The First Avenger (Downtime)

February 07, 2016:

Once the fighting is over, Peter and Audrey talk about things. Steve shows up later.

Chihuahua, Mexico


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It's over. The mastermind has been captured and the grunts taken care of. The Junk Golem has been laid to rest and Hulk didn't kill any of the good guys. Through it all, Peter kind of watched bemused at it all since he was just here to buy weed. For certain definitions of 'buy'.

Once Beacon has Grunt, Audrey backed away, letting others deal with bringing down the more volatile members of the team. She's got her own addition to check in on: Peter. "So…not to discount the help or anything. Thanks, by the way. But what were you doing out in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night?" she asks as she steps up to him.

Peter Stanchek glances over at Audrey and shrugs. "I didn't do anything. Just watched you all, really. I just came to get some marijuana. Mexico has the best pot, they say." He jerks his head in the direction of Chihuahua. "I heard you fly by and got curious."

"The heads up was helpful. And messing with the tanks." Audrey knows enough to recognize when something's been tampered with. She's quiet for a moment, reaching up to rub a hand at the back of her neck and stopping short when she remembers she's got blood on her hands. "These aren't the people I don't trust," she offers in belated explanation. "And Zemo's…Well. Before this, I would've said he was a HYDRA commander during World War II, one of Cap's enemies. Sounds like he's not entirely dead, though."

"Well, if Captain America is still alive, why couldn't this other guy be too?" Peter points out. It's not really a question, just agreeing that yes, he's probably not quite dead. "Did you already know there's a spy in SHIELD working with them?"

"Pretty much," Audrey nods to Peter. "Seems like dead is a relative term." She nods again to his second question. "We figured. Or something like it, at least. Someone's been attacking SHIELD agents, and to do that, they had to have had a source on the inside. We've been trying to track it down. Cap called in a bunch of us when he tracked the source here. Though it looks like this was a trap, so. Not sure how reliable the intel was."

Peter looks over at the hill a moment, not that the guy is still there. "I could see if that guy knows who it is." he offers. "Shouldn't be difficult the way he was broadcasting. He obviously doesn't have any training in shielding his mind."

"If you'd be willing to, I know Cap'd appreciate it," Audrey smiles faintly back at him. "Sorry about the…" She trails off, waving a finger around her head. "Reflex." She pauses for a moment, mulling things over. "You know, if you're not sold on the X-Men, it looks like Cap's looking for help. There aren't a lot of people I trust with anything, but Cap…Cap's good people."

"Be a good person and do what's right?" Peter quotes as he thinks about what she said. "A bunch of you were reciting it like some kind of cult mantra. I haven't been told about the X-Men yet officially. The school can help me get my degree though. And they can teach me things. Does Captain America know about them?"

Audrey's smile quirks. "Be nice if it were that easy, right? Just be a good person and do the right thing. Like those don't ever come up against what you have to do. But yeah. That's him." She finds a place to sit, setting her elbows on her knees. "Cap knows a lot of the X-Men, and he's pretty damned trustworthy. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew."

"I don't know." Peter says slowly. "I mean, I've heard of him, of course. But I don't really know anything about him." Is he as trustworthy as Audrey claims? He could find out easily enough, really. "I'm already here, I guess. So I don't mind helping you find that spy. I don't know about anything more than that. Would the school even let me?"

"I can't answer that for you," Audrey shakes her head. "But I'm pretty sure there were a couple representatives from the school on the mission," she nods toward the group. "Be easy enough to ask and find out. But stick around. Talk to him yourself. He'll make time for you."

"Oh yeah?" Peter looks around, trying to spot someone from the school that he's met. If there are any, none are in sight and he shrugs. "Can't hurt I guess." Noncommittal, that's the word of the day. "So how'd you get involved if this isn't the group you told me about before?"

"I sort of…" Audrey pauses, thinking back as she tries to organize her thoughts. "When I left the unit, I was on the streets for a little over a year. I had a few run-ins with people like us. Some were good. Some were…less good. I mostly steered clear until X-Red interrupted an attempt by the unit to bring me in. I was with them for a little bit, which is when I made some other connections. Pretty sure that's where Cap got my name the first time. I'd left X-Red, and he approached me about a mission. Not this one. Arms dealer in Prague. I helped him out. We keep in touch."

"Prague? Is that in the US?" Peter asks, suspecting it's not from the name. "And you're in Mexico now. Is he supposed to be doing stuff outside the country? He's Captain America." he says, stressing the second word. "Isn't that like, I don't know, illegal or something?"

