How much is that in American? How much is it in lasagna?

January 25, 2016:

Jean Grey meets with Matt Murdock to discuss representation. Honestly, it's slightly more exciting than that.

Offices of Nelson and Murdock

A law office in Hell's Kitchen.


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Matt rolls his head around a bit on his shoulders as he finishes writing up his notes for tomorrow. A case involving a mutant who killed a police officer is headed to trial tomorrow, and the young lawyer from the Kitchen is trying to finish up his work in a hurry.

Most would want to take their time, of course, but this is no regular man of law. Matt fully intends to take to the rooftops tonight to bring out the other side of justice. First things first, though…

Jean Grey dropped Prada.


Jean stands there, the unexpected need to visit Murdock has her questioning her own sanity. She's only met the well-to-do man before, offering up files on Mr. Summers and the like, but with that little shit show over she hadn't been back to congradulate him or at least say a word of thanks. She did however, come bearing gifts. A nice bottle of sparkling water, chilled of course, and a pan of lasagna that was cooked with the freshest ingredients located in New York.

He smells the food first; the melting cheese over the meat and soft, but firm noodles and the sauce make his stomach burn with a bit of yearning. Matt had meant to get food earlier today but had missed lunch again trying to prepare. Until just now he'd forgotten about that and finds himself extremely happy that Jean has arrived.

The heat emanating off of the pan makes her features a bit more clear to him as she enters through the doorway and into the offices of Nelson and Murdock. As she approaches he turns slightly in his desk chair and faces her.

"Miss Jean Grey," he says in his low voice. "I am either extremely lucky to be the beneficiary of your graces, or am about to be extremely envious over whomever that food may be for."

"So answer carefully."

"Mr. Murdock." Jean greets officially, though he could possibly hear the smile in her voice. "Consider yourself lucky." The pan was carefully placed upon the open spot of his desk, Jean helping herself to the chair as she keeps hold of the bottle in a moment of absent mindedness. "Oh. Something to drink too." The bottle was clinked and placed next to the pan, her fingers shaking out briefly as she lets out a little sigh.

"It's just a thank you for your assistance with.. you know. That." She'd gesture, but she was sure it was a gesture that would have gone lost. She hasn't picked around in his head to see what he sees, she was certain it would be total blackness. "How are you doing?"

A slow, sly grin slides across Matt's face as she confirms what he'd hoped. Looks like he won't have to stop somewhere to eat before putting on the red suit tonight. "Thank me? Well, thank you. Lasagna is one of my favorites; if I didn't know better I'd think I'd belong more on Mulberry than here in Hell's Kitchen."

"I'm extremely glad that everything worked out as well as it did. I'd have liked to get Mr. Summers and Ms. Summers out much earlier, but when matters of national security are involved, the law gets to be extremely dense. Even if we were in the right it seemed like the government was going to roadblock us with everything they had. It's quieter now that Traverstein is in her grave. Not that I wished ill upon her as a person, but it seemed she was the major engine behind much of the anguish of that period."

"Me?" Matt says with a smile. "Things are good. I cannot complain. How about yourself?"

Jean grins a touch, shifting within her chair, though that smile fades a little as he recounts details of the past. "I.. sadly understand how you feel about that." Her hand lifts to rub a little at her temple, head hung just a touch but lifting yet again. "But that's neither here nor there. It's over now. We can only look ahead and hope that mistakes were learned from and deemed to not be repeated. Yes?"

The smile she continues to carry was something genuine, her head shaking just a little as she takes on a lean. "I'm fine. Better than most." She pauses, hesitating just a tad. "My.. well. Would it be too terribly.. or.. would the pan of lasagna seem like a bribe if I ask to permanently retain your services?" She continues on, fingers flexing against one another, not unsure of herself but unsure of the answer that she'd get.

"It's not intended to be a bribe." She clarifies. "It's just that a student of mine is starting a rally, Take Back the Night. And naturally I'm a bit worried about what a possible background check on her would turn up."

"Well, if I told my partner Foggy that we were going to work for lasagna, I'm honestly unsure of what his response would be. That being said, my friend truly loves Italian food."

Matt leans back in his chair and reaches his hand up towards his neck to rub at the aching part. "I'm going to guess that being on retainer is a bit more expensive than you'd like to spend, but at the same time I'd be happy to just do odd things and give you legal advice when needed. For instance, running some background checks upon your friend or giving you advice on how to proceed should not be cost prohibitive. Especially in the event of getting lasagna."

"More to the point Miss Grey, what's going on? Tell me all of it and do not hold back. If I'm to help you and your friend it's imperative that I know everything."

