Planning Period

January 27, 2016:

Scott's planning period at the school is interrupted with visits by Laura and Alex. Alex makes a great first impression.

Institute Classroom

Scott's history classroom, it has maps and desks and stuff.


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It's the morning after the rescue of one Hank McCoy from the clutches the Morlock known as Masque. Leech and Artie are off somewhere being taken care of within the Institute, while X-23 was given a guest room to use as her own. Already, her morning and early afternoon has been quite busy. With an invitation to tea with Betsy. It was only after that tea that Laura finally escaped the institute for an hour so. She went completely off the grid, as it were. Leaving the grounds for the abandoned building the Morlocks had so recently called home.

Even though the building was taped off by the police, X-23 finds it easy to sneak in and find her small bag of items. She had put it in a secret spot within the building, a small nook that X-23 had found that was well away from the hustle and bustle of the Morlocks.

Once her bag is freed, the dark haired young woman makes her way back to the Institute. And this is where she can now be found. She's just stepping through the doorway and then into the foyer, her small bag held close to her side.

Despite the rescue yesterday, there's stil work to be done on campus at the Institute. Classes are in full session, and when the members of X-Blue and Gold aren't out on missions, they handle the duties of teaching students. Dressed in a black sweater, blue jeans and sneakers, Scott is coming out of his classroom, ruby glasses perchec on his nose as he carries a stack of papers that he has to work on grading and getting into the system.

It's his planning period, so he has the free time to work on it, however, as the students are shuffling between classes, he notices the young woman out of place - it's easy to tell who the newcomers are, they're generally well out of place. There's some congenial, "Good morning, Mister Summers!" from some students as Scott makes his way down the hall before he pauses before Laura, "You must be one of the new prospects." he offers with a faint smile. "I was about to work on this week's history test, but if you want to talk?" he suggests, "I'm told I'm pretty good at rubbing my head and patting my tummy at the same time."

Laura does stick out like a sore thumb, doesn't she? It can't be helped, as it's easy to see she doesn't resond to overt or even more shy greetings. She simply ignores them, as she fights the stream of bodies. The majority of the students are going one way, while Laura is going the other. And while the appearance of Scott Summers was noted by X-23, she didn't really focus upon the tall teacher.

Not until he makes a beeline for her, that is.

As soon as X-23 saw his course shift towards her, the dark haired young woman stopped right where she was. It probably caused a minor traffic jam, as it were, as the students around her weren't expecting her to stop so abruptly. Still, the little cluster of people eventually sorts itself out by the time Scott makes his way over to Laura.

His mention of her being one of the new prospects earns a very slight nod from the girl. "Yes." It's, however, the rest of his words that causes a very faint frown to crinkle her brows and downturn her lips. His head will be looked at and then his stomach, as Laura asks, "It is a good thing to have this skill?"

As his attempt at humor falls flat, Scott can't help but to look a little chagrined. "I suppose I won't be the most dour person in the house." it's a little self-depreciating humor as he turns to head back towards his room. He expects her to follow, of course, as he settles down behind his desk. Despite the old-fashioness of the house itself, the room is rather advanced, with smartboards, table settings, and updated maps and history charts on the wall. "I suppose I should start with introductions, I'm Scott Summers, I teach history and shop. Have you met with the headmistress yet?" he asks curiously as he settles down, setting the papers to the side as he reaches into his briefcase.

When he looks back towards his office, X-23 will likewise do the same, even as she continues to regard Scott Summers silently. Yes, even that bit of self-depreciating humor was lost upon the girl, it seems. Still, this is one of the people that Betsy had talked about, having heard his name from the greetings of the other students. He is one of the ones who gives the missions, as it were. So, when he moves back to his office, X-23 dutifully follows after him.

Once inside, her vibrant green eyes will quickly dart around the room. She's taking it all in, the furnishings, the smartboards and tablets, even any personal touches, should there be any.

It takes a minute, but finally Laura will sit down upon one of the chairs in front of the desk. At his introduction, there's a nod from Laura. "Yes. I was told of you." Are her cryptic seeming words, even as she offers that faint frown once more at the mention of the headmistress. "I do not know. What is her name?" When the Scott reaches into his briefcase, X-23 will automatically follow that motion of his.

