Restoring An Apartment Building

February 03, 2016:

X-Red assist in clearing out an Apartment Building

M-Town - New York


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Take Back The Night - The call has gone out from the X-Men. Help clean up M-Town and Take Back The Night. Which … fits nicely with the work that X-Red already does in M-Town.

Dovetailing current efforts to coincide with the 'festival', Brins arranged for some of the X-Red members, and friends, to join together and clean up one of the Apartment Buildings affected by the recent violence.

The diminutive brunette, wearing a black jumpsuit with red side panels, black biker boots and belt crisscrossing her hips fastened with buckle made from the remains of a sentinel sporting a stylised X, is currently shoveling debris from the street into a dumpster, while other members work around her.

Denizens of M-Town have ventured out as well and some have decided to help.

Colossus has been in South America for over two months by this time, just freshly returned to New York City. Out of the jungle and into the Jungle, as they say. He wished to surprise his team with his arrival and made no public announcement of his return to the city.

He walks through the street, his beard and hair thicker than it was when he left and if anything his arms and shoulder even broader.

Lunair is not the most heroic mutant around. Happily, she won't explode on contact with actual heroes. And Lunair does seem to care about people in her own way. When she can, she brings things and visits friends in Mutant Town. She just is loathe to give up her rooftop apartment. So, her she is with a bit of a trash bag and a pokey stick. She even will power armor up when she needs to move something heavy.

"Hi there!" She waves to Colossus. "Whoa. A beard. Those are /so/ in right now." Epic beard!

Kurt Wagner wears a "Mary Is My Homegirl" fleece hoodie and is helping out moving things downstairs with his teleportation abilities. Colossus can handle the heaviest objects - Kurt focuses more on things that don't go easily down stairwells or through doorways. No need to do structural damage when Kurt can simply pop downstairs alongside the sofas and abandoned dressers that clog up places.

Many of the local mutants know Kurt well - he spends much of his free time volunteering, working at the soup kitchens and with the local churches. He's considered a spiritual leader among some, although he doesn't particularly ask for such.

He grins when he hears Lunair compliment Colossus' beard, "When will all over fur become in fashion, though, I ask? I have waited my whole life!"

Looking up as Kurt appears beside her with his latest 'delivery', "It's good of you both to join us, Kurt, Lunair. This job is a big one and I really appreciate the help."

Glancing to the youngsters who've shown up. She's put them to work organising items into: Usable, Salvagable and Get Rid Of piles… The discussion amongst that group is mildly amusing. Lunair might want to help them there …

As Piotr arrives, Brins eyes light up and she smiles widely making her way to him "You're home early!" although the beard and the hair get a skeptical look. "I don't know Kurt, I kind of like your asthetic."

He is here, and very confused. Gabriel's expression shows it with his brow furrowed as he looks at the others who are present and then looks down at himself. Dressed in his normal attire which isn't any sort of X uniform but rather jeans, t shirt, and cowboy hat the newest hang around holds up the bag in his hands. "And what am I supposed to be doing with this?" The question is voiced to whomever might be listening.

"I would say that I am home exactly on time." Colossus disagrees softly, leaning down and scooping Brinley up into an embrace. It is warm, like a friend's greeting, but something a little more is there. It is probably most obvious when he kisses the social worker in a way that no brother or friend could really. There's three months of passion and frustration released in one moment, three months of hard work and really awful internet. They tried Skype once. Never again.

Lunair spoke to him? Oh, what? Piotr slowly sets Brinley back down, one hand on her shoulder as he looks to the walking armory. "Thank you. Spaciba… and in time, my friend, the beard has just come back. In eighty's they wore hear down to their backs. Give humans time to realize just how fashionable you are."

Lunair beams at Nightcrawler. "I think you're awesome already. But body hair does seem to be coming back in," She muses. Lunair doesn't seem bothered by Kurt's appearance in the slightest, but she also is a social blank slate. Life in general is new to her, novel and worth exploring. Open to possibilities. "Who's Mary? Is she nice?" She seems to be Kurt's homegirl.

