The Waffle Shuffle

January 20, 2016:

Vorpal and Changeling run into Starfire and Arsenal at that hero magnet, Bunker's workplace: IHOP!



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Fade In…

Breakfast for dinner! Not that unusual at the 24-hour IHOP on Staten Island. Gar has sent a notice to all the Titans that he and Vorpal are reserving a table and if they want to eat pancakes and infinite bacon they need to be there stat.
The waitress is giving him a wary look.

The cheshire cat next to Gar is sprawled out on the booth, back against Gar. Hey, he'll move when people arrive, but for the time being all the feline's got to cat. "Is it really only a month away?" he asks, paging through a magazine that may or may not be related to the topic of conversation. "I feel so under-prepared."

Starfire's modelling career is back on the up and up, but her next move is to be a bold one and an arranged meeting with several magazine companies has her at least avoiding her and Roy's normal place to not put those people under scrutiny, and give them a breather after Tigorr showed up. He requires regrouping time for sure.

Starfire is refusing the image inducer officially though, the long purple weater a one piee like a dress, furred at the cuffs in an off white as well as along the hood that hangs down her back, matching the boots where even the armor peers from beneath topped in the red Tamaranean inset. At her side is Roy, her tawny finger poking into his shoulder as she laughs and teases him.

"Oh, come on. You'd be a great cover art for the men's issue. Men are hard to come by that will do that." But a glance up of pupiless emerald gaze and her current argument is possibly moot at the sight of Vorpal and Gar.


"Not interested," Roy responds, grimacing as he lowers the trucker hat lowe on his head. "Don't want to model in my underpants. Lian would just be asking why -she- has to wear pants if I don't."

That the Titans were having a short meet was enough of a reason for him to suggest eating at IHOP instead of the usual coffee shop. Plus, as Kori noted, that Tigorr could stomp in and say -hi- with no issues probably meant they were being entirely -too- predictable in their choices of coffee shop.

Plus, he hadn't said hi to Gar in a while. So he does.

"Hi, Gar."

"Yep. Forty days, I believe, if my math isn't broken," Gar says. "You suppose it'll work to just say 'hey, we're having a quiet private ceremony' and nobody will try to blow it up?"

No, it clearly won't work. But then Gar's ears twitch and he tenses up. That voice. It's been at least four years, because that's how long Gar was in California …

"Star?" he says, in a strange, raspy voice. He saw her on a recent 'this is in print' segment on one of his social feeds, and … woah. She's in purple. Oddly, so is Gar, because he only owns purple, white, and red uniforms, that he wears like clothes or with clothes, and his best red uniform got nudity-ray-disintegrated somehow a few weeks ago.

"Roy! Kori! Please join us! Nobody else has responded, and how have you BEEN? It's been years, Princess!" Pause. "Where are my manners, Koriand'r, this is my fiancee, Keith. Also called Vorpal."

"I don't know… with my luck, it'd rain. But then you'd turn into a frog and I'd have to dress as Tiana an-" Vorpal's narrative gets interrupted.

"Star? What are you talking about…"

And then he sees her. Koriand'r is the kind of person who commands your attention. It's impossible not to look at her, to be honest. For the first time in months, he realizes that his hair is too long, too wild, and he's sure he's wearing the uniform that has the bullet hole in it, and …

"… -pleasure!" he squeaks out when Gar introduces them. Of course, he has seen Koriand'r before. On television, newspapers, he did after all follow Gar's earlier career. But seeing her in person is completely different.

"… heyRoy! …" he squeaks again, trying to sit up and look presentable. It's a long stretch.

"Okay, so inside page?" Kori is not taking no for an answer and when he pulls his hat down she reaches over and pulls it off to plop it on her own head and pop her hood up. The laughter on that has her spinning and lowering in a /neener-neener/ fashion, much like Lian, thumb to nose and all.

"And not in your underwear. I never said that, but maybe Ryand'r would lend you some of our peoples armor!" Kori knew that was out of the question as well but it did not stop her from sliding into the booth with Gar and Vorpal, moreso beside Gar with a shimmy-scooch that also bumps him in a friendly manner.


No… She leaned in and hugged him in a manner resembling Elmira and kittens before releasing and settling back down.

People are staring now, and she grabs a bit of bacon to waggle the floppy side at Keith in a wave. "Fiance… Ohhh." Kori calms a moment and doesn't really know whether to celebrate for them or say a prayer to X'Hal. Betrothals on Tamaran were not always happy things..

But to Vorpal's reaction it garners him a few rapid blinks and a tilt of her head. "A happy joining of -the- Vorpal and my old friend Garfield?! When should I plan the celebration? Do you have a place already? Need help? I know the /perfect/ photographer…" Her mind is going as she finally falls silent and slides her gaze to Roy.

