Hammer Against the Wall

January 29, 2016:

Jesana drops in on Oliver and their discussion leads them somewhere unexpected.

//Diamond District-Site of Oliver Queen's new restaurant //

South of the Finger River and along the southern portions of Miller Harbor
is the Diamond District, the Diamond District is also more commonly known as
the Fashion District and to some extent the Financial District (Old Gotham
splits this title with it).

The neighborhoods surrounding Grant Park are popular for young professionals
living in their trendy homes, hundreds of fashion designers and creative
sorts live and work around this area and some of the most colorful
individuals in Gotham can be found here. If any place in Gotham bends to the
side of the eccentric it's the Diamond District especially Collgate Heights.

With Commerce Street Highway cutting a path through the Fashion District,
Financial District, City Hall District thiis is a prime location for
business, trend setting and opportunity. As long as no one looks too closely
to the squalid eyesore hidden in the middle of the Finger River known as the
Narrows. A place the residents of Diamond District pretend doesn't exist


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Fade In…

Recent events have sparked the beginnings of an idea in the back of Jesana's mind but so far it's one of those intangible barely formed thoughts that disappears into the recesses of her mind every time she tries to focus on it. Having decided to forget about it for the moment and do something else, that usually works, she's gone in search of Oliver Queen. Something she meant to do after Lady Pepper's holiday party but kept putting off. A chance to talk without other people around and the pressure that caused, at least for her, seems like a good thing. At the moment it seems a totally random and spontaneous plan to her but as with a lot of her plans that may or may not be the case.

Oliver Queen has been in Gotham a bit lately as he has been working to get his new line of restaurants up and running over the past several weeks. Any attempts to contact him would be directed to these locations so that is where he's at, diligently working away. What is interesting, rather than the normal playboy antics of doing next to nothing or supervising or some such, he is actually in the midst with the sledge hammer himself, removing a wall that is not where he wants it to be.

Jesana approaches quietly and stands for a few minutes just watching. She's dressed in her usual street clothes, jeans and black leather boots with metal spikes on the bottom. A leather coat long enough to hide her gun and knives and beneath that a black shirt. No need to worry about blood staining it. She seems curious about what Ollie is up to. She hadn't actually tried to call or anything and doesn't know about his new restaurant business. "Who pissed you off and why are you hitting that wall instead of them?" Jes finally asks when he pauses for a moment.

He is about mid swing once more before Oliver pauses and let's the sledge hammer fall turning to look at the source of the woman's voice. A small smile touches his lips. "The contractor who was hired to remove this wall, and didn't." He explains it with the smile still present. "So I decided it'd be worth my time just to get the work done rather than wait around another week. Turns out, I might have found my calling, swinging a hammer."

"He ripped you off? That's nice. Seems to be going around lately." Jes eyes the wall and the hammer and then rolls her eyes. "I think you can do a lot better than that. I know you can. How are you, Ollie? Really? You seem.. different since returned. I guess I just wanted to drop in and make sure you're alright and tell you I meant what I said at the party. If you ever need anything, I'm here for you. I know things didn't end well with us but.. I'd really like to think we can get past that."

Oliver moves towards the nearest table that is covered in dust and picks up a bottle of water before leaning against it, listening to Jes as she talks before he nods. "Well, I am different. A lot of… junk had built up. Inside, right here." He taps his chest, "Clouded who I wanted to be, who I needed to be. Getting away helped me to cleanse that, to refocus myself." There's a smile and sense of satisfaction about him when saying that. "I've been working to fix the past when I can and working on making the future a bit better for those I can. So I hope you can be included in that list." He does pause then, a twinkle in his eyes, "I guess you're doing well?"

She leans on the edge of the table across from and considers. He answered honestly, if a bit vaguely so she will as well. "I'm.. it's complicated. Sometimes I'm awesome and everything is great and sometimes, really not so much. It's something I'm working on too but I've also figured out a few things about myself the past few months. One thing I need to do soon is leave the Titans. I've been trying to work out a way that doesn't end in hurt feelings or enemies first. The other thing is that I've realized I need to stop pushing away the people I care about because they help remind me I'm human too and that isn't a bad thing." Jes looks up from the table. "I do still care you know."

"I don't believe it's ever been about caring too little; but maybe caring too much?" Oliver offers quietly as he takes a moment to sip his water. "Affection is a wonderful thing, but attachment can be a dangerous one. Like you were saying with the Titans and needing to step away. If you care for them, and yourself, then you would be able to talk about why you feel the need to leave. So why don't you start there."

"I did try, when I was still pregnant but I let them talk me out of it. It's just.. I've realized I don't belong there. I'm not one of them and I never will be. I'm not a hero. The Titans are, and they're good people." Another thing that she isn't. "I can't always follow their rules and to be honest, I don't want to. It isn't me. I know what I am now, I'm still figuring out who but it's not hard to figure out what I'm not, you know? I also can't keep having my focus split in so many directions. There are a lot of things that I need to learn right now and with that and Primal Force, my kids and the other things I do.. I just can't."

Jes frowns and then her lips quirk ever so slightly. "I guess I should tell them something like that huh? It sounds a lot better than "Yeah, I can't do this anymore because I end up killing people at least once a week and sooner or later someone's going to see it and I'm going to make you all look bad." She sighs and the smile fades. He's right about the caring too much. It's always been her problem. She doesn't know how to do something half way. It's either all or nothing with her most of the time. "Gah. That.. isn't even what I came here to talk about." Jes rolls her eyes. "You.. really have changed."