Lunair beams at brin. Then she pauses. Keeping up with discussion is hard. "Well. We should see if it's still usable. Mold is bad. Stains miiiiiiight be okay," She offers. "If you're not sure, we can make a not sure pile to come back to so we can get into more things," She offers. Lunair pauses. Then waves to Gabriel. "Hi there! We're helping clean. Let me know if you get thirsty, hungry or have questions, okay? Um, one sec." She's going to help move a rotten chair, and the leg breaks off. That's busted. Wince. And aww, Brin and Colossus. She had no idea! She grins at Piotr's response. "See."

Kurt Wagner has grown accustomed to Lunair's particularities and gives a small smile, "Holy Mary, Mother of God, liebchen, and, yes, she's always been very good to me," he says with a half-grin.

He, too, knew nothing of Brinley's relationship with the big Russian, raising an eyebrow but smiling in approval. He was always glad to see his friends find love, much as it might give him the occasionial pang for his own life. He could have become a monk, once upon a time, and chose otherwise, but he often still lived like one. He's had a few close calls, in recent days, but…well, he just won't think on that right at the moment. Perhaps things would be different, in time.

Blushing brightly, Brin returns the embrace… the reserved, quiet woman hugging him close as a shower of glowing green and gold motes bursting around her. Yeah, her control of her psychic constructs has been sorely tested lately and it doesn't take much to trigger them.

As her feet touch the ground, she leans against the big man "It's good to have you home again." she says with a grin "If you're inclined, I'll be here for a little while longer. We're clearing this building, trying to make it habitable."

Gabes question draws her attention "Piotr, we've a few new faces since you've been gone. This Gabriel. Gabriel, as Lunair says, she knows what's she doing." Brins thankful for the extra assistance today!

Kurts smile of approval gets a shy one in return as the brunette takes a moments respite.

Gabriel watches the display between Piotr and Brinley with an expression much like one would have if he were observing the dissection of some kind of space creature; a sort of disgusted awe. Finally when he realizes it is over, he nods at Brinley and looks over towards Lunair. "Why are we picking up trash? Would it not simply be more efficient to eliminate it all? Vaporize it?"

"I do see." Colossus says with a short chuff of amusement at Lunair's question. At Kurt, though, he just nods. "Good to see you are still well. If I can help just direct me to what I am needed to move." He sets hands on his hips as he studies the building in question. Gabriel question? He's wholly unsuited to answer. Now couches? Couches and rubble he can move!

Slowly, the large Russian walks forward and shifts into his metal form as he does.

Aww. The two are adorable. Lunair smiles a little. She doesn't seem to show facial expression much, seeming placid and distant. Or cold, depending on who one asks. She looks to Gabriel. "We sort it. Some of it can be used and saved. Not everyone can vaporize things," She explains. "Like this chair is good," She motions to a good chair. "And this is not," She points to the busted chair. "The water has damaged the wood in that one," She explains. "And like that couch, the foam is coming out," She points.

"Make sense?" She asks. Then a smile at Kurt. "Blue is a good color," She offers. "And I see. That's good." She seems happy, and content to accept Kurt and things she doesn't quite grasp.

Kurt Wagner nods to Piotr, "Absolutely, mein freund. I do believe there is some stuff in the basement that might use your large, metallic hands. Old water heaters and such that could be dangerous beyond their weight alone. Fire hazards, too, and you are the most fireproof among us, I suspect," he says.

Gabriel's behavior seems odd, but Kurt doesn't impinge or make judgement. X-men come from wide varieties of backgrounds. His own upbringing was fairly unique in its own right, after all. "The shelter down the street is putting together some lunch for people, just sandwiches and the like, for helping out."

There's more then enough stuff in the basement to move, something that had been exercising Brin … how they would get it all moved in a reasonable time - which is now something she doesn't have to worry about. "Becareful Piotr, you might be stronger than the rest of us, but I'd hate to have to patch you up." Which is a hilarious thing for her to say - given how dinged up she usually is!

