Hyperwave Transmitter

January 31, 2016:

Detecting a signal similar to the one in Baghdad, SHIELD investigate



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Not too long ago, Jemma, May and Jericho tracked some information on Source Kay to Baghdad. In their investigation they'd located a 'power source' that gave out a distinctive signature… one that is very traceable, thank goodness for small breaks sometimes.

That tracebility currently has Jemma, along with Agent May and some other SHIELD agents are cruising somewhere in the skies of London, honing in on a /very/ similar signal.

"I'm positive, Agent May" Jemma doesn't look up from her computer "This signal has the same pattern as that one from Baghdad, I'm sure it's the same type of thing."

A secure frequency transmission comes in to the plane's CINC. "Sierra Hotel Six One Six, this is Captain Marvel. Repeat, Sierra Hotel Six One Six, this is Captain Marvel. I am at one quarter mile your ten-five, hot and light, responding to your communication. League Actual is not able to provide asset you requested. I am here to assist. Please advise, soonest." Between not being made of anything radar-reflective, and being so small compared to standard aircraft, Carol doesn't show up on standard scanners, but Jemma's exceptionally sensitive energy scanners would pick her up as a secondary source flare at the position and distance called in."

Rain was not in Baghdad. Rain is quietly about. That's how she rolls. Captain and Rain are traveling mundane style, though. She couldn't keep up with a quinjet on the broom. So for her part? She listens and even Captain has his SHIELD outfit on. Here comes the cat in black, protecting EARTH. Or something. The witch tilts her head. "Huh."

Sara Pezzini has spent most of the last few months in Europe, tracking leads of her own. Going back to London wasn't exactly at the top of her list, but if there's work to be done, then she's on duty for it. She tilts her head at the voice over the radio, quirking a brow. "Called in the big guns, did we?" she asks. She currently looks unremarkable in the usual SHIELD field uniform, though the Witchblade glimmers at her wrist.

May leans her head a bit from where she's got the quinjet's controls. "I don't doubt you, Simmons. But it's putting us right over a very densely populated area. We really don't need this to get ugly." She picks up Carol's message and reaches one arm up to toggle a switch and reply. "Captain Marvel, this is Sierra Hotel Six One Six. Acknowledged. We already have boots on the ground, nearing the target location now." She means that Sara's down there. SHIELD didn't give the go-ahead for a big production, but if there's anything May has learned to do recently, it's how to stack the deck in her favor.

"Definitely the same signal." Says the agent in the copilot's seat. That agent being Tom 'Selleck' Gorman who is presnetly peering at the Quinjet's modified scanners. "But much stronger and more stable. I'd wager that whatever 'battery' this one is attached to, it's active and powering things." The man leans back and flicks some switches. "Okay, I've got it. It's localized near… possibly under the Parish Church of St. Alban. Possibly ten meters subterra. British Authorities are responding to our request to cordon off the area…" There's a pause. "I've got an energy spike. Something's happening down there. Might want to get down and see. Oh, and that message you were expecting came through. From 'Aspect'. Just says 'standing by'. Nothing else."

Seconds later alarms start beeping all over the cockpit. "Mudspike! We have ground fire incoming!" A yellow-gold energy blast sears a foot-wide in the wing. That definitely came from the access and sewage tunnels. It blew a five foot hole where a manhole cover used to be.

The whole plan here is to keep things quiet. Big quinjets falling out of the sky into London is not keeping things quiet. So when giant beams of light start streaking heavenwards, Captain Marvel streaks forward and puts her energy-absorbing self between the aircraft and the ground. She's also bulletproof, which is nice, but damn that AckAck stings. "Six One Six, please advise! Looks like your boots need backup!" she shouts into the comms, still waiting for clearance. She doesn't want to blow this, but crap that looks bad down there.

"Captain Marvel?" Jemma's heard the voice over the comms and yes, indeed, her tracking systems identify a source from the location that Carol has transmitted. "She must have seen my request to speak to Shayera Hol." she muses to herself, eyes fixed on her computers as Gorman confirms.

"They're what…?" Good think she's strapped in to her seat.

Quinjets lading are pretty painful, if one is landed on. This is true. Rain and Captain blink as the alarms start beeping. Uh. The two look at one another. Captain (the cat) also is seat belted in. She is going to stay close to her cat, perhaps preparing to need to heal person or mend a bit of tech. Juuuuuuuuust in case.

But sometimes she wishes she wore yellow pants (not YET).

