Making Away With A Pysborg

January 28, 2016:

A pitched battle in the East Side Of Midtown Manhattan has SHIELD and others responding.

Midtown Manhattan - New York


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East Side, Midtown Manhattan. News reports are showing a pitched fight between two Psyborgs (technorganic beings) and a … rather large Lizardlike being. Which is bad enough and SHIELD have responded but their jobs being made harder by a crowd of angry people that rioting …

SHIELD TAC agents are trying to control and evacuate the rioters and keep them away from fight. A fight that at least seems to be keeping the Psyborgs attention away from the humans …

Jemma's just arriving, having caught one of the last SUV's out from the Triskelion. Her presence was requested, much to the chargrin of her security detail.

Anger, red hot rage and bright white flames. She can feel it from blocks away and fights the urge to flee in the opposite direction. It's so much, too much, but if she doesn't help stop it then it will only get worse. Katsuna sighs and hugs her thin frame in a gesture of comfort. She pulls a few of the brightly colored "candies" from a pocket on the side of her red coat and quickly eats them. The drugs will keep her calm and help shield her mind and spirit from all that negative emotion.

She's small for a woman, not even five feet tall and has long curly white hair and green eyes despite having asian features. What help she might be in this situation isn't clear yet, but clearly she means to do something as she quickly makes her way towards the battle and crowd of enraged people.

«Snake bite actual, On scene.»or so the radio says, everyone's very favorite revolutionary live and direct ladies and gents. She kills the engine and jerks the handbrake on before leaning back to snag her bag from the backseat. It'll take a moment or two to get her gear on, but well nobody is going to take note of a ratty looking eighties BMW wagon parked down an alleyway nearby right? «Snake bite actual, interogative. What got that crowd all wound up?»Finally pulling down her helmet with a sigh and zipping up her armor with a roll of the shoulders. Time to get this party started, right?
She snags her AK, throws a pair of RPG's over her shoulder and gets to it. Scrambling up a fire escape to try and get some elevation on this little fight. «Snakebite actual, rooftop.»

Leaning a bit to try and see through the front windshield of their car from where she's seated behind the driver, Pepper can't help but frown faintly. "Whatever's going on, it doesn't look like it's going to clear up any time soon." She sits back again to look at Tony, who is next to her in the car. "Do you think we should maybe try walking?"

Her armor does not infringe copyright. It's actually incredibly advanced. Lunair isn't sure how she does it sometimes. But she's wearing subdued grey and navy blue armor, hovering carefully along. She likes the feeling of flying. And often, there's work to be done. She once tried to live a normal, fight free existence but it ended poorly for her. And so here she is. She lands near Pepper and Tony unwittingly, preparing an alarmingly large plasma cannon and starting off at a walk, considering cover. Yes, that was a Luna with a cannon that went by Pepper's car.

Thomas Nashoba, the US Marshal's service asset known as 'Paradox' doesn't usually respond to riots. That's more city police, county sherrif kind of work. Today, though, it's all hands on deck. Every law enforcement officer within about 10 miles is converging on the scene. He just happens to be faster than most.

There's a blue/green blur through the air and an athletic, dark haired man in a US Marshal's tactical uniform appears. He has a sleek, techy metalic gauntlet on his left hand and the moment he appears not too far from the riot he raises a shotgun… which shimmers and becomes something a lot more sleek. Something that doesn't look at all like a normal shotgun. Something he fires into the crowd with an odd 'wub-wub-WHUMP' sound. The air ripples out from it and where it strikes the crowd people are knocked rather soundly on their behinds.

Tony Stark hema, from the passenger seat. "You know that red button next to the radio? I'll activate the repulsors, can rise up and just fly there." he looks over and grins, "I could let certain non existant government agencies have /all/ the roys, right?

Most everyone can sense it, that pressure on their brains, inciting their anger. There's no reason for it, all those affected by it know is that they are /angry/. Of course, the pressure does't affect everyone equally.

