I Am The Internet

January 20, 2016:

Scott and Felicity deal with a hacker and a violent creature

New York City


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Fade In…

It's a cold and mostly clear day in New York City. There's a nice coffee shop near Queen Consolidated that serves some of the most exotic blends in the city. After having bought a mug for himself to go, Scott Summers warms his hands around the paper cup as he takes a sip of the straight black java, keeping his coat in place as he releases the cup with one hand to push his ruby lens back into place as he opens the door to head back out into the cold weather.

Coming toward the coffee shop is one Felicity Smoak. She's already had far too much coffee today, but that's from the internal coffee makers. They're not swill, but they're also don't have the most exotic blends in the city. Bouncing and juggling folders and her Surface tablet, the blonde woman nearly runs right into Scott as he's leaving the building. "Ack! Oh! I am so sorry. I just plowed right into you! Sorry, sorry sorry, probably don't need the caffeine, but if I stop, I think I'm going to crash so I'm just going to keep powering through." Backing up, she nearly drops everything again and scrambles to catch it. "Not that you really needed to know all of that."

Opening the door, Scott is barrelled into by Felicity and he drops his coffee in order to catch the woman in his arms before she falls over. "Hey!" he starts before he moves to catch her folders so she can save her tablet. The coffee is lost, splattered against the ground and spilt, but there's no need for that. "It's fine.." he manages. While he's lived in the area for most of his adult life, he never quite caught onto the whole bad attitude that New Yorkers are accused of. However, he does have a rather flat expression to his face as he offers the folders back to the woman.

"Are you alright?" he asks as he gives just the slightest of smiles. His glasses weren't knocked off, though he does reach up to make sure that they are securely back on his nose.

"If you two are done making out in the doorway, you're letting the cold air in!" one of the barristas calls out from the counter. Sheepishly, Scott moves out of the way. "Right, sorry!"

"Oh man, I'm so sorry," Felicity continues, finally getting everything back into place, blushing rather heavily. "Thank you so much. I'm so sorry about your coffee, let me get you another one. I was going to go get a large something or the other, it's the least I can do." From the cadence of her rushed words, it doesn't sound like she really needs any more caffeine. The quip from the barista is met with even more blushing. "Oh, no making out! Not even making in! Which, I don't know what that is, but it's definitely not happening here." As she's noticed Scott has moved out of the way, she does so, too. "Sorry."

There's a slight sigh from Scott. Apparently this isn't the first time he's been barrelled over by someone on a caffeine high - he is a teacher, after all. "No, it's okay, I probably don't need it anyway.." he starts to explain with a flustered glance at the barista. "Still not helping!" he turns back to Felicity. "Great coffee, terrible service." Offered with a smirk, he stoops down to pick up the spilt cup. Tossing it in the nearby trash receptical, Scott is about to turn to leave when there's a loud alarm that comes from across the street. "What the-?"

Stepping out into the street, there's a large figure in one of the jewelry stores that thrashes a long tail about, smashing through the front glass and sending a frightened female clerk out onto the street with a scream. The figure's wings open as he smashes open a case, grabbing several pieces of jewelry and shoving them in a bag.

"…I can't even take a coffee break." Scott mutters as he pulls the hood of his jacket up. "I'll take a raincheck on that coffee. Call the police, will you?" he says as he steps out into the street, preparing to try to cross against the traffic to try to get closer to the store.

In the meantime, on Felicity's tablet there's a 'chrip' of an incoming message.

Message from O. Queen - Accept? (Y/N)

As Scott flips up the hood of his jacket, Felicity looks at him curiously. "Uh, what are you planning on doing?" Her head turns toward the alarm system and the man with wings attempting a jewelry heist. She follows after Scott a few steps, she pulls out her phone just as her tablet chirps with a message. "Crap," she mutters. "Why does everyone in this town run toward dangerous situations rather than just calling the police and hiding like normal people!" Balancing the tablet on her arm, she hits 'Y' just as she also puts her phone up to her ear to dial 9-1-1 as requested.

Congratulations, you just won the Qurac Lottery! You get…


With that, Felicity's tablet starts to scroll with bright green text that fills the screen, as from the camera, a beam is projected, starting to form into a smooth helmet - turning into a humanoid figure as it continues to develop.