"How come you did not -tell- me!" Kori exclaims, taking his hat off and swatting him playfully with it.

"If Ryand'r wears what you do…" Roy slides in, before shrugging helplessly. "Well, considering what we were -doing-, being a little out of time, I wasn't even sure if they'd already be married when we got back or not," he responds, before eyeing Keith. "What's wrong with you today?" It was like, well…

"Gar, what have you done to this man?"

Gar quirks an eyebrow at Kori's concerned reaction and says smirking, "No politics involved, except the usual human ones."

That was, after all, the whole reason the not-the-Titans went to Tamaran, right? Marriages of Political Advantage or something? Or evil sister machinations. Same thing.

He raises his eyebrows at Roy's diagnosis. "What? ME? It could've been someone else who dragged us off to Innsmouth on Fishmastide." (It was almost certainly Gar's fault, although it might've been Constantine's fault.)

"Uhm. We're doing a small private thing with the justice of the peace because nobody wants to attract the kind of wedding crashers we'd get. But we were going to have a party early in March, definitely before the 15th."

Here's a secret: Vorpal is a glamourpuss. Ok, no, he isn't, he wants to be a glamourpuss, but his limited funds tend to make that an impossibility. Sure, he could use his illusions… but that's cheating goddamnit! Kori has that grace and poise that makes him just a little self-conscious.

But he grins at her enthusiasm. He certainly wasn't ready for an Elmyra-type greeting, "I … er… we haven't exactly planned things yet outside of Gar's ideas… we've been a little busy." What with Innsmouth trips and Zatanna being tested by the Vishanti and put through all sorts of things and…

"I'm ok… I'm ok. I just look a mess!" superheroes, at the end of the day, sometimes look like they've tried to save the world five times over, both ways uphill, and in the snow for five miles. It's been a busy day for Vorp, and it shows. Gar, on the other hand… Keith doesn't know if it's shape-shifter cheating or not, but he seldom ever looks a mess, except when he's sick.

"I have heard so much about you, Miss Koriand'r. So you knew Gar way back in the day when he couldn't shut up, did you?" he grins.

Ooooh. Vorpal has now discovered a source of stories. This is an acceptable equivalent to embarrassing baby pictures.

NOPETOPUS: A little purple octopod goes scuttling across the floor muttering, "Nope nope nope nope nope…"

Roy's resignation has Kori smiling, but either in triumph or just because he gives in sometimes just because, and it is endearing. She would never force him and he should know that by now. Just to reassure she nudges him with her hip as she settles and crosses one leg over the other, finally eating the bacon that was flopping around in her grip like a prank waiting to happen.

"Yes, but also a fool would try to ambush your…you know…" A moment of thought has Kori reconsidering. "Your idea is best."

Vorpals small inquiry has Kori's smile returning, a slow thing that held a feline deviance to the way it narrowed her eyes. "Oh we have time to get to know eachother pretty well, as I am here more….permanently now…" A small clear of throat and she is getting more bacon and when the waiter comes over she also orders a coffee with a plate of pancakes.

"Also the pancakes that look like the Mickey Mouse with strawberries and chocolate chips, the whip cream.. But right before we leave." Ordering for Lian as well.

Roys words make Kori nod as well, making her resign. "It is my full intent to be here for your party though, cannot miss the occasion when Gar has set aside his party days alone and come to senses." The playful grin is never fading at this point.

"It's not recisely a party," Roy amends. "More like a celebration of an union, complete with a mourning of the tying of ball and chain. Though I guess in this case, there's less chain and more balls."

Miguel bustles out of the back, carrying plates and drink orders to a table - he's just come on-shift - and then he sees his fellow Titans all at a table so of course he bumps Carlos out of the way to take the station himself. "Hey, everyone, has anyone refilled… your or-" Brain To Miguel: OMG STARFIRE!!11oneone "—der.." he trails off, then has to re-orient his brain. "I mean drinks. Refilled your drinks.."

"Party days?" Gar squeaks. If only it were that easy! Well. It might've been if he wanted to do that … raver-shapeshift thing. But he stopped turning into hell-monsters when he went to school. Wait. Was that a different Gar? Sometimes the vague memories from the Strange Titans Tower can be a bit confusing. Gar checks his skin. Nope, not red. But only three or four of the other Gars were red.

"I already ordered bottomless bacon," Gar says to Roy. "I called a day ahead to warn them."

He grins when Kori offers to be there at the party. This will be awesome. Also, she seems to be getting magazine coverage. No big surprise, that.

"You should ask my purple friend here to model. You might need to ply him with a small cup of catmint tea first."

He reaches over and delivers a Gibbs-like reset to Roy. THWAP.

"Hi Miguel!" Innocent, green smile.

