Welcome to the DEO

February 01, 2016:

Crowley gets a new job with Argent as her commander.


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Lillith arrived at work, and parked out front is a row of black vehicles, the plates official. Two sedans, one SUV in the middle and each manned with a driver, the front one female, the other two, male. Inside the precinct Lillith will go to her desk and find it manned by the captain as well as another man. Crisp, clean, even the suit looked starched, the collar stiff, and his bow tie as if held in a glass case. Round glasses frame cold eyes that reflect… nothing. even his comb over looked like it belonged on an old Ken doll. His rigidity akin to the geek that spent a lot of times getting comfy in lockers through high scool, trunks in college. But now… He looks like he had a job that would own even the schools, if not have them under strict thumb. Or her burned them the fuck down. Those eyes hold a chill…

The captain holds Lilliths file in hand and nods to her, some happiness and yet at the corners of eyes there's a sorrow. "Ms. Crowley, this is Agent Fiso of the DEO, he is here to fill you in on a few things."

A slight adjustment of glasses and Fiso's hand goes back to being folded before him, but she gets a nod, no touch.

"Your file is impressive, same as the alien you managed to punch the other night right in a location that… Common with his species is one that blacks them out. Like the Vagus nerve strike to humans. Though considered brutality, it's effective and necessary with some things and that is a final note to add to the list of them from your past." A small smile that lifts cheeks and then drops them right back, as if it is all marionetted.

"We would like you to come with us." A tilt f his head slightly towards his comm resting upon a twisted wire around his ear.


This is something that you really don't expect when you walk into the office this morning. Fortunately, Lillith hadn't gleamed this meeting happening by touch alone due to her constantly wearing her leather gloves. It seems as if she and this Agent Fiso has something in common; nothing but upnods spared save for touches and if the other didn't initiate, that would be fine by them both. The hair that hangs down before her eyes was soon swiped away with a leather glove, her gaze falling towards the Captain, then towards the Detective Hammerman, who immediately turns his gaze away with a slight look of anger, a stand, and a hurry off to his coat rack and hat.

A slight shift in her stance, she approaches, a smile working at the corner of her lips but failing to reach, though her eyes say one thing. She was searching. Searching for an opening that allows her to weigh him by the inch and pound and found herself lacking.

"Thank you.. Fiso?" She checks to make sure. Right when she was about to speak and ask what this was all about, the offer to leave was given. No. That wasn't an offer. It damned sure sounded like an order with a snappish please that had her shoulders slumping, gaze gone to the sky and eyes rolling.

She takes a step aside, her gloved hand showing the way towards the elevator, her head hung as if she had known that was coming all along. "Sure. Right this way." All sarcasm, all bite. She was the shortest thing on the police force but that bite was something to be contended with.

Fiso lowered his head, a motion not of supplication or relent, a motion that allowed him to follow the Detective Hammerman's exiting retreat -away- from them. Hands clasped before him flex with a rock of his body as he rights himself back up and tilts his head with Lillith's gesture. One that is a wordless offer for her to lead the way, the smile cracking over features looked like it hurt to do. All show, no real joy in this from Fiso.

But once Lillith does step in time so does Fiso, his steps in perfect tandem with her own to the elevator and down to ground level. No further words will come from Fiso even if she asked, prodded or got in his space. He only moved to the SUV, reached for the door and tilted his head for Lillith to go into the front vehicle with the woman driver.

"That's your ride and new Commanding Officer." And with that he was in the SUV with his door slamming and engines starting.

In the other vehicle, the back doors are locked, and the windows blacked out - completely. All save the front where the woman sits behind the wheel, one leg propped on the window frame, elbow over knee and in her hand she is going over files on her tablet, ones uploaded from the Precinct Lillith walks out of.

Lillith could see that this man was going to be an irritating thorn in her spine. She moved, hands stuck within her peacoat as the elevator dings and they enter into the ride. Down they go, with as much silence as they could offer, the only since being broken was when they were outside.. he speaks.. and is gone the minute after.


The headache was starting to bloom, gloved hand snaking from her pocket to pinch at the bridge of her nose and bear teeth, the sharp turn of her booted heels bring her with a slight stomp towards the side of the door which was opened and promptly gotten into without warning. So she was pawned off. Given away willy nilly to the latest agency. They seemed like CIA. Definitely not NSA or FBI. At least those pricks had -half- of the stick out of their ass.

"If I didn't get a raise.." Lillith starts right then and there, hand reaching for the door. Yeah, she made pennies with the cops so far, but she wasn't going to be pawned off to another agency without her signature or her due.

A tongue snaps from over teeth and lips seal, blue-green eyes redirected from the tablet to Lillith as she approaches the door to the car, reaching across to shove it open for her just as she makes her utterance of absolute distress. "Not only the money, but the health insurance is nice. It has to be."

The woman in the drivers seat bears short black hair, front pieces longer, choppy and streaked an electric magenta. The answer why she did not go in all over her, from the white on blue body suit, straps encasing across arms, up over the rise of hips and around thighs, the back open and bare, and the guns strapped in place there are by no means small, and different. A future tech that casts a light blue glow.

"I am Samantha. You can simply call me Argent. Welcome to the DEO. I am hoping you have heard of us so I can save myself the dry mouth?" As she inquires she puts the car in gear and leads the way out for their small caravan.

Money.. Lillith can deal with that. Being uprooted as she was is hard enough but at least a raise and new health insurance was something that softens the blow. "Good."

