Vampires In The Tower

April 02, 2015:

Oracles Clocktower is assaulted by a …. Vampire?

Clocktower - Gotham


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Fade In…

A serpent lights the ancient skies, a threat of tainted stars.
Evil stirs and in it's wake the hearts of mortals sway.
Sorrow reigns over fields of red.
And spirits pace through the shadows cast by their graves.
These are days and nights of venom and blood.
Heroes will rise as the darkness falls.
Brave the storm, reclaim every soul that belongs.
To the beauty of dawn.

There might just be the sound of guitar and singing coming from Oracle's front room. Because a certain god-wolf might have come to visit. Why has he done that? Let's just say he has a feeling about tonight. Oracle may about to be getting a visitor. Or two.

Oracle is on the top floor of the Clocktower, doing what she does best. The sound of the singing is transmitted through her comms system and the redhead cants her head as she listens. She recognises the voice, even if she doesn't recognise the song. Transferring her feeds to her tablet, she enters the lift and heads to her apartment on the next floor down.

As the lift doors open, she looks at Fenris and shakes her head "Serenading me, now, Fenris?" Seems Gothams Information Goddess might be in a teasing mood.

Nighteyes has been wandering the streets at night. Rather aimlessly most night but tonight she's been trailing the God-Wolf. Partly out of a sense of curiousity, just where does a God-Wolf go. Partly just to test her skills. She picked up his scent not far from here and followed it to just outside this building. Now she stands staring up at it from the shadows beneath a couple of trees, considering what to do next.

Darkness tries to blind the strong but faith will guide our swords.
Loyal hearts will stand as one and fight with shields of hope.
Pride fuels the deadly fire.
That devours our tower of gold.
The drums of war will rage and roar.
'til the sun burns bright once more.
These are days and nights of venom and blood.
Heroes will rise as the darkness falls.
Brave the storm, reclaim every soul that belongs…
To the beauty of dawn.

The God Wolf smiles and nods at Babs as she comes in but all is not quite right. He's clearly waiting for something or some one because next to him sits a sword. The same sword he normally wears around his neck as a necklace. It's usually much smaller.

Outside shadows shift and Nighteyes can sense the whispers of one long dead now risen again.

The vampire turns, appearing startled. She doesn't startle easily but then, the dead don't rise in front of her very often either. "Uh." She backs up several steps.

Babs smile fades as she spies the sword and she raises an eyebrow at Fenris. "Expecting trouble?" Her tablet's on her lap and she checks the feeds around the Clocktower. Not seeing anything, Babs looks at the God Wolf, her gaze questioning.

It's a vampire. One of her own. He takes one look at Nighteyes and then turns to mist, flowing up the side of the clocktower like rising smoke. Fenris glances to the window and puts his guitar aside. "You're about to have a visitor." He murmurs to Babs as he reaches for his sword.

Nighteyes would be hyperventilating at this point, or she would if she still had a need for oxygen. Maybe she doesn't really have a death wish just yet. Another of her kind, here? That cannot be good, can it? She's across the street and pounding on the door in the time it takes Oracle to blink though she keeps her eyes focused up on the tower, trying to determine where it went.

Checking the video feeds again, and hearing the banging on the door, Babs looks at Fenris and sighs slightly. The tablet is stowed in the arm of her chair and the eskrima sticks recovered from the compartment in the back. Tapping her communicator, Babs responds to whatever is banging at the door "Hello, how may help you?" The intercom by the door will sound for Nighteyes.

Nighteyes has no idea who Bab's is but she's certain the God-Wolf is there. "God-Wolf! It is Nighteyes! Danger approaches this dwelling from the roof!" Her voice is a sharp hiss and can be heard although she still isn't showing up onscreen.

Fenris can sense the danger coming. A dark gas begins to filter in through the vents and the as he rises it resolves into the form of a tall, flaxen haired man. "Babs, look out!" The creature lurches across the room at Oracle only to be flung aside by Fenris. Its up in an instant though and theres a clang as metal meets metal.

