Terror of the Space Parasites

March 13, 2015:

Who can stop the Terror of the Space Parasites? The Martian Manhunter, Changeling, Armory, Vorpal, and Star Sapphire will try!

New York City - Midtown

A quieter section of Midtown.


NPCs: * The Infestation - a bio-engineered planet-killer weapon that starts small ...


Mood Music: [*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5d1crr8Nrs Lawnmower Deth - Flying Killer Cobs From The Planet Bob]

Fade In…

The day has begun to move into night, the sky above New York City starting to darken as the sun sets on the horizon. The cool air of winter's end sets a chill in the air. All seems calm, all seems well. The sounds of the City that Never Sleeps fill the evening air.

However, above the city something starts to glow, and light the night sky. It seems distant, but its coming closer. The people on the street notice this glowing in the sky and pause to look up. They're not sure what's coming. How could they? Whatever it is, its falling from space.


Lunair is totally supposed to kindasorta be in hiding. But being cooped up all the time gets exhausting. Plus, she does have to come out for supplies and likes to bring treats for friends. Also, she's shopped for supplies for Pinchbro. Crab's gotta have a kickin' crab pad, right? No crustacean left behind. No crustacean without a nice rock to chillax on. That's how it goes.

She's loading her Totally Rad Sea Rocks into the back of her car when people around her start looking. Lunair blinks. Ooh… "Wait."


Look! Up in the sky! What? You nincompoop, that's a bird. No, behind the bird. Yeah? A plane? So? No, the other thing. What? What is that, some kinda demon? I dunno, that's why I asked you to look.

Not bird, nor plane, nor Chernobog, it's just Changeling. Being a pterodactyl. Because he can. And because the people of New York expect it of him, really. Without some new green version of some random animal at least once a week, the Beast Spotter website would stop getting hits. And then the zoo would lose a tiny bit of funding.

"YIPE!" Changeling says, as something begins to get too close, too fast.


Having recently turned to the city and on a run hrough the area the comedian known as Draven makes his way easily. Whatever coming in his way he either side steps or jumps over. Hearing the voice of Lunair before actualy seeing her. Making his way. Before whatever it is in the sky, other than changeling that is, comes falling. Raising a brow as he studies it. By now almost standing right next to Lunair. "Hi." He offers to her, along with a smile and a glance.


That glow in the sky grows brighter as it approaches, zipping through the atmosphere. A roar proceeds the object as it comes close enough to identify- some sort of ship that is clearly in distress, an engine smoking as it comes hurtling towards New York City. It looks as if it might crash land in the city itself, causing untold damage.

However, as the ship skims near one of the tall buildings a green streak appears from no-where to suddenly pull it off course, shifting its trajectory as it comes to settle under the vehicle. There is the Martian Manhunter, almost unknown as he manages- with great effort- to change the ship's direction just enough so no building is struck by the falling thing. Oddly, the street Changeling, Draven and Lunair are on is suddenly clear of people- its as if they'd been warned, suddenly all moving and getting out of the way.

A good thing, too, as that very street is where the vehicle is now set to crash down, that Green-Skinned humanoid under it clearly unable to simply lift the falling thing. J'onn shouts, "Be careful! What is inside this vehicle is dangerous, it must not be allowed to infect the city!"


"Watch out!" Changeling yells as the vehicle is about to do unfortunate things to a skyscraper - but his flap-and-grab and "ow hot hot!" isn't what does the trick - it's that OTHER green guy who flies in like Superman and whooshes it down but still needs help … something bigger than that then? He explodes into a larger and more impressive bird-shape. The Thunderbird (not the fiery phoenix, this one's covered in lightning, not flames, and is green) is able to assist, and not be burned by the heat. The wind blast from his wings is tremendous. Also, it rains briefly. Sky may have been clear, no matter.


Lunair jerks, startled and was just about to take a swing — "Oh. Hey." She smiles up at him, looking sheepish. "How's it going?" She asks. Philbert von Cheepington spots the big green pterodactyl and cheeps frantically. The tiny dino is terrified. BIG DINO! TAKE COVER!

He dives into Lunair's hair. She's going to keep him close, then blinks. Wait, there's no more people. Not even the ones with the smart phones out. She is at least beside her car, avoiding some sharpnel. There's a pause, as she peeks out. "… Uh." Who's that? He seems pretty heroic, but… "Sir? Who are you? Should we call someone?" Who is that?