He's only taking out a red pen to work on grading papers. Sliding the first one over, Scott considers. "Then you probably met Betsy, or Miss Braddock, right?" he asks, as he adjusts in his chair. She might sense with that nose of hers a bit of a coppery smell and a .. hint of sea? .. on him. "She's filling in for the director of the school, Doctor Jean Grey. She should be meeting with you soon." he says as he works on one of the papers, making marks on it before he sets it aside to work on the next one.

"I see. And what did Miss Braddock tell you?" he asks curiously, not wanting to give away any more than what Betsy had offered to her, as he continues to make notes. He has a few small touches, besides his college diploma and certificate of education, he has a couple of pictures. One is a group picture of a few students posing for the camera. Besides him, there's a redheaded female, and a man in a wheelchair among the other students as they mug for a camera with the caption: First Class, Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning. The other picture is Scott and the same redhead, a little older, dressed to the nines, smiling happily for the camera as they are at some sort of party.

"Or if there are more questions that I can answer?" he suggests. "Betsy has been here for quite a while, so she does know a lot about the school and such."

Once the pen is seen, X-23's gaze will flick away and back to Scott's face. Her head will cant to the side as she idly scents the air, an automatic gesture on her part. And while she scents that coppery smell, she says nothing just yet. Instead, she'll nod again. "Yes. I have met her." Meaning Betsy, one persumes and which Laura confirms, as she adds, "She has told me the mission of this school. To help everyone co-exist."

When Scott starts ticking off points in the papers, Laura can't help but glance towards those red marks for a second. Then it's back to Scott, as she considers that last question of his. She's silent for a few minutes, before she leans forward ever so slightly.

"When will I get a mission?" Yes, that seems to be her only question for Scott for now, it seems.

Oh. So she brought that up. Scott stops writing for the moment. Rising to his feet, he goes over to the door to close it. This isn't a discussion for the students to listen in on. "What type of mission?" he asks with measured caution as he favors his right side as he moves to settle on the side of the desk, taking a seat and folding his hands in front of him. "And yes, she's right. Our founder, Charles Xavier, has a vision of a world where those that have been graced with the X-Gene are accepted as fellow humans in society and given the same rights and privileges. But we have to work on our side of it - those with powers need to learn to control and hold them so that they do not cause harm, but can be beneficial to their fellow man, be it human or mutant, or magic-user, or even alien, as it seems we have discovered." he comments with a mild chuckle.

He's not a mind reader like Jean or Betsy, so he can't just check her head to see if Betsy brought up what's under the Institute, and he's not going to go pushing just yet.

When Scott rises upward and moves to the door, X-23 will easily keep him in view, twisting just enough to watch him close the office door. Her eyes will narrow slightly at the vague limp she can see within his stride, but again, she doesn't say anything just yet about it. His question about what type of mission allows X-23 to consider her next words again. Finally, she'll say, "I am good at killing." And while some might expect her to be boastful about that, she isn't. In fact, the majority of what she has said has been said with a flat, nearly monotone voice.

At Scott's futher explanation, X-23 will nod yet again, as she states, "Yes. To co-exist." She says again, echoing her previous words. Then there's the slightest of shifts, as she finally adds, "She also said you could help. Me." And while she could say more, she doesn't, or perhaps she can't. It's hard for Laura to speak so openly about herself. Not when everything has always been secret and silence with her.

Scott rubs a hand over his face. Oh Betsy, you really need to learn to send a man a text before you feed him to the lions. Settled on the edge of the desk, his hands tighten slightly at the mention of killing. "Alright, well that's a skill to have, but it's not one we actively encourage." he says, measuring his words. "And it is not just me that can help you. We're a support system. Myself, Jean, Betsy, and a few others." he says as he stops and taps his pen against his pants leg before he takes out his phone to send a message.

"Are you planning on staying here?" he asks finally. "We have classes for students your age, including working for a GED - that's just a general education thing. We do strive to learn and teach as well, so being a student is a non-negotiable, but we can work with a more relaxed schedule with you. Also with students your age, we usually want to provide a student or graduate mentor to help with the lay of the land, as it were. Would this be acceptable for you?"

He's slowly coming around to the idea of opening more to Laura, but he needs to lay the ground work first.

Alex had a refreshing walk around the very familiar grounds and halls of Xaviers. He noted a lot of students, carefully ignored and avoided their interactions (he really doesn't like kids) and then finds his way to Scott's office where he flings open the door (without knocking) and wears a broad smile on his clean shaven face. His hair is pulled back in a pony, his body covered in denum and a leather jacket with matching hiking boots. He says, "HEEEERRRRRREEEESSSSSS ALEX!" before he realizes that Scott has company. Then he notices the dimunitive occupant and smiles.