From the car, Pepper and Tony can see two of the TAC members acting out, getting a little too handsy with the crowd. Other TAC members are forced to break off their work with civilians and remove the misbehaving two. A woman and three child stumble past the Stark car, the woman bleeding from her temple - seems she could do with some help, given that SHIELD have their hands full.

When Partisan makes the rooftop, she'll have a clear view of the Psyborgs wielding plasm swords and battling hard against the clawed Lizard like creature. The swords hit, she can hear the dull thuds as they do, but they barely make a dent in the creatures body … She'll have to decide who to target here. Lunair too will have a similar view from the ground, unless she's going to target the civilians.

Thomas appearance and rifle is effective, and a group of six people are disabled, allowing the group of SHIELD agents nearby to drag them to safety.

Jemma hurries to the agent in charge, dragging her security detail with her. Seeing Thomas arrive, she frowns at the method of his appearance and the use of that weapon… whether she recognises him is simply not clear. "Agent Stephens, we need to get to that device." "Doctor Simmons isn't going any near it, Stephens. Send one of the Agents" Agent Sams barks across Jemma's words "She can tell the agent how to disable it, whilst we keep her safe from here."

«Snakebite actual, going explosive.» Part extends that M72 LAW with a practiced flick, before swinging the thing up to shoulder. She braces a boot against the perimeter of that roof and winces behind that mask as she lines up her shot. She really should just start driving everywhere in a god damned IFV at this rate, right? Despite what hollywood tells you, an M72 doesn't make a "rocket" noise really. It just sounds like an explosion, and the rocket is hauling ass down range with a little corkscrew until the fins are able to swing back and stabilize things. Then theres four pounds worth of shaped high explosive streaking towards one of those psyborgs. Part doesn't wait for the thing to hit of course. The moment she lights that thing up she pitches the empty launcher, snags it's twin and starts hauling ass across the roof because she's obviously just made herself a target. «Snakebite actual, on the move».
Theres a grunt worth of effort, as part lands a boot on that raised rim of the roof she's on and launches herself airborne, and well thats quite a gap to clear nevermind the fall. She windmills her arms for a moment, before she smashes into that rusty fire escape with a yelp and a clatter of gear. Snagging onto a railing and taking a moment before she hauls herself over the edge and starts heading for the roof. Shit, did she just break another rib? Nevermind that, she swings her second M72 up to sight on the psyborgs and lines that shit up. "HEY! I'm up here you fucks!"Just in case they needed any more help figure out where she might be, before she hits the trigger bar.

Katsuna cannot see what is happening. Being four feet ten inches tall makes her shorter than almost everyone but children. She sighs and considers flying upwards for a better view but then there are exploding rockets and she decides that would make too much a target of herself. Instead she disappears briefly to re-emerge in a crouch atop a lampost where she can look down to get a better idea of whats going on. "Oh balls. Those!" She eyes the Psyborgs with an unhappy expression. The lizardman gets a startled stare as she tries to decide on a course of action. "Hmm." White hair fans out in a long curly wave behind her as Kat stands atop the post and cups her hands. Glowy green balls of fire form and she starts tossing them towards the Psyborgs but not the Lizard. She knows the Psyborgs are wicked things, the Lizard might not be.

Now she's getting a tension headache. Just great. Pepper rubs at her forehead and opens her mouth to argue with Tony about what should and should not be added to cars, but then Lunair saunters on by and the injured woman with children pass them. Going from annoyed to concerned in .65 seconds, Pepper grabs her bag and gets out of the car just before that button is apparently pressed and the car — using repulsor technology — does a very high end imitation of the DeLorean from Back to the Future. Up and away! And Pepper's left standing there in the middle of traffic.

She hurries to the sidewalk before some other car tries to hit her with a fender, and goes after the injured woman to get her somewhere safe.

Lunair takes to the air. Then she notices Pepper, "Hi! Need some armor or help?" She asks. Poor Pepper. But she'll stay hovering, acting as a sort of shield. Any Psyborg or lizards coming too close will find out that Lunair apparently has a plasma cannon. What is it with Lunair and huge weapons? Overcompensation? Dual wielding too popular? … preference?