Draven chuckles and smiles. "I'm quite fine. How about you?" He asks. Spotting Philbert as he dives into the girl's hair. Laughing a bit. Looking towards The two green ones. Despite whatever he can do it is most likely not suited for the situation. Either way, he does shift a bit. Ready to run in. Smirking at Lunair and the tiny dino. "Both of you." He adds to the question.


That ship manages to keep in the air a few moments longer as Changeling does his thing and grabs it in strong Thunderbird claws. Together, the pair of green men are able to lift the Ship for a longer moment- but momentum is a physical force that refuses to ultimately be ignored. The ship crashes down into the street- which, luckily, seems oddly empty of civilians. The Martian Manhunter remains under the ship even as it crashes- surely he's been crushed under its great weight!

The ship's hull shrieks as it grinds along the street, the ship coming towards Lunair and Draven- with Gar above, and the Manhunter nowhere to be seen.


Gar's worked with Kryptonians … and actual Amazon princesses … so he hopes this guy, being strong enough to move the crashing ship, is also tough enough that he didn't just turn into pavement paste. But then he's also being a Thunderbird at the moment, which means his mind isn't really human at the moment, so he may not be thinking about it. (Thunderbirds are mythical after all. Don't tell Gar he's not real. He's still fighting with the ship's momentum and it would distract him to vanish into nonexistence.)


Lunair's met Superman. he was actually a pretty good dude. Even helped beat back a football themed villain that looked like something off a Madonna video set. Lunair looks a bit worried about the thunderbird (birds are cool, mythological or not). Go Team Green! Although, now that the ship is coming towards them, Lunair is suddenly armored and armed with a portal gun. She opens one portal down nearer the end of the block, then one under Draven to get him out of the way. "Been better."

She will sprint in the general direction of THE F*** AWAY FROM THAT SHIP!


The Martian Manhunter seems to have disappeared, but he reappears a moment later as he phases through the earth. He braces himself as the ship comes to skid into his outstretched hands. The Thunderbird's claw manage to pierce the skin of the ship as it begins to slow between the pair of them.

"Good work," The Martian says up to the Thunderbird- apparently un-phased by the idea of someone changing shape into fantastic creatures. The ship slows to a crawl, before stopping all together. Inside, something can be heard. Something skittering. Something crawling and writhing. "We must not let the beast inside survive! It would infect the populous, and take over their minds! Be ready!"


Draven focuses mainly on the object. "Careful. Look out." He will say to Lunair and her pet. While he will step towards the ship. Seemingly loading up for something, just in case it's got way too much momentum. Though then he finds himself falling. Eyes widening. Though like a cat he'll land on his feet. Wherever he's landing. Hearing the green dude. "All right then. I am assuming I can't entertain it to death?"


"Beast? What is it? What's going on?" Gar asks. He stops being an impossible mythical bird the moment the thing stops moving, reverting to a purple-and-white-kevlex-garbed green-skinned young man who runs around to the front of the craft where the… other green guy? is waiting. Not human, Gar can't tell what he really is, and besides, he's trying to focus on what's in the ship, what kind of beast they have to worry about taking people over.

There's probably enough biomass inside for him to be able to be one of whatever it is, which means he can tell a bit about it — and especially about why it'd be dangerous.


Carol Ferris had been finishing business in New York City, securing a new contract for electrical components for Ferris Air when her violet ring had alerted her to someone in need in the area.

It was all very new to her. Being a 'guardian' or protector of love; she seemed to help unite couples together once more as she seemed to assist a scorned woman in taking revenge. Unfortunately for men, she was biased and tended to reserve her help for the fairer and far superior gender.

The woman she had helped was in dire need. Her boyfriend was a loser who cheated on her and stole her credit card. She still tried to love him. When the woman caught him with her best friend, she realized the only way she could ever keep loving him is if he was dead and she had no more bad memories.

Star Sapphire had helped her take that revenge.

The scantily clad woman had been flying above New York City when she first saw the ship crashing down. Her first instinct was to help those in need, but an insidious voice like a devil on her shoulder urged her to hold back her aid.

She was not far from the group, not hiding her presence but not announcing it either.


Lunair peers out from around cover. Wait. What's this about beasts inside? She looks curious, in strange, dark purple armor with cat ears. Someone watches a little too much anime, maybe. Nevertheless, she looks over to Draven. "Sorry!" She's really not a hero in the classic sense. But she tries. And sometimes it works. Today is one of those times. Also, Lunair is not to judge anyone for being scantily clad. Some of her best friends are. Or nudists.