Jean has to look around for a second, and actually 'feel'. Foggy wasn't anywhere to be found and the last time he was here, she shocked him completely. With a little shrug, she offers up a smile. "Money is no hinderance. You'd be looking after a school and it's children after all. So we can spare it. I'll work three more jobs if I have to. So it's alright."

Her hand waves briefly, her eyes lifting to search his gaze, though she isn't sure what she was looking for. Maybe reluctance, or perhaps a reason for her to get up and leave right then and there, but..

"Her name is Debra Manning. And she's a mutant." She lets that sink in for a moment, getting to the story. "She's a mutant who desperately wants to clean up Mutant Town. Who marched right into One Police Plaza and gotten the help and won the hearts of police officers who are organizing at this very moment to make sure the rally I put her up to is a success. She also spoke out to the news, and announced that she was doing this in her own name. I don't want to deny her of anything while protecting the rest of the students anonmitity." (spelling, help!)

"With that said. Full disclosure for myself, and myself only. I'm a mutant as well. And that's as much as I can offer without breaching the trust of the rest of those stand beside me."

"I think reaching out and being pre-emptive is a very smart strategy personally. Often times, and this is throughout the course of American history, socially conservative agents will attempt to pull in organizers into disrepute. It happened to Martin Luther King Jr., of course, and was the very reason that Rosa Parks offered and was selected by the NAACP for the operation that really changed things for African Americans in this country. Is it fair to say you want me to run a background check upon Miss Manning? That is extremely simple. I can get the official things easy enough, and for the unofficial, I can recruit a private investigator and sub-lease it out."

"Yes actually." Jean now admits. "A background check on her to see what crops up and what people could find as it pertains to the school of Higher Learning." Jean admits. "Unofficial of course. Then, I want you and whomever you hire to do a background check upon the school to make sure that everything pertaining to our school is tip top. Just in case." She splays her fingers.

"There is a team out there already, X-Red, that is public. But originally it was all in housed through the school itself." So it goes without saying. There are more operatives within the school that act in secret, and out of the public eye.

"Though, if this is something that you're uncomfortable with, it's alright. I do also want to ask you to help us with the rally as well. Put your name out there of sorts. Perhaps it could generate a little business?"

"I understand completely, Miss Grey. I'll hire a private investigator to do the legwork on some of the finer details and do some of the cursory things here in house. We'll check to make sure through all channels that the school has remained clean—that sort of digging really can only be done above board. I wouldn't be able to hire a hacker or convince anyone in any agency that concerns you to give me secrets. That being said, we will pursue this knowledge through all available means."

"I'd love to be part of the rally. If you'd like, I can ask the parishioners of my church to attend, do some social networking, and throw in on some t-shirts. I can also speak to some of my corporate clients who may want to donate either through their companies or by themselves."

"It's good for business to seem progressive, after all."

There was a little relieved smile that affixes her features now, her foot lifting to hitch upon the bottom row of the desk, her fingers lacing together over her knees as she begins to bounce her knees like so. Nervous racket, probably. "Thank you. And.. do we need to sign some sort of papers for you to be on retainer to represent the school and myself?" She was sure there was.. right? But, she was happy. People rarely leave meetings with lawyers happy, no matter what the cost.

"I'll let Debra know that Nelson and Murdock will be participating. I'll send her your way too so you get to meet the lovely little girl. Just, don't touch her. She.. sheds a little." She wrinkles her nose a touch, not in disgust but in total adorableness at how shy the girl was for that fact. "Perhaps one day, you and Mr. Nelson could visit and meet some of the students. There are some aspiring lawyers that could use your advice and wisdom."

"My secretary, Karen Page, will email you some documents related both to your agreement, clarification if you want us to represent you and the school, or just you, or just the school, and pricing for certain tasks. Generally speaking, I recommend you setting it up so that we call you with any charges before we proceed with something that will cost you money."

"I'd love to meet Debra, and I'd love to meet some of the students as well. Any way I can help, I'd be glad to."

"Great. I'll look over everything and get back to you in a couple of days." Jean stands, but doesn't offer a hand for him to shake. "And I'll also arrange for that meeting and get signatures from parents." She shoves her hand into her pocket, then stretches. "And really. Call me next time you're in the office all night? I don't mind cooking, it's actually one of my favorite passtimes." She pauses. "As a friend, not a bribe." Her hands held up, aloft.

"And here I thought Mr. Summers was about to get very jealous," Matt says with a smile. "The pleasure is mine, Miss Grey. Thank you very much for your time and I will get working as soon as the documents are signed. And, truth be told, I'll get going on it ahead of time in assumption we will receive your signature."

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