The Final Frontier

January 25, 2016:

Bridge from S.H.I.E.L.D meets Hawkgirl aboard the Watchtower to ask for intel and tech. (Emits by Fantomex)

The Watchtower


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Today the Watchtower has an odd visitor. The SHIED spaceships is as large as the Watchtower, although not as large as their regular, aircraftcarrier-sized flaying ships. What is remarkable is that this one reached the space station. It lacks the classical giant propellers, obviously. In its place there is the glow of what seem plasma impulse engines, which are supposedly too advanced for Earth pre-hyperdrive technology.

It also spots a large, coaxial-mounted plasma cannon that is definitely not Earth tech. But it is not charged up. The stylized eagle of SHIELD is clearly visible on the spaceship's front, and it quietly responded to the identification requests. It is the orbital carrier Odysseus, and they have launched a shuttle and requested permission to dock.

'SHIELD carrier two clicks north of us.'
'Permission requested to dock.'
'Permission Granted. Council on board directed to the hangar bay 2.1.7. We have visitors.'

Shayera presses a hand against her ear as she lays in her spartan room, gaze gone to the ceiling as she listens for anyone who would heed the beck and call. Usually, she's the only one on the space station, save for the lingering few that choose to visit her and work on the Valmorra, or to tug her down for something to eat or a sparring session or two.

But this is something new. Shayera was hardly the diplomat in this life, but she could vaguely recall others where she's had to entertain a general or two with tours and the like of a kingdom, or some smarmy posh man in the thirties who was looking for a cheap piece of real estate for fifteen cents on the dollar.

With a kick up, Shayera slowly stands, her shoulders working out the loss of weight, wings gone some other place but destined to returned during a fight or beck and call. "Goddamn it.." She hisses to herself, pushing her way out of her room with a slap of a button against the wall and through to the watchtower halls and towards the docking bay.

The captain of the ship, one 'commander G.W. Bridge' doesn't look much of a diplomat. He is a powerfully built dark-skinned man with stark white hair and a goatee. He seems to be in his late forties or early fifties. He is unarmed, although the other agents with him have side arms. Those, younger agents, look very impressed about the Watchtower, and perhaps a little nervous. Bridge just seems vaguely impatient.

"Hawkgirl," greets one of the station technicians. "The SHIELD commander asked to talk with you."

Hawkgirl approaches, both hands pressed at her back as if she were at home, militant with shoulders straight edged and crisp. She doesn't ease up either as the technician approaches, her eyes cutting towards the larger man with a crease in her brow and a glance towards the young man with a slight shrug. "And I'm guessing he didn't say what for." A little smile, not friendly, but it was there goes to the man, her hands soon dropping to her side as one lifts to lightly clap the technician upon the shoulder. "Very well. Back to your stations, then." And she was off.

Stalwart in her approach as she was straight laced, she approaches the taller, way taller man with a lift of a chin and eye contact to show respect where it was due. She represented the whole of them now, and had to make good to not call the man any flaming cunts or.. something else unsightly.

"Hawkgirl." She announces herself, arm snapped out, fingers curled in wait for a shake as she was taught. "Pleased to make your acquaintance." Save.. she couldn't quite fix that dry tone she held..

Bridge straightens when Hawkgirl approaches, shaking her hand firmly. The dry tone is not . "Pleasure is mine, Hawkgirl. And thank you for allowing me to visit. I was here briefly when SHIELD was supporting directly the Justice League. Before the… problems. Hopefully we will be working more closely after the elections." There is a grunt there, because, politics. "Meanwhile, I have a mission. I am to approach the alien heroes living on Earth to talk about talk with them about alien technology and spaceships. Can you spare me a few minutes?"

The handshake in return was firm as it was professional. She didn't squeeze too hard to equal the pressure that the man put on her, and she wasn't light either. She nods and offers a light smile, brief as it was, then relaxes. "I remember that day. It's when I first settled into the Watchtower. SHIELD really made an impact on our systems and improved it greatly. Some even stayed aboard to help out." No apologies there.

