A Drover Joins SHIELD

February 06, 2016:

Zee introduces Clancy to May with interesting results

The Triskelion - New York


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It's funny how things pan out for Zatanna sometimes. Not to long along, she'd encountered, Clancy Cross (aka Drover) and his pair Thylacines. The threesome had helped her take down a Vampire she'd been hunting (not too well, given her depowered state). When it came down to it? He'd been looking for … her to ask about a certain Agency and the prospects of employment.

Today she's arriving at The Triskelion with that Drover, having set up a meeting with May. Of course, what better way to introduce Clancy to the Wierd Ass Nasty Division (aka WAND) than to travel by Leyline. She might be taking leaves out of Mays book …

The nearest Leyline is still a few blocks from The Triskelion and the pair are entering the building after a rather vigorous walk (Zee did give Clancy time to recover from what might be a somewhat disorienting and nauseating experience). Hopefully May's there to meet them, if not, she'll announce them to the person at the reception desk.



The olive-skinned Australian turns around to look back the way he and Zatanna have come, just as she leads him inside the Triskelion. His gaze tracks back to the building itself, including it (along with 'travel by leyline') in his exclamation.

Idly, he itches the back of his neck and straightens his hat. "Part o' me wants one o' those," he tells Zee with a bemused, if dubious, smile. "An' the other part o' me is tellin' that part ta shut it." He frowns and glances down at the Thylacine tattoo on his right arm (red, painted in the style of Aboriginal art), as the tattoo's eyes are glowing. The man scowls.

"No, we can't go do it again. Now yew shut it." He turns back to Zee, giving the room a once-over. "So which one's May?"

"I am." While Zee was taking a page from May's book and making use of the leyline pendulums' ability to travel the lines, May has clearly swiped a page from Romanov, and has seemingly appeared out of nowhere directly behind the tattooed man with the VERY discernable accent. She's dressed simply — dark jeans and dark shirt under a black leather jacket — and has nothing visibly indicating that there might be anything different about her from any other SHIELD employee currently in the lobby.

Next to May, conferring with her in fact, is a man that looks remarkably like Tom Sellek. No seriously. He looks like Magnum PI went government. "Who brought in Crocadile Dundee?" He asks in a rather deep baritone.

That would be Agent Gorman. He doesn't do field ops so much these days though he used to. He's still solid with the paperwork though and on occasions where a gun needs to be drawn he's more than capable.

Zee can't help but to chuckle as Clancy speaks to the 'ink' on his arms. "Oh we can do it again, on the way home." she promises and casts Clancy a merry look "Normally I would teleport us, but … Leylines seemed to be appropriate today." It's probably the most light hearted May has seen Zee in many weeks… perhaps the young mage should try to troll a little more - or maybe not.

Jumping a little as May materialises behind her, Zee spins "Agent May!" her voice rising just a little in shock. Looking over to Gorman, she can't recall meeting him (no one is likely to forget that moustache!) "I did. I'm Zatanna Zatara. I believe I'm on one of your 'approved' lists?" Back to May "This is Clancy Cross. Clancy this is May…"

The burly, 6'4" fellow looks down at the 5'4" Asian woman… then glances aside at Zee again, as if to make sure she is serious, before shifting his attention back to May and Gorman. "Ya gotta me gamin' me…" he murmurs while tilting his hat up a bit. Gorman's comment elicits a derisive snort from the bounty hunter, who replies:

"Croc Dundee? Where th' bloody hell are yew from? I look nothin' like 'im! Bloody, Hogie (Paul Hogan)…" Eventually, Cross gets over his surprise and puts both his hands on his hips when addressing May.

"Awroight then. I'm Drover. Yer gonna hire me for th' Weird-Arse Nasty Shit…" He frowns. "Nah, that ain't right. I need a 'D'…" he snaps his fingers and grins. "Weird-Arse Nasty Dogshit."

May simply quirks an eyebrow up at 'Drover'. "And why would I do that, Donk?" Yes, Gorman might have started the Dundee references, but May can play that game as well. She seems to be about as emotive as Bernadette from the movie 'The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'. She does, at least, gesture for this odd little assemblage to maybe start relocating to the conference room just off of the lobby. Because other (mostly junior) agents are starting to stare.

Gorman folds up his folder and makes to follow May. This should, if nothing else, be interesting. Gorman himself isn't WAND. That's May's own division. He's Tac Ops. Usually in a supervisory role but he often oversees interactions with Non SHIELD assets so he's as good a man as any to have in the room. "Seems like your Division's getting a reputation May."

"Clancy!" Zee is mortified as the man ask the question outright. No she isn't 'gaming' the Drover, this is really Agent May. Should he really be surprised, given the raven tressed mageling beside him.