"You guys still in the air up there?" Sara asks as she sees the shot fired from the sewers, starting toward the source of the shot. The Witchblade starts to climb over her arm and up her shoulder as she jogs along the street, protecting the bearer. "I'm headed toward the source. Captain Marvel's not wrong about that whole backup thing."

May promptly yanks the controls back from Gorman and throws the quinjet to one side just as Carol moves to try and absorb that blast to keep it from hitting the quinjet. The attempt to evade the blast is only partially effective, and the jet's systems scream multiple warnings as a section of one wing just gets burned through despite Carol's best effort. It takes both May and Gorman a couple of seconds to get the jet settled back down and the alarms quieted again, and by the time they do so, they're FAR closer to the ground than before.

"They already know we're here. Enough with tiptoeing."

With the jet mostly stable again and Carol flying cover for them, she stands from her pilot's seat leaving the controls to Gorman and one of Simmons' entourage. "Rain, if you'll take Simmons with you down to street level, I'd appreciate it. Marvel, can I get a lift?"

While the first blast hits the jet, the second and third hit Carol. And those? Those hurt. These aren't coming from any normal power grid, Captain Marvel can tell that straight off. There's too much juice, too much sting behind them. Nor are these simple lasers. Directed plasma at the very least. It's a good thing Marvel's as tough as she is.

Once everyone is out of the jet Goreman veers off, assisted by one of Jemma's escorts. She'll have to do with one today. Which just leaves a glowing hole in the street that reveals a hell of an excavation. Rather than sewage tunnels someone has hollowed out a cavern under there built a gleaming metallic bunker replete with automated defensive systems. Which are, apparently, coming online. A pair of 'gatling' style ball turrets appear to be responsible for shooting at the jets. They're the size of a VW beetle and about fifty yards from the hole they blasted in the street, not far at all from a large double layered door which appears to be slowly opening. With the quinjet gone they're tracking for other targets and those lucky targets appear to be May and Sara right at the moment. Seconds after the Quinjet is out of sight the street errupts in fire again, targeted at those two.

One escort is more than enough for Jemma, who's feeling a little stifled by their constant presence. Today, it's Jeffries that draws the short straw for keeping the disaster-magnet scientist safe.

The descent to the ground, is … not pleasant … nor is it as bad as it could have been, still Jemma's a little shaken as her feet hit the ground and it takes a moment for her to gain her bearings - just as the turrets fire again.

"Get down, Doctor Simmons…" Jeffries calls as he tackles the biochem to the ground.

"Oooof… " Jemma groans as she impacts "Agent Jeffries, get off me, we have to see about disabling those weapons."

Successive blasts hit Captain Marvel, and rip into her quite forcefully, but Carol Danvers is one tough half-Kree powerhouse. Instead of being broken and thrown out of the sky, she is glowing brilliantly, much of that torrent of energy absorbed by her body and supercharging her powers, which helpfully allows her to heal the injuries caused by the kinetic force of the blasts. So she's more than fine, right now.

"Six One Six, this is Marvel. I can be your jetpack. You coming out dorsal, ventral, or due aft?" Captain Marvel responds, as she continues to fly cover and keep an eye on things down below, until she gets a response that lets her fly into position to pick up Agent May and get her to the ground in a golden-glowing hurry. "Marvel Air Taxi at your service. Six One Six, we are going low and hot. Strongly advise you clear airspace or call in cover, in case more shots like that are incoming."

That said, with her load in her arms she streaks towards the ground with plenty of abrupt juking left, right and all around to avoid the incoming fire with her armsload of passenger; she's betting Agent May is not nearly as resilient against those blasts as Carol herself is. "You want the street, or the hole? Make the call, 'cause we're going in!" As soon as she can deposit her priceless cargo, she's going to see about flying right through those fancy turrets. Or, y'know, bouncing off from trying.

Rain and Captain now catch up. Oh geeze. She winces, as the blast hits the jet. She nods, "Got cha." She will have to let Captain cling to her shoulders, if Jeffries needs to come with them. "Well, I can take them both if needbe." A broomstick soon appears, and Rain will sit on it, waiting for her passengers before they have to evacuate. "All aboard!" She will keep an eye out for the injured, but right now it's 'gtfo as per May's request'.