Oliver smiles, in that Oliver Queen sort of way, and shakes his head. "I don't know if I've changed, so much as allowed myself to be who I know I am and who I want to be. Sounds a bit like the path you're struggling with too Jes. But there's a price for going down such a path." Then he sighs softly himself and nods, "And yeah, it does sound better. It sounds like someone who is being honest with themselves and those around them. Rather than just hiding the truth. A man, much wiser than I am, said 'Truth is the only true gift that we can give to one another which holds any worth'. He didn't mean little truths, but truths of who we are as people." Planting his hands then on either side of the table, the smile returns. "Well what did you come here to talk about?"

Jes's head snaps back up. That idea.. it's.. closer now. "I came to talk about you. See how you were. That is a part of it though yes. I'm done hiding who and what I am. No more pretending, no more lies." Jes moves around the table and stands in front of Ollie with a considering expression. "Who is that you want to be, Ollie? And what price do you think you'll have to pay? I know what price I'll pay if I fail. You sound like you mean that doing what you want to do will cost you, not what will happen if you don't do it."

Oliver considers a bit then his shoulders shrug up some. "I've always believe being stranded on that island was my punishment. I've come to believe, that being away from it is punishment now. That this life, this … city, that I am here to simply bide my time until I return to Purgatory. When everything you do fails, you begin to realize that you are the failure. So I chose to break the cycle. The before, and the after of this singular point of decision." He exhales after a moment.

"Ooh. That's it. Now I understand. You want to fight them, to make a difference here right? But you can't, not really, not unless you're willing to kill because a lot of the time, that's what it takes. Some of these people and monsters and threats, it's the only way. Or the best way. So you think by doing this, you'll end up in Hell? And that's what troubles you?" Her expression is a little bit unreadable but Jes steps back and paces around the table, drumming her fingers on one thigh as she thinks. "Maybe.. maybe.." She murmurs to herself before pausing and looking back to hear his answer.

"It is better to be feared than loved. Fear you can control, love; never." Oliver states back towards Jes. "The monsters as you put it, they do not fear but are feared, so they have control. Others are so concerned with being loved that they are then controlled. So in a way, yes. That is the crux of the problem. To do what must be done to combat fear."

"You're right, at least partly. There isn't much that I fear but I don't have to worry about where I'll end up. I already know and it's not Hell, even though by their reckoning I belong there dozens of times over by now. I have been there, you know in Hell. The Christian one anyway. It's not a place someone like you belongs. It's also not the only place like that there is. There are a lot of realms, dimensions, and even just other things in this world than most people know. What if you could do this thing and do it with a clear mind and conscious? Would that help you? I'm not saying it would be without consequences because there would be some I'm sure.. and if you ever went off the deep end and turned into one of those monsters yourself then I'd stop you. But if you had this chance, to end up someone else would you take it?"

Oliver sits quietly for several long moments before he finally gets up from where he's leaning against the table and starts to move over to where he left the sledgehammer. "I don't know. But what I do know, is that I'm supposed to be opening this restaurant in a month. And a good ol' billionaire playboy has a reputation to uphold, a persona to fill. A perception to deliver. Because that's what people expect and I'm done disappointing."

"You think about it. Really think about it and if the answer is yes… For you I would do this." It's not an offer she'll ever make to many people but it is within her power, if he truly wants it. She won't say more though unless he decides yes because it isn't something she wants known if she can help it. Jes grabs a hammer to help. "You never disappointed me. Just so you know." It won't take long at all with her and she's made a lot of progress in adjusting to her new strength since he last saw her.

"It's ok if I did. It's ok if I didn't." Oliver states back towards Jes, once again finding a smile but this one is slightly more melancholy. "Because I've disappointed myself, and really that's the only person I can control." To emphasize his point, the hammer swings at the wall he's working on with a heavy thud.

Jes smiles. He seems to have found a measure of peace and she's glad of that. Controlling herself, that's actually her biggest problem at the moment. She's trying though and that is all one can do. "That is what I'm working on but I'll either get there or I won't and I'm not gonna waste time worrying about it." She steps back and swings the hammer at the wall with a good deal of force. This is easy for her and a chance of pace from the crazy events of the past week and Jes grins. "I'm really glad I decided to drop in on you."

"Why? So I could put you to work with manual labor? Don't worry, I won't be paying you anything." The last part is said with a grin from Oliver. "I'm glad you dropped in as well. I don't get a lot of visitors these days, don't see a lot of people… mostly for their sake."

Jes eyes the wall and hits it with a loud thud in a different spot, spreading cracks radiate from the hole she makes. "I don't mind some good old manual labor, believe me. Last night I fought resurrected Nordic warriors. They had spears. You know what isn't good against a spear? Me." She shakes her head and hits the wall again. "This is great in comparison." She also understands the avoiding people."Being my Father's daughter, I've learned that people around me are very likely to end up dead. I've been doing that avoiding thing a bit too."

Ollie chuckles, his head shaking some. "A spear, I'll have to keep that in mind should I need to." There's a pause before he starts working again. "You can swing by any time you know. Well, not between three and four. That's Oliver's time." He must be making a joke of some kind based on how he grins.

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