Audrey quirks a brow at Peter. "It's in the Czech Republic," she says slowly. "It's the capital." Answering the other question takes a little more thought, and there's a flicker of amusement in her features when she does. "Were you under the impression that America doesn't interfere with other countries? Because that's…not how it works. CIA. UN. SHIELD. All agencies that function internationally and involve American agents. Including Captain America sometimes."

Czech Republic? So not in the US then. "I never thought about it." Peter answers. "It's not the kind of thing I ever needed to know. So is he a member of SHIELD then? Is that why you're all here, trying to figure out who's killing their agents?"

"He's got a complicated relationship with SHIELD," Audrey answers. "I think he's been in and out. But yeah, he's got a lot of connections there either way. And finding out who's killing their agents is the goal. Why wouldn't be a bad thing to figure out either, of course."

As they talk, Peter pulls out a plastic bag and some rolling paper. "You want?" There's several ounces of what's presumably pot in the bag and he puts some on a sheet of paper before rolling it up. "What's going to happen to the ones you captured?"

Audrey laughs, shaking her head. "Thanks, but no. I'm good." She leans forward, quietly scraping the blood off her hands. "Probably going to disappear into some SHIELD prison somewhere," she admits. "After they're interrogated for any useful information. Which, since Cap was involved, probably won't involve car batteries and waterboarding."

"Aren't they supposed to get a trial?" Peter might not have gone to school but he knows that much. Not that he really cares but he's curious how it'll be explained. Putting the stuff away, he pulls out a lighter then lights up.

"Good question," Audrey shrugs. "But not my department. I gather intel, bring them in. What happens to them afterwards is for the official sorts to work out. Given that we didn't just shoot them all, though, I'm going to say they'll probably get their trials. Somewhere."

Peter takes a drag and holds it several seconds before tilting his head back and slowly exhaling a cloud of smoke. "I'll find out what they knows for you." he decides. "It's not like they didn't bring it on themselves, right?" The wages of sin and all that.

"Thanks," Audrey smiles faintly. "It'll help some good people, too. I know not everyone in SHIELD's one of the good guys. Obviously. Someone's leaking intel that's getting people killed. But this sort of thing…" She trails off, shaking her head. "Something bigger's going on, apparently."

"Yeah, well, I've got a problem with people who lie to you, betray you, and kill your friends. They deserve anything they get." Anything and everything. Peter takes another toke then snuffs it out with his fingers. "How big is SHIELD? How many people?"

"Hey, me too," Audrey laughs, still trying to scrub the blood off her hands. "I couldn't give you a number for SHIELD. But they're a large agency. International peacekeeping and all that. They've got the Triskelion in New York, and satellite agencies all over the world. Full personnel count is probably in the thousands?"

Which means there's too many for Peter to read the minds of them all. Making sure the joint is out, he puts it in the bag with the rest. "Here…" Leaning forward, he grabs Audrey's arms above the wrists. Staring at her hands, he brings his own downward, over her wrists and hands and fingers. As he does so, the blood flows ahead of his hands and drips down onto the ground. Once the blood is off of her, he sits back, exhaling. "That's hard."

Audrey stiffens momentarily, looking up to see what he's doing. She arches a brow at the trick, watching closely. "That's…Yeah," she says after a moment. "How'd you do that?"

"Just moved the blood off of you." Peter says with a shrug. "I'm better with large things. Or just breaking stuff. But I've been trying to get better at things like that."

"That's a lot of fine control for TK," Audrey says, giving her hands a look. "Glad you didn't crush my hands." Is that a touch of humor in her voice? Her look when she turns back to Peter, though, is more speculative. "You're not exactly a standard psychic. You ever take any evaluations?"

"That's what Harada said." Peter tells Audrey. "An Omega psiot, just like him. We were born with our powers and are stronger than most. It's why he wanted me so bad. I never got any training though till he found me." And that didn't last long. "The school hasn't done anything like that, no."

"You should. For yourself more than for them," Audrey suggests. "The more you know about how your powers work, the better you understand them, the more you'll be able to do. And the better you'll be able to defend yourself against people who might try to work around them. Knowing your own weaknesses is key."

"I'll tell Scott you suggested it." Peter says. "I don't think Harada understood how we do some things though and he's been studying them for a very long time."

