What's For Dinner

April 01, 2015:

Babs and Rowan catch up, discuss Atlantis, Blues and what to do for dinner

Clocktower - Gotham


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Midmorning normally finds Babs in her apartments getting ready for the day. Working through the night, she gets a few hours sleep just as a dawn breaks on a new day. Today, she's in her apartment but not she's not having tea or checking her network via her tablet. Instead, she's dressed in a tank top and yoga pants and she's going through a routine using a pair coral of eskrima sticks, in a corner of her apartment.

There's a flap of wings at the windows and then a tap-tap-tap. Rowan. He's decided to forego the usual buzzing at the door down below, it seems. He's also watching her curiously. A martial art with… sticks?

Finishing part of the kata, coming to a logical place to pause, Babs look over to the window and smiles faintly before pulling her tablet from the arm of her chair. A few swipes of hand over the screen and the window that Rowan is peering in unlocks. Gesturing 'come in' and puts the tablet away again before placing the sticks and her hands on her lap.

Rowan opens the window and slips inside. It takes him a moment to not have wings anymore, then he walks over to Babs with a smile and kisses her on the cheek. "Hey there. I hadn't been able to catch up with you in a few days and I wanted to see how you were doing." Also, he missed her. You know.

Watching the transformation is kind of fascinating and Babs tilts her head as it occurs. Who'd have thought she'd have a dragon visiting her in her tower? The kiss on the cheek gets a small blush and pleased smile from Babs and reciprocates the kiss as well.

Sighing slightly, the redhead nods "I'd noticed, you know. I'm fine, but I've missed your company." she could have done with someone to speak to the other day "a little bit going on with work. You know how it is. What about you? How's Aspen and things with the Blue?"

"They're proceeding. The Blue representative wants to meet with Aspen, so I'm going to try to arrange that. With luck we should be able to go where we want in a few weeks. There may be hints of a thawing of relations between the Blue and Atlantis but… I'm given to understand that they were pretty badly damanged." Rowan shrugs. "What about you? What have you been up to?

"Would you like some tea? You can start it, while I pack up here." Even if Rowan doesn't, Babs does and she turns to store her eskrima sticks in her chair. Heavens knows what he'll make of that. "Normal stuff really. Running some data on a project for a client" Nightwings a client right? "Looking for similarities in types of transactions to see if we can connect something a little odd" She's in IT Security, that shouldn't sound so strange.

"That sounds promising for the Blue, Rowan. Are you happy about it?" He seems a little discouraged.

""Sounds busy." Rowan puts the kettle on while Babs… stows her sticks. He'll ahve to ask her about that later. "I'm not sure what to make of it, really. The Blue and the Atlanteans are rather different than the ones I'm used to. I'm not sure where all this blind hatred of the surface comes from, really."

"Busy, I guess. It's time consuming, data matching and checking takes a bit of work." The sticks stowed, Babs wipes her face and neck with a towel before moving towards the kitchen to help Rowan make tea. "They know little of the surface, Rowan. It's not unexpected. Most people are afraid of what they don't know and use anger and hate to mask it."

"Being angry and afraid is one thing. Embarking on a genocidal war for nearly no reason is quite another." It's true that a lot of poison and pollution goes into the ocean. But it's also true that the ocean is vast and frankly what Mankind has output barely scratches the surface figuratively or literally. They do much more damage to the land than the ocean, in truth. Rowan shakes his head. "I do not believe it bodes well and if the differences of opinion are as wide as they seem, bridging that gulf may not be easy."

That makes Babs stop and look at Rowan, considering him carefully. "Genocide seems a pretty strong choice of word, Rowan." she murmurs as she sets out the mugs for the tea "Where is the difference of opinion? I'm not sure I'm all that clear on things. Arthur and, from what I've seen, Mera seem interested in fostering relations with the surface."

"Arthur walks a line between preserving the world he came from and protecting the one he rules." Rowan says quietly. "But even he does not understand the depths of the danger his people court. He can't. He didn't see it. Didn't live it." Rowan sips again.

"Babs, the Atlanteans of my world were no less powerful, no less potent in ancient magic. No less numerous or determined. And yet for all their power and rage, the surfacers took the fight to their very city and rained nuclear fire and worse upon it." He sighs. "The Blue, from what I can tell, have their own anti surface activists, but their people seem far less rabid as a whole. I think that Orm frightened them with what he was willing to do. And I fear it may have irreparably damaged realtions. It would be as if the President was assassinated, and the response of this nation was to hold three European capitals hostage for months, and then prepare an assault force that came within a whisper of landing. None of the nations here would readily extend trust after that. Orm, I'm afraid, has shattered the unity of the seas. What little there was."

"It sounds incredibly complex." Babs might try to do some digging. "Has Arthur decided what to do with Orm?" Finishing steeping the tea, she balances the mugs on the arm of her chair and moves towards the couch. "Is there anything I can do to help, Rowan?"

