Trick or Hell

January 27, 2016:

Harvey offers Ivy a treat, she offers him hell. (NSFW)

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Mentions: Catwoman, Bruce Wayne, Joker


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Abandoned warehouses come as part of the deal to be an operator in Gotham. When he was District Attorney, Harvey Dent had actually championed real estate reform and reclamation, an attempt to untangle the twisted knots of ownership surrounding so much of Gotham's worst boroughs. Mob upon mob, gangster upon gangster, had exchanged so many of these back and forth that their provenance was determined more by who had armed thugs and held the territory than by any piece of paper.

Of course, Two-Face has different opinions about the situation - and he's taken advantage of it to a great degree.

In recent months, Harvey's been quiet but surging. With the Cat seemingly in retreat, licking her wounds after her near-assassination, Two-Face has stepped forward and pressed his advantage. He's swallowing Gotham like a boa, one block at a time, through extortion, drugs, prostitution and racketeering. While the Joker and Scarecrow make big messes and splatter the landscape with blood, he quietly takes advantage of the housing prices they push down and the abandonment that comes with people fleeing for safer environs. Bruce Wayne may own the most real estate in Gotham, but Two-Face wasn't that far behind.

Tonight, he's invited Poison Ivy to one such warehouse. She's been escorted in, but left alone with the man himself. Or almost alone. There's another man there, in a chair. Tied down with rope, gagged with cloth. A pudgy, middle-aged sort, the kind you'd see on a golf course or at a board meeting. Sweating through his clothes and bulging his eyes at the entrance of the red-haired vixen.

"Dr. Isley. Good of you to join us," Two-Face says, and it isn't clear if he's including the man in the chair…or if he's just referring to himselves.

The invitation was something to be expected lately. With everyone nearly fleeing the coop, Ivy was often left alone to her own mindless devices. Cooking up concoctions here, spreading a little love there.. leaving a trail of broken bodies in her wake..

It was good to get out into the fresh open air, to have the wind course through blood reds even though a finger often times tangle here and there.. but once she was in the warehouse, that suede green suit hugs her invitingly as she looks on towards the trembling man with eyes that narrow and curl in a smile that doesn't reach her lips.

"Mr. Dent." She says softly, the steps she takes forward were of something only Ivy could produce, a hip sway with an invisible tail though hair tickles the curve of her ass throughout. "And the man in the chair?" She stops just before him, kneeling, her screen slowly molting into a greenish color, pink tongue darting from her lip to rest upon red pillows of lips, gloved fingers reaching out to lightly 'boop' the man's nose. "Is he a gift?"

Two-Face stalks around behind the man, placing mismatched hands on either shoulder. "An offering," he says. "An olive branch. Not that we're on bad terms. But there's nothing wrong with a little pandering now and again. I think it's one of my favorite things to be charged with," he says.

His scarred hand comes up and grips the top of the man's skull, his combover ruffled and shifted as he grimaces. "This is Norton Fellows. He's the CEO and chief owner of Fell Swoop, one of the major garbage companies in the state. He makes a good living paying other people to pick up shit and slop while he sits in his nice, cozy office and rakes in a few mill for basically nodding."

"One of the reasons he gets paid so well is because he keeps costs down. For example, he found that landfill rights were expensive, more than he wanted to pay. Cutting into the bottom line. So, for the last five years, he's been having a lot of the Gotham garbage ground up into pretty much a shit smoothie, and then dumping it out at sea for free. Swell guy. And this is just one of the many, many shortcuts he's taken to line his pockets at cost to the world around him."

Harvey leans in now, his scarred cheek against Norton's, the chubby man whimpering when he feels that rubbery, unclean flesh against him. "He's a leech. Fat with blood. He also happens to own a few interest which I have every interest of taking - he's already signed the necessary transfer papers, in exchange for my agreement not to kill him. And everyone knows I'm a man of my word."

"But you, dear Ivy…you are not me…"

Ivy retains her interest but putting on a poker face, a deadpanned gaze directed towards the man even as he fits and fumbles within the chair. Even as Harvey moves close, she does as well, one knee pushing out to nudge the mans apart, carefully settling upon his knee at a slight little straddle, her fingers grasping against his thigh to keep herself steady. But.. don't worry about those nails.. not just yet.