"No one understands how any of us do what we do until we study it," Audrey shrugs. "Mutants come up with different abilities every day. And we come up with new ways to use them, too. Though that comes up after you understand what you're doing and how you're doing it a little bit better. How it all works. It's not magic. And it might bend the laws of physics or come up with new ones, but they're usually in there somewhere."

"Right." Peter replies, more for something to say than because he really followed all of that. He got the gist though. "I'll tell Scott. So do you understand how you do what you do?"

"More or less," Audrey nods. "The why of it, a little less. But the gist is, I'm manipulating photons. Exciting them or calming them. Energy and inertia being what they are, it's easier for me to work with light or shadow that already exist than it is to create it. Creating it takes energy, and that energy has to come from me. Burns a lot of calories," she adds, a brief smile flickering. "But basically, I'm working with light. The way it moves, the way it passes through things."

"Using our power burns calories?" Peter asks with a blink. That never occurred to him before. "Huh. I wonder if Faith is going to lose weight now." he muses to himself then shakes his head. "Whatever. So what do telepaths work with?"

"Well, mine does," Audrey clarifies. "It's not the same for everyone. Just depends on what you're doing and how you're doing it. Our telepath actually worked on an electrical basis. As best they could figure, he was picking up on and translating electrical impulses in the brain. Problem with that is, there's a hell of a learning curve, and everyone's brain works differently. He actually had to train with a person to be able to get more than vague senses of emotions and areas of the brain. It was like learning a new language every time he learned how to read a specific mind. This pattern means dog. This pattern means look out." Which explains why her thoughts are so clear when she's communicating with psychics. Plenty of practice on her end at organizing her thoughts.

"Oooookay." This is all news to Peter. Harada never went into theory with him. Maybe that was a higher level class. Or maybe it just wasn't considered important. He thinks that over then shakes his head. "Yeah, that's not how it works with me." Not that he can say how it does work. Dropping his head into his hands, he rubs his temples. He'll have to talk to Scott about that kind of thing.

"Figuring it out's a matter of luck sometimes," Audrey admits, smile crooked. "They didn't pick up on how his was working until we tried to run drills near a high-voltage electric fence and he couldn't handle the interference. They just thought he was a slow learner with a limited range."

"That's pretty weird, actually." Peter says as he lifts his head again. "I've been thinking since we talked last. I remember you saying you can't do lasers. I was kind of wondering if I convinced you that you could, if you'd be able to."

Audrey quirks a brow. "You think it's a self-imposed limit?" She tilts her head, thinking it over. "It's possible. Lord knows, it's been the case for people before. But if it's all the same to you, I'd rather you not reset anything in my brain. I did work out a new trick recently," she admits. "Managed to make a one-way visibility porthole through a steel door. Was hard as hell, though."

Peter shrugs at the question. "I don't know. But you can do a beam of light right? Isn't that what a laser is?" He shrugs again. "It's just a thought I had. I don't know if it would work." Frowning, he tries to decipher what Audrey just said. "You… made invisible part of a door? But only one way? How does that work?"

"One illusion, one forcing light through the material. Similar to how a two-way mirror works. That was the hard part, actually. Making the steel invisible wasn't as hard. Making myself invisible's easy. Theory was, my cells are more susceptible to light manipulation, because of the mutation. Making someone else invisible is possible, but harder. Gases are easy, liquids not too bad, solids harder. But the human body's overwhelmingly water, so." Audrey rambles a bit, but she speaks with confidence. Apparently she's not just the muscle. "So basically, to make a one-way porthole, I'd force the light through it on our side, but make sure that it was still bouncing off on at least the last set of molecules on the other side. Or, if I know what the other side looks like, then I can make it transparent and also create an illusion in front of the transparency. Which is…sort of like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time."

"I'll take your word for it." Peter states, shaking his head. Again, he got the gist and that's what counts, right? What she can do, not how she did it. The Harbinger Foundation had lots of psiots in training and he heard a lot of it when he was with them. "You move light around so you can see and others can't. You can see behind you, right? Just bring the light hitting the back of your head around to your eyes."

Audrey's smile quirks at the question, appreciative. "Pretty much. Though it takes effort, it's not reflexive. I can see in the dark, too. Infrared, ultraviolet. And the one we can't quite explain, that I can see even when I'm invisible. I shouldn't be able to, since if the light's going through me, there's nothing to hit my eyes and tell me what's around me. But I can. Other people I make invisible can't, though, which led us to believe it's something to do with genetics or the mutation."

Peter nods as his guess is confirmed. "Thought so. I can't move light. There's nothing to get a hold of." Even Harada couldn't do that. "So who's 'us'? You keep saying that. Do you mean X-Red or the unit you were part of?"