"Orm was exiled but that only eliminates the symtoms of his problem. Orm wouldn't have had the leverage to do that if that kind of hatred weren't already ingrained in Atlantis' national psyche." Rowan shakes his head. "I don't know Babs. I don't know what I can do, let alone anyone else. I just hope that Aspen can learn about her people and I can find some answers about… where I'm supposed to fit in this world."

"Come and sit beside me." Babs puts the mugs on the coffee table and levers herself into the couch, curling in the corner as is her habit. "I would like to think Rowan" the redhead looks up at the Blue, speaking quietly "that you feel you fit in this world, with me."

Rowan does sit on the couch and what's more he puts both arms around Babs shoulders as he does. "I like to think that I do… but I can't live my whole life above the waves, even if many of the important parts of it take place here. Without understanding where my people are I wont know how to help them. What they need."

Leaning into Rowan, putting her head on his shoulder, Babs sighs slightly "I do understand Rowan. I just want you to know that you have a place with me." In whatever form that takes. His need, more than just desire, to help his people has her smiling. So much like her in that respect. "It might take a while, Rowan, but I'm sure you… and they … will work it out." Something he said has her pausing "Important parts of your life?"

"Well, I don't know what else to call coming to see you regularly. It's not unimportant that's for sure." And it may be that there's more to do above the waves for him right now than below it, though he's sure as he can be that he'll go poking around beneath them once he gets what he needs.

Babs snorts softly in amusement "Your visits are important to me to, Rowan." she actually snuggles closer to him, something she doesn't usually do "When you can get into the cities beneath the surface, I know you probably won't come as often, but I would like for you to visit often."

"Often as I can." Those cities are far away and while Rowan may need to go there, semi regularly perhaps, he lives here. And that isn't changing, not in the forseeable future anyway. The dragon-blue hugs Babs abit tighter. "Will you be okay? Ou of… danger as much as you can be, when that happens?"

Babs thinks about the answer to the question for a long while. Her tea is on the coffee table, but she's comfortable where she is, it can cool and she'll get another one later. "As much as I can be, Rowan." How much does she tell him? The work she's doing now has direct connection to a known criminal element, one that scares some of the bravest people she knows. "Please don't let it worry you. Elements of what I do, can be dangerous. I just have to be smart about it."

"I trust you." Rowan says with another squeeze. "Just be safe." Not an admonition so much as a request. He wants her to be safe even if he can't ensure it all the time, and he's realistic enough to know that he can't.

Wrapping her arms around Rowans waist, so she can hold him closer as he squeezes, Babs sighs. "Thank you Rowan." For trusting her judgment and not making things adversarial. "But for now, I'll take all the time I can get from you." She's making changes to her schedules so she can see him more too. "Give me notice, when you know you have to go?" she'd like to do plan something special, in case he's gone for a while.

"I will." Rowan murmurs. "But… perhaps you might be available for lunch or dinner soon?" They've done that before, the two of them. Gone out to eat. He'd like to do it again. He always enjoys it with her and gets the feeling at least hopes, that she does too.

"Both, Rowan. I'm available for both." Babs smiles thinking of the plain wicker basket she has in her room to give to Rowan over the coming weekend. "What did you think you might want to do?"

"Well… spend some time with you? I've enjoyed our meals together and it's been a while since we had one." Or two. Rowan will absolutely take two if he can get them. He really should introduce Babs to the people at DMD but he gets the feeling that it's supposed to be kind of sort of secret.

That has Babs chuckling "I meant where would like to go to eat. Spending time together is a given." Babs wishes she knew how to explain who she was to Rowan, the fact he didn't push was just so refreshing though. "Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, something else or perhaps a picnic on the beach?"

Raising her head from his shoulder, she leans back a little to look at him.

"Oh um. I've heard of this… Italian." He frowns. "Something having to do with boots and a plumber? Do you like italian food?" Rowan isn't sure but allegedly it's quite delicious when it's done right. Then again, he's heard a lot of people say things like that about a lot of cooking styles.

"Boots and a plumber" Babs tilts her head and thinks about it a bit "Not that I know of, but yes, I like Italian, very much." Shifting slightly to adjust her weight, the redhead smiles a little "There's a nice little restaurant not far from here. I've always enjoyed eating there the few times I have."

"Then pick the place. We'll go there." Rowan murmurs. "Right now I'm quite happy to sit here, though." ANd he is, and he'll stay this way for a while yet.

Babs leans forward and places a kiss on Rowans lips, it seems like the natural thing to do "I'll do that as soon as I can get my tablet. When did you want to go?" she offers a slightly crooked smile "I might be able to arrange this evening or tomorrow… " For Babs, Italian is for dinner.

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