Two Free Hugs

February 06, 2016:

Kythe and Rain discuss the damage to her house and their relationship (or lack thereof).

Moontree Manor

Moontree Manor is a modest-sized, imposing manor built in Gothic style, complete with foreboding paint job. The roof and spire on the right are done in a dark blue paint that offsets the white. It's like someone went a little wild with the colors. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and the
lawn grows wild, with various herbs and flowers taking over. Ivy and vines
crawl up the walls, hopeful for sun. The building seems to be in good repair despite this.

Inside, the atrium and living room are luxurious. Greeting guests is a large
statue of Anubis, his hand outstretched and acting as an incense burner. The
atrium is painted black, with flecks, indicating stars. It's a very
afterlife-esque journey inside. The floors are a beautiful, black marble
that lead one inward. There's stairs to so many rooms, it feels almost


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Fade In…

Some alarms may have gone off — because someone has approached the front lawn, and has made an attempt to put something on the porch. And ring the bell. And run away. The person? Just a normal, young street kid, non magical. However, the giant pink box with a bow and small card on it will be left behind. But there's no magic to the objects.

Rain blinks. She pauses her video game. She grunts, standing. Captain is laying on his back in front of the fire place, roasting his backside and hairballs. Cats require warms, after all. It's been a peaceful evening, and now there is a doorbell. Rain herself will go to the door. Peering out. A box…? Okay.

Cautiously, the door opens and Rain peers down. She'll pick up the box and try to read over the card.

And then she'll remember to close the door.
It isn't like Kythe was much for writing, so the handwriting isn't going to be particularly indicative of anything. The card on it is blank on the envelope anyway, but inside is a simple note:

"I'm sorry I burned some of your house down. I was hurt."

The box itself doesn't weigh much. In fact, it'll appear empty except for tons of little white packing peanuts. Digging in it will not only probably get them everywhere, and reveal /another/ note inside it. That one reads:

"Redeemable for (2) and only (2) entirely safe apology hugs at the bench near the corner. Non-transferrable."

Oh, Kythe. Poor guy. Rain looks over it, and reads. She furrows her brows, then smiles a little. Captain's CAT SENSES detect maximum mess potential and so he dives into the peanuts. "OOOOH YEAH!" Cats(TM).

Rain ackphhbts as packing peanuts go all over. She takes a deep breath. "Well. I'm single now. It's alright. Poor guy. I'll be back, alright?" She looks to Captain.

With that, Rain decides to put on a light coat and head out to the bench near the corner.

On the bench is… not someone easily recognizable. (Unless she penetrates his illusion, which isn't difficult.) But, Because Kythe isn't an _idiot_, and her friends might pass by and might hate him. A little bit. So, it's just… a rather good-looking (because why NOT right now…) young male with longish light brown hair, laying on the bench on his back, tossing a rock up into the air over his head, and catching it, and tossing it again. He's dressed in a really boring fashion of brown and khaki, with a big warm scarf. Cold was never something Kythe liked, he's freezing, but …is still there on the bench, but doesn turn his head and look over at her up-side down, and stops tossing the rock. And waits… watchfully. Who knows what wrath will come, after all.

Rain doesn't work to penetrate it. Poor Kythe. She does respect his space. She pauses. There's a headtilt. "Hi. Were you the fellow who - left me a package on my doorstep?" She asks cautiously. Rain seems uncertain, shy about it. But - if he notices, Rain no longer seems to have a ninja tailing her. No scent, no essence. The man simply left. There's no wrath here.

"I'm - sorry, too." She offers softly. "Though, the manor is repaired and it's - cold out here." Frown.

Kythe sits up, tilts his head a little bit in the same direction she tilted hers. "Yeah, it's Kythe," Kythe agrees without any hesitation, tossing the rock loosely to the ground, and stretches his arms forward some, a shift of body to let his invisible tail move out from under him when he sits up — which makes sense when one knows he possesses a tail. "I'm really really good at …exploding," Kythe admits, and picks at his shoe a little. "—-And the things in the lawn originally were /supposed/ to protect your house. But I mostly break things, I guess."