Nevertheless, she's unaware of Carol and more worried about whatever it is Team Green is worried about. "Do you guys need help?" She finally approaches the two, very, very carefully.


"It is a mindless abomination. It knows only hunger." J'onn replies to Draven, as he looks over his shoulder towards Lunair and Draven both. He looks up to Gar next as he floats back from the front of the now on-its-side ship. The cockpit is made of some mirrored material that makes it difficult to see in. What is not difficult to see, however, is the cracks starting to form on the glass that seems to be holding back whatever skittering horror is inside the derelict.

"My people called them Tk'thu'kal. They are a scourge that will destroy all life on this planet if we do not stop them now!" The Manhunter relays to the others nearby.

Inside, Gar can sense the hunger. Some sort of insectoid horror chittering away as it senses its nearest meal: The Manhunter, Lunair, Draven and the Manhunter from Mars. "Whatever we do, keep their attention- there is certain to be more than one. And one is all that is required to cause this planet much difficulty!"

Star Sapphire is not yet noticed, as J'onn's attention is focused solely on this threat to his adopted homeworld.


"What kills them?" Gar asks. Because now that he's sensed them… "Ugh, it's like fire ants had babies with swarming leeches and then got hungrier, they have GOT to go."

Gar runs through a wide selection of 'what could kill this" and "what could eat this" and so far he's got nothing. They don't have any natural predators on Earth.


Draven nods at the words offered by J'onn. "Anything that they are weak against?" He asks. Trying to offer the wise questions. Though basically just end up rephrasing Gar's words. Not really as good at handling these stuff perhaps. Moving to be ready to help. Letting those who actually seem to know a bit, or ways to fight it, be in the front. He's not much of a hero, though he doesn't mind joining in to help. Perhaps noticing the flying girl. Though all he'll offer to suggests that is an off handed wave.


The woman known as Star Sapphire addresses the group of you, speaking in a regal tone, "There are five of the beasts inside of the ship." Her smile is radiant as she addresses all of you, the violet light bathing her figure, "I will aid you as best as I can."

There was no possible way she had an ulterior motive.


Lunair listens. "Yeah… They sound pretty nasty. Anything like ice, bullets…?" Fire? She might throw Draven a gun later depending on the answer. She seems to trust the Manhunter, since one generally does not Lie About That Kind of Thing (or is a huge Aliens fan). And then Star Sapphire appears and it's like 8 year old Lunair's dreams came true (Well, okay, she was Muriel then but Muriel's legally dead and that just opens so many cans of worms).

"Cool, thanks," Wavewave at Star Sapphire.


"They are are tough, but not invincible. The nature of their carapace disallows me to phase through and affect their internal systems. However, having recently passed through the atmosphere they are only freshly awoken. They will, at this stage, be susceptible to physical or energy- particularly blunt force trauma. They are otherwise weak to sonic attacks, as it is through vibration that they primarily sense the world!" The Manhunter replies, as the glass of the cockpit shatters and five creatures crawl out.

The creatures have wicked compound eyes in yellow and orange, along with large feathered antenna not unlike a moth's. They are covered in a slick, shining carapace in a color best described as 'bile yellow'. They are long, like centipedes with multiple clawed limbs. Each seems to be drooling- the saliva that strikes the ground hissing as it bubbles like acid. They rear up to *SKRREEEEEE* as they take a moment to sense the world around them.

"I suggest you keep away from the mandibles. Their saliva is rather acidic." The Manhunter looks over to The Star Sapphire, eyebrows narrowing together a moment. "So it would appear! Spread out, and keep their attention. Do not let them escape! It will spell doom for this planet should they manage this!"


"OOK ACH AYE!! OOK SMASH!" Gar yells, and he's a fifteen foot tall gorilla in green. Note, mountain gorillas are big, but only about as tall as a tallish human. So Changeling is cheating again. Where does a one-ton Gorilla sit? On anyone he wants to!

He picks up a parking meter and lunges at the nearest giant disgusting alien bug thing, swinging to smash it in the head. He may splatter bug blood around; the OOK should be taken as a warning.