Babs blinks at the voice through her intercom and looks again to Fenris. Flinching as the creature rushes her, she brings her eskrima sticks up in a defensive move. Not that it was needed. "Nighteyes, your danger is here." The wheelchair bound redhead watches carefully, her body positioned to take up the attack if needed.

Just a few seconds after Nighteyes starts pounding on the door at the base of the Clocktower and a creature starts to attack those inside, May appears at the edge of the Clocktower property, a matched pair of blades already in hand that gleam as if freshly oiled. She rushes toward the woman at the door in time to hear her call out a warning to those inside.

Nighteyes snarls. That's all the invitation she needs and she goes mist and reappears on the other side of the door, heading for the sounds of disturbance. She stops in the door way and blinks before an expression of outrage crosses her face. Most of the vampires remaining in the world aren't like her, who doesn't prey on mankind but to attack the dwelling of an ill or injured human is low even for one of them. Even if the other is here for the God-Wolf, this is not the place for such a battle. "Who is your Maker, that you have all the manners of an inbred swine?!" Nighteyes growls in challenge.

Inbred swine or not, this Vampire has clearly been tangling with things that aren't ordinary humans. He's very good at turning to mist when Fenris is about to divide him into two or more wriggling pieces, which is good. It's the only thing keeping him alive right now. The presence of a second Vampire though…

The first one is an Elder, and it snaps a hand out to Nighteyes, calling to her blood and bidding her bring Babs.

The appearance of the woman in her apartment has Babs blinking. She might also be just a little annoyed at the intrusion to her privacy but she sets her lips and positions herself to watch both vampires. At least Mays showing up on her feeds and the redhead unlocks the lift and door, May might as well come in.

Melinda May hears the door's electronic locks disengage and is through as fast as the door can open to let her through and close again behind her. Once she's inside, she taps at her earpiece. "Oracle, May. I'm in Gotham, there's something going on at a clocktower here. Can you get eyes on and give me a sitrep?"

Of all the things it could have done the other vampire chose the worst. Nighteyes entire reason for being in the tricities is refusal to, or allow others to prey upon humans and he just demanded she give him the woman in the wheel chair. Elder or not, he isn't her maker and she isn't bound to obey. Nor is she weak willed enough to do so unless she desires it. Clearly she doesn't. "That will not happen while I stand." The female vampire turns to mist and flies at the other vampire, solidify the briefest of moments to strike, punch and kick. Her speed is a match for his and if she's lucky she'll do enough damage or distraction to slow him for the God-Wolf.

Mays request has Babs rolling her eyes, given how closely the two have been working, this was bound to happen sooner or later. "It appears that two vampires are actually duking it out in my lounge room. Fenris is here as well." If it wasn't quite so serious, she might actually laugh at the absurdity of it.

It might be less funny in a moment. Now faced with a God and another Vampire, Babs assailant turns to mist again and flows under the door and up toward the computer room. Fenris eyes go wide. "Babs, lock down your systems! Nighteyes come with me. May, I hope you still have that holy oil on you. We may need it." And then he's headed after him in an instant.

Her lounge room? May comes THIS close to uttering a curse aloud as she throws caution to the wind and races toward… oh. An elevator. There had better NOT be muzak in this thing. She listens to Fenris' words and replies tersely. "I have it." At this rate, she's going to start making Fenris foot the bill for getting the holy oil imported.

Nighteyes seems surprised to find another human has entered, most of her attention is fixated on the Elder she's not chasing. "Cowardly Leech!" Probably a pretty tame if slightly odd insult in most places but directed at a vampire and Elder at that, in front of mortals, Nighteyes is probably courting her permanent death. She doesn't seem to care though, staying right behind Fenris in pursuit.

