Everything Was Going To Be Okay

January 24, 2016:

Jean and Scott have a heart-to-heart. Sorta.

X-HQ Danger Room

This here is the danger room. You train and stuff there.


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Sunday Afternoon, where most would have brunch and hang out with their friends in front of televisions and video games, is when Jean sets to train. Naturally, Elizabeth was still mad at her and Emma possibly was still too. But that was nothing she couldn't fix with a gift that'll probably empty her bank account and max out three credit cards and a loan that's asked for from Charles. Guh. Her bruises were nearly a distant memory as she trains, the faded discoloration still noticed as well as the blood shot eyes but people were getting used to seeing her like that. Which was bad. Somewhat bad. But, its the life of an X-Man, surely.

The Danger Room had normal settings this time around, the usual jungle gym that looked too elaborate set in the middle of gym equipment that litters the fresh lawn that doesn't match outside. On the outer rim of the grassy area, a track loop with three lines to separate those who choose to partake and jog were there, a few hurdles tossed to the side to clear the way for it's current runner, who's ponytail, long as it was, swings as she slowly takes the track on with a few huffs of a breath and a blow.

No sentinels, no ninja mutants, no ghosts or anything were around. Just regular work out equipment. Stuff meant to flex muscles, get some cardio, ease minds and well.. stress release.

At least Jean knows how to use the Danger Room. Last time he was down here, Emma and Betsy were playing patty-cake. Of course.. they may be possibly be more mad at him than at her now for what he did to the two women. And there may have been accusations about Jean not giving Scott any. Whatever, they can think of whatever they want. Opening the door to training center, Scott waits for Jean to cross the line for a lap before he jogs out to catch up to her. "Hey." he greets, bringing himself up to speed with the ponytail as he beats feet on the track.

The bandages he wore over his chest are gone, as he is glances over towards her. "Finished running the snow blower on the drive way, people should be able to get out - not that many are complaining, there was a hell of a battle on the snow between the upper grades."

Jean moves over in her light jog as Scott joints her, her gaze falling towards his chest and then his shielded eyes with a lift of a brow and a slight nod. "I heard." She states. "Someone -nearly- blew out Christine's office window. I'm starting to think that we just need to ban Bobby from the school in the winter, he incites all of this." She gestures a little, blowing out another breath, taking the bend of the track with a stride that causes her to slow considerably.

"We're going to gather the rest of the hats and scarves from everyone tonight, then go door to door in mutant town to see if anyone needs anything. I'm thinking of stopping at the clothing department to pick up a few coats just in case." She frowns a little. "Or maybe I should start cooking.." Soup was good this time of year. It kept everyone warm and they had enough crock pots to feed an entire neighborhood.

"I saw the reports from the shelters." Scott says as he moves in time with Jean, sticking by her side as they hit the bend, but keeping enough of a distance so that they do not run into each other. "Their numbers are down a little. Do you think that more of them are taking to the underground?" he asks, the unasked question hanging in the air - could the Morlocks be making a comeback?

"Last time I was down there, there was this kid - he was able to nullify powers. I kinda regret that I didn't get to see you with my own eyes." he confesses with a shrug. "But I haven't heard anything else about him sense. It's a little worrying, someone with that type of power could be seen as a threat to other mutants just as much as to regluar humans because of his appearance."

"I don't know." Jean murmurs. "Or perhaps some have actually taken to leaving Mutant Town all together. You know we're not the only city who has a town like this." Though, theirs is just more.. more of a death trap than anything. Jean still wears the pendant from the girl in the tunnels, tucked deep within her shirt, even thinking about the underground allows her that quiet moment to mourn the loss of what could have been and what was..