The Witchblade armors Sara, gold and silver armor that moves with her in a way that weapons designers can only dream of. As it does, the agent breaks into a full run, ducking and dodging as she's able to run toward the guns. Even powerful bullets and energy may have trouble getting through the 'blade's armor, but that doesn't mean she won't feel it. Dodging is definitely better. Her fingertips on the gauntlets are wickedly clawed, ready to deal with those turrets as she dives in.

"Street, please," May tells Carol brusquely. She was expecting a far LESS gentle trip to street level than Jemma got, and she wasn't proven wrong. But, hey, better than getting caught dangling from the quijet on a ROPE, with an INSANE CLOWN firing a machine gun at you. Far better.

Breaking into a run the moment her feet hit the pavement, she ducks for cover in a direction that hopefully those weapons can't aim — down a narrow and steep set of stairs against a building that were likely originally used in the Victorian era to deliver coal and similar to the building they're attached to.

Pang Well… Carol dented it. Actually dented it fairly well and knocked its alignment off but the fact that even powered up that's all that happened is telling. This is beyond steel. Beyond composite ceramics. Beyond anything made on this planet right now. And as Captain Marvel watches, it's slowly repairing itself.

By this point the energy blasts have caused far more than a simple five foot hole in the street. There's a good thirty foot ragged opening that has swallowed someone's front lawn and part of their porch. The turret that Carol just hit was the one tracking Sara and while it's still firing, it's no longer tracking her. May has no such luck, sadly and as she moves into position, she's still being shot at by something that will probably not work out well for her if it manages to land a hit. The good news is that whatever therese were made to shoot at, man sized targets wasn't it, so there's something lacking in their track speed and general accuracy. It's as if the designers were expecting to fend off something two to three times the size. The others are free to move, as nothing is shooting at them. Yet. But they might want to hurry.

Behind the turrets the door is finished opening and what comes out… looks disgusting. A trio of… biomechanical servitors of some kind. A horrifying amalgam of flesh and metal looking like nothing so much as something out of an 80's sci-horror movie. They're ponderous, eight to ten feet tall but bristling with weapon mounts. Before they can bring them to bear though a portal flares open brightly to their left and someone with what looks like bright blue circuit patterns glowing all over him and wielding a sword lunges at them with a cry. That'll keep them busy for a minute but maybe only that. Three on one with this things is already giving the newcomer some trouble.

The Witchblade meets with similar results. Sara is definitely strong enough to rip open the metal, or at least gouge it, but it's much tougher than anything she has a frame of reference and it's self repairing. Which, in the absence of anything getting in the way simply means she'll need a minute to rip its guts out. But does she ahve that time?

"Agent Simmons." Jefferies pulls himself to his feet and helps the biochem up "You are not going anywhere near those things, is that clear?" He runs a hand through his hair as he speaks.

"I don't need to Jefferies." Simmons responds as May, Sara and Carol seem to have the weapons … um …. distracted? "Get me into that location and we'll see what's happening inside." A glance to Rain and Captain, with a tight smile "Come on, Rain, I'll need yours and Captains assistance, I'm sure."

Moving quickly, using the cover the over women are providing, Jemma skids to a halt behind the turrets as the servitors appear.

Jefferies pulls the biochem behind him and opens fire on the creatures whilst Jemma peeks around from behind him and fumbles with the Widow Bites she's somehow appropriated, before tossing one at the closest metal-man.

If the strength of Binary is insufficient to the task of taking out one of these turrets, perhaps the sheer power is what is required. Carol shakes her head to clear it, and then launches herself in front of the turret as it blasts out at Sara, holding herself in front of it at point blank range. The shots hammer into her, tearing way flesh and costume, as she absorbs more and more of the energy, her glow intensifying to a white hot aura, her body regenerating faster than the blasts can destroy it. And then those white-glowing hands raise, aiming right back down the 'barrel' of the turrets. Lensing systems capable of this kind of directed energy attack do not do well when even more energy than they are built to throw comes pouring back down in reverse. And that is precisely what Captain Marvel just did.


Rain and Captain nods to the two. "Of course, we'll do our best." The two will take Jemma and Jeffires around easily enough. Rain is less nimble than a simmons. "Do you need me to turn into a bear and bother them?" She asks. Otherwise, Rain is going to peer ahead, taking cover. Captain is on the ground, stealthy, fuzzy paws padding ahead. "He's scouting. We'll share senses as needed." A cat is much more likely to go unnoticed. Plus, the universe loves cats.

For now, Rain will settle for using lightning blasts from her relic guns.