Draven nods at what the Manhunter offers, "I can help out then." He assures them. Standing at the ready. Spotting the creatures. Grinning a bit as he hear the giant green gorilla. Starting to throw out sounds at the things. Mixing a few different. Sounds. Trying to soothe them and mimic them at the same time, trying to keep them from attack, and hopefully stay in range as he draws a bit closer. To try and blow them at once. "I might be able to do some sonic damage." He suggests. "Though anyone that don't like loud sounds should stay back." Unless the Gorilla wiped them out. Once he has at least some room he will try and take out a couple of them. Hands held at his mouth to direct it some.


Wow. What a world. Lunair has just run into the ONE enemy where her dubstep gun is terrifying to more than just one's dignity. The blunt force seems to be covered by Gar-illa well enough. Lunair listens, and moves backwards. The creatures look horrifying, and she has seen enough Aliens to know where this is going. She tosses Draven a dubstep gun, in case his own powers aren't sufficient. Time for dancin', irritated bugs.

Except now she's blasting them with dubstep. It's horrifying, really.



Beastie One is assaulted by a giant green Gorilla. It rears back and SKREEEEES loudly before its attack cry is interrupted by the *CHANG* of a full parking meter that clearly causes it some distress. It shakes its head, the carapace deformed from that mighty strike. It sways in place, as its antenna seem to shiver. It spits, then, a caustic slime missile at the giant green creature.

Beastie Two lurches forward after Draven, clearly intent on devouring him whole. The scream that comes causes its antenna to shake and curl up as the creature screams in agony. It rears its body up and lunges towards where it believes the offending sound came from, but seems unable to find its prey as it has been blinded.

Beastie Three turns towards Lunair just in time to be blasted by the Dubstep gun. The creature begins to twist in absolute agony as its assaulted by horrific Wubs. It writhes in clear pain, trying to roll up and escape the danger- but the damage is clearly done.

Beastie 4 lunges towards the Manhunter himself who takes a page from Gar's book and grows in size from his already impressive seven feet to something more along the lines of fifteen feet, his body shifting and contorting as his body shifts into that of some sort of winged snake-demon with five eyes, four arms and a long sinuous body. He wraps himself around the creature's reared-up form, those arms grabbing at its mandibles and beginning to pull back with a sickening crunch soon heard. The Manhunter's eyes glow, before a beam of energy suddenly rockets out to crash into the abomination's carapace.


Lunair really should get their autographs. This is like, a rarity. Two green shapeshifting dudes. That's like a blue moon but double rarer. She's certainly not likely to forget this. While the Beastie isn't dancing, it does seem to be working. "Have at you! Down! Er, wait." She's so banned from combat dialogue forever. But Lunair does intend to finish the job. The Green Martian (Green Guy The Not From Earth because numbering them would be unfair) said they would be bad news if they got out.

Philbert is likely tucked away safely in one of Lunair's cat ear armored bits, peeking out safely. Very safely. She looks quite silly, likely even using rocket heeled boots to keep up with the beast if needed.



Star Sapphire watches the beasts come out of the downed spacecraft and she raises her chin into the air defiantly, "These beasts are so hideous, they are an insult to the inherent beauty of the universe itself." She seems to have nothing but contempt for the aliens flooding forth from the craft.

A large gilded sword made from glowing violet energy springs forth into her hand, conjured forth from her mind using nothing but the emotional light of love and she flies towards the fifth and final of the beasts to emerge from the spacecraft.

A predatory smile graced her lips as she lunged in for the kill; her energy blade slicing the creature in two with ease.

The remains of the alien creature twitched and convulsed on the ground, a shrill SKREEEE escaping from both halves of the alien before it finally stopped moving.

"You all seem to have the matter at hand firmly secure." Her hand is pointed towards the craft and a glowing violet energy bubble contains it and begins lifting it upwards towards the sky, "I will dispose of the wreckage and any infection that may yet remain inside."


Draven does go for his beast again. Seeing as Lunair did well with aggressive sounds he will increase his own decibel and pitch to try and create the same effect as Lunair's gun. Able to match the most effective pitch and volume. Blasting that Beastie aggressively. Grinning widely about the giant shapeshifters. As well as thinking about the dubstep gun. Finally mimicking it completely. Cause it's fun. Watching as the last woman comes to cut them up.


TOXIC LOOGIE! ARGH! Gar screams a howler-monkey scream at the beast as he takes a bit of beastie spittle to a shoulder, not dodging quite fast enough as he dives out of the way.