Whump. Whump. Whump. Whatever weapon the Marshal is using seems to run off pure concussive force. It's like getting punched. Really hard. It hurts to be sure but it won't kill anyone. Before too long he's got a good swath of rioters down and being very slow to get back up and he pulls back to let others deal with the matter. He just heard shouting and gunfire and not by anyone he recognizes and that has him taking off running as the gauntlet lights up along the wrist and forearm and red lights appear down his back through his tee shirt. His path toward what Partisan is shooting at is going to take him right past Pepper…

The Psyborgs don't respond to Parts taunt and as the weapon explodes it hits a metal man fair in the back, sending it sprawling into the Lizardlike being. The Lizardlike creature grabs for it, dragging the Psyborg closer and… tucking it under its arm … before turning on its clawed heel in the opposite direction and starting to move away from the battle.

The second Psyborg takes a moment to recover before raising an arm at the creature and letting loose with a volley of energy, that barely misses the departing creature … only to be caught by Katsuna's Fox Fire and sent stumbling back - stunned, but not out.

Peppers able to get the family she's ushering to the SHIELD medical vehicle. But as she moves, a group of six people decide to try and swamp her and her charges … here's hoping Lunair can control them.

Thomas clearing the crowd has helped the SHIELD TAC agents slowly get a control of the scene. There are still pockets of hold outs, and there's still the psychic pressure to deal with, though.

"Sams, I don't have enough peop—-" Stephens words are cut off, as Jemma darts into the crowd towards the device. Her own path taking her directly by Thomas and Pepper, Thomas glowing backbone getting a curious glance, just as a man is pushed in her direction. "Doctor Simmons!" Sams calls out, catching up with the biochem and forcing her behind him. "oooof."

"Hey, Fuck get back here you Geico motherfucker!"What other derogatory language are you supposed to use on lizards? She pitches out a grapling hook, snags her line into her harness and takes a leap over the roof to glide down towards the street level. Finally tugging that Ak around and taking a moment to jack in a 75rnd drum, before she gets right to business. Slicing that line and falling a fair distance down to the sidewalk, before she's off like a rocket. Circling around to try and cut off the lizard's line of retreat. «Snakebite Actual, on the move ground level! Shield agents are advised to mask up, I'll be going chemical in fifteen seconds.»

Man. So many targets. And there's a Parti going on! Lunair doesn't give in to the urge to howl and wade in. Nope, there's people going to bother Pepper. Lunair lands in front of them. "Hey! Stay back, not cool!" Otherwise, it's netgun time. And no one wants to get netted. "Otherwise I'll make you all twerk." Dun dun DUUUUUN. But if they don't stop, Lunair WILL net them.

"Yes!" The odd tiny woman standing atop the street light pumps a fist in the air and cheers. She did it! She hit one and the two are fleeing! "Oh balls, it's going to get up!" And these people, oh these people. They are all still so angry and she isn't sure why. If it weren't for the medication she'd be curled in a small ball beneath one of the cars hoping not to die. Or past the point of caring. Still she can feel an awful headache building. The shaking, blinding, sick all over kind.

"I must do something…" Kat peers about and her green eyes settle on a nearby bench. She smiles and quickly flies to it, grabbing one end and lifting it in the air with her. Tiny people can still be strong! When she's hovering over the Psyborg she lets go of the bench hoping the weight of the thing will stop it from moving. Then she'll take a moment to see if anyone else needs help.

Thomas sadly doesn't know really anything about Lunair otherwise he might know that she's got all this covered. As it stands he suddenly reprioritizes, believing that Pepper might be in some trouble. "Okay, no you don't!" The Marshal shifts his… force weapon to his left hand only, extends his right and…

… makes like Palpatine. Seriously. Lightning arcs from his fingers as his gauntlet glows even more and his spine literally lights up bright red. That probably hurts by the screaming. Will it put them all down?

Well… eventually. Twerking might still be needed.

Pepper Potts gets the woman and her children to a SHIELD ambulance, then startles when a group of angry people try to mob them. She's already angry that Tony decided to flit off like he did, and people attacking an AMBULANCE, that's the last straw for her.