Scott, in the meantime, is making his way across the street, as he comes to the side of the building. Peeking in, he turns to the side as the large orange and blonde humanoid turns towards Scott and roars, before leaping at the bespectacled mutant. His claws catch Scott in the chest, ripping open the jacket and hoodie, drawing blood as he knocks the would-be help on it's back.

Landing some feet away, Scott rolls to his feet and makes sure the path is clear. Lifting his glasses, he fires a burst of optic energy directly into the large creature, illiciting a roar of pain as Scott moves to his knee, trying to find his feet again as the creature starts to stomp towards him.

The wireframe continues to form and develop within Felicity's tablet.

At the text of the incoming message, Felicity frowns. That's not something Oliver would send her. Thinking this must be a prank, she frowns until she sees the scrolling green text and her eyes widen. She knows a hack when she's seen one. "Oh, you have got to be kidding me." Instead of completing the 9-1-1 call, she pockets her phone, drops the folders on the ground and starts to quickly tap onto her tablet to try and stop the wireframe. There's got to be a way to pause what must be a download of some sort or stop this from happening.

The crash and the sounds of impact across the way are met with a wince and a glance upward. "You okay?" she calls out to Scott as he tries to find his feet again. "I can't call 9-1-1 yet! Hang in there!"

"I'm dandy!" Scott snaps back as he lifts his glasses a little further, loosing another blast of pure optical fury at the large lion-like creature. "I don't know who this thinks he is, but you'd think he'd be smarter than to attack anything in a city where there's a ton of defense." he growls underneath his breath.

"Yesss where isss your defenssse now." Chimera growls as he lets out a yowl of pain as he continues to try to walk through Scott's blast to try to get directly to the marksman, his skin bright and orange and fur covered as he stomps forward, feet diggining into the concrete.

In the cafe, Felicity's finger's work desperatedly to try to claim dominance over the download of the Digital Djinn. Across the store, screens and monitors start to stream the same green text as the cashier steps back. "Sorry, register's broken!" she calls out, before it suddenly pops open, slamming and opening repeatedly. A prompt appears on Felicity's screen:

You're good. But not that good.

Maybe if she had her full suite, this would work a lot better, but for the moment it seems that Felicity is facing a hacker.. or something.. that is very powerful within cyberspace.

"It even has the corny taunts," Felicity tells Scott even as she focuses more on the lines of code and green that are now scrawling over every available screen. "No you don't, you creepy green piece of text. I will break you." As the register starts to slam open and shut behind her, she looks around. This is a coffee shop, someone has to have a laptop around here somewhere.

Her head quickly scans the area before finding a laptop the should do for her purposes. She pushes at the customer in front of it. "Move move, I think I can stop this, I just need to borrow your laptop! This is a hacker emergency!" Sliding her own tablet down, she ignores the other person entirely as she immediately starts to type. "Hacker emergency, when does anyone ever get to say that, right?"

The businessman that Felicity shoves out of the way has a surprised look as he is pushed aside by the bossy blonde. "I was working on an important project!" All of the spreadsheets are up as the green text monster makes his way towards that last laptop. Hacker emergency, indeed. Felicity settles in as there's yet another text waiting for her.

You think you have a chance now? I am the Internet! I am it's code, it's source. I am the Djinn!

Outside, the creature manages to get to Scott, grabbing him by the head and slamming him to the ground. The X-Man lets out a sharp cry of pain mixed with anger. As Chimera comes to stand over him and shoves his foot in the mutant's chest, as if in victory. Laying there, Scott is dazed for the moment as he tries to regain his senses.

"Yeah, well, that important project is about to be taken over by some aggressively confident jerk who thinks he's the internet!" Felicity tells the businessman as she types at lightning speed. Moving through the uninfected computer, she grins. Instead of attacking the code itself, she decides to do something else - shut down all the internet access points around them. Maybe it won't completely stop him, but it should slow him down.

"And is someone going to help that guy across the street? I'm hoping someone has called 9-1-1 by now!"

"You're infecting my computer!" the man complains, as Felicity is typing away on it. You don't mess with a man and his internet, after all. With Felicity seemingly yelling directly at him, though, he fumbles for his phone, taking it out to dial 9-1-1. Felicity is working quickly to shut down the internet points, and the green text shows up on her laptop.

Clever child. But not quite clever enough!