"The unit," Audrey answers, smile fading to something more serious. "US military, off the books, black ops. My dad ran- runs it. So. Sort of grew up hearing the theories and the rest at the dinner table. And when my x-gene activated, they pulled me out of the base school and moved me into the program. Officer training. Turns out nepotism is alive and well, even in a questionably voluntary program."

"They made you a soldier when you were fourteen?" Peter asks, brows rising. "That's…" Pretty awful. "Wait. Your father still runs it? Did you say they were hunting you?" Which means your father is hunting you?

"Thirteen, actually." Audrey reaches up to tuck a loose piece of hair behind her ear, gaze steady. "And yeah. I mean. It was officer training, and there were different classes. They didn't put recent-" She pauses, considering her words. "Yeah, no, there's no not awful way to say it. Most of my classes were willing recruits. They had different classes for conscripts, at least until we were older and most had been broken. Which…is when I started to realize this wasn't exactly the junior Captain America program. And yeah. They're still watching for me. Though a lot of the pressure went off after I joined X-Red. Apparently the threat of going public on them was enough to get them to back off."

Peter adds Audrey's father to the list of people he would cheerfully mindwipe. "Well, if they ever start again, just let me know and I'll help." Bad enough when it's not family hunting you. "And they're actual military? Part of the government?"

"US Army," Audrey nods, smile faint. "And from what I've heard from others, probably not the only unit of its kind. I've heard others refer to them as weapon X programs. A lot of them a lot less…Not to defend what happened, but in a lot of ways, our unit wasn't so different from a base ROTC program. More advanced, actual combat, and training for powers, yeah. But we had regular school classes in English and math and history. We sat in classrooms. We lived in barracks. We had a mess hall. Not everyone had that much."

Not that Peter had an illusions but hearing the government does that kind of thing is just sad. "I wonder if it was a government agency that's been hunting me for the last few years. Their uniforms didn't look like it but I guess they wouldn't. Maybe they were even your guys, though they never seemed ot have powers of their own."

"Could've been. Though there's no shortage of people trying to cash in on people with abilities," Audrey shrugs. "Anyhow. If I were you, I'd be less worried about being brought in and more worried about getting offed. You're powerful, Peter. If they can't control you, they'll want to eliminate you, make sure no one else does."

"Yeah, which is what Harada wants to do. After I tried to kill him, he knows there's no way he can control me now." Which is why Peter was so jumpy that day. "So yeah, I'm watching my back. The others kept trying to capture me, even after losing a lot of their people. Might be the government after all."

Audrey nods, quiet. She and Peter have found a relatively quiet spot away from the aftermath of the fight where they can talk. Grunt's blood is still on her uniform - hard to see against the black - but her hands seem to be mostly clean. And she doesn't seem to have an issue with 'after I tried to kill him.' Pot. Kettle. "Well. Cap's good people. And he'll watch your back. But the school's a good place to get more familiar with what you can do, too."

"We all try to be good people," Cap says as he arrives with a bag of burgers and fries that he went out to get after getting some of the bureaucratic work done. "I have some blankets in the storage closet—It'll keep getting colder until dawn. Not sure there's any way we can insulate it better."

"Being good is a luxury sometimes." Peter murmurs. Survival comes first. He looks over and gives Cap a nod, the man's approaching thoughts having alerted him that someone was coming. "We could get some rooms in town." he suggests. "Or is this supposed to be secret?"

"Sir," Audrey nods quietly to Cap, looking up with a faint smile. "This is Peter," she introduces the pair. "Peter, this is Captain America. Peter happened to be in the area when he picked up on us being out there. He helped with a heads up and with keeping some of the men in the tanks occupied." Just how he did that she'll leave to Peter to explain.

"To be honest, I'm not really sure if it's supposed to be secret or not. Frankly, I don't care, but I understand why people within these walls might care. I suppose it's something we'll have to talk about. If you guys want to stay there's a converted bunk room that we made from the maintenance chamber. It's a little bit warmer in there. But if you guys would prefer to get a room, Wanaque is just down the road a ways."

"Peter, I'm Steve. Glad for the help." He offers his hand to the young man. "We owe you our thanks."

Peter stands up and clasps the hand. "Hi Steve. It was no big deal. I just happened to be nearby." He glances back to Audrey a moment but then looks at Steve again. "So, the guy on the hill? Like I told Audrey, he was thinking about there being a spy in SHIELD. If you want, I could see if he knows who the spy is or at least what he looks like."