Even as Lunair is stepping between them, she yells at the mob people. "No! Don't you even THINK about tearing things up here!" She's brandishing … her phone. Anyone who knows better knows that it doubles as a Coulson-approved taser.

The Lizardlike being just … blurs… and disappears, with the Psyborg under its arm. The only sign of it being a path of people knocked down or pushed out of its way, it's just that fast.

Lunairs twerking gun is going to be needed, as the crowd that Thomas put down gets back and starts to swarm hers and Peppers location. As Katsuna hovers above the Psyborg, a portal opens behind it and it steps through, just as the park bench crashes to the ground …

Peppers taser phone gets some good use, even it is rendered flat after all of this, making contact with a large burly man lunges for her and drops … twitching at her feet.

Sams gives Jemma a withering look - a look that promises there'll be hell to pay when this is over and covers the biochem as she makes her way to the ashcan sized silver cylinder and opens a panel so she can deactivate it.

As soon as the last button is pressed, the psychic pressure is gone. There's still lots of angry people in the street, but they'll start to calm down … eventually.

Lunair will get the dubstep gun. Human, lizard, psyborg- anything in her path is going to get dubstepped. Rioter, and rioted. Yup, Lunair is going to GTFO after this.

Part is, well kind of let down if we're honest here. She comes to a sliding stop in the middle of the street and looks around, before rising to her boots with a sigh. "Well, fuck." Eloquent as always, amirite? She brings that Ak up to rest against her shoulder casually before heading towards the crowd with a frown behind that mask. Part's gone for a decidedly more skeletal theme lately, with a neat grey skeleton painted across her armor over a mess of green and black vietnam era tigerstripe. Still she's rocking that cat's skull motif, and so yes she's very recognizable as The Mother Fucking Partisan. She peers amongst the crowd before rocking her helmet up without much worry over exposing her face or that low-hawk she's rocking at the moment. Digging around in her pouches to snag a pack've smokes and a lighter. "Anyone wanna explain exactly what the fuck just happened? I mean hey whatever, but those fucking M72s ain't cheap and I ain't exactly hip on wasting a perfectly good anti-tank rocket."

Katsuna flails her tiny fists and huffs in surprise and anger. How did it do that?! Where did it go?! It takes her a moment to realize it's not a threat now and that she should probably try to help elsewhere. Green eyes flash when she notices the group of people surrounding a pretty woman and a vehicle of healing being attacked. "Oh no you don't! Balls! That man has lightning!" She's about to Zoom forward to help when several things happen in quick sucession. The phychic pressure disappears and the group under attack is hit from several fronts at once. "Oh.." Kat flys up a bit further and looks around. Her eyes fasten on a fire hydrant and she grins. Water cools people off. Oh, but it's freezing. "Perhaps not." She lowers herself into crouch over the streetlight again to think.

The Partisan is on a lot of watch lists. Some of them for killing cops. But Thomas doesn't have a warrant and frankly that's someone else's job. A lot of the things her name gets tossed about in are murky as hell and the gauntleted Marshal isn't exactly one to dive into something where he's less than certain who was on the side of angels. "Hell if I know." He responds, looking at Partsian, the SHIELD Agents, Pepper and… Katsuna. Whomever that is. "I got a call about riots. Next thing I know…" Rocket launchers and robots.

Pepper does indeed zap the daylights out of that large burly man, and she almost looks ready to put one of her Jimmy Choos through the man's ribcage when the device's influence is cut off. She takes a step back and rubs one hand against her forehead again. The headache is still there, but at least the wanting to hit someone seems to be less immediate.

Jemma looks sideways at Sams who is joined by Agent Jefferies. "Sams, they need to give us danger pay with this one." Jefferies murmurs as they take up postion beside her. On things for sure, they aren't letting her out of their sight as they usher her back to the command post.

"Need to know basis, Ma'am." One of the SHIELD agents says to Partisan, as the others begin to clean up the street.

Judging by the number of flashes going off, this one is going to be hard to contain.

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