Rain smiles faintly. She waves to him, then. "Hey you. And you are. Have you considered joining an Olympic team?" She offers. "I appreciate the original thought. I am sorry I hurt you, Kythe. The manor is ninja-free if you wanted to sit by the fire," She offers. "I would like to point out that it is easier to destroy than to build for almost all of us," She remarks. "And the hugs sound nice."

A smirk is granted at the Olympic suggestion. Demons in the olympics, exactly what the world needs! Kythe keeps any snark to himself, though, but stands up, hands automatically in the bottom of the scarf. He approaches her fearlessly but watchfully. "What happened to the ninja, or is it better to not talk about it?" Kythe questions, and then adds, "Well, I figured… hugs are the best of me. Otherwise it's all hell portals and fire."

They do! Beats complaining about other countries. Anyway. She looks to him, not moving away from the demon. "He left for other opportunities," She offers quietly. "So it's just myself and the staff in the manor these days," She shrugs. "And hugs are just fine." Smile. "Fire is warm. And I am sure Hell has those who call it home." And a purpose. Rain smiles. "I will accept a hug. You're welcome by the manor, if you wish."

"Only two, though, and then it'll have to be a case-by-case basis," Kythe says in a 'gallant' tone that is, of course, just him being playful. Which is possibly nice - to slide back into Kythe being playful and teasing again. Certainly better than the version that breathes fire. He steps forward, seeming to not suspect foul play or anything with the hug offerance. He's very warm, and suitably shielding against the cold, though it's likely clear that he himself probably senses the world as quite chilly. "The house won't electricute me on sight? I thought it might," Kythe wonders. "…if it wasn't set up that way, I can show you how. …I mean. Against others." Clearly more vicious defenses is exactly what the house needs, it worked so well before.

Rain quirks a smile. "Fair, fair. That is the agreement," She holds up her hands. She seems to like Kythe being his gentle self again. She will return his hug. Rain is a mammal. She is warm, but definitely feeling the cold. It's hard not to be happy. "No. I turned that off after I got your note." She explains. "I remembered how you hated the cold." Then a beat. "No, no. No need to zap people. Most who wander in are harmless, curious sorts. Better to never let them get close than electrocuted."

Kythe doesn't have a 'non-romantic' hug setting, it appears, or doesn't really know how to not have an… edge of flirtation in his close hug. He's possibly hard to read, just smiling, but seems to be pleased to not be electrocuted or snarled at. He DID apologize and everything, he seems to be confident that … things seem better. "I like you, you know. But I'll do better," Kythe says, with a set of his jaw. Not to be a jealous monster.

D'aw, Kythe. Rain is forgiving. She smiles up to him. She just - accepts his nature for now. "C'mon. You can have dinner with us. And I understand. I'll try to be more thoughtful and less clueless." Rain is a blundering idiot when it comes to dating. "This lawyer had coffee with me. I'm not sure he wants to talk to me much after I slipped on a wet floor and landed headfirst in his crotch," She admits sadly. "It - was awkward." So, so awkward. "And this lady kept taking pictures." SIGH.

"Well, you putting your face anywhere near his crotch might send a message," Kythe says mildly, with a smirked amusement. And no jealousy, fortunately. Who knows how long that attempt will last, though. But he's clearly made some effort so far. Over the previous minute and moreso now, he's easing his illusion back towards the one she's familiar with — very tall, dark hair, vibrant green eyes. He isn't displaying his demonic features (they're on a street), but this is clearly his 'comfortable persona'.

Rain laughs. "Fair." She nods. "He seems nice. Just a regular human lawyer." She shrugs. "Truthfully, I have been too busy to worry about that sort of thing. There are murderous robots, killer robots, cultists and worse to deal with." She sighs softly. "And we kept your room clean if you need a place to crash." There's a wry smile. She lets him into the gate, and Rain will let Kythe hang out.

There is a nice fireplace, and they can hang out for the evening.

"Some of those cultists might be mine," Kythe says thoughtfully, bemused. Clearly they will have plenty to discuss, and hopefully Captain is as forgiving as Rain… or at least remembers Kythe's quality scritches.

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