"A kid.." She slows a little until she stops, her hand pressed against her knees as she breathes heavily, standing upright with a slight sway and a frown upon her features. "If you want to see me with your own eyes, just ask." She reaches up to lightly pat his cheeks, then moves off towards the grass, heading right for the bench with the towel. "If you happen to run into the kid, I don't see why you shouldn't bring him back here. Some of the kids here might actually enjoy having someone like that around. Not to mention, our kids have a.. odd fascination with new people. He'll be the popular sort around here in no time." Once she reaches the bench, she grasps the towel to press along her neck, bottle of water taken, another lifted into the air and carefully floated to Scott for him to pluck from her TK's grasp. "What does he look like?"

"After that massive attack on the Bakerline in Metropolis, I doubt that anyone is relocating to there from District X." Scott responds, a brief frown on his face. The attack may have been deliberatly baiting the JL:A, but Scott can also see how it cut off mutants from leaving the District to head into the southern cities. He jogs in place, watching Jean, his own pendant is worn - but she knows about that already.

He smiles at the pat on his cheek. "I know, hon, it just.. you know, to have that control over my own powers." he shakes his head, she's the only one that hears that rare confession. He doesn't have an off-switch, and he knows it. He reaches up, tapping the side of his ruby-quartz lenses before he snags the water bottle. "I didn't get the chance; Betsy spooked him and he took off running while we were still confused about why our powers suddenly stopped working. It was especially hard on Anna-Marie." He frowns. "I went to talk to her afterwards, and she was really spooked, she decided to take some time off. I guess as a counselor, I'm a better teacher."

"Little guy, not more than twelve, I think." Scott says as he thinks back. "Green skin, wide, pupiless eyes, malformed head, no nose, frog lips." he explains, which is why he said that he may have troubles with other mutants. "And I don't think he can control his nullification." he adds. "It's like.. a deadzone around him."

"Don't forget about the pillars that fell around Hell's Gate." Jean reminds him. That place was still sectioned and cornered off by D.E.O Agents and hardly anyone was able to get a glimpse inside of the aftermath. That was more secret than the school itself, which was becoming not to secret after all. Even though Jean was there for the attack, her heart does go out to most of the JL:A'ers, but from what Hank witnessed, she was sure that they faired well.

"I know, Slim. I know.." She finally breathes out, not one to dwell on his sadness, or any sadness at all save for her own, she does draw out to brush a bit of hair from his brow, keeping her fingers far and away from his glasses. "Nng. Anna-Marie has her own demons to deal with, just like we all do. Her's is just a different sort. She can't do what most people never really even think about daily." She draws her arm around Scott, even if she was starting to stink a little to show him such, but then pulls away, her brows furrowed.

"Have you ever seen Brandon? The one with the finger-nails all over his skin? CompSci Major?" She grins a little, making her point. "They'll love him." The deadzone though.. that.. was tricky. She knew someone with that power, but the girl.. left a long time ago. Nancy..

"I think I know someone who could help him. But, I suppose we'd have to get him here first." She shrugs faintly, then moves to settle down upon the bench, drawing the gloves from the seat to fix upon her fingers. She was silent for a while, staring off into the distance, the warm.. affectionate gaze she once had slowly faltering.

Scott returns the half-hearted hug, giving her fingers a squeeze as she pulls away. "I know most of the current JL:A'ers, they'll be fine - a lot better than we probably would be if they had chose to hit the Institute instead." he admits with a small frown. "And yeah, I think I've seen him around before - I mean, in the grand scheme, I suppose we could have gotten a lot worse in the genetic lottery." With that admission, he was just about to start another lap when he notices her gaze of affection starting to turn in a thousand-yard stare and he slows to a halt. Taking a swig of water, he comes to sit down next to Jean.

"Want to talk about it?" he inquires, gentle in his tone - just enough to catch her attention, not in anger or worry, just trying to touch on her while she's thoughtful.

His words nearly float by her, her fingers sinching the glove tight as ever as she looks off into space. It wasn't until he sits, that thousand yard stare focuses upon his features, a frown curling down as her shoulders slowly slump. "It's Logan." Surely.. it wasn't all that bad. But it didn't hurt that Jean was worried about her friend. "I know you two have a tumultuous relationship and everything but I can't help but wonder if there's a way to help whats going on inside of him."

