians, Nyx? Actually… how did you know about Daemonites? I meant to ask and just…" Never did.

From behind Nyx one of the Fish strains impotently against the dampening field. YOU PUNY TWO LEGGED- oh hey. Can you throw that in the water when you're done with it? It looks tasty.

Honestly, now that there's a moment for it, May is rather wondering the same thing herself. Where DID Jemma get a substance the keens like an infant mammal in distress? Because, really. THAT kind of thing is something May SO does not need anywhere around her. SHe doesnt' even bother to acknowledge the fish's request. Because. Gross.

Samantha wanders over to peer down at the fish now. She points a finger at it and lets the white energy ripple across the digit. "I could cook you." she notes sternly. Then looks to the others. "Oh. Nth metal would help me upgrade my.. well everything I guess significantly. It is much .. well better than any earth alloy. Stronger. Durable. Antimagic Properties… can manipulate mesons and gravitons so ..better flight… mix it right and the alloys are even more remarkable." she sort of trails off and looks puzzled at the sudden knowledge and nerdery. "And.. uhm… well they are both aliens… star systems not too far away.. both bent on galactic conquest…" she trails off agan. "That doesn't seem good…"

There's a report sitting on Jemma's terminal to submit for May. That details that a Thanagarian name Katar Hol visited The Triskelion recently and gave her the sample to work with.

Jemma blanches at the Doctors comment - yeah, it's gross but looks curiously at Nyx "You know how to make an alloy from the substance?" She's noted the rest of what the woman has said, but she's also seen a lot of it in action.

"I don't know about The Thanagarians being bent of galactic conquest … " she trails off now, realising that she might be sharing too much information.

"Which part. The part where they're warlike aliens, because no it doesn't…" Though Jericho has heard this story before about the Thanagarians. From a bird named Bhud- er, Corvinus. "Or the part where you just… knew that."

May and Jemma, and possibly even Samantha, might recognize the look of concern. How infiltrated is Samantha's rider into her own being? And how much of Sam is really left?

Melinda May frowns faintly and moves to step closer to Jemma, but stops abruptly with one hand on her sternum about where a necklace pendant might usually land. "Simmons. Who gave you that substance? And why?"

Samantha looks over at Jericho "I'm fine. I mean sometimes I know things…. I figure it is from the technology in me and all right. It knows things and sometimes I know what it knows." there is a faint shrug there and she looks over to Jemma "They are. Most galactic civilizations are on a quest to conquer the galaxy. Sure there are some alliances and bouncils of worlds.. but it is mostly because mutually assured destruction and you can bet the Galactic Council empires are all stockpiling doomsday weapons." she looks distant "I mean.. like five peaceful races ever met and one was wiped out.. they don't tend to last long."

Guess Jemma's not getting the answer about alloys from Nyx. But it's a lead and she might need to speak to some people. She's seen Jericho's look of concern for the young woman, but she can't tell and it would require an examination … not something to offered just at this moment.

It's Mays question though that has Jemma's attention snapping to her "Prince Katar Hol of the Thanagarians, Agent May." She doesn't think twice about divulging the information when it's requested by the Senior Agent "He helped at the warehouse a week or so ago and sought me in The Triskelion, a few days ago. When he heard what we were up against, he shared his story" Jericho might want to add to that "and gave me a sample of the Nth Metal to use to find a way to detecting the Daemonites."

A look to Nyx "Certainly, the Daemonites seem to be bent on world domination. Or at least, everything I'm seeing indicates it."

"Hol has been around for a while. I ran into… let's just call it records of him will looking into something unrelated." The hacker tells May quietly before turning his attention back to Nyx thoughtfully.

"How much do you know about their means and methods, Nyx? We're running into these things the more we chase them and all indications point toward them being bent on bringing something over from a place where there are more of them and they have more resources. I'd love to say it'll be party favors but… uh, probably not. Any info we can get on them is something we didn't have before."

Melinda May takes a step back from Simmons again and looks to one of the tac team peeking in on them. "Secure the rest of the facility. No more surprises. Simmons, that substance is likely something that several WAND individuals would find exceedingly unpleasant. Please secure it accordingly, and most especially warn Rain before approaching her."

There were so many questions there and galactic war was momentarily more interesting than alloys. "Thanagarians are a conquest species. I would sincerely not trust them being nice in general if they are really Thanagarians… I would like to meet this supposed Prince." Nyx shakes her head lightly and then adds "I.. well I'm not really sure how much I know. Seeing the Nth metal made it all come up.. or did you mean the Deamonites?" she pauses "Also .. Agent Simmons I think we can show you how to make the alloy if you let me help." probably still wants some of either the alloy or the Nth metal but well no surprise.

"That can probably be arranged actually…" Jericho considres. Katar or Shayera should probably meet Nyx at some point. If only because they might be able to tell them what exactly is riding her.

And in any case, they're likely to run into one another. Though Jericho's efforts to introduce friends have not always gone well. See the Partisan-Illyana incident for notes on that.

He's fairly sure they wound up abandoning that safehouse.

"It's making me feel a bit meh myself. Nyx did mention anti-magic properties. That's probably it…"

Now Nyx gets a look. "I'm not sure how well that would play with what you've already absorbed…"

"Thank Samantha. Please, call me Jemma." She rarely goes by Agent anyway. Doctor Simmons, Doc, or Jemma are the norms. "I would like that very much. I'll get you into the lab so we can get started."

Mays comments have her looking towards the Senior Agent "Uh, yes Agent May." Anti magic properties … now isn't that something. "I can ask Prince Hol if he were willing to meet you." She rather suspects that they may need assistance from him, but she's got some research to do first.

"I've a medical team coming in to secure these … remains and the good Doctor over there." Jemma wants to investigate just what he's done to himself, and how.

Sam nods to Jemma "Okay cool Jemma then." she glances at Jericho. "It may help balance out the absorbed energy. Perhaps an alloy can be synthesized from the two metals into something useful…" she eyes Jericho thoughtfully at that. "Evideently we can't wait Jemma."

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