Security Precautions

February 02, 2016:

Babs moves forward with her plans to refit the Gym for her eventual move

Clocktower - Gotham


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There are things happening in Bab's apartment, plans spread over the table and the redhead has her hair pulled back in a ponytail and she's obviously in 'work mode'. One set of plans are for a Gym in Gotham - one that May is quite familiar with and Kane just a little. The other set of plans is for something that resembles a small U-Haul truck, with armourmant …

"So May and Kane, now that you've had time to do a physical review of the Gymnasium, what do you think we need to do?" She of course has some idea, but the physical once over will give a better idea.

Of course, there's a pot of tea steeping and three mugs laid out on the table.

Pointing to the drawing of the roof and ceiling areas, May starts the discussion. "Skylights are always a weak point. Remove or seriously reinforce them. Ventilation units are the same."

Kane showed up with, oddly, a set of drawings and photographs of his own. "There are two ways to make a place secure. Some of them involve trying to keep people from getting in. Good idea to eliminate easy access points but turtling is nearly always futile. The second involves making it confusing and difficult to get around inside."

The druid opens up the folder and shows plans for several 'ninja proof' houses in Japan. "Blinds. Rotating walls. Trap doors. Ankle breakers. Make the house an ever changing, dangerous maze, add some defenses and several exits and you'll never be so compromised that you can't get out. So long as you're quick."

"Take the skylights out, that's an easy one." Babs glances to May as she makes a note on the plans before turning her attention to Kanes information.

"I like the idea, Kane…" she pauses to look at him, carefully. His design just adding more impetus to her need to make a decision. "It will add to cost but I think it will be worth it."

Another look to May to see her reaction "May, I value your judgement and if anyone was going to able to beat that type of defence system, my money would be on you." Of course, she's fully expecting May to mention her disability…

Melinda May leans a bit to look at the plans Kane has offered. "No. No. Good. This one will work with modifications." She doesn't mention it outright, but most of the things she's nixing or suggesting be modified are ones that would impede or completely block wheelchair access. "Take the ankle breakers and move them up to neck height." Aka, over Babs' head. She also then pauses as if considering something, and turns to look at Babs again. Or more accurately, her wheelchair. "Is that frame powder coated aluminum, or carbon fiber polymer composite?"

"Retractable stairs." Kane points to one. "Not the whole thing of course but I promise if you keep the staircase people will use it. And if one stair retracts in the dark they miss their step and…" There it goes. "Anyway a lot of this can be rigged to control by network but you'll want it manual. And you'll want those escape routes ready to go."

"I have a few, May." Mays only really seen the one, the one she's in now "This one is powder coated aluminium. The command chair, upstairs, is carbon fiber polymer. But … we can review that. But before we go too far on that… " Blowing out a deep breath, she looks between the pair

"I'm considering technology that … will help me walk again… it's experimental…" Letting that sink in for a moment, the redhead takes a sip of her tea.

"Let me guess. Stark Tech." Because, really. If there's anyone who has the tech and the insanity to do that, it'd be Stark. May only nods, as if that enough of an answer for her. She knows that Babs will have done all of her research before doing anything unnecessarily risky.

"Walk again?" Kane cants his head. "That's beyond even my magic." Which is granted not horribly powerful but still he can do an awful lot that surgeons would envy. "What's the catch and when will you know if you're doing it?"

"Not Stark, no." Babs shakes her head "I've been speaking with someone who has spinal implants and apparently, a nano-chip has been developed that can stimulate growth, repair tissues and even minor nerve damage." Taking another sip of her tea, she continues "Minor damage, but from I've been willing to show them of my injury, they think there's a reasonable chance for me."

"Of course, it will mean surgery and extensive rehabilitation … and if I do this. Babs Gordon won't walk, it will be Batgirl who returns." Looking to May and Kane, she shrugs "I don't know Kane. But given all these preparations? I'm going to have to make my decision soon, I think." So many logistics to consider.

May, perhaps wisely, doesn't question Babs' decision. It's her life, her choice. All May can do is try to support her whatever decision she makes. "Are you planning on making this gym your final base of operations, then? With the mobile unit if you need it?"

"You're trying to avoid someone reappearing on the vigilante scene at the same time you miraculously regain use of your legs, assuming it works." Kane nods slowly. Makes sense to him. "No offense but I think we need to proceed with your move on the assumption that it won't, or that the rehab will be pretty long. No use in planning to have you leaping from the balconies at this point."

