The Niad's Pond

February 06, 2016:

Fenris holds a council of beasts and then shows three magic users a Niads Pond ….

New York


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It's important to note, sometimes the 'Wolf' in 'God-Wolf'. Fenris is, at present holding a meeting.

An odd meeting to be sure, but a meeting all the same. It's just finishing actually. Out in the forests of the State Park north of New York. Every predatory animal, evey coyote and dog and wildcat and falcon and whatnot for miles has come. When the God of Predators speaks, the lesser beasts listen.

And he's been speaking, getting the animals to help keep an eye out for disturbances of a certain nature. It's not perfect. They are animals after all. Their ability to comprehend a lot of concepts is limited, but beasts are more attuned to the arcane than most know so they're a fairly decent if somewhat faulty detection web.

Still, it's a hell of a sight for anyone who sees it.

Charlie is watching. She is sitting up on one of the branches of one of those tall sort of thick trees. Next to a falcon which is probably giving her the side eye every now and then. Her goggles are pushed up onto her forehead. Her eyes .. actually have a bit of a canine cast to the pupil and are a bit more ruby then usual as well…. well stranger things have happened.

Zee's leaning against a tree, arms and legs folded. She's no affinity with animals, at least not to this degree - most animals love her, but that's more to do with her approach than her ability.

As she listens to Fenris speak, the depowered mage considers. Using animals is a good idea … why hasn't she taken a familiar? That's an easy one really - the right opportunity hasn't presented itself.

Why is Wanda here? She has no idea but she has been drawn to places all over the world without thinking things through. That Zatanna is here does not surprise her - they seem to exist in the same circle. She trudges as quietly as she can through the undergrowth…but that proves to not be very quiet at all. European forests are so much easier to be silent in.

"Hey" she whispers to Zatanna as she approaches the other woman. "Oh…animals." She stares in awe at the gathering before looking at Zatanna. "Should we be here?"

Fenris rises. The meeting is clearly concluded and there's various whuffs, caterwauls and bird cries of assent to what he's asked of them. They start moving out but they're not in a hurry. There's a great crowd of them milling about, some clearly lingering to be near the Alpha of Alpha's. Who is, at present, the size of a truck. A small wolf he is not.

"Hello Wanda. You're not interrupting anything. You know Misfit and Zatanna, yes?" Misfit she should get a hint of chaos magic from, really. Which might be interesting.

Charlie.. thinks she has maybe seen Wanda. Not positive though. The girl waves down to the two and smiles. Yeah canines look a wee bit sharp this afternoon. "Hey there." and yes a good deal of chaos magic. Also some Asgardian magic to boot from the young redhead batmisfit. "Fenris is just communin with his peeps."

"If you're here, Wanda. You should be here." Zee answers slightly enigmatically. She knows that magical types like herself are often 'called' to places. "And hello to you to you too."

Pushing herself upright from the tree she'd been leaning agains, she makes her way through the clearing to Fenris' side, avoiding the animals milling around "It's done, then, Fenris?"

"Hello Misfit." the raven haired mage greets the chaos muppet.

Wanda looks up at Misfit and gives her a wave. "Oh, yeah…I think I know you" she nods before Zatanna is heading for the giant wolf and Wanda watches. Zatanna's right of course. If Wanda's here then she's meant to be here…she just has no idea why. The wonders of chaos. The witch is also making great efforts to avoid any of the animals as they wander off; not wanting to disturb any of these fanged, clawed and beaked predators.

"It's done yes. The animals will keep an eye out for mystic disturbances and other assorted things that should not be where they are. Which means it's less time we have to spend tramping around the woods." Even for a teleporter that gets tiresome.

"None will harm you Wanda. Not in my presence. Be at ease."

Charlie grins "Done!" and she vanishes from her branch there … well first she leans back legs hooked on the branch and then she is gone. She reappears using Fenris like a pony. He is in human form so it is more a piggy back ride. "So what now?"

As Misfit appears on Fenris' back, Zee blinks … that's different and certainly not something that Zee would do. But then, the teen mage has always acted above her age … and the public persona people see is an act. Funny that.