They really ARE magic, and she can channel magic blasts through them. It's not something she seems to do often, but when circumstances dictate, and your foe has no pants to set on fire…

"Hey, I've got this-" Before Sara can explain that she's got this one covered, Carol's pulling in the energy from the shots and shooting it back. "Or you can take that one. That's…fair enough." She turns her attention to the second turret, whip-like tendrils of the 'blade lashing out to wrap around the barrel of the gun and tear it away before Sara herself digs into the guts of it with clawed gauntlets, glancing over her shoulder at the things that've come out of the portal. "May, what're we dealing with here? I'm not picking up the usual outrage over these things."

In rather short order Carol has melted the lenses (and the barrels) of the turret she's on, taking it out of the fight. Round about the same time Sara is taking the innards out of the other one which hopefully means that no one else will be losing lawn or house to errant energy blasts. The 'haul' from that rather rapid game of 'Operation' would probably be fascinating at any other time, particularly the golden glowing crystalline power source encased in a clear cylinder such that it looks for all the world like an oversized alien duracell. And what would on an earth-manufacture device be circuit boards and optics… just aren't.

There'll be time to pick through the debris later though. Jemma's widows bite disk causes one of the servitor things to falter, leaving it briefly two on one in the melee. Then one of the amalgamations slaps the man fighting them against a wall. He narrowly manages to avoid the followup punch to powder his skull as Rain's lightning blasts crater its back and make it roar in fury. A harmonic hum fills the cavern for an instant and then there's a holographic image of a demonic werewolf cast in blue light where he used to be. With a much sword. There's an echoing snarl and he takes off one of his attacker's arms but the space has allowed the other two to turn and open up with (smaller) golden energy blasts. Oh. There's probably some small outrage from the gauntlet now but… Sara probably has a good idea of where that's coming from.

OK. Captain Marvel is painfully aware of what is powering those weapons, given that is, at its core, what powers /her/ as well. But there'll be time enough for that later. Now that both turrets are permanently out of commission, Carol launches herself at one of the two blasting behemoths not being dealt with by … whatever or whomever that would be over yonder with the big-arsed sword and the canid cover identity. Having poured out much of the energy she had absorbed, Carol flies right into the teeth of the oncoming fire, powering up as she closes and then just starts swinging, and alternately grabbing protrusions of technology to rip them from their housings.

Jefferies keeps shooting at the metal-man that Jemma disabled, as the biochem steps out from behind him, brandishing a ICER pistol… that she aims at the fleshy part of the constructs head - determined to deliver a dose of Dendrotoxin to it's brain.

Rain is going to do her best to keep helping Jemma and the man. There's a blink - is that a holographic internet wolf? Oh! "I think that is an ally, possibly." She offers. Hopefully, Rain isn't wrong. Captain is going to be scouting, his orange fur fading as he is now an invisible cheshire tabby (well, okay, he's not grinning or offering underaged girls tea, but he IS invisible). Anyone who dares bother the duo nearby will find that Rain is also quite capable of launching fire blasts as well from her gun, scampering just in front of Jemma. "We'll help look after you. Captain will let us know if he sees anything."

May leaves her cover when she hears over the comms that Carol and Sara and Jemma are making quick work of the turrets. She races into the fray, firing her ICER rifle at the one who seems least damaged currently, and then promptly following that up with a thrown pair of Widow's Bites. She's aiming to hit hopefully delicate circuitry. And if anyone asked, she has NO idea what these things are other than seriously damn ugly.

Sara turns back to the remaining combatants once she's torn the turret to shreds, grimacing when she feels that familiar tingle in the back of her mind. The one that usually comes with the presence of one Jericho Trent. Which usually means she's going to get shot at. This explains so much. Lifting one hand from the turret, she fires a blast of something that looks like molten light at one of the creatures attacking Trent.

Jemma's ICER scores a solid hit. Unfortunately for her… she's not dealing with biology, really. The dendrotoxin starts to spread through the amalgam but she'd need a lot more… and it's not entirely clear what the effect would be.

Fortuinately a pair widow's bite disks shock them ahead of Carol's rush which slams into the two amalgams firing. Well one firing when she reaches them. The impact knocks them over and, er, knocks a number of parts loose as well. Rain's follow up with the lightning seals the deal. They're out of the fight.

Sara's light blast may well have saved Jericho some headache and burns as it punches through the amalgam on him and shears away a good chunk of it's upper half. The rest of it gets kicked away to twitch and spasm and shoot randomly before finaly going dead.

