So, About Those Mutants

November 21, 2015:

League members discuss the latest problems with anti-mutant hate groups.

Hall of Justice - Metropolis

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a less-tha-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek aid from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the inner workings of the JL:A. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living areas.


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Fade In…

"I understand that you want to know. But I'm staying, I can't tell you the answers. I'm as new to them as you are." Carol Danvers answers her tall redheaded friend. "They've accepted me, and they've accepted you. Questions need to come from those who have been members. I think Hawkeye is probably the best choice, assuming she's around today and free to see us." Captain Marvel nods to the young man manning the front desk. Her biometrics and her ID card match, and she is allowed through the checkpoint, followed by Caitlin. "So, let's go see if she's handy. Maybe we can grab something in the mess hall and settle in for a chat. I've always found a little food and drink works wonders for loosening the tongue and lubricating the social gears."

"I like Hawkeye," Caitlin agrees. Then again, whatever Carol says, Catilin readily concurs with anyway. "I'd just like to get past 'secret decoder ring' and on to 'company email list', is all."

Caitlin holds her badge out for the security guard to check out (a bit un-necessarily). "Multipass!" the leggy ginger chirps, and trots quickly a few steps to catch up with Carol. The mechanic's coverall she wears would be baggy on probably anyone else, the purple-piped green leotard under it a contrast to the dusky blue-grey material.

"I'm starving," Caitlin adds automatically at the mention of food. "I hear they have a really good chef around here. He used to work for the White House, or something like that."

Down beneath the main floors, where there's training space, Kate is working on her target practice. Skill with a bow doesn't come without constant, exacting practice, and Kate's not one to let skills lapse. It's almost like meditation for her, actually. The world narrows to bow, string, arrow, and target. That is until there's a chime over the intercom, announcing visitors. Her arrow flies true, joining a stack of others in the center of the target before she steps back to peek out into the main hallway. "Hey," she calls over, smile flashing. "Look what the cat dragged in."

Carol raises a gloved hand and waves towards the young woman with the bow. "Hi, Hawkeye." She steps into the training room, followed by her towering redheaded friend. "Sorry for interrupting your training time. I know you've seen her, but I'm not sure if you've been introduced to my friend, Caitlin Fairchild. We were wondering if you might have some time for us? Maybe something to eat, drink, and some conversation amongst friends?"

Caitlin beams at Kate. "I guess that's my fault— I haven't had much chance to hang out and get to know folks," the redhead says, offering a meaty handshake to Kate. "Mostly I was trying to get caught up on stuff at work. They were kinda cheesed off I disappeared for most of a month, yanno? It's nice to meet you."

She jams her hands into the generous pockets cut into the front of her jumpsuit and looks around the training area with tourist's wide-eyed gaze, peering at some of the more exotic equipment set up for the superhuman members of the team to work with, ranging from an obstacle course set up to give apes a challenge to cable-weights that probably weigh more than a small naval destroyer.

"Sure, of course," Kate says easily, setting her bow aside and stepping out into the hall. "Probably time for me to take a break anyhow. Glad no one gave you any trouble getting in this time," she adds with a wry smile for Carol. "And I think we've crossed paths a few times," she nods to Caitlyn. "Frost giants for sure, I remember that one. But I'm glad we were able to get you back safe here."

"Amen that. I second." Carol offers, smiling between her friends. "No problems getting in, today. Apparently that new ID you gave me clears just fine. I appreciate that." She gestures Kate ahead, and then follows along at her side. "I remember the frost giants. Did you ever figure out how they got here in the first place?"

Caitlin falls into an ambling step with Kate and Carol, rubbernecking a bit at the sights inside the sprawling estate. "I have /got/ to get a selfie with Green Lantern at some point," she mutters to herself.

"That's right, Frost Giants," Caitlin says to Kate, nodding enthusiastically and snapping her fingers. "That was a while ago. They were…. that's an Asgardian thing, right? Thor? He'd probably know."

