The Land Of Doom - Australia

January 23, 2016:

Fenris calls members of Primal Force together to discuss The Total Codex

Fenris' House - New York


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The return of the Total Codex to Ryden has been problematic. For one thing, it won't leave him alone. It just won't. Every time he banishes it, the thing returns, usually after an hour or so but sometimes much more quickly. And it calls to him. Day and night and even in his dreams, promising him the power of all the knowledge it contains. Which is… all of it.

Fenris has a team of people he tasks with handling magical threats and while the Total Codex is more a part of reality than a threat to it, it is still very, very dangerous. So he's asked Ryden, the bearer of the book, to come meet with two of his 'Primal Force' and discuss the mater.

Ryden's been doing so good. Or he had been, until this. Barely drinking, only taking his meds when needed. He hasn't been able to sleep though, the damn thing just never freaking stops. So he'd decided to try some Ambien figuring it might knock him out enough to sleep for awhile. It's not nearly as strong as his tailor made meds, or so he'd thought. He doesn't remember any of the previous night but the lorekeeper is pretty sure he didn't get much sleep and he's looking exasperated, exhausted, and thoroughly pissed off when he arrives.

An army of small bright pink and neon green geese cover his face and his hair is an unevenly cut mess sticking up in all directions. Damnyou is tucked against Ryden's hip and every now and then turns his head up to stare at Ryden and make a soft sound that suspiciously resembles laughter. The magi clenches his teeth and slumps forward, almost tripping over the edge of his long grey cloak. He's wearing jeans and leather boots under it but forgot to put on a shirt.

Zee, of course, is well aware of the Total Codex and when Fenris called, of course she would be there.

She looks tired as waits with Fenris for the others to arrive. "There's Ryden, Fenris. Looks like he might need some help."

Melinda May is already there and waiting. She's dressed as always when not on a SHIELD mission — dark colored long sleeve shirt, dark jeans, tall utilitarian boots, leather jacket that is far sturdier than it has any right to be, and in deference to the weather she's got a hand knitted scarf around her neck. The scarf is a soft grey color shot through with shiny metallic threads and has good-sized decorative button on it.

Looking up when Ryden arrives, May somehow manages to NOT react to his even odder than usual attire. Instead she just offers him some of the tea that's already prepared and waiting, and reaches to take Damnyou away. Just for now, of course.

Fenris just stares flatly at Ryden. "Do I want to know what happened?" He's got drinks for everyone. They're stiff. He suspects they'll need them.

"So, for background, Ryden has come into the possession of a ridiculously powerful artifact called the Total Codex. It's a book capable of answering any question for a price equal to the value of the knowledge it gives. It is insanely dangerous. And until we can figure out a way to seal it away, it's a risk. It can't be simply banished, though. Ryden's seen how that works already."

Ryden hands his familiar over with a grateful look and grasps the mug of tea and the stiff drink after dropping his pack at his feet. "Ooohh thank you." He slumps into a seat and stares balefully at the pack as he listens to the Codex 'talk' to him. "It's never gonna bloody stop is it? If I thought for a second it would work i'd just fucking off myself and take it out with me at this point." Only a part of the Keep hadn't even been able to contain the damned thing and so Ryden is doubtful that where ever it is he goes when he dies can hold it either.

Damnyou seems quite happy to be with May and is trying to groom her leather jacket it with his beak. He makes a distressed little noise after Ryden speaks. Last night might have been hilarious to the goose but he's getting rather worried over his human pet's state of mind. "I can't remember the last time i was awake for this long." Ryden sighs. After a moment he colors slightly and answers Fenris. "I don't remember. That ambien crap is effing dangerous man. They should put warning labels on that kind of thing." Damnyou covers his face with one wingtip. There had been labels on. Lots of them.

Taking the drink from Fenris, Zee moves to stand behind him putting as much distance between herself and that pack. It calls to her too, whispering, making offers of power untold.

Leaning into a corner, hunching her shoulders, this is likely the most sullen anyone has ever seen her. In truth she's focussing on several exercises, trying to ignore the books siren call.

