To The Institute

January 26, 2016:

Nate Grey, Leech, Artie and X-23 arrive at the institute following the rescue of Beast.

Xavier Institute - Grounds


NPCs: Artie, Leech


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Fade In…

The hustle and bustle has been left. Now X-23, Leech, Artie and Nate Grey are above ground and on their way to the Mansion. While it’s not the best way to go, the four of them are safely tucked into a cab. Thankfully, Nate is picking up the tab, because it’s a sure bet that neither Leech, Artie or X-23 have the money to pay for such a ride.

Either way, the children are huddled close to each other, with Laura next to them and finally Nate next to Laura. The children all but cling to X-23’s hands and the girl, while not the easiest with physical touch, allows them to hold her hands. Children are different it seems. While Leech and Artie look out the window of the cab, X-23 will keep her attention split between the Cabbie (who’s eyeing the odd little group in the back) and Nate. She says nothing for the moment, however.

No powers, what a weird sensation. Nate should be worried the technovirus will eat him alive without his powers to keep it at bay. But it doesn't feel it, probably because the very psychic energy that empowers the virus is also neutralized by Leech.

So he plays for the cab and lets Laura keep quiet. But tries to distract Artie and Leech doing card tricks. Only once they are in the school grounds, he has made the cabbie forget some details, and the children are taken away by a nurse called Annie, he addresses Laura. "I am glad you agreed to come here. You can relax now, the place is a fortress."

When the nurse arrives for the children, X-23 will watch them as they're led away, before her gaze swings back to Nate. A faint frown mars her features now, as she obviously scents the air about the two of them. His remark about this place being a fortress doesn't seem to relieve the tension that can be seen and likely felt from the dark-haired young woman.

"What will happen with the children?" She finally asks, her voice still somewhat flat and monotone, as she looks back towards the Mansion, where Artie and Leech were taken to.

"There are very few mutants that manifest that young," notes Nate. "I guess they will have to be given special attention until they are old enough to join the first course." He shrugs. "I am not a teacher and I no longer live here. But I have family here and I help the X-Men when I can. What have you been up to the past couple years?"

Green eyes narrow slightly at Nate's explanation, but it's enough apparently, as she relaxes every so slightly. It's only at his last question that her gaze will turn back to them, as she had allowed herself to really take in her surroundings for a few minutes. She considers how to answer his question, as she stares at him. Finally though, she speaks, "Why do you wish to know?"

And there might just be a hint of suspicion in those flat tones of hers, as she once again considers the young man before her. While Nate remembers her, well her alternate reality self, X-23 has no knowledge of Nate, beyond their first meeting. And that first meeting was enough to put him in the oddity category for Laura.

"Because…" how to explain? Nate looks at the small brunette, looking pained. "Because I know you probably had a truly miserable childhood, and chances are you are on the run right now." He invites her to walk ahead, towards the cafeteria and free food. "Well, you can rest here for a while and maybe figure out what you want to do the rest of your life."

A sharp look is given to Nate, when he reveals he knows she's on the run. It's enough to cause her hands to fist slightly, before she looks away and then down. She'll unflex her hands for a moment, easily falling to silence now. She does, at least, move in the general direction that Nate has motioned towards. She can smell the food ahead, as well as the people that have gone before them.

Still, it's a good that she's walking. That means she's not necessarily taking this situation as some sort of trap or threat.

His last words, once again cause her to speak. As she echoes, "Rest." It's hard to say if she's ever found any place she's taken residence up as restful. It's hard to say if the Institute will be any different, not this early in the game at least. As for the rest of her life? That last bit of his statement? That causes her to turn her curiously emotionless gaze back to the man. "I wish to learn …", and there's definitely more to that sentence of hers, but she doesn't quite finish. Nor does it seem likely she's going to, either.

"Good. This is mostly a school," replies Nate. The cafeteria is half full, and most of the people inside are young, younger than Laura. Some are obvious mutants. She didn't answer his question, and he is not prying. Sooner or later she is going to have to tell one of the folks in charge. But Xavier is better than him at this. "What do you want to eat?" He asks.

At the sight of the cafeteria and the people, X-23 pauses. She'll idly scent the air around herself, even as her gaze roams over the whole room and the people it holds. Automatically her mind picks out who could be considered high threats, mid-level threats and low threats. All of this flashes through her mind in an instant, even as she turns back to Nate Grey.

Easily, her arm will point towards a random selection of food. "That is fine." And with those words, the dark haired woman will make her way into the Cafeteria, with Nate Grey in tow. Yes, perhaps Xavier will have better luck with the young woman.

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