Take Back the Night

January 25, 2016:

Debra Manning is tasked with starting Take Back the Night.


NPCs: Debra Manning



Mood Music: Apparently - J. Cole

Fade In…

“I had a dream one night..” The young woman mutters, her head lowered as she fidgets within the chair of Jean’s office. “..I was running. And I ran so fast and so hard.” She looks uncomfortable, her cheeks turning a dark green as her clawed hand reaches up to lightly scratch a flake from her cheek. “And I ran into the alley and tried to hide behind the garbage cans, and they found me.”

Jean leans back upon her chair, quietly listening, her glasses settling high upon her face with a push of her delicate fingers. “It’s okay, Debra.” She murmurs coolly. “It’s just us.”

The woman looked mildly encouraged, but she keeps her gaze upon the desk, then sighs. “They found me. They had guns. Knives, bats. Sticks. Everything. They had it all. I thought I was going to be captured, you know, by those monsters who messed up Jack and killed him. But it wasn’t them. It wasn’t them at all.”

“Then who was it?” Jean asks.
“It.. it was you. All of you. Everyone. You all killed me.”

Jean frowns a little, then slowly rises from her chair to make her way towards the young woman to give her a hug. The hug alone is what makes the girl break down, sobbing into the crook of Jean’s arm with a terrible grip to her bicep.
“I know that’s irrational Dr. Grey, I do. But I never felt freedom like I have here. And.. and..”
“It’s alright Debra.. it’s okay.” Jean murmurs. “Your dreams speak of something bigger. Your fears as well. And I’m going to ask something of you now. Something difficult. Something that I wouldn’t trust with another person especially if I didn’t believe in their strength, and resilience.”
The young mutant looks up towards Jean with curious but wet eyes, her hand drawing up to snatch the piece of tissue from its dispenser, dabbing away at her cheeks. “What is it?”

Jean smiles.


“Is the camera on? Great. My name is Nerissa Crawford and I’m here outside of One Police Plaza to speak with.. what’s your name again?”
“Debra. Debra Manning.”
“And what are you doing here today Debra?”
“Well, was here speaking with the Police Department about a charity event that I am going to run. It’s called, ‘Take Back The Night.”
“And what does it entail?”
“Well, it’s no secret that Mutant Town has turned into a very unsavory place. And I know that people are trying to fix it up. And I want to do my part to help. Basically, we’re going to set up shops and other warm places within the community and encourage the residents of Mutant Town to turn in their guns. Their weapons. Anything that’s used to hurt and kill people. And the people who they turn it in to will give them raffle prizes or anything that they want for their exchange, or at a low price.”
“So.. what if one of them wants a flat screen television?” Nerissa muses.
“Well, I’m sure they can have it. It’s not about the items, Ms. Nerissa. It’s about promoting peace and togetherness. A television is just a small thing, it’s a material thing. You can break it, put it back together, you can fix it, add things to it and just throw it away and get a new one. But companionship, and just knowing that your entire community is going to be there for you is something that’s everlasting. And that’s what Take Back the Night is going to be about. Everyone. People just loving one another.”
“And what a noble gesture indeed. Ralph? Back to you.”

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