Casting stage smiles at the junior agents that are starting to stare, she follows May to the conference room. "Clancy found me the other day and asked about SHIELD. I've seen his … talents … in the field and think they may fit." She's not about to try the acronym, she's not sure she ever knew what it was. "Whether Clancy does, though?" Well, she's met some of the other SHIELDIES.

A glance to Gorman as he follows "Yes it is, Agent. A good one. There's a lot going on out there, at the moment." And there's only a small number of people even remotely qualified to deal with them.

Once inside the conference room, Clancy walks toward a chair while listening to the other people around him. It is one of those 'I have my back to you, but I can see you out the corner of my eye' things. Dropping into a chair, he tosses his hat onto the table — then sticks his booted feet on the table as well.

Looking back at the three of them, he gives May a grin (in response to her riposte: 'and why would I do that?'), Gorman an even wider grin, and Zatanna a look of 'What did I say?' Despite his nonchalant, or rather downright presumptuous manners, his expression turns serious now that he is comfortable… and his eyes faintly glow: red, for the right, and gold, for the left — in conjunction with the eyes on each of his arm-tattoos. He withdraws a small flash drive from his pocket and tosses it on the conference table right next to his hat, and looks directly at May.

"Fer one thin', I'm a package-deal. I'd say 'wait 'til sunset an' I'll show ya' — but that jus' sounds bloody wrong. That flashdrive is my resume — I recommend beer 'n popcorn. I'm one o' the best trackers in the business, 'specially fer monsters, and before all this — ," he gives the tattoos a wave. " — I was T.A.G. That's Tactical Assault Group, or Australian counter-terrorism. Leftenant Clancy Cross. Besides, yer after friggin' weird — an 'I eat friggin' weird fer breakfast. That, an' a cold beer. Questions?"

Agent May eyes the flash drive, then glances at Gorman. Apparently it's a wordless signal for the moustachioed agent to take that drive. "I see, Lieutenant Cross." She actually says nothing at all about his feet up on the table, simply pulls her phone and types a quick text into it. "So are you seeking full time employment with SHIELD, or are you offering to contract with WAND?"

Gorman glances at the drive and takes it. It disappears under the table. Clearly there's a port there. Within moments Gorman is reviewing the 'resume'. "I'll follow it up but it looks legitimate. Australian Law Enforcement. Decent record." He glances up. "You went private. Why?"

Clancy simply gets a raised eyebrow from Zee and she nods slowly "From what I've seen, May, he's good. He found me in Gotham, and no one knew where I would be." Not even The Fox for that outing and Zee had managed to avoid the camera's.

She's already explained her role with SHIELD and it's now up to the other three. Although Clancy's list of credentials get a slightly curious look.

Two questions aimed Drover's way.

After giving Zatanna a grateful nod, the bounty hunter turns his head a fraction to look at Gorman and May for a moment. He opts to answer Gorman first, and sits forward, taking his feet off the table, and leaning his elbows on it instead.

"Short answer: huntin'. Long answer… Hmph. T.A.G. was fine — if ya stuck to normals 'n wackos. Even a few metas… but not paranormals. A bloody vampire coven made mince-pies of a buncha girls…" and the dusky-skinned Australian turns sour. "My baby sister was one of 'em. Took steps ta get an 'edge' against the buggers, an' tracked 'em all the way here, wouldja believe. Didn't expect ta make a career outta monster-huntin', but I have."

Then the man turns to look at May, and pushes back on his elbows to stop leaning on the table, and sit further upright. "SHIELD…hah. SHIELD is some 'big fella business', yeah… I don' really do the 'spy' thing. But contractin' with WAND? True blue, luv. Bottom line, the world ain' gettin' bigger, but it is gettin' more dangerous. Fer every bloody 'hero' among metas, mutants and monsters, there're a dozen freaks 'n wackos. I'm not gonna stop huntin' in yer backyard — 'n sooner or later that means yer gonna be gettin' in my way."

He grins broadly.

"So I figger: yew hire me, 'n I get a crack at some o' yer ops — 'n yew get another attack dog (or three) fer wotever yew want. It's a win all 'round."

May considers Cross's words, nodding slowly to herself. "Gorman, see how much of the T.A.G. training can translate to SHIELD certifications. WAND is still a division of SHIELD, Mr. Cross, so a lot our regulations and requirements will be SHIELD based. I hope that won't be too much trouble for you." She then glances off to one corner of the room at a vaguely cat-sized bit of movement there.

Clancy leans over to the table and grabs his stockhat, sticking it back upon his head once more with a grin. At May's comments he grimaces a bit and holds up a single hand. "It's fine — ain' like I'm not used ta takin' orders or followin' procedure. Jus'… don' go callin' me 'Mr. Cross', though. It sounds like I'm my old man — an' got my knickers in a twist. Jus'… Clancy is fine. Or Drover."