She could feel it, that supressed rage every time he's near. It brings to light some things that even Jean knew about herself but was afraid to admit. Something she'd.. never, really admit. Ever. "And I know I left hastily those few days to keep an eye on him, and I'm still going to do just that.. but. Maybe, somewhere in there. We can save him. Like really save him. Make him happy.."

"He'd probably be happy if I was still rotting away in a prison some place and out of the picture." Scott rolls his head back and stretches out from the bench. She's being honest with him, he might as well be honest with her. "I'm sorry I came after you like an angry boyfriend, but someone told me you were in a bit of trouble." She can make a short list of who that was. "Look, I trust you, Jean.. if I didn't, this.. what we have between us would never work out." he admits with a sigh.

"What I said in that hotel room - I know we were angry at each other, but I meant it." He sits up a little as he folds his hands into his lap. "I know you want to make him happy; but I want to make you happy. If it's not with me.. then that's fine, Jean. But if it is with me, I want to try to make it that way for life." Was that a proposal? Not quite - just a voicing of how he feels.

Jean gives Scott a look. "Come on. That's not fair." She pulls away from him by scooting back further upon the bench, laying back upon it with both feet planted firmly upon the ground. Her hands reach up to grasp the metal bars, pushing upright.. testing the weight of the rack that she holds, then brings it down upon her chest to give a few angry pumps. "I wasn't in a bit of trouble. And.. while I appreciate the gesture you should know that it's not really .." She pauses, grunting just a touch. ".. needed." She hangs the bar back upon the rack as she gives a little shake of her arms, reaching up again to grasp.

She does listen, her eyes closing for a moment, a deep inhale given as she picks up the weight again, moving slowly this time. "I know that. I know.. but.. he's our friend too. What people would we be if we just focused on ourselves and ignored someone who was obviously alone and hurting.."

Scott arches his brow, surprise clearly showing on his features as he moves away from her, grabbing the chin up bar to pull himself up, and he just gives her an incrediolous look. "That's a little hypocritical, Jean. Considering that too long ago, you were chewing my ass out not only for trying to focus on everyone but us but also for bailing on you." he lowers himself. "If this is your way of trying to get me back for that, I already apologized, I don't know what else I can do for you."

"And you say he's hurting - he's trying to work through it the only way he knows how. I tried to stop him, Red. I really did, and all I got for my troubles was a bruised jaw. And before you say it was because he was influenced, that's crap, I felt the same thing, and while I was really spoiling to hit him back, I wanted to stop the problem, not make it worse."

"Scott.." Jean nearly blurts out, slamming the bar down onto its holders as she grunts and sits upright. "I didn't want you to focus on 'us'. I wanted you to focus on 'yourself' so you could.. just have some goddamned time to breathe and relax." She stands and shoves off of the bench, grabbing her water again to take, her cheeks obviously flushed yet she didn't want to get into another screaming match. "Why do you think that I'm always trying to get back at you for something? What are you afraid of?" The water was gone by the time she was done with it, which was soon tossed to the ground.

"He's working through it by KILLING people Slim. Have you even watched the news? You and I both know damn well that's him. And you.." She holds up her hand now, shaking her head. "I'm not fighting about this Scott. I didn't say that -I- should help him alone. I said -we-. At this point it's very clear that there .. no this isn't a solo act anymore."

Scott lowers his head and drops off the bar with a dull thud. "I had plenty of time to relax and focus on myself while in that box that the government built for me." he says with a frown. At least he's not raising his voice this time as he reaches up to rub his forehead. She's always been such a hard read for him, but at the same time, when she's open, he understands it all - it's one of the things he fell in love with.