As Harvey continues to tell his story, those nails seek perchance against the hem of his pants, grasping tighter.. tighter.. and tighter still as nails dig in to the point it breaches the fabric and into flesh, her lips forming a thin line which was meant to contain anger, and the opportunity presents itself to draw her hand upright to land a well placed scratch against the mans cheek, the toxins transmitted to create a healthy bleed where only a trickle would form.

".. you bastard." It was unclear of whom she speaks of, but she does lean back, her back a delicate arch as both hands draw up to lace behind her neck to create a bounce within her hair to bring it out of her way.

"It is clear that he's created a travesty here in -my- fair city." Ivy croons, fingers drawing down over her neck to the nape of her bosom, dipping inside and betwixt to retrieve a seed of a pill which was presented to both of the men with a flourish of fingers.

The other hand reaches to tug and pull, while the other pushes the seed into his lips, hands soon smothering his nose and mouth to force him to swallow.

"I do hope that by doing your dirty work Harvey I'll gain an even split in this side of things. You say the other papers were signed before you called me here.." She finally lets go as she feels the man struggle beneath her ass, pinching his cheeks to make sure that the pill was swallowed once his mouth is opened wide. "I do not do these things for free."

Two-Face cocks his head as he releases the man into Ivy's warm and tender embrace. He's not averse to watching, he simply considers the man already dead - if she wishes to play with the toy he gave her, that's fine. At her question, he reaches into his jacket for a moment, slowly drawing his coin from its pocket, rolling it between his fingers slowly.

"I admit, inviting you was something of an impulse. A decision of whim, without forethought. I hadn't thought to include you in the business considerations. I know you tend to take matters more personally than I do and just meant to give you a little bit of pleasure," he says.

He flips the coin, letting it travel up into the darkness, lost in shadow as the man himself. "Normally, if someone insists on me sharing my wealth, I tend to have a…negative reaction. But that's an emotional response, not to be trusted. I wanna be fair to you, Poison Ivy," he says.

He snatches the coin from the air and slaps it down on the back of his wrist, the sound muffled under the whimpering agony of the poisoned executive, starting to thrash in terror underneath his bond.

"Sun is shining for you, pretty flower. Looks like we can come to an accomodation," he says as he looks at the clean face of the coin before tucking it away again.

The man's wriggling and bouncing sets her assets to life, her hands grasping his thigh to hold on to the ride as she leans forward to use the tip of her nose to nudge the gag into place. The pill itself, works as such. It'll find it's way into his esophagus, spreading spores and vendom, creating an enviroment on the way down which would allow the acid within his belly to die a slow death. Then, the seat would plant itself in it's intestinal tract, the spores themselves feeding heat and life to the seed as it begins to sprout in the fat mans belly, creating a horrific living tree, a blood cantacle where the man sits.

And right now, all he feels is pain.

He croons and cries, but Ivy doesn't pay him any mind, she was enjoying the right as he bucks, her feet planting hard upon the ground to affirm her stands with a rise and a swift turn into his lap, hands reaching down to grasp upon the chair, her head leaning back against the mans shoulder to look towards Harvey upside-down as he tests her fate by the flip of the coin. And this was all done with a smile, and a little laugh.

"Oh my gosh Harvey. You have no idea the type of pleasure I need in my life right now." *BUMPBUMP*

But, she was to be included on the business, which was good for her, bad for everyone else, and with that her eyes close as she continues to ride the pony into death. "What is my prize?"

Two-Face turns back and looks at Ivy, the languid posture making his unscarred face heavy-lidded for a moment. He isn't immune to her charms, by any stretch, his insanity simply puts such matters, as all others, under the dominion of his own particular rules. "A mixture of waste disposal contracts - he pretty much owned the unions - and a few facilities that can be put to good use. Waste disposal…toxic chemicals…in fact, you might be ideal. Science never was my best subject - I was too busy being class president," he says with an eerie half-smirk.

"The unions I can handle, though - through them, more leverage, more influence. They pay politicians, which means those politicians now owe me. Corruption can be sweet with the right kind of fruit," he says.

The man's screams are only barely contained by the gag, his body starting to quiver with seizures as the roots spread into his innards, tearing through his digestive tract to spill stomach acid down into his guts. Harvey pays him no mind.

"With the Cat out of the equation, in fact, I've been in need of a new partner."