Meanwhile, outside, Chimera considers Scott out of the fight and leans down, opening his maw as if to snap down on the mutant's face and rip it off. That's when Scott suddenly moves, yanking his glasses off and opening his eyes wide. The whole immediate area is bathed in bright red light that eminates from the mutant as the blast slams solidly into the center of the large creature, picking him up off the ground and flinging him skyward, sending him barrelling into a building as Scott's blast continues on into the atomsphere. Pieces of debris fall to the ground as Scott rolls, closing his eyes as he shoves his glasses back into place to protect his eyes.

The man on the phone nearly drops it as the blast goes off. The Djinn, recognizing the loss of his partner, suddenly flashes red on all the screens and then alert tones play throughout the store.

We will play again later it sends ominously, before it jumps from her tablet to the man's phone, hijacking the wireless signal for the cell-tower and escaping through that access as Felicity had closed all the internet ports.

Rising shakily to his feet, Scott pushes himself up and pulling his jacket tightly around him, heads down a side alley before the police can arrive. He should have probably stayed for medical attention, but he can get that later. He has a mission to complete, someone to find, and he cannot be held up in that search for now as he makes his way off.

Rolling her eyes, Felicity keeps typing after the taunt. She's determined and completely ignores the yelling businessman behind her. However, at the blast and the sudden change of color, the hacker quickly looks up from the laptop to see the chimera blasted up into the sky by Scott's eyebeams. Her eyes widen at that and she blinks a few times to adjust to the different colors.

The ominous message is met with a sigh and she attempts to try and at least attach some form of tracker or program to the signal before sitting back in the chair. She scoops up her tablet and pushes herself off the chair to follow the man in the glasses. Over her shoulder, she yells, "I'd run a virus checker! And stop saving your files only to the cloud! You should always have a back up drive! That's just common sense."

Scott Summers rolls 4 on 1d20.

Felicity Smoak rolls 7 on 1d20.

Felicity manages to get a small program into Djinn as he pulls away - coincidentally at the same time that Chimera fell. The wail of police sirens can be heard in the background as the businessman has a few choice words for Felicity that can't be said in polite company as she goes running after Scott. Tracking him is not going to be the easiest task, but considering he's leaving just a small blood trail does help as he makes his way down the alley between two buildings, looking to duck into the foot traffic on the other side of the alley.

Felicity is a smart woman. She's out the door and put the businessman from her mind. She knows the general direction Scott disappeared in and from there follows the small trail of blood. As she does so, she slips her tablet into a bag, along with the folders and papers she was working on before. When she reaches the alleyway, she peers down it, calling softly, cautiously, "Hello? Eyebeam guy? Are you down here? Looks like you need some help. I'm not going to hurt you or anything."

At least he doesn't reach out to grab her and pull her into the alley to attack her. Instead, there's a faint glow of red from behind Scott's glasses where Scott is still 'powering' down from the massive blast he unleased. "I'm fine." he says, his voice slightly strained. "Thank you for your concern. But you need to go back to file the police report." he says as he starts to turn to continue to walk off.

Felicity isn't scared by the glow. Instead, she slowly moves into the mouth of the alleyway after him. "Yeah, uh, I found you by the trail of blood you left to get in here. That doesn't seem fine to me. I should take you to a hospital. We can say you got hit by a car or something." As for her going back to file a police report, she snorts. "Are you kidding? Everyone in that coffee shop thinks I just hacked all their stuff and ruined an 'important presentation'. If I go back there I'm getting arrested. No thank you."

"Yeah, well, at least they won't think you tried to destroy a building." Scott's been in this situation, he's seen the mob mentality. "I've just gotten a couple of scratches — I'll be fine." he lies, but he sounds sincere at least. "I don't really think I'd be welcomed at a hospital and there's someone I need to find. But you should take care of yourself.. if that's what they think about you." Sighing faintly, the glow finally disappears from his eyes and he returns to being somewhat normal.

"Maybe not, but possibly rob one. The cash register was doing a pretty good impression of the end scene in Beetlejuice and I could easily be blamed for trying to grab all the cash." Felicity continues to follow Scott, seemingly undeterred by all his assurances. "Unless that someone is either a doctor or been kidnapped, that can probably wait a bit. You definitely need to get some medical attention. If you won't go to the hospital, you should go somewhere you can get stitches."

There's a momentary pause at the end of the alley as Scott turns to look over the blonde for a moment, and he frowns. "Both." he offers cryptically, before he steps into the mingling crowds on the other side of the alley to disappear into the crowd, where he will be a lot harder to track - as the blood seems to have stopped for now at least.

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