Audrey nods to Steve at Peter's offer, a tacit motion of support for the young man. "It'd be a major step toward stopping the leak," she notes.

Steve looks toward Peter for a long moment before breaking it with a comment, "Looks like there are a handful." He exhales in some mild frustration—he knew there was a leak, of course, but a confirmation is pretty frustrating. "Any help you'd be willing to give would be appreciated, Peter. If you'd be willing to do that, that'd be great."

"Sure, it's not hard." Peter assures Steve. "Just say when." Pause. "Though maybe I should get some sleep first. And it might help if he didn't. No drugs though." He eyes the bag Steve's carrying. "Just where is that burger place?" Someone's got the munchies.

"It's not your fault, Cap," Audrey offers quietly. "If there are leaks, it doesn't have anything to do with you. It's been happening for ages. Every organization has leaks. You just deal with it when you find them and do what you can to keep more from coming in."

"Ten miles down the road," Steve says as he hands the bag toward Peter. "Have mine. Hope you like double burgers with bacon. I'm a fan of this places seasoning too. Plus, can't beat a place that stays open 24 hours, especially with the times we work." Steve nods towards Audrey, "Not sure it makes me feel much better, but we don't have the time to sit and feel sorry for ourselves. Zemo, or whoever this is, isn't going to give us that grace."

Peter looks surprised but then nods. Who doesn't like bacon and burgers. "Thanks. Why don't you have half? And yeah, Zemo. That's the name he was thinking." After a moment, he says "You know, it might not be too hard to find the spies. It's really hard to not think about something you're being talked to about. If you were to bring a group together to talk to them about spies, I could be watching and listening for him."

"We'll find them, and we'll bring them in." Audrey sets her elbows on her knees, hands clasped loosely in front of herself. She's quiet for a moment, looking back to Cap. "How's Grunt? Was Beacon able to help?" For all she's the tough soldier, she still has some guilt. And some concern for the rest of her team.

"Nah, you take it, kid, it sounds like, according to Lux, we owe you a lot more than that." Steve nods at Peter's plan, "That sounds like a smart move to me. Him not knowing that we have someone in his head will probably allow us to get in there easier."

Steve smiles and nods towards Aubrey, "He's good. He was cracking jokes once he woke up." Pause. "You alright?"

"Groups of twenty or thirty would work." Peter suggests, thinking about how to go about it. "Then you just talk about spies and leak and shit and I'll listen to see if anyone is feeling guilty or happy or something." Pulling out the burger, he takes a large bite.

Audrey lets out a breath at Steve's reassurance, nodding. "Yeah, sure," she replies, forcing a small smile. "Just. You know. The guy was going to shoot me when Grunt jumped him. So. Glad he's doing all right."

"Lux, I'm going to tell it to you straight. You can't blame yourself. It's war. Grunt knows the risks, and he tried to save you. It's not your fault any more than SHIELD moles are mine." Steve tilts his head towards Peter, confused, "Wait, you don't think that one of us…" His voice trails.

"What?" Peter peers at Steve, puzzled. "Oh, no. Well, maybe. I don't know. Do you? But I meant the SHIELD people. Get them together and I'll listen to their thoughts." He shrugs. "We could do that here too if you want."

"Yeah, I know that. Still. I owe him some thanks." Audrey tilts her head at the talk of possible spies in their current group, looking them over with a more discerning eye. "Not the people you called, I think," she says slowly. "Though if you filled in any spots with agents, it's possible. Wherever the leak came from, they knew we were coming to the compound, but I don't think they knew what kind of power you'd be bringing. So. Someone back in ops, maybe?"

Cap shakes his head, "I think I confused what you meant. I'm pretty sure we're all clean and a lot of the information wouldn't have gotten to our group until they got on Old Abe. But I'm all in on the SHIELD op. I'll figure out a way to smuggle you in." Cap nods, "Sure you do. But I already know what he'll say."

Peter just nods, mouth full of burger as he listens to the two. Nothing else to add at the moment while he eats.

"Yeah, yeah," Audrey smirks. "Doesn't mean you don't say it anyhow." She looks over the group again, pensive, before looking back to Steve. "Bigger group than you usually work with. Making plans?"

"Just one plan, Lux. Do the right thing. No more bureaucracy. No glitter. Just do the right thing and deal with the consequences," Steve says with a shrug.