"Pary days, hmmmm?" Vorpal gives Gar the not-so-evil eye. "WHO were you partying with, Mister Logan? I know about the girl with the pink hair, who else got on the mint-colored pleasure cruise ride?" he's totally acting the part of the jealous fiance. He's having his fun- it's his revenge for Innsmouth. "WAIT! Wait-" he points at Roy, who got a special look for that balls comment, "Was it that guy you talked about at the Russian tea room? What was his name… Dick. Yes, DICK, Gar, you and Dick totally shacked up, didn't you???"

He playfully punches Gar on the shoulder, "Roy, give this Dick a call. Let's see if we can get him to fit in the cake for the stag party!"

And then a familiar face pops up, "Miguel! It's so good to see you!" Total civilian, TOTALLY not another Titan, "Miss Kori, this is Miguel. He's a very very dear friend of mine. And Gar's."

Kori is mid chew and then Roy pipes up and the bacon is lodged, making her laugh mix with a cough nd her hand slap upward to cover her mouth. Coming down it beats on plexus and the sidelong look to Roy has her own laughter coming out with a squeak this time as tears well up and she is fanning herself.

"Ordeeve went down the wrong tube.." Pat pat.

The suggestion from Gar has Kori looking to Vorpal and Gar both with a small smile. "How about you both during the.." Glance to Roy. "Uuunion~ celebration? But candid." A wink as thoughts are already there.

Miguel's greeting has Kori turning her attention and smiling to him even through the harassing banter in the backdrop that reminds her to wipe away the tear from about breathing in the bacon. "Pleasure!" Kori states gesturing for him to join them while standing and leaning over Roy to grab some things from Miguel, lighten his load and make this less awkw—- nevermind, Keith just added whipped topping to this festival of penii envy and prodding. Pun intended.

"I think Dick is indisposed." Shifty eyes. Miguel give her pancake so she just….stops.

"There was no shacking up," Roy quips. "It wasn't a total boys' club back then, we still had Rachel and Kori and Donna and Wally…"

Whistling, Roy settles into his pancakes, complete with bacon. "Do we -have- to bring back some bacon for Lian? I wanna eat the whole thing. She'll never miss it…"

"Pancakes," Gar says happily, distracted by food from all the talk of that other guy who used to hang around all the time with the team. The order also included two sunny-side-up eggs, which go between pancakes which are then drenched in actually maple-based maple syrup, even though this is IHOP and they have perfectly sythetic-flavored sweetened stuff that is a triumph of German coal-tar organic chemistry.

"Sure sure, whatever you want," he says to Kori, not even processing what she asked him for. This will never come back to bite him in the perfectly shaped bright green backside.

"Hey wait. You gotta take some bacon to Lian or I will tell her you ate it all."

"Modeling? Gar, have you gone off your pretty green head?" the cheshire says, nudging Gar, "And the last time someone gave me catnip tea, I ended up dancing on a table in my underwear!"

He looks quickly at Roy and Kori "Aw, leaving already? When do I get to meet Lian? Wait-" he pauses. "Is she allergic to cats? I have another shape! Miguel sometimes asks me to come in as a human because people complain of purple hairs in their pancakes."

He gives Miguel a wink.

Miguel gets some refills going and also snags another plate from another passing server to fulfill the 'never ending bacon' order they've had going. "More ham on the way, too, and some orange juice.." he says, writing down whatever other things people might want to go, for instance, so they can be ready before they can hit the door. He flushes a bit as Vorpal goes on.

"And what do /you/ know of the other women in the Titans?" Since the harassment segment between the table was on like Donkey Kong Kori chided in at Roy and then pauses as he gets bacon greedy.

"What is the mouse pancakes without the bacon smile?!? She will miss it, Mickey is not a mute he has a mouth of…" Beat. "Eat the bacon, Roy." The tables conversation has Kori relenting! Mark this down in history.

Gar's pass-off approval and permission gets a gleaning smile of Tamaranean Cheshire proportions. Scooch, schooch, almost sliding Roy off the booth with her hip slide to exit stage right! She's going to take that and run, as even though Miguel took over, Carlos is bringing them the to-go container for Lian and Kori accepts it with a tip in exchange pulled from the teensy pocket of her sweater dress hoody (Ask the designers). Opening the foam box she hands Roy the bacon and closes it.

"Deal's already struck Keith. He agreed for you both. Unions!" A finger wiggle wave is offered to Vorpal, turning into a kiss blown to Gar, and a wink to Miguel. "Your business is delicious! I'll definitely return. Was good meeting you all and seeing you again, Gar."

And just as she had come in she left, but there was a bit more light to the end of that long flame huen hair.

"Lian may need lessons in not petting backwards, right? I hear it is not friendly to cats." Kori inquires to Roy as they exit.

Miguel turns back to Carlos after all the order taking and says 'My lunch time," he grins, and takes off his apron to sit down with the green and purple guests. "Dudes, hey," he grins, as he gets his tea as well. "Man, I think I've been working non-stop. I need to find another job with decent hours.." he says, leaning in a bit.