Holding a hand out to Wanda, to draw the other Sorceress into their circle, Zee considers Fenris' words "How will we know if they find something? I'm assuming they'll notify you … and you'll … relay it somehow?" The catlike cast to Misfits eyes are not lost on the teen …

"I was more worried that I would hurt them" Wanda explains with some embarrassment as she walks towards Zatanna's hand. "What are they looking for?" she asks, doing her best to ignore Misfit on Fenris' back - though it does look like fun. "Yes, I see it" she sighs to an unheard voice. "No, I don't think he is selling rides." Game face back on she peers around at the dark forests. "Something shouldn't be here?" Though it sounds less like a question and more a statement.

Due to the size difference Misfit looks not at all unlike a small child riding a very large dog as Fenris wades through the press of departing animals to reach Wanda and Zee. "They're looking for anything out of the ordinary. We've been dealing with a lot of magical disturbances and we need more eyes." He motions with his head for the other two to follow him.

"They'll send word to me, Zee. Pray to me, you might say. Even beasts can though most have no reason to do so." He'll send out word to the others as appropriate. "Come, there's something I wish to show you three."

Charlie's public persona is Misfit and let me tell you there is very little ground between private Charlie and public Misfit. She tangles her hands in Fenris's fur for extra grip. Not yanking or nothing mind you. "Did you want a ride?" she calls down to Wanda, and well she seems content to let Fenris trudge them where ever they are going in the woods. If he wants to show something, it is likely important right.

As Wanda makes her pronoucement about something that shouldn't be there, Zee sighs. Her power bound as it is, she can't sense a damn thing. Falling in beside the Wolf, drawing Wanda along with her, Zee eyes the wolf. "Pray to you … " it's cute, really.

"No thank you" Wanda replies to Misfit's offer. It may look like fun but it's a bit undignified to ride a god around…isn't it? She frows at Zatanna's sigh. Now that Wanda is back to 'normal' she understands a lot more the sense of loss that her fellow mage must feel. Taking Zatanna's hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze, the witch falls in with the strange group.

They do look a bit like Susan and Lucy following a wolfy Aslan. While Miss Not Appearing In This Film rides atop him. Sans coconuts.

At some point the forest shifts. They're still in the woods in New York but the whole thing has taken on a more magical. Terra Incognito. The world is full of pockets of magic like this that exist along side the regular world. But only those who know can access them. They come to a waterfall. Any of the three women might have been here before. But now it glows with a pure light from beneath where the water pools at the bottom and the fall it self is a rainbow of liquid color. The trees are silver barked and gleam in the snow from the light of a too-large moon overhead.

"Behold. The heart of the forest."

Charlie just doesn't ever get screen credit. Probably in the Director's Edition. Anyhow she seems to be enjoying her Godwolf ride, even if it seems relatively irreverant up there like this after he spoke with his flock as it were. There is a soft "wow" from the chaos muppet as she looks around from her higher perch. "This is bloody amazing Fenris…"

Squeezing Wandas hand, Susan ah… Zee, steps into the pocket of magic and stops. Turning her face up to the sky and drinking in the feeling. It's a wonderful feeling for a mage who is powerbound, all this lovely magic around her - strong enough that she can sense it.

The emerald pendulum on her left hip starts to pulse lightly in answer to the magic it feels.

"Thank you, Fenris … " Of course, he's bought them there for a reason.

"Ooh…isn't it pretty" gasps Lucy before Wanda replaces her for any oncoming stuntwork. The witch has the same reaction. She can feel that power and starts to wonder if she can, literally, dip in it to get back some of what she lost. Hey, why is her trial over but Zatanna is still suffering. Those Vishanti are so mean!

"It's lovely" Wanda smiles to Fenris, "But why bring us here? It probably means that something is wrong, right?" She never gets to go places that are how they are meant to be.

"This is a Niad's pond." As- er Fenris chuckles low as something appears in the water. Or someone should we say. A woman in a shimmering greek style gown who climbs out and bows low. "God-Wolf. These are the magi of whom you spoke?"