It doesn't seemt o bother X-23, when Scott rubs his hand over his face. It's possible she doesn't understand what that particular gesture means. Either way, his words are given a nod to, as she answers, "Yes." Though it's not quite clear what she's saying yes to. That killing is a good skill to have, or it's not encouraged? X-23 doesn't help either, as she doesn't expand upon that one word answer of hers.

Instead, the topic of classes is considered by Laura. Finally, she'll nod, "I would like classes. I wish to be normal." Those last five words seem almost unwilling drawn out from her, but they're said.

More would have likely been said, specifically about having a mentor assigned to her, but then that door is all but kicked opened. That sudden movement and the loudness of Alex's greeting immediately causes Laura to react. With reflexes quicker than a cat, X-23 rises swiftly from her seat and even before she's completely standing straight, the woman is pivoting upon heel. Hands will drop away from the strap of her bag (which hangs across her torso) and immediately a familiar sight may be seen now.


Two claws immediately erupt from the tops of each hand, as she takes a step towards Havok, claws raised aggressively. It doesn't seem like his pretty boy smile appeases X-23, either.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to force someone upon you that you're going to want to avoid.." Scott srarts to say as he hears the door open, and before he can admonish whatever student may have just barged in, instead, it's his own brother. And every stride that he had been making with Laura gets set back as he pushes himself off the desk with a pained grunt to move between Laura and Alex. "Whoa, whoa!" he says as he intercedes between the two with a sigh.

"Alex, the door is closed for a reason." he says with a sigh. "I know you're used to barging in, but in this case.." he sighs and notices the claws. And the healing and he closes his eyes for a moment before he calms down. "Laura, this is Alex Summers. He's my brother, and a bit of a .. well, I'm not sure what." he says with a small glance back towards her. "Let's try this again." Offered quietly. "And I think I know who would be a good mentor for you. She has experience in working with new and transitioning students. Now lets sit down, and keep talking. I have more information I need to share -" there's a glance to Alex and a slap to his shoulder. "- with you too. Alex, this is Laura. She helped Hank escape the Morlock encampment and is a prospective student."

With the knowledge that Scott is in a meeting, Alex doesn't really want to interrupt, but he also doesn't have any intentions of leaving. His eyes look over the poised girl and he smiles, "Hey Laura." is said in greeting before addressing Scott with a question, "You've got a mini-snikt. Does Logan know?"

He wants to see how business goes down with his brother so Alex will push the door closed and move to furniture (a couch?) up against the far wall so he can watch the exchange. Alex will slide into the furniture and make himself comfortable. (Taking a seat as Scott suggested.)

Green eyes narrow, even as Scott puts himself between the two. Still, that gesture is enough for X-23 to allow her claws to recede back into her hands. His explanation goes even further to standing Laura down from a killing strike. "Your brother." She says flatly, even as her gaze locks on Alex again. As for Alex's words? About being a mini-snikt. She may not know exactly what he means, but she knows he's talking about her claws. Again, her hands curl into tight fists.

While others might ask further questions, X-23 doesn't. Instead she will slowly retreat back to her vacated seat. Finally, her gaze will swing back to Scott as she says, "You are injured." It's not so much question as a statement from Laura. Yes, she could have remarked about the mentor again, but that pained grunt was heard from Scott, when he interceded between the two.

"I had a little incident at the beach last night." Scott says as he gingerly moves to retake his seat. "Speaking of - Alex, I know you're in X-Red, make sure that the information we got from the Blue Envoy gets back to both X-Red and the JL:Alliance." Apparently bringing it up, this way - he's decided to open the door as he settles back against the desk.

The office is also his classroom, so grab a chair, Alex. Class is in session. "Alright, the other way we help.. is that we protect those that cannot protect themselves. Not only mutants from violence, but humans from mutants. We're divided into three teams - collectively known as the X-Men. Alex is a member of the X-Red, they're the ones you hear about on the news. They're not officially attached to the Institute and work as an autonomous team. They're known publically, and do a lot of public relations work. Then there's the Blue team, which is mostly the support here.. and then Gold, which I'm a member on. When you hear about those in costume that are helping - like those that helped you at the tunnels, that's them." He lumps Black in with Gold for now - because she doesn't need to know about the covert ops side yet.