"Yep, Asgardian thing," Kate nods to Caitlyn. "And since we didn't see any more of them, it kind of ended up shuffled to the bottom of the stack," she admits. "Maybe if we get a couple weeks where there's nothing threatening the actual fabric of reality we can take it up with Thor." Smile crooked, she leads the way to the cafeteria, which is really more of a dining room. The league isn't yet so big that they need a dining hall to feed everyone. "Kind of focused on the mutant and hero hate right now, though. Trying to make sure no one gets hurt."

"A few weeks without world-shattering problems? Kate, you're an adorable optimist if you think you'll ever manage that." Carol offers, with a wry twist to her lips. She follows into the cafeteria - the dining room - and takes a seat when offered the chance. "So. What are the plans? The orders? How are we going to try to address all of the hate going on? The threats coming out of the woodwork? I don't want to be a pain. But I've longed to see heroes getting organized and unified for a long time. Now, here's the chance. But we need direction, and we need to follow that direction together. And I don't have enough intel to even begin assembling that kind of plan myself." She's put forward the need for more intel before. Kate saw what happened then.

Caitlin gives the food line a longing look, but settles into the seats next to Kate and Carol, fidgeting awkwardly. At least plenty of chairs are around to accomodate non-standard human frames.

"It feels like it's worse than ever," Caitlin confirms with a grimace, shifting a bit. "People are saying ugly things in the streets. Even about the more popular supers," she admits. "People who've been doing this forever— it just seems like someone's really stirring the pot up."

"Purifiers and Reavers," Kate summarizes. "We've got a report from X-Red that has more of the details. While we were dealing with missing members, they've been taking point on the investigation into this. Apparently they've recently branched out into threatening heroes in general. Trying to pick us off one by one. Now, we're still running the Got Your Back line," she notes. It's her pet project, and one she started before she even formally joined the league. "Solo acts can put in a call that gets routed to us, the Titans, X-Red. Anyone we know who can get a message. And we'll show up. But it doesn't get to the root of the problem."

"The root of the problem is hunting these bastards down and putting them out of business." Carol does not appreciate scumbags who prey on and attack good men and women for no other reason than hate. The blonde glances up at the redhead, and smirks. "I heard that gurgle from here, kiddo. Go. Get some food. As much as you need. We're not going anywhere."

That said, Carol resumes her chat with Hawkeye. "OK. So, we step up roving patrols, get more people on comms with faster response times. But what are our plans for intel gathering? How do we find these people /before/ they're making trouble? How do we learn more and make this situation better, instead of treading water?"

"I can give you the info for Brinley at X-Red HQ for that," Kate smiles faintly. "Like I said, they've been on point with this, gathering intel and putting together the pieces. Apparently they've got some good covert assets. Which makes sense. The X-Men don't much go in for publicity, so it gives them a few more options. I still think we're dealing with something bigger than a single group, though. We're dealing with the way people think. In general. In whole. If we want to change this problem, then we have to change society."

"Changing society … that's a pretty huge order, Kate." Carol offers, with a wry twist to her lips. "You planning to engage the use of a squad of telepaths? Or a time travel corps?" Because that's really just about the only thing she can think of to accomplish something so Herculean. And that's despite the fact she has /met/ Hercules. "I'll make a call, see what we can do to help this … Brinley, you said?" What else can they do? Really? Damnit, Carol wants something to punch!

"One person at a time," Kate smiles back with the confidence of youth, though there's an edge to it, too. She's seen the dark parts of the world. She just refuses to give in to them. "It's the little things. That's why I'm in the league, when it comes down to it. There are heroes- There are plenty of people who can throw a punch. And it's glamorous, and it's popular. But sometimes the answer isn't power. Sometimes the answer is simple. And that's what I'm here for. The simple parts. The ordinary people parts. PR, if you want to be cynical about it."

"I have nothing against PR, Kate." Carol offers, honestly. "But I'm not great at it. And unfortunately, there seem to be a good number of people who /are/ great about it, who are working on the other side of this problem. I'm not sure how we can get traction against their lead. I appreciate the smaller frame of effort. But … You yourself said you think something bigger is happening, here. What if someone or some thing is actually manipulating matters to /make/ it worse?"

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