"I doubt it will let you off yourself. And besides, if you did, it would go to someone … and you don't know who they are or what they'll do with it. Is that what you want?"

Melinda May is likely the luckiest person in the room, being a Muggle and mostly deaf to the siren's call of the codex. She doesn't seem to mind at all that Damnyou is pfutzing with her jacket — it's seen worse. She does take a moment to pull something out of an inside pocket. It's a small sealed bag of … grain.

"If you can't get rid of it and it won't leave you in peace, is there perhaps a way to make it less annoying? Lower the volume, per se?"

"There may be, I've not quite thought much on it." Fenris murmurs as he sits down.

"There is only one thing to be done. The Book must be taken far, far away to the Land of Doom which in this age is called 'Australia'. There the portal to the mystical Mountain of Doom must be summoned and the book must be cast back into the fires in which it was made." Beat. "One of you must do this." Is… anyone going to call him on that?

Ryden sips his tea and then starts to sip the other drink, realizes its alcohol and sets it down. Despite giving the appearance of it sometimes (okay maybe alot of times), he isn't weak-willed. He's just not had anything to care about for a very long time. The toll the book is taking on him is obvious though, his head snaps up and he opens his mouth to yell at Zee, then seems to take in her appearance and just sighs instead. Of course that isn't what he wants. He's still here isn't he?

The goose pauses its fussing over May and eyes the little bag of grain with delight. Realising said delight isn't an emotion his face can express, Damnyou gently butts May's hand with the top of his head. He'd be making happy noises but they are talking about the evil bad Book and he doesn't want to interrupt. It will take way too long to train another human pet if they can't fix Ryden and he *likes* May and Zee. Ryden's head slowly tilts up to stare at Fenris. A very long, very incredulous stare. Then he bursts into helpless giggles. "That book. That damned book too. You know why spiders freak me out so much?? I shoulda read the damn thing all the way through before deciding on the part I wanted to play."

"Australia isn't the land of do—-" Zee had toured Australia with her father a few years ago and had loved it. Now's not the time to debate that dreadful nomenclature, though.

"I suppose you're going to tell us that this is where he got the idea for the book, from." She means the author.

"Where in Australia do we have to go? I'll take it, if Ryden doesn't." She just really, really, wants to get rid of this thing.

Melinda May pats the goose (wait, does that make Damnyou female?) on the head gently before opening the little bag of grain (a dime bag? Perhaps.) for the bird to nibble from while she offers her opinion to the conversation. "Whatever needs to be done, do it fast. I'll fly you all there myself if that's what it takes." She knows it won't. The ley lines or Fenris' portals would be much much faster. "Is there anything we can do in the meantime?"

Fenris snickers. Just a little. "You didn't think… okay, no. That's not how this works…" Goodness can't a god-wolf have a sense of humor? "The Codex is more than a simple magical book. It is a…" The God-Wolf pauses as he tries to think of a way to explain. This is advanced metaphysical mechanics beyond anything that even Zee is likely to have studied, though she may have. "Think of it as a heat sink. As magic and powerful workings are performed they disrupt the fabric of this reality and that releases energy, much like when matter is disrupted. The Codex is powered by the release of that energy, but also serves to absorb it and disapate it back where it belongs. The book is likely beyond our means to destroy in any case but even were it not, it cannot be safely gotten rid of. No, the book has manifested around the person of Ryden for a reason." That reason being Ryden claimed it. "In order to be rid of it he must either pass it on, have it stolen from him or reach the point where he neither needs nor wants it. In the mean time, it will fall to Primal Force to contain the books various manifestations as well as the… movements of those who wish it for themselves."

Wait what? He can't be serious. Ryden looks from Fenris to Zee and then to May. Austrailia? For real? That's like the fucking motherland of all things hairy and scary. Even the bloody plants are out to kill you there. And that isn't aboriginal tea or reacreational frog licking talking. It's an honest to gods real thing. It's a very interesting continent but not one he wants to revisit anytime soon. Besides, hadn't that purple dude offerend to toss the Codex into the Sun? If that wasn't enough then what good can a Volcano do? Damnyou looks up from his careful and savoringly nibbles of grain with mild interest. He's never been to this place. It could be interesting. Anything that turns Ryden that shade of pale has to be entertaining in some way or another.