"Top floor, May. You'll make one stop to collect me." The elevator is pretty quick, it's been upgraded and it will stop on Babs floor to collect her. Using her tablet, Babs fingers are already flying across the screen, invoking emergency protocols to lock down her systems.

Nighteyes gets a look for the epitath she spits at the other Vampire, it's refreshing as heck not to have people swearing.

Melinda May waits impatiently for the elevator to open and let Oracle join her. She's already pulled a sealed plastic bag holding a rag practically swimming in oil. It smells faintly of exotic spices in the close quarters of the elevator.

When they get there Fenris is already listening. "May. I need you to wipe down the door posts and lintel and floor with that oil when we go in and then shut the door behind us." He doesn't mean for her to be left out, of course. "That should keep the damn thing from slipping out the door and then we can ask him some… pointed questions. Babs, have you locked him out?" He seems to have put in some kind of chip that tried to autohack her. Nothing too bad though. She can easly deal with it.

Nighteyes turns and eyes May warily. "You." She edges towards the opposite side of Fenris. That oil isn't something she's fond of although she can't deny it will be helpful here. "I very much wish to know why this one hunts such weakened prey." It isn't meant as an insult, to vampires all humans are weak, thats simply fact. A human in Bab's state would be completely ignored in the normal course of things. Not attacked by an Elder in her home.

The rag in Mays hand gets a glance as Babs enters the elevator, but they're soon to the top floor. As she enters, the redhead nods to Fenris "Of course and I want that chip please." She should be able to use it to find out where it originated from. Nighteyes comment has Babs eyebrows rising "Depends on how you look at things, I suppose." She's far from helpless.

Fenris opens the door swiftly and snaps his gale rod up. There's a gust of wind that turns into a steady breeze. He has the vampire pinned against the wall with a neverending blast of wind. "Go!"

Melinda May tucks one of her two already oiled blades away behind her back and under her jacket, then with her non-dominant hand gingerly pulls the piece of cloth out of the plastic bag and wipes all around the doorframe and along the floor. Upside: the door is now warded against just about anything. Downside, her entire left hand is coated in oil. That'll make wielding a weapon … interesting. Stepping over the newly-oiled threshhold, she closes the door with a kick and a rather decisive slam.

Nighteyes gives Babs a startled look. She really hadn't meant to insult her but now isn't the time to apologize. She speeds across the room, letting the wind pin her to the wall as well, partly to get away from that oil and also to grab the Elder by the neck with one hand and shove a knife…nooo that isn't a knife. Not exactly, or it is, but it's carved out of wood, against his ribs. Why she's armed with a wooden knife might be an interesting question.

The vampire squirms until Nighteyes comes up to him and nearly wood-shivs him. Then he goes very still. "I… um…" Fenris lets the wind die and nods to Babs and May. There's a USB drive sticking out of the computer setup. One that bears the logo of a dragon. "Well, I imagine you all have some questions for the good vampire?"

The dragon logo has Babs sighing. She hasn't told many about being targetted by the Ninja's… Kane and Rowan, although May had been there the night they attacked though, Babs just hadn't followed up with May about what it all meant.

Taking the drive from the console, she shows it to May "Does the logo mean anything to you, May?" before she turns her attention to the female vampire "My thanks… Nighteyes… " she says in passing. The other vampire is pinned by her look "Who sent you?"

The god-wolf crosses his arms. "What did you mean to do here?"

"Roll the redhead… I was told in return for that, she could locate good feeding grounds for us."

Fenris makes a vaguely disgusted sound.

Nighteyes stiffens at his reply and drives the wood knife more firmly into his flesh. It's probably pretty disconcerting for the Elder. Because well, he is an Elder and she clearly isn't. Nor does she bear the mark of The Forgiven, the only group of vampires likely to be interested in challenging him over something like this. Those vampires are also happen to be an entire continent away and not known for showing up randomly in the states. There's also the small issue of her glaring red eyes focused on his heart. She looks like she'd much rather be stabbing than listening.