"Kurt how are you going with the work above? Do you need another pair of hands? Lunair and Gabriel seem to have this area covered…" she asks the elf as she looks quizzically at Gabe. "Vaporise, Gabe?" she'd not missed the look he'd given them, but that's something she'll deal with later if she has to. Hopefully she won't …

The group of youths are still sorting debris, and a small scuffle breaks it. It starts as a bit of good natured shoving, but if not contained, could become worse. Someone should calm them down and redirect their energy.

"I will." Piotr says to the chorus telling him to take care. He enters the building, pausing in front of the rotted door that leads to the basement. Instead of spending an afternoon worrying about the barrier, he simply removes it with the pop and squeal of hinges coming undone. He tosses it aside and then carefully descends below.

He sniffs, trying to pick out the hint of dangerous gas. Just dank and old. Dead rat? Something dead at least.

Lunair tried to talk to the youths, but she doesn't seem to be good at it. Either way, she quirks a smile. Aw, cute couple. "He probably means literally," Lunair offers. Gabriel is MIGHTY. "He seems really strong, but nice." She offers. "And it's okay, it's good to see you guys." She remarks. Lunair has an odd, but not entirely uncommon background. She just has a strange response to it.

Or rather, she missed critical early socialization. Nevertheless, Lunair is going to tend to her area. She peers to Gabriel, trying to see if her explanation worked.

"Sandwiches?" Gabe asks towards the others, that seems to have caught the hat wearing man's attention and he looks down the street to where he thought something looked like a shelter. "The shelter, yes, I remember there, they wanted me to stay there one night. I shall go help them." That is when he pauses and looks between Lunair and Brinley, even the Elf gets a glance. "If that is an acceptable course of action? I do not believe I would be in any danger there."

Kurt Wagner looks over at Brinley, "Everything upstairs is going well. Some of the rooms are already being repainted now that we've gotten that old wallpaper down. We probably need some more deodorizers, some of those rooms stink to high heaven," he says. "I'm going to go into the attic space soon, but I am a little trepidatious about it. I feel like I'll be in the beginning of a Law and Order episode," he says.

"Go along Gabriel… it's more than safe. Let them know that you're with us." Brin nearly tells the man not to eat everything, but given what she knows of him, holds her words. They might be taken … literally. "… we'll be along soon enough."

Lunairs joined by the group of youths who try to engage the unsocial mutant in conversation "Are you with X-Red?" one asks her and another "What it's like to be part of a team …." Perhaps there's some guidance she give them?

"The rooms still smell?" Brin shakes her head to Kurt "I suppose that should be expected. We've some …" rustling through one of the bags that she bought, she brandishes some deodirisers.

Gesturing to one of the youths, she hands them over "Distribute these through the upstairs floors, please." The youth grumbles a little but heads off, gaining a small smile from the brunette.

"Can we leave the windows open for a while, Kurt? Fresh air should help dispel some of the smell." With a smile she raises her eyes to attic "Let me come and help you with that…"

As Piotr progresses into the basement, smell grows stronger … it's probably too strong to be simply a rat.

Piotr rolls up his sleeves, taking one of the tools from a toolbox as he sets it down on the ground. Unhook the burning units so he can move it, quite simple work… but he pauses as he gets another whiff of that smell. Frowning, he steps forward and peers around the back of one of the machines.

He withdraws after a moment to give a heavy exhale, staring at the wall for a moment.

Then suddenly there is the boom from below, as if someone was taking a hammer to the wall.

Kurt Wagner teleports back up to the upper decks and goes around to open some of the windows up, at Brinley's suggestion. He hears the sound of Colossus working in the basement and helps some of the workers move a few paint cans around. It's good to see the mutant community actually being a community, rolling up their sleeves and helping one another.

Brin starts at the sound from the basement, her glowing green and gold shield flickering into existence and then disappearing again, as Kurt teleports back upstairs.

The youths all stop what they're doing and stare wide eyed at the basement… "Whoa …" one of them exclaims. "Colossus…"

Colossus comes above once more, dust falling from his shoulders and hands. His mouth is set into a thin line, a muscle in his jaw tensing. "We should set work aside for day… and call the police."

That can only mean one thing, when considering how quick his mood has soured.

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