The blue tech-wolf field fades revealing the one that most here know as Jericho Trent. "Ow." Is all he has to say for the moment. There don't appear to be any further monstrosities coming out of the bunker they just opened up and the door isn't shutting. Looks like the fighting is over.

"Hey folks." The glow eyed hacker greets everyone, giving a particular nod to Marvel who is nearby and Sara who just saved his ass. "Kind of looks like what we found in Baghdad, doesn't it?" That's more for Jemma and May. "Shall we take a look inside?"

Jefferies holsters his weapon and casts a disparaging look to Jemma "I told you to stay behind me, Doctor Simmons."

Jemma has the grace to look a little chargrined as she puts her ICER pistol away. But only for a moment as she turns her attention to the Amalgams and the bunker beyond …

"Mr— Aspect, are you ok?" She's seen the feedback burns he gets and that was a … largish fight, in her experience. Glancing to Carol and Sara, the biochem nods as well "Glad you could join us, Captain Marvel."

Jericho doesn't need to ask twice, Jemma's already moving into the bunker. If the Amalgams hadn't been there to stop them, she'd have been in there now. "Yes, lets, Aspect.. "

Jefferies rolls his eyes. Damn Squint.

Rain blinks. Captain is keeping his eyes out for them. "Thanks," She offers to Jeri. "I can heal you if you'd like," She offers. "Thanks." She smiles faintly to the others. "She is hard to escort," Rain seems sheepish. Thank goodness she's not an agent who has to keep up with the biochemist. Nevertheless, the witch is scouting, and looking after the party. "Looking inside sounds good. I have Captain the cat with me."

"Eyes wide open, folks." Captain Marvel comments, offering a nod in turn to Jericho, Sara, May, Rain, Jemma and Jefferies. Then she turns and walks into the bunker, ready to light things up, keep everyone safe, and help translate the alien crap she's sure is going to be in the think of things around here. "If I brought Chewie to a scene like this … what a mess." she comments wryly. "I'm hoping someone has cameras and sample bags? We'll clearly want to document all of this insanity."

Mera moves to catch up with Jemma and stops her from going any farther. Well, at least long enough for her to pull what looks like a bottle of coconut water out of Jemma's equipment pack. Then she releases the biochemist and tosses the bottle of liquid at Jericho. "Stay alert, people. They still might not be the only things down here."

"Trent. Always nice to know I'm only getting shot at because you're around." Sara reaches out to clap a hand to the hacker's shoulder as she walks past him, still armored. In this place, the Witchblade armor certainly isn't the strangest thing to be seen. She also pulls her gun, though, keeping it at a ready position as she steps inside to investigate.

Jericho gives Sara a grin at the quip… and then winces. Ow. Armored gauntlet is armored. Though, you know, on reflection he kind of deserves that. " Nice to see you too Pezzini. I do have a reputation to uphold after all." Though, you know, he'd really prefer to not be the guy who gets folks shot at, at some point. Even though at present he still kind of is.

The sword he's holding folds in sort of improbable ways and becomes something roughly akin to a carbine. That'll do for now as they head in. "Yeah Rain, she can be kind of hard to escort." Simmons that is. He's teasing a bit though the woman seems to be as much of a disaster magnet as he.

The inside of the bunker is fairly simple, if quite large. Just inside the door and past the foyer area is a large room that steps down about four feet into a central 'pit' area. Consoles line the outer walls of the pit and a large raised circular… something about waist high and twelve feet across sits in the center of it. Behind the 'put' area there are stairs that go up to a second level which supports a balcony and more work stations. Doors lead out on both the south and east ends of the room though they're closed at present. Like the outside a lot of this seems to be made of fairly sturdy metal though unlike the defenses outside, a lot of this also seems to be of earth construction, if somewhat modified. There's a thick layer of dust over the whole thing. It hasn't been used in quite some time.

Power's still on though. "Let me see if I can…" The hacker accesses one of the consoles in the lower level and types for about fifteen seconds. Then, with a sharp click the overhead lights come back on and the circular dias in the center flickers on and starts to project… the earth. A globe. Several locations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America are highlighted but the script near them and above the globe in general is utterly alien. And possibly, at this point, literally so.

Waiting for May to release her pack, Jemma slowly enters the room, stopping just inside the doorway - still leaving room for the others to enter and look around. "I'm not /that/ hard to escort." she responds to Jericho and Rain.