Peter looks from one to the other. "What are you talking about?" Normally, he'd just look for himself but he feels funny about mind probing a living legend. Maybe once he gets some sleep.

Audrey shrugs to Peter. "The Captain here's been mostly doing small missions since he left the JLA." Of course she keeps up with reports on Captain America. She was raised and trained by the army to be a super soldier. "And quiet ones, at that. Like Prague. So if he's gearing up with a group like this…" She trails off, shrugging again. "You can call me when you need me, Cap. I might be…otherwise occupied sometimes. But I'll show up if you need me."

"The Avengers. That's what Grunt is calling it, anyways. One night while we were watching the tube and eating tv dinners at his house, he got on his soapbox about putting together a team that stuck up for the little guy; that wasn't about fancy machinery or political agendas. Something simple." Steve nods, "Good, Lux, because I was already sort of counting on you."

Oh. Peter just nods and finishes the burger. But once he's done, he asks "How's doing stuff in Prague helping the little guy? Aren't they right here instead of somewhere in another country?" Pause. "Well, back home I mean."

"There are a lot of little people in the world, Peter," Audrey points out. "Kids working in factories in China. Being pulled into trafficking rings in Russia. Farmers getting pushed out of their land by the GMO companies in Mexico. And a lot of time the people in the middle of politics can't do anything about it. They're accountable. To the people they owe favors. To the establishment. To the people who voted for them and the lobbyists who funded their campaigns. A team that's tied to a government has to follow their rules. You have to let people know where you're going and when, which opens you up to leaks and interference." Apparently she's heard this speech before.

"You'll have to pardon my lack of political philosophy expertise," Steve says with a chuckle. "But the issue in Prague happened before all of this. Our general thought is that no job is too big and no job is too small." Steve nods to Audrey, "And what she said."

Peter looks from one to the other as he thinks about what they said. "And these countries and corporations are going to let you do whatever you want? Let you break the rules? And the government will just sit back and do nothing? They won't even leave you alone." he says to Audrey.

"Probably not," Audrey shrugs to Peter. "Or maybe they will. Depends on what we do, how we do it. A lot of things aren't legal in the first place, but people turn a blind eye. Grease the wheels. If you end their illegal operations, it's hard for them to come out and make a stink about it without admitting to the illegal operations."

"To me, it's even more simple than that," Steve says, looking to Audrey. "Each situation is going to have it's own factors. I can't predict those. What I can tell you is that when the Titans first started, King Havard asked them to be the national superhero team of Norway they were so happy that the team intervened. Every situation is different."

Peter nods. "Okay." He's certainly not going to argue with them about it. He has no horse in this race and doesn't know anything about it to boot.

"Personally, I'm also pretty good at not getting caught doing it," Audrey offers, smile flickering. "What they don't know can't hurt me."

"If you decide you ever wanna give the hero gig a try, let us know. You seem like you are pretty clutch in a fight, kid," Steve says with a grin. His eyes poke up towards an old clock on the wall, and by old I mean from the 1960s. "I think I'm going to get some shut eye. Thank you both for your help. Peter, it was good meeting you." He gives a wink to Lux.

Clutch? "Yeah, sure." Peter agrees. "Let me know when you want me to work on that guy. He'll tell us everything he knows."

"Sleep well, Cap," Audrey nods after Steve, leaning over to take a fry out of the bag. Because fries. Once he's gone, she looks back to Peter with a small smile. "And there you are."

Peter watches Steve go then shrugs. "Seem like a nice enough guy. Kinda idealistic though. Does he know you kill people? I get the feeling he doesn't really approve of that kind of thing."

"He knows." Audrey sobers a bit at that question, looking after the Captain. "But he's a soldier. Or he was. He knows sometimes it's them or you, and sometimes it happens. He also tries to avoid it when he can."

Peter nods. He's been in that situation. Nor does he regret it so it's something he needed to know. "I should get some sleep. Where's that bunker he mentioned?"

"Just over that way," Audrey points in the direction Cap went. "Probably ought to catch a few minutes myself," she agrees, standing up. "Never know what's going to come up next."

"Cool. Hopefully most people are asleep by now or I'll never fall asleep. If I'm not there in the morning, I went someplace quiet to sleep." Peter tells Audrey. "But I'll be back."

"I'll keep an eye out for you, then," Audrey promises with a small smile. "And try to keep my thoughts to myself." That, at least, she should be able to manage.

Nodding, Peter heads in the direction of the bunker. Digging a pill bottle out of his pocket, he opens it and pops one into his mouth. That should help at least.

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