Melinda May looks at the logo but doesn't give any immediate indication of whether or not she recognizes it. Not in front of the unfriendly vampire. When he mentions his reason for being here she offers her oiled butterfly sword to Babs hilt-first. The blade is wickedly sharp, but it's also more than wide enough to swat the being with the flat of it.

Babs takes the sword with a nod to May, her green eyes very serious. "Roll me for who? Who is 'she'" She thwacks the male vampire with the flat of the sword. She hopes it hurts him a lot

The vampire yelps. "You! You would have done anything we wanted once-"

"That's enough." Fenris rumbles. "Who."

"The Dragon. His clan bears a grudge."

Nighteyes doesn't seem to be the sort who does something simply because anotehr vampire tells or wants her to. That's really why she's here in fact. "These are not your hunting grounds, leech. She is not your prey. You dare to tresspass on the God-Wolf's territory and take one of his own?" She hisses and her eyes flash with anger. "You've gone mad. Fed upon the already dead. Nothing else explains such utter disregard for the Ways."

Babs might be very amused about being called of the God-Wolfs, but she's interested in his reply. Looking to May and then to Fenris, the redhead shrugs her shoulders. She sort of knew this was the case, but she's not sure how they found where she lived. "How did you find me?"

"The dragon knew. His agents had found you already. Don't let her stake me…"

Fenris just rolls his eyes. He's not telling Nighteyes to not do that. The threat's quite effective it seems.

Nighteyes anger morphs into outright disgust. This is an Elder? Seriously? If her faith in her own kind hadn't already been shaken to its core recently she'd never have believed an Elder would sink this low. "You do not deserve existence. You do not deserve fangs! A human babe's soiled diaper has more worth."

Babs has heard enough, she has the USB key and she knows she is targetted. "He's not told anything I didn't already know. Unless he can tell us more, I say we finish his existence." Batman would likely agree. Looking at the oil covered blade May had presented her, she ponders. "Nighteyes, you seem to have an issue with him. Stake him if you want."

Fenris doesn't seem to have a problem with this. He steps back and gestures to the other vampire. "Go ahead, Nighteyes." Staking is a rather permanent solution but an agent of the dragon such as this could be very dangerous.

There is a moments hesitation. Babs probably doesn't know it but even threatening such a thing, let alone actually holding a stake to his side goes against not just every thing she has been taught and every law she knows. It isn't left to her to exact punishment. That is a matter for the council. The council doesn't rule here, true, but they do rule over all vampires. Nighteyes bows her head and for a moment the other might think it a gesture of defeat and believe she's about to let him go. It's less a gesture of defeat than it is a surrender. She's here because her she put the humans before her own kind and she cannot find it within herself to do otherwise this time even if she wished to. The hard look she gives the Elder before the stake slides between his ribs and finds his heart suggests she doesn't.

Babs is going to need a cleaner, of this she's sure. "Thank you, Nighteyes." She wants this threat done with. When the task is completed and the clean up done, the redhead looks to Fenris "She shouldn't know who I am." This might be an issue. "Perhaps you can do the introduction?"

Nighteyes looks up from the wooden dagger, her expression rather hard to read. "Thrice-damned now." She sighs softly and slides it home to the sheath at her waist. "I would enjoy making your aquaintence Lady, perhaps another night? The dawn approaches." Nighteyes bows to Babs and Fenris before making her way towards the door, hoping the lovely redhead allows her to leave. She hasn't caught up will all the current technology yet but she did catch on to that tablet controlling the dwelling, somehow.

"Of course." Babs nods to Nighteyes and unlocks the doors. May can leave when she's ready but Babs will be contacting them all soon. This is twice they've attacked her in her home. "As your God-Wolf how to contact me. It would be …. politic … to forget, at least for the time being, that you know of this place."

They can almost hear the smile in the vampire's voice as she calls over her shoulder before exiting. "What place?"

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