"Erethia, hello. Yes these are they. Wanda, Zee, Charlie this is Erethia. She is the guardian of this pond, which happens to be the biggest ley line confluence in the state." Six lines run through here. It's almost unheard of. "With all that's happened she wished to meet you all personally in case anything were to ever start to go wrong. If this place were lost or poisoned the results would be dire."

Charlie straightens up and flashes the water lady.. urr .. Niad a smile and a wave. "Hi, I'm Charlie." she looks at the others then back now. "Can you call through the lines for help… because should be able to pick up on that with the pendalum and be here in a heartbeat to help prevent whatever evil was a foot…!" who talks like that. Charlie that's who.

As the Niad appears, Zee's attention is caught and her blue eyes fix on the woman as she speaks. "Erethia, it is a pleasure to meet one of natures guardians." Shadowcrest is built on a Leyline confluence, Zee knows the responsibility that brings.

"I'm Zatanna Zatara, but my friends call me Zee. I would be honoured to include you in that number." Should this place be attacked, the Leyline guardians are likely to sense it and be able to respond … but still "Charlie has a good question, can you communicate through the lines?"

"Hello, Erethia" Wanda smiles, waving down at the woman. Greek gowns in North America? "I don't have an amulet but I usually, umm, you know, hear things. Well, it's not really hearing but more like it's inside my head. I mean, it sounds like voices but it can't be because there's no volume, it just makes noises in my head." Wanda glances to the others and shrugs before aother attempt at explaining. Erethia must be feeling very safe about now.

"Oh…I'm Wanda. Maximoff. The Scarlet Witch if you want to be formal" she smiles. "Nice to meet you." Thankfully the mature one (Zatanna) is taking the lead and Wanda takes half a step back.

"Which reminds me…" Fenris glances over to Zee and Misfit. "Is there a reason we've never asked Wanda aboard? Beyond… it never occured to me?" Then he glances back at Wanda. "What do you think, Wanda, of being a guardian of magic?"

The Niad bows to each in turn. "It's very good to meet all of you. With necromancers and rogue magi and wild hunts and worse roaming the cities I fear it's only a matter of time before someone turns their attention here. I asked the God Wolf to bring you here so that I could… attune you to the well of power here. If you're willing that is."

Charlie shrugs slowly and looks over to Wanda now. "I dunno Fenris. I mean honestly I never really got all of the choices you made for the team but figured you had some sort of master plan right?" she then looks to the Niad "I'd be honored." that is what you say to things like this right. "I mean helping defend magic and all is my job… well one of my jobs.. defending Gotham… defending the magic.. defending the Titans… you know.. lot of defending."

"No reason Fenris. I would love to have Wanda aboard." Zee smiles at her friend and holds up her emerald pendulum. "Join us, Wanda. You're already doing a lot of the work, make it official."

The young mage would be truly amused to know that Wanda considers her the 'mature one'.

"I would be honoured to, Erethia." If she can, given Zee's powerbound state.

"I'm already in X-Red" Wanda points out to Zatanna's offer…and Misfit's indifference if not negativity. But, yes, she does seem to get involved in Zatanna's and Fenris's problems quite a bit anyway. She eyes off the amulet for a moment before deciding that Erethia needs an answer first. "I can try to help" she nods, a bit of her confidence gone again after the power was taken from her.

"Excellent. Come closer then. This isn't complex." Erethia motions and Fenris blows down so Charlie can slide off him. They do have to climb into the river. Which involves getting wet but it's nothing so complex as mastering a new spell. Just opening up to something that the owner is providing them. "It won't be much, especially when you're not here, but it will help." And, bonus, if the place is in trouble, they'll sense that.

Charlie will slide off Fenris. Surely she could port but he bowed down so she could just slip right off. After landing on her feet she smiles over to Wanda "I'm on like three, if you think you can help save magic you should do it. Especially if Zee thinks you are up for it." the smile seems genuine, if a bit disconcerting with her canine traits still sort of there. It seems to have faded a touch from the predator woodland communion. Then she is splashing into the water of the stream to get the attunement. Charlie figures if there was a drowning or some such coming Fenris will save her or she will teleport out.