The eyes on his left arm-tattoo flare to life and he looks at the thylacine painted all the way up his bare forearm. "Don' gimme that. I ain' that old yet, an' I don' plan on bein', so… Fine. Next vamp we catch, Grasper gets. Yer… benched."

He turns back to May, Gorman and Zatanna and grins broadly.

"I reckon that's it, then, mates. My contact details are in the flashdrive. Guess yew'll be callin' me. Or not. Either way: 'ave a good one."

May doesn't comment at all on the self-animating tattoo on Clancy's arm. What she does instead is gesture faintly so that a small (think the size of a cat or small dog) creature of demonic origin if one can sense that steps more toward the center of the room. It's not getting anywhere close to Clancy yet, though.

The bounty hunter shifts his attention toward the demonling, and frowns. He glares at the tattoos again, and mutters: "I wos. I wos gettin' to it. Awroight then…" turning slightly, Drover grabs his arcane stockwhip and cracks it at the little demon, in a motion to coil the inscribed leather band around the creature's neck. He looks back at May and asks:

"Wot, yew let'em just… roam around the office?"

The moment that stockwhip is brandished, May's hand snaps out and catches it in mid-air, keeping it from getting anywhere close to K'nert. "You just failed your first test, Mr. Cross. Being able to tell friendlies apart from enemies is a very important aspect of this job." She glances at the little demon who started backing off with a series of hisses that almost sound like it's saying something. "That's all, K'nert. Thank you." It slinks back into a corner and into a cabinet's shadow.

Zee, who has been sitting quietly thoughout the interview, looks over to K'nert and speaks to the demon in a twisty, hissing tongue - not unlike the way the creature uses itself. K'nert eyes her and hisses back.

"Not all demons are bad, just like not all humans are good." the young mage speaks quietly and touches the diamond studded collar at her throat. Although, demons will still have the nature of demons - which means /be careful/ around them.

Drover stares at May.

And the whip caught in her hand.

"That's… deadly," he murmurs in awe, then he glances at the departing K'nert and tucks in his chin. "Okay, ya got me there. Bring the little muppet back 'n I'll 'ave another go. I'll be nice this time."

He goes silent for a bit, either half expecting May to fetch the demonling again, or perhaps considering his next few words with greater care (or just trying to find a way to back out of his embarrassment and save some face).

Quite possibly, it is all three.

"Then I guess I got a few things ta learn, as well as teach," he tells May and Zee with… more honesty than actual humility. "Wot's test number two, then?"

Letting the whip go, May shakes her head. "He's probably gone by now." And just as she appears to be turning to step closer to the table, her hand snaps out again to re-catch that whip and yank it out of Clancy's hand. If she manages it, she'll try to prod the man in the center of the chest with the handle of the whip kind of like a fencer 'hitting' their opponent.

Three pairs of eyes flash red and gold the instant May goes for the whip.

While the diminutive Asian lady grasps it, Drover lets the whip go. With a, "Blimey!" he spins on the ball of his foot just as May lunges with the whip-handle for a 'touch', and parries the handle in the crook of his boomerang — snagged from his belt during the spin.

"Yew realy get yer Nutri-Grain, don'tya?" His counter-strike takes the form of an attempted grapple: using the boomerang to push May's guard (and his whip) out of the way so he can get in even closer, and maybe use his greater strength to overcome her superior speed.

The thylacines… just watch, although people in the room might get the sense that the spirit-animals would love nothing more than to break their 'sleep cycle' and join in the fun.

It seems for a moment that May messed up and Clancy's able to get in closer, but then it becomes clear — she meant for it to happen. Using some combination of judo and tai chi or some other martial art designed to employ an opponent's own size, weight, and momentum against them, May quickly and neatly lands Clancy on the floor on his back. "Lesson two. Smaller things have to be more vicious to survive." At least she didn't say to never underestimate small women.

"Oohh… shut. up."

Drover is talking to the tattoos.

One would hope, anyway — otherwise May might decide he needs another lesson, all in the space of a few minutes. As if in response to his lament, the eyes of the tattoos flare briefly… and then fade once more. Drover lets his head fall back to 'thud' against the floor — and chuckles. "Yer somethin' else, May. Absolutely deadly!" While the word 'deadly' with its usual connotations still applies, the Australian says it in the same tone of voice that another person would say 'Awesome!' However the lingo is translated in this case, he still means it. He lifts his head a fraction.

"Yew busy after this? Lemme buy ya a beer. Zee too."

May offers Clancy a hand to help him up off of the floor. "Yes, actually. We'll both be busy. There's a lot of paperwork in hiring a new contract agent, especially for WAND."

Clancy does not reject the hand, and stands to his feet. He straightens his hat, grabs his stockwhip and boomerang and puts them away, and then tugs on his vest. "Roight, so. There's no 'after this' — there's 'this'." He grins and motions with a hand toward the room in general, then the door. "Show me whatcha need."

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