Beat. "Isn't there already a Batgirl?"

"No offense taken, Kane. I was considering it myself." Smiling to May, wondering what's going through the older womans mind, the redhead chews her lip for a moment "It's a good plan and we'll continue that way. The contingencies will work regardless."

May gets a thoughtful look "I'm not sure, May. What I do know is that I need to vacate here, soon. The Gym is the obvious location given the work that we've done there already. The mobile unit … makes the others feel better that I'm safe." And not a liability.

Kanes last question gets a small nod of her head "Yes, there is. I still have to have that discussion… maybe there'll be two."

Looking back to the plans and then up to the other two "How long do we need to secure the gym?"

Melinda May considers that last question. "Weeks, at least. Especially if we want to keep the actual work being done from being public knowledge. We can't exactly go out and hire a local contractor." However, she does know a small handful of people that would be willing to put some elbow grease into helping. Like Partisan, amongst others.

"How's the plans coming along for your… Scooby Van?" Kane doesn't know what to call it. It sounds like something out of Mission Impossible really. Or, as noted, Scooby Do. "Having that online would at least reduce your vulnerability while you're still here." There's a pause. "You know I'm a carptenter, right? And a blacksmith?" He's handy, just sayin.

"Scooby Van, Kane?" That names going to stick, she's sure. "The plans are pretty much done, as you can see." Nudging the van plans over, she considers Mays commentary "That's what I thought… so we better get moving on it. And we do have a local contractor…" she grins a little as Kane pipes up "… but we'll need more. Kane, I'll make sure you're paid for your time."

"I think, we're going to have a similar timeline with the mobile unit. Although I can lean on a few people there. May, I'm going to need a driver." No, she won't say 'Stig'. "Do you have anyone you can think of?"

Melinda May says, "I can likely find an electrician." Well, a hacker is close enough, right? "And a weaponsmith most certainly." May stops her musings when Babs asks about a driver. "Not one outside of SHIELD. I'd have to consider a few options." Which means, amongst the few people she trusts outside of SHIELD."

"Don't look at me." Kane mutters. He rides elk. Yes he drives a truck but his driving skills are really nothing special. And he knows for a fact that asking the present Batgirl to do that will be an absolutely horrible idea. "I'm sure we can locate someone though. Maybe your dad knows someone though how you'd ask without suspicion I don't know."

"I wasn't, Kane." Babs tone is dry, but she's teasing a little "I've seen you drive, remember…." and definitely not Batgirl. Babs had 'ridden along' on that last sojourn. "I'm not asking Dad, Kane. He knows I'm moving out of the Clocktower, but that's all he knows and all I want him to know." The further she keeps him away from this, the better.

"Please do, May. I can ask around too, but whoever I choose… I want vetted." No, Babs isn't concerned for her safety at all. Gesturing to the plans for the vehicle on the table she looks between the two "What do you think of the design?"

Melinda May nods. Of course whomever is chosen would be vetted. By May personally. Maybe also Partisan. She then turns to look at the vehicle design. "It's … functional."

"Well I suppose that's an important first step." Kane doesn't know the first thing about vehicle design so he'll leave that to the experts. He knows building and old school craftsmanship it's what he's good at. "How long until you have it up? Or is that also… weeks?"

"Functional is what I'm going for. Low key too. This shouldn't scream out 'police' in anyway." Or at least that's what a certain glow eyed hacker suggested. "About the same timeframe, I expect, Kane. Although with Mays assistance, we might be able to push it through a little quicker."

"Let's get started with the Gym, today. Kane, if you could put together what you need, the sooner we get started the better." Looking to May, she offers a small smile "Your assistance is always appreciated. I know you take time out from your work… "

Melinda May nods slowly. "I know someone who could likely get this vehicle put together in a matter of days, if she chooses to make it her pet project." She's seen the Partisan rebuild prop engine planes after all. "Agreed. If you know which vehicle chassis you want to start from, I can make a few phone calls."

"I'll make the time, Babs. It's fine." He glances at his watch and sighs. "Though speaking of work I should get back to it. Give me a call when you're ready to start here." And as for payment? He may not take any. It'd be hard to explain on his taxes anyway.

Yeah he pays taxes. Being the Fox doesn't really pay the bills.

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