Alex seems comfortable, kicked back and at a distance from the two others in the room. Though he's inclined to hear Scott's words, he doesn't want to seem like he is interested in what his big brother has to say. He glanced at his cell phone after nodding to Scott's instruction and will text it to Brin.

When Alex is addressed by Scott, X-23 automatically turns her gaze back towards the blond man. A faint frown settles upon her features when she looks at him; clearly, not the best of first meetings for Laura, it seems. Again, that look doesn't last look once Scott turns his attention back to her. Turning away once more, Laura will listen to what the elder brother has to say. A nod is given to the history lesson about the X-types and with that movement of her head, Laura edges into the conversation, "Yes. I have heard of X-Red. They have helped in M-Town. Food. Clothes."

The rest of the information about the teams is filed away and once again, the dark haired young woman nods. "Red, Gold, Blue." She echoes back, as if memorizing the team names by repetition. "I understand."

"If you want to help with any of the teams, you can join one. Mind you, if you join Red, you will have to go public. Blue and Gold, not so much. But I'd like for you to be a student as well. There's a lot we can show you, and you can show us, I'm sure." Scott offers as he folds his hands in front of him for a moment before he returns to his desk and takes out a piece of paper. Getting his phone, he looks up something and jots down the number as he goes to Alex. "This is Kate Bishop's contact information. She's Hawkeye over at the JL:Alliance. Make sure you get the info to her as well, she can make sure to get it out." he explains as he turns to Laura.

"Yes, they help majorly with that. Gold and Blue deal with larger threats." he says as he returns to his side of the desk. "As for who I want to pair you with, her name is Kitty Pryde. She's a member of the Gold team and teaches computer science. She's worked in Japan and has experience with mentoring students. And she understands boundaries."

Taking the slip of paper, Alex hears and nods acceptance of the instructions. He almost asks if she's hot, but refrains for he figures he might get stabbed. Instead he smiles to himself and puts the info into his phone. Then hearing about Kitty, he outwardly smiles and thinks back to the good old days.

The mention of joining a team causes X-23 to frown slightly. There's an internal struggle within her, with her thoughts going back and forth between saying yes or saying no. Thankfully, for X-23 at least, none of that struggle really shows upon her features beyond that slight down turning of her mouth. "I cannot join X-Red." She states with some sense of finality to her words; putting her name out there in the public with a viable location to boot? Well, it just wouldn't be smart. And X-23 isn't stupid.

"I will try being a student first." She decides, even as she glance towards Scott. And when Scott names her mentor, Laura will nod once, saying, "Kitty Pryde." Then in what might be considered an abrupt movement, X-23 rises to her feet, bag still held closely to her side. "I will find her."

Scott nods his head. "As for myself, and Jean.. we're not part of any team. Jean handles the school's operation, and I usually handle field command and control when needed. We drift between teams as needed, so you will probably see one of us around here a lot." he says as he glances towards Laura. "Are there any more questions you may have for me? I'll have you a room assignment and uniform for the school by the end of the day and enroll you in classes. I'll put you in my homeroom, so we can talk after class if you need any help with transitioning." he offers.

Not to mention that Laura has to take the dreaded.. placement exams.

Looking over to the rising girl, Alex sees that she's an eager beaver when it comes to getting the ball rolling. He doesn't comment; though his blue eyes are very entertained with the exchange and he wonders what's wrong with the girl, other than having blades coming out of her knuckles.

"I understand." Is her response to everything that Scott has told her. The mention of just who's homeroom she'll be in is accepted with a nod, "I have no other questions." Laura will take a step away from Scott, his desk, the chair she was sitting in and pivot upon here. It looks like this conversation is over? As she turns, her unusually bright green eyes will fall upon Alex's form. There's a narrowing of them again as she gives him a look; it goes even so far as to allow one corner of her mouth to curl upward to allow for a bit of teeth to be shown at the man.

Before she leaves, however, she will pause at the door and look back to Scott. "Thank you." The two words sound rough coming from her, as if hardly ever used, but it's there. Her thanks.

Then she's pulling the door open with a surety and exiting. Yes, she will be on the hunt for Kitty Pryde now. Her mentor.