Vorpal grins as Gar's friends leave. "You stinker… you know how I feel about modeling."

Vorpal reaches over and ruffles Miguel's hair, bringing him in for a hug, "You could always see if there's an opening at the Titans' public office, right, Gar?" VOrpal asks, wondering if that was allowed by the bylaws. He's not sure.

"Have some bacon," Gar says. "Cures all ills, except if you're a pig. Anyway. That's Starfire. I saw you boggle. And yes, Vorp, we're gonna do the shoot, because free wedding pictures, by one of the best photographers in the freaking world?"

OK, maybe he WASN'T pancake-drunk when he agreed. He looks over to Miguel, and shakes his head.

"First, no, we can't work for pay for our own public relations team. But we can definitely find a better job for Mr. Fancy Pants here."

Another pancake vanishes, and Gar leans back, full.

"If I were a total sadist I'd be demanding we go for a run to work this off."

Miguel blushes a little as Vorpal ruffles him, and he hugs his teammate back. "Wow, /is/ that doable?" he says, looking puzzled at Garfield. Then he's awww then he's smiling. "Oh, cool! Man, it's kinda cool here but the hours…" he says, glancing back at the back doors, then to his teammates. He waggles his eyebrows. "I'm perfectly fine for a run.."

Vorpal gives Gar a dirty look. "Only if you wear those running shorts that Jay calls almost indecent. Wear those and THEN I'll be up for a run…"

"And speaking of running… Miguel, I do hope you'll be around for the wedding?" Friend guilt trip, activate!

"We only get two witnesses, right?" Gar says. "Otherwise we have to have a full fledged wedding and that's guaranteed to draw villains."

Gar considers the running shorts, and whether or not he wants to observe the Vorpal Chunder Effect… because more pancakes dissapeared than Gar ate, and Kory and Roy were on the other side of the table, so some cat must've eaten a fair amount.

"We definitely want you to be a witness."

Miguel looks surprised. "Of COURSE I'll be here," he says. "Would never miss it. Besides, I need to hit on your guests.." he flashes a grin.

"Oh, Mickey…" Right. Vorpal has talked to Gar about this… they need to find this boy a boyfriend. It's simply unacceptable… "And I was thinking Zee could be the other witness, what do you think?"

"We're doing a small private thing with a justice of the peace so we don't attract the doomy doom," Gar says. "So just two witnesses. But there's going to be a major party a few days afterwards. And yeah, Zee would definitely be a good choice."

With the Vishanti watching her, and the mystical effects of their attention, there's no possible way that anything could notice what's happening, not even with the Vorpal Chaos Drama Boost in effect. And getting married on a special day that's virtually not part of the calendar most of the time (but is sometimes) isn't going to make that worse at all.

Miguel blushes just a little more. "I'm honored you asked me.." he says. "I'll wear my costume under my tux. Just in case, though…"

"Good thinking. You don't want to be known as The Streak if danger were to befall." The cheshire grins and nudges Gar in the ribs. "So, verdict onthose shorts?"

"You're awfully eager to go running for someone who just ate five pounds of pancakes and bacon," Gar says. "Sure. When Miguel finishes his break he can total us out and stuff."

This might be trouble, but it might also be that Keith is feeling his oats. There were oat cakes there, right?

Miguel hops up and finishes up their tab, and then talks to the waitress on duty. She nods and he hurries back to his table. "OK, all that is done, and I can actually go now; I've been doing stuff in the back most of the day," he says, looking pleased.

Vorpal grins, "Let's just say that I have a figure to maintain, Mister Logan. Especially considering what I have planned for the honeymoon…"

And that's all he says as he slides out of the booth, "C'mon, lazy butt. Get your green tuckus out of that booth and see if you can keep up with Mickey an' myself!"

"Lazy you call me," Gar grouses. Literally, for a moment, he's a grouse. Then he's back to human.

"Thank you for the delicious food," Gar says to the waitress, leaving the appalling tip. From here, it's a very quick hop to the business office, and from there, a doorway to Titans Castle. The training pit awaits. (It's not a pit. It's a very nice facility. Really. And there are plenty of towels to wipe up any unfortunately abandoned breakfast-for-dinners.)

Miguel bounces on his heels. "We are going to.. wait, he can fly. He's going to fly, isn't he.." the younger Titan says. "He's totally going to fly.." he says when Gar turns into a grouse.

"He won't fly, because he knows exactly what WON'T fly. Afterwards." Vorpal says, sounding like a double-entendre coming out of his lips.

Truth is, he meant it as a single-entendre and proud of it. "C'mon, Mickey, the first one to give up has to do the dishes for the week!"

And it sure as hell wasn't going to be him.

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