For those who haven't heard one, howler monkey screams can be heard clearly more than three miles away; this is close-range and about twice as loud as it should be, and it's aimed at Spitty. He shifts from Gorilla to something armored and scaled, and stops being remotely natural-looking in the process. Chernobog, indeed, with fangs and giant razored wings and bone-covered, spiked fists and even more beastly than the gorilla; the Changeling dodges aside to avoid the mandibles and smashes at the body, harder and faster. He's not above stakeing it down with the parking meter either.


Beastie 1 soon finds itself overwhelmed by Changeling's onslaught, shrieking in pain and misery as its life is soon snuffed out. Its carapace gives, as if it only recently molted. It writhes a moment longer before it curls up, its legs bending and pressing to its body.

Beastie 2 finds itself further assaulted by bad sounds- it shrieks in pain as it writhes and flails, unable to sense the offending creature before the creature pauses and its head goes *POP* sending disgusting goo flying around it, the pressure difference from the sound waves clearly having caused a fatal effect.

Beastie 3 continues to shriek as the Dubstep gun's wubs drop the bass, and the creature's face: right into the pavement with a sickening squish.

Beastie 4's body is soon crushed in J'onn's coils, even as its mandibles are torn out and thrust again into its own head. It falls, with the Manhunter's form soon turning almost liquid as it once again becomes that Green Skinned creature, The Martian Manhunter.

Beastie 5 is made quickly dead by Star Sapphire's construct and the derelict ship is lifted, even as it groans in protest at the movement. It keeps together, however. A tough bird, to be sure.

J'onn J'onzz watches as Star Sapphire takes the ship, looking up a moment before looking back to the other heroes who had helped him. "Very well. See that you do, its technology will do no good here. This planet must make its own way." Still, something bugs the Manhunter- to grab the ship and run, not to stay. It seems odd to him. He reaches out with his mind to take a quick peek at Star Sapphire's thoughts. What ever he senses, he keeps it to himself and turns towards Gar, Lunair and Draven. "You have done this planet a great service today, you should be proud of your actions." Comes his deep baritone.


Gar is enough in touch with his instincts that he knows no pity as the alien bug thing dies. He's figured out that it had no place in the Red of this world… or rather, that the things like it here, were already balanced. Because there were things like it here, already, lots of them, but they had their own predators and their proper place, and these ones would have done tremendous harm before finding a balance. And he's fine with them becoming extinct.

"Where did they come from?" he asks, slowly reverting to human form, wincing at the burned spot on his shoulder. He looks around for a hose or a water bottle or a drinking fountain even.


Lunair would ooh and aah at the space lady, but she is sort of busy. She watches the bug get squished and relaxes a little. She tries not to wince as the second beast's head pops. It's more than a little gruesome. Still, there's relief as the last bug splats.

"I think space, maybe? Unless someone did something bad in a lab again," She remarks. They seem kind of odd for an Earth critter, far as she knows.

"Ummm… want my water bottle?" Lunair offers to poor Gar. "YOu might want some sand though, depending on the acid. I accidentally started a fire that way." Oops. Well, gotta love undergraduate chemistry. Kabooms and fires for all.

"… thank you! What do we call you, though?" A curious headtilt at the deeply voiced alien guy.


Draven gives a thumb-up to J'onn. "Nothing better to do." He says and grins. Looking as all the bugs are dealt with. Chuckling at Lunair at what she offeers to the others. Leaving any chemistry to all the others. "I would guess space." Since all he hear sounds to indicate that.


Star Sapphire spared a brief nod towards J'onn as she departed, having helped without even ever giving her name like a true hero not wanting any thanks. A glowing violet light trailed behind her as she lifted off high into the night-sky with the spacecraft encased in a bubble of energy.

Not long after she would arrive at Ferris Air, using the light of her ring to cleanse all biological material from the aircraft before storing it in a hangar. This would definitely give Ferris Air an edge over the competition once it had been ripped apart and reverse engineered.


"They are a biological weapon." J'onn replies as he returns fully to his green-skinned form. "I do not know who created them, but they are a genetically engineered abomination. There was a time it was not unheard of these creatures being sent in ships like the one we saw here. Typically, the ships would be sent towards enemy planets, covered in a stealth coating as that one was. They only had one purpose, to destroy all life. Once complete, the attackers would wait until the creatures had devoured everything. The creatures would then die, leaving an empty planet to colonize. Most of them are wiped out, but a few ships still float aimlessly through the galaxy." The Manhunter then turns to look at Gar, Lunair and Draven. "I am the Martian Manhunter." he states simply, "I am here to defend this planet, and its people."