She parks it, right then and there, settling into the seat without examination of the woman first, safety a precedence as the seatbelt was latched and snapped into place and tugged to ensure a fit. And -then- she looks. And stares, brow raising and.. a quiet 'for fucks sake' was given. There was hope that she wasn't being recruited into some super hero team because she was having none of that..

"Argent.. then.." She states. Gaze looking out the window towards the Detective who was once her mentor, a frown striking up on both of their faces as she allows the silence to pass until they were cleared of the street. "Yes and no. But you don't have to worry yourself, I can do fine with the cliff notes and get it in a snap." Hand lifts to snap, emphasizing this point. You only had to tell her once.

"So I have read." Argent states in regards to Lillith's comment, but just before they get onto the highway to leave New York and take a very long bridge ride to Hell's Gate she veers right, into a drive through.

"Sorry, new girls thirsty." Argent states into her own ear bud communicator and smirks, clicking it off. "Fiso hates fast food, and breaks. He's probably staring at his watch now and straightening his bow tie to ensure it is not the cause of turning red right this very moment." The smirk on Argent's lips is one like a kitten with cream. Apparently there's /something/ going on there. Akin to love/hate. Or hate/hate.

Pulling up to the drive through she gives Lillith time to order and then does so for herself, a water bottle o drink with the Big Ass Buster Burger, no fries.

When they pull out the highway exit is a speedy one, taking them out of the Big Apple and towards the Big Apricot, but Skirting outside of Tro and a nonstop ride over bridges to Hell's Gate exit that is manned by military officials. This exit requires you to have an official badge and one flashed to clear them past. The ride was silent while Argent ate, but as they pass the gate and come into what resembles a post apocolyptic wasteland coated in snow she starts talking.

Nice touch.

"The DEO is the Department of Extranormal Operations. A group once called Stormwatch is absorbed by the DEO, a group that has been in the works for years, even before the outing and evident appearance of mutants, metas and aliens. But we could not bear name, purpose or legality until… Recently. Mostly it was humans with help of extranormals if any deigned it in their favor to help us with information." (Fineprintfineprint classifiedshit) Argent let the pause be, because until it was a definite, anything classified was none of Lilliths business.

"Things are changing, it is evident. Crime is not only natural to humans on Earth. It is in any being, no matter who you are but we have laws here -any- extranormal or not, needs to adhere to and our good ole guys… Or girls… In blue should not be the only response and ones taking the risk." A pause and that tongue comes up to push between teeth as if a seed from the everything bun was stuck, but it masked a smirk as she looks towards Lilith and then forward.

"I am the lead of a team of Extranormals that make sure everyone not human abides by the laws. To the letter. And you are one on our list."

Samantha Argent LOG EDIT: skirting outside of New Troy***

Lillith couldn't help but crack a laugh. "Nice touch." She was thirsty, though not for a drink of soda or water, she wanted a drink that fast food itself couldn't provide. Some good ol' jim beam. Maybe some Tennessee brewed liquor. Something that'll take the edge off of her straight laced sit within the car.

Her order was but fries and a large soda. Go for something full of sugar and carbs. She was going to need the little boost for what was to come.

Her meal was quick, drink not so much, which was idly sipped even as she explains their slight relationship with the men in the back. That guy was going to be a sticking point of contention, for sure. Still, she remained silent through it all, her eyes alighting upon the new change of Metropolis, which looked like hell on wheels coated in cocaine that Sheen could pile dive and sniff. Her eyes squint ever so slightly as she shoots a look towards Argent, then back again to the open road with a lean forward within her seat which strains the belt buckle that she wears.

"I see." She quietly murmurs, teeth gritted, fingers curled into a fist as she settles back into the chair. "So you.. or should I say we, are the people that police the 'people', as it were. Right?" She knew that the hammer would come down upon them all, and it looked like now was the time. The last words catch her at a point of contention, her gaze sidelong towards the woman.. "I'm on one of your lists?"

"So, am I right to assume that you're lumping me in with one of those Extranormals who go off half cocked in efforts to.. 'save the day' as it were from the big bad who probably just got done wrecking Times Square or some s.." Nah, she wasn't going to cuss. But she was mildly offended. Mildly. What she does wasn't Extranormal by her standards. She just had an overly, widely overactive imagination.

While Lillith came to her own conclusions and got an eyeful of the scenery of what used to be a bustling shipment town and spread of residence, now leveled, nothing but a grave yard of steel ribs and concrete flesh strewn in a way that an angered god would trample his broken followers. Sacrifices to the greater…

No, none of that. Aliens that tried to play god on earth and were stopped. But many were lost and sacrifices aplenty were sadly made. An entire island is now dead and abandoned right with any sign of hope… Save the long and lage glistening wall on the horizon that seems like a prison encampment right in the midst of it all.

"This is Area 81, this is your new precinct. And no, if you were the case of an Extranormal who wrecklessly let a pillar fall on a padestrian in order to 'stop' another Extranormal in you plowing endeavor for greathood… You'd be going in another direction and your pickup would have been different." Pausing she let that sink in to Lillith's mind before carrying on.

"You were researched, picked out, laid on a table among other faces and files and when you last move stopped an alien leaving no casualties in your wake save the alien… who by the way can move his limbs again after your tactical punch, if you care… Made the decision final. I spoke to your partner, got a gleaning recommendation albeit cussed out and called names only a kinky lover should in the heat of the moment. But that was enough for me."

"So no. Ms. Crowley. You're not all half-cocked, just half way there, and we need that 'by-the-book' hard nosed no bullshitter edge, as well as other capabilities to do our job. Extranormals now have Extranormal Police."

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