"Wanda, I'm with the Titans and I do this too…" Zee points out to the Scarlet Witch "It's a responsibility that I shoulder willingly."

Shrugging out of her shrug top and removing her boots and trousers, Zee wades into the water with Erethia.

Of course she'll do this, it's what her upbringing has caused her to believe.

"Oh…okay…" Wanda nods to Zatanna's dual membership. "I should probably make sure it is okay with Brinley. I mean, I miss a lot of what X-Red do so I would hate to miss more /and/ let you people down too but…I guess…if it will help." It also helps that Primal Force was always the group that Wanda felt she belonged with but never seemed to be interested in her.

Removing her clothes…except for underwear…Wanda slips into the water. "Ooh, it's…oh…it's actually very nice" she smiles, almost certain it was going to be freezing but finding it rather pleasant instead. "So what happens now?"

Fenris lays his head on his paws. He'll give them their privacy if they want it. The water's warm but more than that tingles on the senses. Clearly magical. Infused. These are the kinds of waters that give birth to legendary healing springs and the like. Very, very, very potent.

"Accept the blessing of this spring and her keeper." The niad says softly. Power pushes at the edge of their awareness. Seeking entrance.

Zee doesn't need the privacy and the water is pleasant as she sinks into it. The power pushing at her to gain entry causes her to pause … Blue eyes fix on the Niad, as the young mage regards her carefully before looking to Fenris and back again.

There's a long moment, where the power is rejected … not quite rejected but the barriers the Mistress of Magic has erected are strong.

Drawing in a deep breath, Zee relaxes and the barriers drop, letting the power of the spring fill her.

Strangely, Wanda is more trusting of the magic water than what may have been expected from a person who used to hide on the streets from everyone and anyone. She takes a deep breath as the power starts to mix with hers…attuning itself to her magicks. It does not seem to be adding to it, more like finding the 'wavelength'. Her eyes turning milky white as she interacts with the waters.

In both cases thenpower entering is a lot more… natural. Primal. It feels like Fenris' for those who have taken in his power. Not quite so uncontrollable though. Its a rather warm, pleasent feeling all things considered and suddenly both Wanda and Zee are aware of the lines, thenpower in them, the flow and the things happenig along them. It lasts only an instant and then its gone, but the attunement and gentle 'pressure' of the power remains.

For just a moment, there's blue glow around Zee as she lets the power seep into her. "Oh!" she breathes softly as she feels it. For a mage who's lost her magic, this is a 'fix' and she's making the most of it. *cough* Sorry.

As it passes, she rises from the water, giving Erethia a look as she does "Thank you, lady." Standing, shivering on the banks of the pool she adds "Fenris, it's cold out here, can you … " dry them, nicely of course.

It is pleasant enough that Wanda finds herself giggling and blushing…at least until she has the flash of knowledge that causes her to stiffen and hold her breath. Thankfully it is brief. "I think it worked" she manages to gasp before looking over at the Erethia. "Did it work?" Zatanna leaving the waters suggests it did so she clambers out as well, dripping wet before lifting a curious eyebrow at her fellow mage. "How will he…" Is Fenris going to blow on them?

"It worked, yes." Fenris respomds for the niad. At Zee's request he quirks a canine brow and waves a paw in their direction. Magic flows and secomds later both are dry…. and dressed in furs and gowns fit for noble vikings,

What? It amises him. "Well, unless you wish to stay we should be going. I'll take you back to New York and Gotham." Like that. Which amuses him too.

"You simply needed to dry us…" Zee looks down at the gown she's dressed in and gathers up her clothing. "It worked Wanda, if you focus you can feel the area."

"As much as I would like to stay, Fenris, I have work to do. Gotham, please."

Yeah, Troll Wolf is totally Troll.

Wanda laughs as she is suddenly wrapped in furs. "But…if we're protecting nature, should we be wearing furs?" She scoops up her clothes before nodding to Zatanna. "I can feel it too" she agrees before looking up at Fenris. "I should get back too" she smiles, "I have no dates to go on and nothing to do in HQ so I don't want to miss that." Another look down at the furs and her bare feet. "You think you can drop me in my room?"

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