"Huh. That explains why they were almost sentient. Hope whatever race made them was eaten by them for great Karma," Gar says vindictively, grabbing some sand from a planter box — ew? — and wiping off as much of the acid as he can, before he uses the water bottle he was provided, to wash off the rest. The nasty acid burn isn't as bad as it could have been.

"Garfield Logan. Also called Changeling. Are you really Martian? I thought there wasn't any life there any more."

Not that he's been there. Been to Tamaran, but not Mars. Typical.


Lunair listens. "Oh. That's pretty awful," She frowns. "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Manhunter." Earthlings are pretty lucky to have a dude like him looking after 'em, then. Lunair watches Star Sapphire go, curious perhaps. What a nice lady. She seemed different, somehow. Then a look to Draven. "Seems so. You're not hurt, right?" Headtilt. She nods, as Gar sands then waters. Lunair pauses. "My codename is Armory. I've met a few people not from earth or even this dimension slash timeline. Most of them have been pretty good people." Even in light of the happenigs.


"Pleasure to meet you. Also, this will give me some stuff to be able to use in my shows." Draven suggests. Since he's already exposed Draven just offers his real name, since anyone with a tv probably knows him anyhow, unless they don't watch comedy. "Draven Corbin. Full time comedian, and apparantly part time alien stopper." Nodding agreeingly with Lunair. "Indeed. Glad to have you around. All of you." He assures them. Studying each. Even Star Sapphire. Shaking his head. "Nope, I'm all good." He assures Lunair as she worries. "You?" He asks before looking to Gar. "How's the burn?"


"Yes. I am the last Green Martian in existence. There is no life on Mars anymore. And, there hasn't been for a very long time." J'onn answers to Gar, his voice turned quieter a moment. "However, it is a pleasure to meet such fine heroic spirits. You did well today, and certainly protected humanity in the process." he remarks


"Not as bad as if I'd caught the full splat," Gar says, nodding towards the parked car that did. It's smoking, and the driver-side door has rotted away, and the tires are melting. Sad and pathetic.

"It'll heal up," Changeling says. He looks around. "Wait, that armor? Armory? You're dressed in purple cat armor? Vorpal will plotz."

He looks around … "Wasn't there a floating purple woman here? Oh, she took the spaceship?"

A nod to the Manhunter then. "I'm sorry … I'm glad you survived, though. Not just because we'd all be in real trouble."


Draven still does not have too much issue hearing the Martian. Nodding to Gar as well. "Yeah. Glad that you look all right." Smiling towards Lunair as well about who she is. As for the other women being gone, he just shrugs. "Yeah, agreed. Thank you."


… last one. Poor guy. There's a sadness to it. "We're lucky to have you here. I'm sorry." It really does seem sad. She giggles at Gar. "Sorry." Maybe she was feeling a bit … catty? Some voice in the cosmos (like the king from Katamari Damacy?) compelled her. That's all. She falls quiet a moment. She's not sure what to think. "And wait, Vorpal would be happy or mad?"


"Thank you. It is appreciated." The Martian replies before he then looks towards the creature's remains. His eyes glow a moment before his force-vision shoots out and blasts the remains of the creatures into nothing. "I must go. I hope you shall all continue your heroism. This world will need heroes." With little more discussion, the Manhunter from Mars suddenly rockets into the sky.


"And that's all that's left… Hmm."

Gar grins at Lunair-in-Armory. "He's very protective about being THE purple cat, but since you were here and he wasn't, he might forgive you. You did the rabbit hole thing, right? Maybe you were the Stand-In."

The green guy looks around. "Well, speaking of Vorpal, I need to go see where he is. Haven't seen him all day."

He turns into a peregrine falcon, launching himself into the skies.


Draven salutes the Martian as he disappears before grinning about Gar's words to Lunair. "Yeah. She was quite qiuck with it." He offers. Even if it caught him off guard. "See ya." He offers with a wave to Gar as well. Turning to Lunair then. "You okay?" Glad to see her safe as well.


Lunair watches the Martian zot the creature's remains. "Bye!" wave. He seems like a quiet guy, but can one really blame him? Lunair oohs at Gar. "I see. Fair enough. I'll be an understudy." She seems okay with going with it. "See you!" She waves to Gar. She looks quietly amused. "Yeah, I'm good. I might take my sea rocks back to Pinchbro's tank. It's good to see you. What have you been up to?"

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