Jefferies snorts as he takes up position in front of her. "Yes you are, Doctor Simmons."


The lights flickering on, has the woman looking around but it's the projection that catches her attention. The script mostly. With a small frown she looks between Jericho and May, and the others "I don't recognise the text, do any of you?"

There's something nagging at the back of her brain….

Rain tries not to giggle at armored gauntlet shenanigans. "I'm just slow," Rain offers to Jeri. There's a quiet concern. Captain will move back to be near Jemma. "Pfff, amateurs. I'll be underfoot in no time," The cat quips. Actually, he follows. He doesn't stay near feet. He does not want to get stomped on. She just looks apologetically to Jemma. "As I said, I'm just slow. Hang on."

Rain has worked with translation spells a lot, since a certain ninja took up residence in her office now and then. She is quiet for a moment, dark purple eyes peering at the map. The witch hmns. "… well. the places that are highlighted are all labeled with 'Hostile Presence Detected, threat level: low/medium/high'. The text at the top… I think that's Scream— No, Scanning for Dimensional Disturbances."

A stare at the big red letters. "Well, then. 'Warning, Alpha Level Event Suspected, Localization Scanners Offline. Error: Unable to contact command." A beat. "Sorry."

As the others step inside, Sara stays near the entrance, keeping an eye out for any other attackers. Or for the other attackers to get back up, because these things seem to be ridiculously durable. "Hostile presence detected?" she echoes when Rain translates, glancing back over her shoulder to the others. "You think they're talking about us? Or is there something else here these guys are hunting down?"

May looks at the others. Is that a last-sent message? If so, she will breathe a mental sigh of relief, because that means whomever sent this message wasn't able to tell their higher ups about this attack. "If I had to guess, I'd say they were referring to Captain Marvel." Because, really, she was the serious player of this little group.

Jericho has turned around to kind of… just stare at the globe and wonder about what kind of scanning network could concieveably be covering it all and feeding it back here. Satellites could, sure, but he'd detect the network traffic. So this is… something else. "I don't doubt that we count has a hostile presence but if those places are marked, I'm willing to bet that it means something or someone at those locations. Let's see… New York. D.C. Denver. Los Angeles and Seattle on North America. Berlin, Moscow, Hamburg, Paris, Genoa, Madrid and Dublin around these parts. Tokyo, Kyoto, Bejing, Taipei and Seol…" He shakes his head. "That's quite a list. So this place was some kind of… command center. Still works but it doesn't look like anyone's been here in a long, long time."

And it was still defended too. Which kind of boggles Jericho's mind a bit. "Okay… who builds a secret bunker under London with alien construction and modified earth tech and then just… lets it sit?" And what were those things they just fought? He's never seen anything like them. "More than that… who is a 'hostile'? In those locations. Other than being large cities I can't think of a single thing that connects them all."

One of the consoles starts flashing and Jericho leans over it. "Rain, come look at this." He'll need someone to read it.

Right when the console starts flashing something starts to pulse behind a panel to Sara's left. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off. It's a soft golden light. Which at least doesn't appear threatening. The panel opens, if Sara cares to.

Jemma moves closer to the display, with a small smile to Sara and a shake of her head. She's not sure.

"'Scanning for Dimensional Disturbances'" She glances to Jericho and then May "Maybe the Alpha Level Threat suspected was us. But what if … it detected something dimensional and those things had been on standby for an incursion? We might just be collateral damage, so to speak."

Jericho's questions have Jemma frowning even more "We know now, thanks to Prince Hol and the other man, that the Daemonites are of alien origin." she pauses as she thinks "We also know that Source Kay seems to be feeding information regarding them… and there's a secret war going on that involves them…"

Rain is quiet, having to read it. She is uncertain. She listens to the theories. "I suspect they mean hero or law presence, likely of higher power or notable - uh, botheringness?" Basically, things they should keep tabs on. "But maybe they were worried about something even worse?" She considers. "I couldn't tell you from a translation alone," Headshake. "Maybe they couldn't come back and take care of it and this is a mission failure. Hang on." Then a peer. She nods, moving over to Jericho as Captain stays near Jemma. "Connection to Command failed. Initiating locator beacon. Hyperwave communicator active. Transmitting. Uh oh."

Rain looks worried. No good.