"uh. I.." Ryden looks to his pack and sighs. "I haven't been able to think of anything. At least, not anything that has worked, but still.. I wish.. despite the danger involved, all the risks it's not an evil thing in and of itself. The Codex, it's beautiful. Incredible. To destroy that.." He doesn't want to do it. Every fibre of his being rebels against the mere thought but if they don't it seems likely he and Zee will go mad. Or, Zee will. That ship mighta sailed for him a long time ago. "Whoever made this thing, they had a gift. Far beyond anything I could ever.." He closes his eyes and sighs. To create, to give birth to such a thing.. it's not something that the lorekeeper will ever achieve. Not even if he were to live another thousand, thousand years. He is a guardian, a gatherer of knowledge and magic and while it might seem from some of the things he does, he is not a creator. All the things he summons, and even those he brings into existence in a permenant way, all of them are some one or something elses idea. Fenris's explanation seems to weight Ryden down even more. How can he not want or need this thing? It represents something that he, one whose done nearly everything there is to do, will never manage. "Oh I don't even know the last time I was this many kinds of screwed…"

"You were … joking?" Zee shakes her head. Give her a moment, she'll find her sense of humour. It was a pretty good one, she's just concentrating at the moment.

As Fenris explains though, Zee nods slowly, pieces of the puzzle slowly fitting together. "Well that makes sense, Fenris."

"I will stand ready to address the issues." What Ryden has to do, is far worse.

Fenris wants to tell Ryden 'Last Friday, but you were pretty drunk'. He doesn't though. The poor guy is going through a lot after all. "Unless you can find a way to directly break its attunement to you, that's where we stand. Now there are some things we can do to help. Zee, do you see that black leatherbound book on my bookcase? Why don't you take it."

Ryden eyes his goose and then squints at Fenris but since neither of them says what he assumes they are thinking, he let's it go. He's too tired to even bbe amused like normal. "I guess.. I'm going to have to do it. IF you can get it to leave Zee alone for a bit, that will help." If he's not worried about her then maybe he can concentrate enough to convince himself that the Codex osn't something he needs and wants. "I've got to try at least.. but a little sleep first. Thatll help too."

Pushing herself up from the doorframe, Zee nods to Fenris and makes her way to his bookcase. The book still calls to her, but activity helps. Finding the tome that the Wolf-God had mentioned, she removes it carefully before carrying it back and clearing a spot on the table and laying it out.

The book is old, but at least written in English, albiet Middle English. She may need some translation. It's a book on talismans and enchantments. "There may be some things that can help keep the book under control. Give it a read through. You can have that copy, actually if you like." Fenris looks over at Ryden and nods to his back room. "Get some rest. I can suppress it here."

Zee nearly told Ryden to take the pack with him … but bit down on the words before they were spoken. "A book this big? I'll need a copy, unless you want me camped out here for a week or more. These things require careful reading." And … she takes notes. "Thank you, Fenris." at least she doesn't forget her manners, right.

"I can see it's talismans and enchantments. I take it I'm looking for something to deal with the books manifestations? I mean, those that come after it, will come after it and we'll have to deal with them on a case by case basis, right?"

"More or less. You should also do some… research. The Furies that attacked us were being compelled. There are not many magi skilled enough to do it, so it has to be a person or being very familair with rites to propitiate them. Possibly a supernatural creature of the greek pursuasion." Fenris shakes his head. "I won't have time for that. I've other things to look in on."

"I can do that." Zee answers as she looks to Fenris. It's funny how things come together - she's investigating Greek mythology for a 'small' problem they're having in Gotham. At least the research is likely to help both cases.

Taking up the book and holding it under her arm, the young mage looks to the older "If there's nothing else? I'd like to get back, get started on this as soon as I can."

"No. I'll open you a Way." Fenris stands and tears the portal open right to Shadowcrest's front door. "Do tell Richard hello for me." He thinks the majordomo disapproves of him. Which amuses the God-Wolf. A lot.

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