"Mmnh.." She manages out over the mans screams. She could hear the ripping and tearing of the man's gullet, her body soon a quick lurch upright as she stands with a flourish, drawing her way around towards Harvey to grasp at the crook of his elbow to tug him clear towards the other side of the room. She wasn't in the mood to deal with blood, and she was sure that Harvey's better side wasn't either. Though which side?

"Finally, Harvey. We're going to do some -real- good with Gotham." Though there was a little part of her that was a bit sad about the Cat. She would visit her friend soon, maybe.. a double cross with a side of Harvey.. or on the side of Harvey.. who knows what his place would be in this slice of her Kingdom.

The considered glance was given his way as she approaches a table, and with a turn and but a hop, she lands her ass upon it to watch the show from afar, going so far as to gently nudge the half-faced man out of her way with a boot and a lean back upon it's surface.

Two-Face follows along. Of course, he doesn't trust Ivy - he doesn't trust anyone. They are, in their nature, betrayers, crooks, liars and thieves. Deals only lasted as long as they were mutually advantageous and everyone was winning. He knew Ivy would shove a twig through his back the second it was in her best interest to do so. Just as he'd put a bullet in her pretty red head if she got in his way. They were predators and Gotham was the most vicious jungle in the civilized world.

But, for now, and with the coin's blessing…peace between them could be had. "Like the Cat and me, you understand the value of order. You're not some punk just making a big mess and giggling about it while he picks his scabs or some fool trying to burn the whole place to the ground for the sake of their Mommy issues," he snorts. "You have an agenda. A mission. Just like me," he says.

He turns his head to look at the dying man, roots running down through the man's lower body now, his groin exploding in his pants like a struck pinata. But that ain't candy. "Which doesn't mean we can't spill a little blood now and again," he says.

"Don't get me wrong, a girl loves a good dose of order but I also love my chaos." As she speaks this, the man lets loose a final scream, a scream that tears through his throat along with a rather large effigy of a sprouting vine that splits from from neck to skull. The formation was complete, the red figure looming where the chair once was, meshing and melding with it until it was ejected and crashed against the wall, clattering to the ground in a low thrum that causes Ivy to sit upright, clap and laugh.


The blood was spilled to commemorate the occasion, Ivy was pleased but not fulfilled. It was a hands off killing, allowing the growth to do it's work within the mans body and yet, with a lift of a thigh and a rub of her outer thigh against Harvey's own and a little growl that draws forth tells which way this was headed next. "Haarveeey.." She sings out playfully. "..have I ever showed you the trick that I like to perform after such.. a grand display of my creations coming to life?"

Two-Face smiles, "Chaos and Order go well together, but you can't have one without the other. Two sides," he says, "Too much of any one and things get off kilter. That's when you get injustice," he says.

He watches more as the plant begins to tear more at the man, his death obviously close at hand, before Harvey feels that leg brush up against him. He reaches out and snatches her ankle, holding the leg still in his scarred hand, his grip firm upon her flesh as he turns to face her.

"Can't say as you have," he says. "But we often do get rushed by people in capes and pointy ears, don't we?"

"You and your sides." Ivy murmurs playfully, the catch of her ankle causing her to jerk ever so slightly, her knee drawn up as she tries to force him to turn and draw right against the table where the edge of her ass was perched.

"And this night is a rarity, is it not? An un-interrupted kill. Blood on the proveribal dancefloor. An effigy created by my hand in honor of you.."

If she had him, that other leg would curl around him, hooking ankle to ankle, elbows pressed upon the table so that she perches upright, corner of her plush lips bitten as she narrows her gaze upon the pocket where he keeps his coin.

"Flip for me Harvey. Heads. I'll show you a little trick. Tails. And I'll give you my brand of horror." She scoots down far enough to give him a little bump, one leg uncurling to rest upon his shoulder as she arches her foot just so.

"I do so dare you a tails."

Two-Face raises an eyebrow as he's drawn in, her supple legs guiding him and drawing him in closer. He rolls over the possibilities in his mind - It's possible she would just tear him apart or use some of her poisons to make his life a hell. He's suffered before, he doesn't have much fear of it. If she'd just threatened him, he'd probably laugh it off.

But she asked for the coin and he feels an itch in his hand at the thought of it. He looks her over with both of his mismatched eyes, the contrast of him sharp and unsettling as he grins, "Fair enough," he says and he draws his coin and gives it a flip. He snatches it up and holds it for just a moment.

"Just remember, doctor. You get what you pay for," he says, opening hisi hand and showing her the scarred head of the coin.

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