Before she leaves, Scott takes out another sheet of paper, and writes down a room number. "Alright, then report to this room, and you'll be given a placement exam to help determine with math and language classes you need to be in. Welcome to Xavier's Institute, Laura. I look forward to seeing you around."

He doesn't notice the look Laura gives Alex - they're going to have a beautiful relationship, obviously, as he moves to hold open the door for Laura and then closes it after her. Letting out a sigh, he returns to his brother. "She was one of the Morlocks from the tunnels. Helped Hank escape - she.. well, no social skills, as you can tell. And seeing as Logan worked with Kitty in the past, it's probably best that she's with her."

Alex's eyes show the result of his broad grin and silent chuckle. "Damn dude… you've got yourself a tiny little killing machine on your hands. Did you see those claws? I'll bet her codname is Tasmianian Devil or Whirling Dervish. Cause she starts spinning around like the Exorcist and everyone falls down bloody and dead. Yeah, social skills and empathy would be a great thing…"

"Something like that." Scott says as he lowers himself gingerly back into his seat to start grading papers again. "Jean's out trying to convince Logan to come back…" And Alex immediately should know that doesn't set well with Scott, "…maybe he can help her a little, as much as I hate to admit it." he comments with a faint sigh as he looks over the paper. "How are you adjusting to being back with X-Red? You were a little rusty last night."

"A little rusty, yeah. It's been a while since I had to fight using my power. Especially using my power. Which is sort of why I dropped by. I was going to get in some Danger Room time… buut dude. I really shouldn't work with that girl. I'm brash and obnoxious. She'd probably stab me. Then it's dead Alex, on the curb, by the sewer, where the rain goes down." - he does NOT comment about Jean going after Logan, because that's a button that he probably shouldn't push, even though he really wants to.

"You're not going to be working with that girl. You're just my messenger. Last time I was at the Hall of Justice, I was a prisoner of the government, I'd rather you go so that I don't open old wounds." Scott explains as he gives a little frown. "I just need you to make sure that what Ulani shared with us last night about the village and the Lord of the Deep gets to the people that are handling it."

"Oh, cool. Yeah. I'm totally on that." Assures Alex as he gets his directions straight. "But could you elaborate on what happened last night? The Lord of the Deep is who? What's going on under the sea with the Little Mermaid?"

Scott rubs his head and sighs. Setting down the pen, he gets up to pull down the map to explain better. "Much like the surface world, the undersea world is divided into three nations. There's Atlantis, the city of myth, and the Atlanteans, which you probably know about due to Aquaman and such. The Lemurians are lesser known and secretive in their ways. The Blue is what we met last night. Envoy Ulani is close friends with Bobby Drake.." he lets that meaning hang in the air, " our contact through Emma Frost. Over the last several months, there has been summonings around the Tri-City area. These summonings are attempting to pull a big bad creature from the bottom of the ocean called the Lord of the Deep. Apparently, he has been successfully summoned. And now he's attacking coastal towns, mutating the residents of them to turn them into loyal servants and soldiers."

Standing to observe this map closely as Scott discusses it, Alex will move to join him mapside. "So this, Lord of the Deep. No realation to Lord of the Dance and we have to river-dance-off with him? He won't be 'served'. That's probably best, cause I can't dance and you're whiter than me. So why? I mean, what's the deal with the summoners? Why are they wanting to bring back the big bad ocean monster and how do we stop them? More precisely, where to I shoot?"

"Apparently the summoners are no longer needed." Scott explains. "That's what Ulani says is new. The creature is now roaming free." he says with a sigh. "Apparently it's still an underwater war - but the Lord of the Deep is now drafting those from the surface to serve in his army against the undersea world."

With a furrowed brow, Alex nods and says, "Okay. I'll head out and spread the word. Just call me Paul." then he steps away from the map and figures he has a mission to accomplish. "I'll swing back around when I get time. We'll get more briefing going on and stuff."

"Pony Express is more like it. And before you ask, yes, Kate is a looker. And she's on the Council for the JL:A. And close friends with Princess Diana." Scott warns before he glances at the picture of Jean and his expression sours slightly. "Don't break too many hearts, Alex." he tries to offer in a tease. "I'll see you later, make sure she knows you'll relay any information she can get to me if we need to help."

"Roger that.", states Alex as he confirms all the suggestions, even the breaking of hearts and hot chicks. He smiles to himself and then moves out the door. And he's out like Mandella.

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