"If this place is old, I doubt they've been tracking mutant or meta activity," Sara shakes her head. "There just hasn't been that much high level activity until more recent years. And even then, you'd see more signs. In different places. Doesn't track. Dimensional disturbances, though. Those I'm a little more familiar with." She eyes the map, though the blinking light at her elbow distracts her. "Uh…has that been going on the whole time?" she asks, pointing to it. No way she's sticking her hand into that panel.

Jericho's head snaps around to Sara as Rain reads off the message. He looks like he's spacing out for a moment but he's actually replaying his visual records mentally. "No, just started."

Hyperwave transmitter? Locator beacon? Uh, not good. Not good at all. He moves over to Sara who is sensibly not sticking her hand in there and opens up the panel to reveal another one of those battery like devices. That's not good either.

"I'm going to guess that nothing good happens if I break that." He mutters as he peers inside. "It's connected to everything else by a bundle of what looks like fiber optics… but they're all behind the same kind of metal that turret was made out of." Jericho could try clawing through but… "Sara do you think you can rip it out about three feet above my head?" Hell, he'll let her stand on him if she has to.

Round about the same time in front of May and Jemma the holo image changes to what is unmistakeably a star map of the local cluster. Various stars and systems start lighting up in both red and gold text though what it's deliniating is unclear. The Sol System though is marked with a symbol that's unique on the map. Shown nowhere else.

The most interesting text isn't up there though. In front of Rain, on the console comes up something that… she may regret reading.

Okay. May does not like the sound of that AT ALL. "You have ninety seconds, then we're clearing out regardless." She may make that less time if whatever new thing just appeared on the text gives them a shorter window to get clear.

Blink. Blinkblink. "Contact with Command established. Warning: Connection Unstable. Warning: Transmitter condition poor. Uploading mission critical reports. Standby. Standby." A beat. "If anyone can interrupt transmissions, you may get something more interesting. Either way, I don't know." She looks to May, nodding.

"I can try." Sara nods to Jericho, but she doesn't reach up herself. Instead, a few tendrils of the Witchblade reach up to the indicated spot before stabbing into the metal, peeling it away like an overripe fruit.

There's a shriek of abused metal as Sara's tendrils penetrate and slice the fiber optic cable which is thankfully modified… but not itself alien. The panel repairs as tehy pull out but the cable does not. The effects are instant though. The holo image shuts down as do a number of the terminals. Clearly that cut off power to quite a bit of the bunker.

Jericho breathes a sigh of relief. "I think that did it." Certainly he doesn't see any more evidence of activity. "I suspect, May, you'll want to contact the UK SHIELD station about this? Otherwise, place looks secure…" And is ripe for picking over. More than that, SHIELD has a list of places to investigate and go after now, and some of them are quite close to home.

Mera nods to Jericho at his assessment then looks at one of Jemma's entourage to go send the message to the UK offices. "Extract what you can, Trent, but I don't want to stay here longer than necessary." No way to know how much of that message got out and whether or not anyone else will be dropping in to check on the place. And, also for now, she's got to go deal with the local authorities. And if you those US police officers had no sense of humor… welcome to England.

Agent Morgan nods to May and steps out of the room to make the necessary arrangements. Jemma's still distracted by what's in the room. If they want her to leave with them, they may need to drag her out.

Rain winces at the noise. Captain's ears go flat and he lowers her head. She nods. "Yeah. We're okay. Um," Rain will peer at Jemma. "Maybe they'll let us look at this but-" The UK peeps probably want first crack at what is in their very own backyard? Rain is not sure how it all works. At least the UK police are generally somewhat friendly. And they have bowler hats (true fact). Captain and Rain are willing to go along. "Next time, I can share the translation spell. I got distracted, sorry."

"One problem solved, at least," Sara murmurs as the light stops blinking. The Witchblade starts to retract then, less armor showing by the moment as Sara looks around. "I've got a few friends out here from the last few months, May," she offers. "Ones who're at least a little used to the weirdness. I can talk to them." One former detective can make friends on the police force, at least.

"You three have fun with that then." The Bobbies aren't so bad. Right? And there's at least two of them present who won't be flat staring at everyone in sight. As for May. Well, she certainly is official. "I'll be in touch if you need me." Otherwise… well.

"K'NERT!" The imp scurries up and starts looking for a way out. He'll find one in a second… and there it is. The hacker gives the four women a wave and steps out back into Limbo leaving Jemma to, uh, probably squee a little at all the SCIENCE, and Rain, May and Sara to go talk to the police who are now gathering in rather large numbers outside the hole…

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