Pym Particles

February 03, 2016:

Setting up a sting operation (pardon the pun), Oracle, Ronin and Wasp bait a trap

New York


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Traps are one of the most difficult maneuvers to pull of, normally. Finding something that an opponent will react to in a desired and predictable fashion is a dicey game at best. And generally speaking, the simpler the trap, the more likely it will be to work.

It helps, of course, when you can shrink to the size of a pinhead or smaller. And when you have some small idea about what your opponent may be interested in. The bait in this case is a canister marked to contain Pym particles. It doesn't, but that's the marking. Instead it contains…

Well that's a surprise.

Oracle has spent a fair amount of time and effort letting it be known in the criminal underworld that the security at this warehouse near the river front in Manhattan is particularly lax. Definitely the kind of thing that draws attention when the rewards are so potentially lucrative. It's been something of a long game, waiting for the right people to bite. But tonight she has inbound on a few 'wear their pajamas when not going to bed' types as Clint is fond of calling them. The Archer is just waiting out of sight, on a rooftop a few blocks away for the trap to be sprung.

Janet was game, I mean no pym particles really at risk in any… extractable form right. She also helped come up with this trap so it seemed to her like a pretty good one. Modesty aside she is a pretty damn good strategist. For a fashion designer who just hasn't found her team yet. For now she waits.

Still located in Gothams Clocktower, Oracle watches the proceedings on her screens. Clints been given a OracleCom, which gives her some views from his vantage, but she's also hacked the security systems, giving her access to the video feeds inside and outside the building.

It's not perfect, there are still 'dark spots' but she's got a pretty good coverage. Although, dealing with Ninja's is always interesting.

"Comms check, please." She requests of those in the field.

"Check." Clint murmurs into the comms. He can't see much from where he is and is relying on Oracle to provide the cue to jump into action.

Which won't be long in coming. Several black clad figures quickly infiltrate the warehouse's 'faulty' security and go right for the crate with the 'Pym particles'. Janet can feel her canister sway as someone picks it up and hear voices though… they are all in Japanese.

Whatever they talk about though it's over in a few short phrases. There's the rapid tumble of being shoved in a small over the shoulder haversack that won't impede movement and then a great rush of motion. They're out and moving again, climing the walls to get to the roof.

Janet does not comm check. All her electronics are tucked into other space right now so she doesn't alert the ninjas that are stealing the canister. She braces against one of the walls then takes off and stays hovering in her nook inside the canister. Not wanting to end up knocked out by this endeavor.

"Contact, Ronin." Oracle watches as the container is taken. "They're scaling the walls on the North side of the building, gaining the roof." Changing the views on her screen, she lets the camera's track their movements as best she can.

"I'm following." They could spring the trap now of course but the idea is to get not the sellers, but the buyers.

Turns out that won't take long either. It takes some creative camera work from Oracle and some deft following from Clint but about three miles away (a pretty quick three miles at that) the ninja descend again. Here a group of government types - one man in a black suit, four in combat fatigues with guns - wait near a black, government plate SUV. The canister rattles again as it's pulled out and Janet can hear 'we want to see it first.'

The latch disengages… and it starts to open.

Now might be a good time for some hacking tricks.

Well right now Janet is very small. Very sparkly wings. Also she is laden with Pym Particles. They just aren't usable. She shrinks a bit smaller pushing some of her limits and then spins tucking her wings. She may make a convincing looking particle. Worth a try right?

Janet can try and Oracle can hack. The Government SUV will be in some form of digital network. Working quickly, hands flying over her consoles, the redhead accesses the fleet management system and starts searching for the vehicle in question.

Of course, once she access to the system, locating the vehicle is the easiest part … now all she has to do is … set off the alarm system, that should distract the buyers and sellers alike and it will look like a system malfunction.

Hostiles in sight. Government types. Mmmm. I wonder how much someone will object if we borrow one. Taser arrows are good. What Clint has on his bow is a tranq arrow. Using it requires a fair amount of precision. Hit at the wrong angle and the needle breaks. Hit in the wrong place and the drug either won't take or will kill the target.

But this is Ronin. Who used to go by another name. One known for accuracy. The first hint that Janet has that something is going down is the canister getting abruptly dropped as Clint drops the suit like a sack of potatoes.

Whups… well guess the plan isn't to go back to their base. Someone is being bow happy. Still lot's of distractions I guess. Right. She zips up out of the canister when it drops to get a better view of the field of battle. Irony is someone might think the particle is falling free.

"Wasp." Oracles voice filters through the comms system. "Engage with the targets. The ones in the business suits are a priority. We can question them later." They have both buyers and sellers in the field … this is an excellent opportunity.

All the while, the redhead is trying to shut the vehicle down, make it immobile so their getaway is hampered. Oh yeah, and that plate? She's running the records to see just who requisitioned it today.