"I know it's him, and I also know that Betsy's out there trying to work with him as well. All I will end up doing is upsetting the apple cart, Jean." he says with a tone of frustration. "I don't even see how you see a way that this will end with us shaking hands and going out for a beer." The tone of agitation is gone, instead, he lowers his head. "You're.. you're so out of my league, Red. I know that I was well outside of my class from the first day I saw you. And I know he excites something in you that I'll never come close to, and that infuriates me to no end to know that he can do something I can't."

he blows out his breath. "You wanted me to focus on myself, there you go." he turns his attention back to Jean, looking to meet her eyes, the ruby-quartz hiding the fear and worry that pretty much eminates from him. She went running to Logan at the first sign of trouble. She was so quick to be by his side that.. he was just left behind. That wasn't an example of them working together, but like her, he's trying to avoid that argument. She wants it to be a 'we', she has to prove it first.

"That.. that's not what I meant and you know it Scott." Jean points out. She doesn't sit, but she does grab the towel to wipe a little at her face, hiding the trepidation that soon masks her features. "You only upset .. Scott. You just have a way of just saying th.." She lets out a pained sigh. She wasn't going to tell him to change himself, that's why she loved him, because of who he was. Who she was.

She would burn the galaxy for him.

The towel soon drops away as she keeps her back turned, her eyes widening in shock as she turns to stare at him. He.. shocked her a little into silence, she couldn't say anything to refute his words about Logan or the fact that the danger within himself draws out a favorable sized beast within her. It was the bad boys. Really, it was.

Her head shakes a little as she moves towards him, straddling the bench with both of her hands placed upon the seat. She watches him, that expression, almost as if she could see through the ruby glasses and look right into his eyes. "I chose you." She states plainly, scooting herself forward just enough to rest her chin upon his shoulder. "No one else, just you."

"And I choose you." Scott says quietly as she presses herself to him. He doesn't move to hold her, not yet. She can feel the entire tenseness of his body. He's adjusting to it all still, what he saw, what he went through. And the hurt's there. Jean didn't come running to him in his time of need. But that thought in itself is hypocritical, and he knows it - he stayed away to protect her. For that much, he can respect Logan. He was out doing something that he can't. Something deep in his gut knots. He wanted to tear through the Purifiers with the same wild abandon that Logan is showing now. For the last thing for them all to see would be the burning red gaze as another universe's power devoured them whole.

But he can't. He wouldn't. Because he knows that would cause more damage to Xavier's dream than Rachel nearly did. Unlike Logan, Scott is handcuffed to the Dream. And now, it's a weight. It holds him down, it forces him to not be able to go out and champion his love. So instead.. she found someone else that would. That was the deepest wound of them all. And now she wants him to help her reign him in. This thought alone draws a sudden sharp bark of a laugh that he buries beneath a cough as he holds her back finally, arms encricling her.

"After we get Beast back.. let's go. Just us. Please?" he nearly pleads with her. Because at this point, it feels a bit like he should be adding a Hail Mary as well.

The cough caught her off guard, her body rising, hand lifting to lightly pat his back until she was brought into with a hug. Her eyes close a little, her shoulders slumping just a touch, her forehead pressed against his shoulders as her hand rounds and curls against his shoulder blade. Why was she feeling this way? Like.. she failed him. She failed everyone.. it wasn't a good feeling, but she pretended, for now, that everything was going to be okay.

That's all. Everything was going to be okay.

"Okay.." She quietly murmurs into his shoulder, drawing back to rock slightly back and forth. "Okay. We're leaving. When Hank is back, we can go."

Sadly, it's the lie that the two of them share at the moment. Things right now are rocky. They both realize it, and they're both having a time bridging the gap.

They were able to do so much easier in that damnable Notel Motel.

Because right now, being honest is too much. "Alright, let's work on getting Hank /and/ Logan back. Then we can take some time for us." Only the last sentence feels right, but it's the compromise he manages to make the lie a little more palatable as he reaches out to caress the side of her face and touch that trademarked red hair.

It's going to be okay.

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