"But yes. Let's talk." She gestures the way, pointing towards a hallway that would take them to the meeting room, then begins to walk.

"As you know, most people are selective in what informations they give off about their homeworld. As well as the technologies involved. Some of us see it as a sacred thing and are lax and not forth coming when it comes to their secrets. I do hope you understand."

"No, not really, but I am not good with religions." Bridge follows, frowning at Shayera's statement. "In truth what little we have been able to learn about the situation of galactic societies seems to hint a good deal of conflicts and little common ground. In fact, the higher ups are rather nervous after the Apokolips incursion. They are finally going to invest heavily into the space program again, this time with a military angle."

"It's not religious. Well, ours isn't. It's mostly bred from .. what is that word.." Shayera thinks for a moment. "..principles." She smiles tightly, then nods. "And what military angle are you looking for?" It was a question. "Heavily restricted and sanctioned with direct control from your peoples cabinents?" She shakes her head a little.

"You have to be careful with it all. You all do. It is one thing to give the goverment power and it's another to assume and situate."

"Oh, of course," admits Bridge, settling in the meeting room. "In moments of crisis some elements of the governments always seek more power. Fortunately SHIELD has the mandate of the UN and has been given a good deal of those resources. Unfortunately everyone is quite aware of the technological gap Earth nations have with the spacefaring nations. Which is why I am talking with you and others. We need the technology and we need political and social information."

Shayera gestures towards the chairs, moving to the opposite side to take a seat as well as she leans back, prim and proper, though there was a slight hitch in the way she sits. She thinks for a moment, then leans forward with a lacing of her fingers, which press just a touch as she considers..

"And what would you do with this information?" She asks blatantly.

"Me? I am not one of the eggheads. Well, I would have to learn even more… super-tech stuff." He shakes his head, "SHIELD is building spaceships. Carriers able to space travel. The Odysseus is just a prototype, the next ships are going to make the regular helicarriers look like medieval caravels. And then there will be this huge space station. They want to call it the Peak."

Shayera chuckles, she could understand that at the least. She knows her way around an engine but the tech she leaves up to those who have the patience. "I see." She does murmur a little, her eyes closing a touch and with a slight shrug of her shoulder, "Alright."

"I can give you a basic gist of my technology and how it works. Just the basics. From there you would have to form your own conclusions. As to our political stances and our nature and culture.." She pauses just a little. "There.. that is something that you would have to see for yourself when the time comes." She still had to go back there and tear a few heads from their bodies.. still. And Nth would personally be off the table. That is one thing she wouldn't dare offer up.

"I can understand that," says Bridge, thinking Shayera prefers to keep her race situation and possible problems hidden from human curiosity. Quite frankly, he would the same. "How about the political situation of other races? We have heard some of them could be very dangerous, those… Khunds, is it? And the Kree?"

Shayera only shrugs. "I'm sorry. I cannot speak upon the other races." Yes she could! She so could! But that was just like asking what a vampire thought of a werewolf, it was all biased information. "We've heard that Terrans could be dangerous as well and yet here we are." Her hands lay flat upon the table as she slowly rises. "Bridge, is it?" She asks, before continuing. "I'm afraid that we're going to have to call this meeting over. This is no slight to your fact finding and information gathering, but with all due respect and intentions I cannot and will not offer up information about the other races out there that may seem or feel biased to the general cause."

"Terrans, I've heard, were rumored to be wrought with ingenuity. So use it. Once you find what you need to properly build a ship that allows you to travel those distant worlds do so with precaution and an open mind as I have. Mark your territory in the galaxy as profound, kind, forever studious and learning." She shakes her head. "Not like this."

Bridge chuckles, "alright, I had to try," he stands up. "Thank you for your help, regardless." Even a basic overview of the Thangarian space technology is going to be useful for people like Tony Stark, so he figures it will help quite a bit. "And thank you also for protecting our world as part of the Justice League."

Shayera was surprised! There were some good ones out there still. "You're welcome, Bridge. And thank you for protecting us and protecting them as well."

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