Clint lets another arrow fly and downs a ninja. He semes to have it out for them. One of the grunt types drops his gun and goes diving for Janet… or at least where he thinks Janet is going to fall assuming she's only operating under gravity. "The particle!" He yells as he tries to cup his hands around her. Whether or not that would be a good idea even if she were what he thought he was is an open question. As it stands…

Arrows and bullets are now flying thick and fast at Clint, but Oracle has locked down the getaway vehicle thanks to it's handy OneStar system. It's registered to the Department of Homeland Security. Agent Cadwell, though there's no telling who that is… or if he's even real. Not without more digging at any rate.

It… is most surely not a good idea. If she were a particle he might end up microscopic. Well that or two hundred feet tall and crushing everyone. Still not a good idea. But yeah cupping Janet in his hands means she just has to reach out, place her palms on his, and shock him into likely unconsciousness. STING!

"Running records, Ronin." Oracle watches the skirmish. "That car's not going anywhere, I've disabled it." beat "The vehicle was requisitioned by Agent Cadwell of Homeland Security. I'm digging into records for him now." She really hopes there's at least some fingerprint, even if she has to dig for awhile.

As the business suited men turn to the cameras, still shots are taken by her systems and facial recognition processes begin to run … first on Homeland Security databases, then others. It would be … interesting … if the faces weren't part of Homeland Security, wouldn't it.

Another arrow, and then another flash out. All but one of the ninja are down now. Janet shocks one of the grunts into unconsciousness, though her presence seems to go unnoticed beyond that. The remaining gunmen simply assume that the archer did it and keep shooting at him. Bad idea, that.

Cadwell is a war hero, apparently. Ex Marine. Five tours in the war on terror. Retired and was recruited into the DHS. Except he doesn't exist. Marine records have no such person at the right enlistment date. But it's not a dead end. Records for the CIA list a deep cover operative named Jason Cadwell of the right age and description. Worked with - though not for - Stormwatch quite a bit, apparently. And evidently he was killed in action four years ago. Right when this one is alleged to have retired from the Marines.

The rest of the faces don't scan nearly so well. No hits on the government database which means either their fakes… or they're deniable assets. Either way there's only three left. Time for this to end.

Wasp sizes up to minimize the strain that really size was putting on her. Really she is still wasp sized. She twirls through the air behind two of the grunts and then sizes up fully and reaches out to touch the back of their heads "Hey boys." and STINGs them soundly. She must awesome Ronin can get the third.

"I don't know what you've gotten yourself into, Ronin." Oracle scans the records as they appear "But at least the guy requisitioning the vehicle seems to be deep cover." No, she doesn't believe he is dead. Although, it could be a red herring, using his name on the official forms - more digging is required.

"And I can't identify any of those of the ground." Although, she's going to start trawling the social networks, looking for them in the background of images and transport hub systems… She might be able to start piecing together movements at least, which give them something to work with.

Whatever it is, though, the redhead will have her work cut out for her and so will her systems. She's unlikely to get a direct answer today - this could take considerable time to piece together. It would be /much/ easier to take one of those operatives into … ahem … custody.

One more arrow is all it takes to end it. When the arrows and gunfire have stopped Ronin steps from behind his cover, slipping his bow into place behind his back. "Nice work Wasp. They really wanted your tech." Now they're going to have a chance to find out why.

"I don't suppose, ladies, that you have a place to put these guys?"

Wasp fishes her phone out of… well somewhere. The leather is pretty much skintight but there i a phone "HAL please confirm they have no trackers." she looks to Ronin. "We can store them in one of my facilities we are working on selling. Mothballed and inactive on my books but not out of my hands yet."

"I'm not detecting any signals from them, Ronin, Wasp." Oracle confirms, but HAL may have different systems and detect something else. "If Wasp has somewhere, that's preferable." The redhead has facilities, but right now, she'd prefer not to have monitor them. "If not, Ronin. Contact your friends at SHIELD, I know they have secure facilities."

And they could well be interested in this little nugget.

No trackers. Well nothing on GPS or RFID. It should be safe to take them to whatever blacksite Oracle or Wasp have. And Clint? Oh he is far, far not squeamish about it. "I can call some folks if you need. I can't promise they'll be treated particularly well… but they'll live long enough for us to question them. I know some Russians who owe me a thing or two."

Janet looks skeptical at Clint. "I think we can stow them at one of my sites Ronin. You can have access to question them. No russians. Definitely no Russians."

"Wasps' site it is then." Oracle makes the decision. "Reenabling that vehicle and disabling the tracking on it. Get them loaded up and get out of there." They can hear the sirens in the distance. "I can't distract the authorities for much longer. You two need to be gone."

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